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Covid Schmovid Delivers On Insights
Vaughan Davis is an ex-Air Force pilot turned ad industry veteran and guru, who knows no less than 19 ways to make your business boom. Put simply, if you run a small business, any small business, you need to read his latest book Covid Schmovid. The b
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University of Waikato: Waikato Management School
Location: University of Waikato campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga. Website: and Programme: Waikato Master of Business Administration (MBA) Part-time or full-time? Part-time (domestic) or full-time
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Sales Success Requires Less Blame, More Clarity
Now, more than ever, New Zealand’s businesses need sales. However, there is a real problem that has been intensified due to the current economic pressure businesses are facing. That problem is business owners and managers feel a need to ‘crack the wh
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Anew report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) with Marsh and MinterEllisonRuddWatts, Under Pressure: D&O insurance in a hard market highlights a volatile and restrictive liability insurance market. “Regionally, D&O claims payments have dwarfed the
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The Ultimate Linkedln User’s Guide
Been struggling to get your head around LinkedIn™? Everyone else appears to be an expert on its use, but not you? Well now there’s a guide that can set you on the path to success with this popular social media platform for business. Lynnaire Johnston
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The Ultimate Confidence Boost
For Waikato graduate Christine Hall, the MBA has provided the confidence to truly understand her value and purpose. It has also helped advance her career, having recently stepped into her second chief executive (CE) role, four years after completing
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How To Boost Your Online Presence
Many businesses still rely on offline transactions. Even in today’s digitised world, it’s not that uncommon at all. Whole industries are built from the ground up around face-to-face interactions. But the novel coronavirus has made that option untenab
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What Is The Future Of Class Action?
The Under Pressure: D&O insurance in a hard market report asks that, with the prevalence of securities class action litigation in Australia, and the effect this environment has had on the Australasian D&O insurance market, is it likely that such acti
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Social Media App Connects Businesses With Customers
Vippa is a social-powered mobile-marketing platform that directly connects businesses with customers. Founder Danny Yang says it delivers a strong and robust network, with no middleman and no margins or commissions taken from business profits. But Vi
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Additional MBA Programmes
Master of Business Administration  Master of Business Administration MBA and Executive MBA Master of Business Administration Executiv
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Leading By Example
Fellow business leaders, 2020 sure has been a year that tested our mettle. None of us predicted Covid-19’s global impact and the significant change it has brought to our lives. And this is really, really different from the GFC which I remember, unfor
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Rethinking The Way We Think Of Work: Productivity Versus Value Creation
With many leaders asking questions on how they are to ensure the productivity of a fully or partially distributed workforce, EY’s Stephen Koss, says this is the wrong question to ask. Sydney-based Koss, who is EY’s People Advisory Services workforce
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Still Thriving After 28 Years
Bartercard NZ is celebrating its 28th birthday this year and despite the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the economic challenges the country is facing, the trade exchange continues to prove its worth as an alternative virtual currency. Founded in 199
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A New Privacy Act Means You Need To Act
The world in 2020 is almost unrecognisable when compared to 1993 when the first Privacy Act was passed. The Privacy Act 2020 significantly modernises New Zealand’s privacy law and recognises the enormous technological advances of the past 27 years.
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Who Should Own The Car, The Company Or The Employee?
It is almost the perennial question with an answer that is both easy and complex. Complex because there are so many variations and so many drivers for why either option may be preferred, many of which are more emotional than numerical. Previous artic
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Supporting And Engaging Employees During Challenging Times
Employers have been put to the test this year, they’ve had to swiftly change the way they work, manage their employees and measure productivity. For years we have been talking about working from home and how it will play a central part in the workpla
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Tipple Truck Taps Into Trend
While some drinks and hospitality businesses have been struggling, there is a corner of the industry that is flourishing. Meet entrepreneur Sam Heaps and his mobile bar Mrs Sippy. Mobile bars are enjoying a boom in popularity, due to their adaptabili
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How Wireless Transmission Benefits Our Planet
• It speeds the uptake of sustainable energies by deploying transmission infrastructure relatively quickly and cheaply (for example, from offshore windfarms). • Resembling solar panels and consisting of two antennas (transmitter and receiver), it kee
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Fbt Costs
There are two options for FBT – cost price method or tax book value method. Cost price method is the original method and is simpler – it suits vehicles that are regularly replaced, say every three to five years. The taxable value is five percent per
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Cognitive Automation: Redefine Agility To Survive
Even in the best of times, senior management faces a huge roster of tasks across a wide range of priorities — handling daily operations, tracking progress toward corporate goals, planning for the future, overseeing individuals on their teams, to name
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Hamilton Celebrates Down By The Riverside
It’s set to be another stunner. On Wednesday November 18th, Hamilton’s CBD Celebration Awards will be staged in a marquee down by the mighty Waikato River. Sponsored by Spark Business and supported by The Breeze, all awards for 2020 have been curated
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Full Beam Ahead
There were two thoughts that came to mind when Greg Kushnir and his company’s wireless power transmission technology was all over the media earlier this year. Is it safe? And, why does it sound so much like science fiction? After spending an hour wit
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Motorsport legend Greg Murphy once said that New Zealanders are bad drivers, described as under-trained and over-confident. And to improve the dismal road toll, Murphy said we need to train New Zealanders who get behind the wheel to be safer, more co
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Practical Ways To Reset Your Business Strategy After The Pandemic
As the phases of the pandemic progress, business leaders must reset their strategy and build resilience, according to global research and advisory company Gartner which says it’s crucial for senior leaders to make strategic decisions that will lead t
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On A Scent To Success
It was a shopping expedition more than five years ago that fanned the spark of a business idea in Michael Welten’s mind. The idea to create a luxury dog perfume made entirely from natural materials came to him while out shopping for a pet fragrance f
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Making The Tough Decisions
Exactly what personal qualities does a tech entrepreneur need to succeed? For Greg Kushnir it’s about discernment. Having a good understanding of the technology as well as the business’s commercial potential. “To understand not just what’s doable, bu
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Sign-tific Approach To Vehicle Signage
Signwriting has become something of an artform and with new materials and techniques, it is getting easier and easier to get your vehicle noticed, which can really boost your business. Just recently, this writer has been very aware of good signwritin
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Global Study: Mental Health Has Become A Top Workplace Challenge
2020 has been the most stressful year in history for the global workforce and people want robots to help, according to a new AI@Work study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, an HR research and advisory firm. The study of more than 12,000 employees
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Where Creativity Is Off The Scale
Sam Cotter-Dephoff still has vivid memories of appearing in an episode of Jason Gunn’s What Now? as a five-year-old, filmed at the Avalon television production centre in Lower Hutt’s Percy Cameron Street. Ironically today his business Scale Studios,
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Alberts The Answer To Cbd Uncertainty
There’s no doubt Covid-19 has caused major disruption to Auckland’s CBD sub-lease office market. However, the long-term prospects are incredibly positive, with large infrastructure and residential projects already underway, and New Zealand’s ability
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