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Jennifer Lopez has always hinted she’d be open to a reunion with ex-fiancé Ben Affl eck. “I think different time, different thing, who knows what could’ve happened? But there was a genuine love there,” she confessed in 2016. And with her engagement t
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A New Mood
You’ll be inside a lot over winter, so indulge yourself with a specially created space, filled with objects you love. This room opening into another room has an art gallery feel, which amplifies the importance of the collection of personal objects, f
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Vince & wife Abby ‘WE’RE TOGETHER 24/7!’
Not many people can say they have the Backstreet Boys to thank for their marriage, but Popstars panellist Vince Harder and his wife Abby Lee credit the boy band for their six years of wedded bliss. It was backstage at the ’90s group’s comeback concer
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Ange’s Secret Date With Diplo!
Angelina Jolie hasn’t been linked to anyone in a long time, but the actress has sparked rumours she may have embarked on her most random romance yet after she was snapped enjoying time with DJ Diplo at a barbecue! The 45-year-old actress was seen smi
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Prince Philip’s Final Farewell To Aotearoa
After visiting our shores more than a dozen times, it was poignant that the Duke of Edinburgh made sure his “special relationship” with New Zealand was acknowledged at his funeral. As we went to press, the plan was to have a member of the New Zealand
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Dakota Tells Gwyneth: ‘You’re Not My Wedding Planner!’
Dakota Johnson has begged fiancé Chris Martin for a super-quick wedding over fears his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow is planning to turn their wedding into a three-ring Goop circus! An insider says the Fifty Shades Of Grey actress, 31, who was spotted we
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Philip’s Legacy Lives On In His Kids
Prince Philip and the Queen quickly discovered they had four very different children – sometimes, much to his frustration. But Philip’s own strong personality is reflected in each of them – even Prince Charles, who he labelled a “romantic”. “Philip
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Mask Off!
KALEY CUOCO The actress and her husband Karl Cook mixed up their mask style with a little face swap! MACAULAY CULKIN Home Alone ring a bell, anyone? ELIZABETH HURLEY Liz wore a Picasso to support the NHS. JOE JONAS He borrowed his brother Ni
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Back To School Blitz
Packing lunch and snacks is a group effort for us. I find when the kids have a say in what we pack, they are more likely to eat it. Whenever we have brown bananas or bruised apples left over at the end of the week, I use them to make a batch of muf
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Charles & Edward Battle To Be Duke
Long before Prince Philip’s death, the family was embroiled in discussions over who should inherit his illustrious title, the Duke of Edinburgh. According to royal Letters Patent, once Philip vacated the title, it should be reverted to the crown an
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Gnocchi Knowhow
Roll the potato dough on a lightly floured surface into a 2cm-thick rope. Cut into 2cm pieces. Using a floured fork, roll pieces over fork to create indents. Cook gnocchi in batches in boiling salted water. Remove using a slotted spoon.
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Silver Ferns great Katrina ‘I BATTLED TO BECOME A MUM’
It’s a thought shared by almost every first-time mum-to-be: “Jeez, there’s an awful lot they don’t tell you before you get pregnant!” Katrina Rore is no different. The incredulous Silver Ferns star adds, “There’s something new every day – and why do
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Ease Into The Chill!
SERVES 4 PREP 10 MINS COOK 30 MINS •1/3 cup peanut oil, plus extra for deep-frying• 6 long red chillies, chopped, plus extra to serve• 1 large red onion, chopped• 4 garlic cloves, bruised• 2 tsp shrimp paste• 3cm ginger, chopped• ½ cup brown sugar•1
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MAFS Marketplace
The retail worker is hawking her Shona Joy La Lune wedding dress for a steal of $300 on Facebook. Booka is now flogging an album made during her time on Married At First Sight titled Demos of a Bride. Sam launched his own clothing line Grouse M
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Philip’s Dying Wish For ‘Regent’ Charles
Prince Charles was able to see his father one last time over Easter, but it was while the “Iron Duke” languished in a London hospital the month before that the pair were able to clear the often-tense air between them. Charles was spotted wiping tears
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Kia Ora!
I was just about to hit the hay when the news came through about Prince Philip’s death. Sure, he was 99 and had recently spent a month in hospital, so it wasn’t strictly a surprise, but I was shocked nonetheless – he’s been a commanding royal presenc
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Pregnant Meghan Left Behind In La
Prince Harry moved mountains to ensure he could make it to be with his family as they farewelled its patriarch – even though it meant leaving his heavily pregnant wife behind at their California home. According to several reports, 39-year-old Meghan’
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The Gladiator is prepping to be a groom! Nine years after his split from former wife Danielle Spencer, Russell Crowe’s apparently ready to walk down the aisle again – with new love Britney Theriot. But he’s got a mission to complete first – get in fi
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Is This The End For Mafs?
While the show has never shied away from controversy, this year Married At First Sight Australia has incited intense fan backlash like never before – with many taking to social media to slam its bullying, toxic masculinity and “triggering” gaslightin
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Philip & Diana Unlikely penpals
As tough a nut as he was to crack, Prince Philip had a certain soft spot for his late former daughter-in-law Princess Diana, it was revealed last week. Although Philip’s joy over his eldest son’s choice in bride soon turned to concern when he learn
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Beauty Buzz
This triple-action brightening peel contains a bi-phase formula. There’s the green top phase, infused with natural nourishing oils to comfort the skin’s barrier, then the bottom pink phase gently boosts exfoliation. Shake to combine the two and apply
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Powerlifter Angela Wilkinson clearly remembers the moment Karen Daniels came to her for training late last year. The pair knew each another through the gym where Angela was a personal trainer and Karen was into bodybuilding, but Angela hadn’t seen he
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What I’m Into
Currently, I’ve been bingeing New Amsterdam. I even set up an account on Neon the night I watched the season one finale to find out what happened. I couldn’t wait for Netflix to release it! I love This American Life. It’s the podcast I consistentl
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Feel that old zest for life returning? Time to speak up about a stressful issue or take a stand on something you feel passionately about. As planets crowd into your centre arena, your confidence expands and your vision and ambitions are stimulated.
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He’s the 2019 season heartthrob whose relationship with Martha Kalifatidis has become one of Married At First Sight Australia’s biggest success stories. However, it seems Michael Brunelli may be adding a little sugar to the mix, after being spotted o
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Mood Booster
Wear one tone top to toe, or mix together various versions of orange. ■
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Meet The Popstars Wann Abes
Indie pop artist Amber Carly Williams grew up surrounded by music, but it wasn’t until the death of her mother, a talented guitarist, that the seven-year-old first picked up the instrument. “I started playing guitar the year my mum died and, from t
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Kitchen HQ
The classic treat gets a kid-friendly makeover MAKES 18 Preheat oven to 180°C fan. Place a 9-hole silicone madeleine tray on an oven tray. Beat 2 eggs, ¹/ ³ cup caster sugar and 1 tsp vanilla extract in a small bowl with an electric mixer for 5 min
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Presenting in LA, Anna Kendrick brought the glam to this year’s BAFTAs with this daring – and dazzling – Zuhair Murad gown. Songbird Anika Moa celebrates “100 days of not being buzzed & being sober” with a treat for her taste buds. “What a buzzy fe
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Ask Mitchell
Q I’m worried I frightened Mum by telling her she was dying while she was under morphine. I think the hospital did the wrong thing by her. Virginia MITCHELL SAYS Your beautiful mum is at peace and tells me the hospital did all they could. She doesn’
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