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I’m one of the many out there fed up with customer-care agents. After holding on for excessive amounts of time you’re met with arrogant and disrespectful consultants. Sadly, the gum-chewing rude agent, clearly annoyed at having their private conversa
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Calling All Young Writers
This Youth Month, YOU is inviting writers between the ages of nine and 12 to send in a 500-word story on one of the following themes: your role model or your dreams for the future. ■ Your role model could be anyone from your bestie to your sibling or
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Matthew’s Back On The Market Again
FANS hoped he’d finally found the love of his life when he became engaged to MOLLY HURWITZ – but alas, MATTHEW PERRY is flying solo once more. The 51-year-old Friends star and Molly, a talent manager, got together in 2018 and enjoyed a low-key romanc
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‘It’s More Than A Hobby’
HER hometown may be hundreds of kilometres from the ocean but that doesn’t mean she can’t indulge in her favourite pastime: donning her beloved fish tail and swinging from the hoop in her backyard, twisting and turning as the sun glints off her hair
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Surviving Lockdown
HE’S used to filming in exotic locations with sandy white beaches, palm trees and crystal-clear water. But the best perk of Nico Panagio’s job as host of Survivor South Africa is exploring the tropical islands where the show is filmed with his family
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Advice from Oprah
There’s nobody quite like Winfrey – just listening to her talk, she seems like one of the happiest, most well-balanced people on the planet, and yet reflecting on her childhood, what she recalls most vividly is “pervasive feeling” of loneliness. Shun
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So Long, Shaleen
THIS year is going to be different, she told her friends shortly after celebrating her birthday in May. Shaleen Surtie-Richards had had a tough time in recent years and the pandemic didn’t help. But things were looking up for her – she had work again
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Tackle Bullies Head-on
Bullying has once again raised its ugly head, resulting in the unnecessary death of an innocent victim (YOU, 6 May). When my grandson was seven years old he came to live with my husband and me after the death of his mother. At his prestigious private
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5 Minutes With Marc Lottering
Cape Town comedian MARC LOTTERING is back with a new show that’s bound to have audiences in stitches. His new comedy, Loitering at the City Hall, is his second live show since SA went into lockdown last year. The show features all his beloved charact
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Aisia Casanova Sings About Love
TWIN FLAMES Her second single, Twin Flame Love, which was released in April, tells the story of two lovers who have a deep connection as soulmates, Aisia (47) says. She collaborated with Angolan singer Gari Sinedima on the track, which was produced b
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What The Greats Say
BRUCE FORDYCE (65) who’s taking the 10km option in the Hope Challenge, will forever be known as the “king of the Comrades”. “My first win in 1981 will always be a special moment to me,” he says. “The down run in 1986 [from Maritzburg to Durban] was m
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Can You Believe It?
Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur has started recycling plastic bags by using them to recreate well-known artworks by renowned artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and Andy Warhol. He shreds plastic bags he collects from streets and rivers and carefully
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Stop Whining!
I’m sure there are many people who wish Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, would get over themselves once and for all (YOU, 3 June). Prince William grew up in the same royal household, under the exact same circumstances as Harry. He lost the
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Dressing with Care
I CAN’T help it – I’m looking for Sylvie whenever the creaking wooden gate is pushed open and another guest arrives. Over the sea of heads of those who’ve already arrived for this special party and around the corner of the newly built conservatory wh
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What Happens During A Lunar Eclipse?
SKYGAZERS in parts of North America, Australia, the Pacific and Asia gathered on 26 May to catch a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse that took place. A lunar eclipse happens when Earth moves in between the sun and the moon and casts its shadow, or u
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Your Stars
You can utter a sigh of relief once your governing planet, Mercury, moves forward in your own sign. If lately you’ve felt misunderstood or even worse, misquoted, you’ll have a chance to bring clarity to the situation. Business, money and work all hav
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By The Numbers
15 The age by which children in Somali-land in northeast Africa are considered adults and allowed to vote in elections. Somaliland, which has its own currency, government and flag, was once part of Somalia but doesn’t enjoy international recognition.
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Our Rad Dads!
BY JODY-LYNN TAYLOR & KIM ABRAHAMS  ○ How to be a man who puts family first. ○ He’s always worked really hard and still does – this has showed me the importance of hard work to provide for those I love. ○ I grew up watching him sing and perform, so
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Jennifer Capriati Struggled Too!
The one-time teen sensation, who went on to be ranked No 1, attempted suicide in 2010 after years of battling drug addiction and depression brought on by the high-pressure world of top-class tennis. “It’s like you’re being taken over by a demon. You
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Beach Bliss
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo got flirty in the ocean during a beach day with their daughters, Dusty Rose and Gio, in Maui, Hawaii. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin hit the water with their kids Rafael, Lucia, Romeo, Eduardo, Carmen and Leonardo in the Ham
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Did You Know?
In ancient times eclipses were feared by many cultures and seen as an omen of bad luck. They came up with stories to try to explain the temporary darkening of the sun or the moon and often thought it was because the gods were angry with them. ■
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Drama. If you avoid movies that seem overhyped, you might’ve steered clear of this Spanish-language gem, which was an awards-season darling. Nominated for 10 Oscars and winning three for best foreign language film, director and cinematography, Roma i
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Live Longer, Live Well
LIVING to a ripe-old age is something most of us aspire to: spending time with grandchildren, doing self-indulgent things, watching golden sunrises as the day stretches magically ahead. Dreamy, isn’t it? However, if we don’t take care of ourselves,
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Naomi Takes A Stand
ON COURT she’s fierce, focused and confident, charging up to the net, sending double-handed backhands ripping into the opposite corner and notching up aces. Not for nothing is Naomi Osaka the current world No 2, holder of four Grand Slam titles and 2
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Bad News
A thick, slimy substance on the surface of the Marmara Sea in Turkey has marine biologists on high alert. The so-called “sea snot” covering parts of the inland sea, a completely landlocked body of water, can attract viruses and bacteria such as E. co
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☛ 11 June 1955 – Le Mans Racing Disaster
French racing driver Pierre Levegh and 82 spectators lost their lives in a tragic crash on the track at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race of 1955. The race is the world’s oldest sports-car endurance race, which tests the durability of equipment and the en
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Now I Can Grieve
IT ATE away at her. Day and night, the pain, guilt and self-loathing consumed her –her three-year-old son was dead and everyone believed it was all her fault. She was the one who’d driven over him. “It cut me to the bone when I picked up the newspape
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Kim Feels Like A ‘Failure’ Over Kanye Divorce
KIM KARDASHIAN WEST struggled to hold back the tears as she broke down while talking about her marriage problems with estranged husband KANYE WEST during a recent episode of reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim filed for divorce from
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Farewell, Brave Boy
REEF Carneson’s name became synonymous with bravery in the face of the debilitating illness he fought all his life. His parents moved heaven and Earth to give him a chance of living a normal life but in the end his body could take no more. Reef passe
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Cape Town Harbour
CAPE Town’s harbour, at the foot of Table Mountain, is world-famous. The mountain shields the harbour from the mighty south-easterly wind. Here’s more on the oldest working harbour in the southernhemisphere. The harbour was built in Table Bay on one
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