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Troubleshooting Your Energy Dips
“Am I dehydrated?” Even mild dehydration can affect your energy levels, mood, and ability to think clearly, according to studies conducted at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory. "How long has it been since my last meal?" How
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Simple All-Day Habits for a Better Night’s Sleep
Yup, that includes Saturday morning. “People should maintain a consistent wake time to help stabilize their circadian clock,” says Atwood. It’s so important that you can now set up your sleep schedule in Apple Health and lock in your alarm in the Clo
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Sally Bergesen
In 2007, Sally Bergesen had an idea for running shorts that didn’t poof, and a big question: What would it look like to start a running apparel company by women, for women? The difference would start with the clothes. They’d fit right, move well, and
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Ready to Carb Up?
Carbs can get a bad rap, but the truth is, they’re a runner’s best friend. Simple ones, like fruit or sugar, provide quick hits of energy and can replenish tired muscles. Complex carbs, like oats, deliver consistent energy for fewer spikes and slumps
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How to Get the Best Sleep With the Time You Have
You should get eight hours of sleep at night, rising promptly with the sun (no snooze button!) and forgoing caffeine of any sort. LOL, right? For most of us, this “ideal” scenario is far from realistic. Nurses have to work ever-changing schedules, ne
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Allyson Felix
More versatile products. Developed by women, for women. That’s a trend Allyson Felix wants to see more of in the future. And that’s what she’s helping to create with Athleta. Since joining the brand in late 2019, nine-time Olympic medalist Felix has
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Pressing Reset
AS I SIT DOWN TO WRITE THIS, it’s mid-December and I am utterly, thoroughly, completely exhausted. Not just the kind of tired that results from a few sleepless nights (though, that has certainly contributed); it’s a kind of tired that seeps and cemen
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Fresh-Air Fitness
You know that magical sensation when the sun kisses your face, the air is fresh, and you’re soaking up nature’s soothing energy while in the midst of a kick-ass workout? You can head out your front door right now to drop into that bliss—seriously, ev
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Sleep-Better Aids
1 MATTRESS “I think there are lots of great products in this space,” says Dr. W. Christopher Winter, president of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine. He notes that this can actually be overwhelming for consumers. Cut through the clutter wit
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Martha Garcia
Martha Garcia got her start in fashion footwear. When she joined Deckers in 2015 and full-time at Hoka One One in 2016, it wasn’t a natural fit. “I questioned why I was working with them to be quite honest,” Garcia says. “I felt very intimidated by t
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Women's Running
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Step Into Winter
Life’s been hard, which is why we’re starting with something easy. If you can walk, hike, or run, you can snowshoe. Add at least six inches of snow, strap snowshoes to a pair of running shoes, and go. That’s it! You can walk, you can hike on your fav
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Smart Shopping Tips
Evaluate Your Needs: Rather than just buying the latest product that claims to help you sleep like a baby, make sure it’s something that can help with your specific sleep challenges, says Zeitzer. “If ambient noise is waking you up, a sound generator
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Jenny Taylor
For an outdoor brand rooted in high-performance technical gear for alpine sports like skiing and mountain running and heavily marketed to men, making women feel welcome isn’t an easy task. But at Salomon, VP of marketing Jenny Taylor and her team are
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Seeing Santa Fe
DID YOU KNOW? Santa Fe, New Mexico, rests in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains at an elevation of 7,199 feet. This makes it the highest capital city in the United States and an ideal spot for altitude training and trail running. WHY SAN
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What To Know Before You Go
The first is that your stride may need to be wider to accommodate the width of the snowshoes. This will depend upon the model of snowshoe you use. The more surface area you have, the more float you achieve. So, for deeper snow, go for a wider shoe, a
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Where to Put Your Energy in 2021
There’s no getting around it: 2020 was an exhausting year for all of us, especially from a mental standpoint. With a vaccine in the works, 2021 is looking up, though the COVID-19 pandemic still doesn’t have a clear end in sight. But the new year shou
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Alison Wade
Every Monday morning, running fans open their inbox in eager anticipation. At around 5 a.m. Eastern, Alison Wade’s Fast Women newsletter arrives. Since its launch in January 2019, the roundup of news and race results—often topped with Wade’s smart co
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News You Can Use
Elite female runners report their best performance following menstruation. The takeaway: According to researchers, most of the women in the study reported that they didn’t know prior to tracking how their menstrual cycle affected their performance. T
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Find a Smoother Stride
Cross-country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, has two disciplines. Classic is the traditional form and it’s generally done in tracks. It almost looks like walking on skis—it you’ve used a Nordic machine at the gym, it was based on classic cross-
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Running With Her Whole Heart
As she swung around the 1.3-mile loop in front of Buckingham Palace for the ninth time, Sara Hall tossed her watch over to her husband, Ryan. Stuck in no-woman’s land at the 2020 London Marathon, the lead pack a minute ahead and a chase pack 45 secon
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More Female Commentators
One Purdue University and University of Southern California report found that, in 2014, about 96 percent of all sports analysts were men. But in the running world, at least, more women are picking up the mic—and we are loving it. Deena Kastor, Amy Cr
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5 Things We Learned From Alexi Pappas’ Memoir Bravey
After surviving a gritty, jaw-clenching 2020, Bravey feels like a giant exhale. In her memoir, Alexi Pappas, the 2016 Olympic 10,000-meter runner representing Greece, explores the corners of her mind to acknowledge what and who have made her who she
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What To Know Before You Go
While there is a bit of a learning curve with cross-country skiing, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Andre Watt, the National Nordic Community Race Manager for Salomon, recommends visiting the following websites to learn more: Salomon and REI each
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The Olympians
No look into the new year would be complete without a nod to the women who earned their places on Team USA in 2020. Aliphine Tuliamuk, Molly Seidel, and Sally Kipyego finished the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials just before the pandemic hit, weathered t
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Molly Huddle
In 2019, two-time Olympian Molly Huddle launched “Keeping Track,” a podcast highlighting female runners whose full experiences haven’t been described in mainstream media, which she co-hosts with fellow Olympians Alysia Montaño and Roisin McGettigan.
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Take Care
Check the fabric. Polyester, nylon, and wool are known to be fairly durable and long-lasting. “Wool is one of the most highly performing natural fiber types for athletic wear,” says Preeti Arya, assistant professor of textile development and marketin
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Head For The Hills
Before the lift-ticket holders show up and after they’ve gone home for the day, a peculiar (and growing) group of people gather at the base of the Arizona Snowbowl, the ski mountain in Flagstaff. They don’t need a ride to the top of the mountain—they
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Dalilah Muhammad
Near the end of each year, Dalilah Muhammad, Olympic and world champion in the 400-meter hurdles, takes some time to envision the next one. In that process, she picks a power word to guide her. Or rather, one chooses her. “It’s something that literal
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Alysia Montaño
She might be an Olympic 800-meter runner, but Alysia Montaño is also a mom of three, trying to prioritize family and breastfeed an infant while tackling a long list of work projects: a book, a podcast, and &Mother, the nonprofit she founded in 2020,
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