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Take A Seat
Since 2015, the Brick Bay Folly competition has encouraged architects and architectural students to stretch their imaginations and design a folly – “a whimsical or extravagant structure”. This year, a new competition puts the focus on utility along w
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Future Accommodation
Project name: Horizon by SkyCity Location: Auckland Architects: Gordon Moller in association with Warren and Mahoney Client: SkyCity Completion date: 2020 Rooms: 303 Project name: Park Hyatt Location: Auckland Architect: Bossley Architects Client: Pa
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Resilience: The Next Wave
The CoreNet Symposium is once again coming up: 28 May in Auckland’s Shed 10. An annual highlight of the property calendar, this major event draws people from all corners of the corporate real estate industry – building owners, major occupiers, suppli
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Hotel Forecast
When it comes to fashionable, unique looks and quirky interiors, some home-owners can be wary of taking chances on the interiors of their own homes. However, when it comes to hotel design, a signature look and brand is imperative. Hotels won’t just b
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Designer Interview
How did you become involved in concert lighting design? I started about 10 years ago in Wellington. I used to play drums in bands and wasn’t making any money or getting anywhere with that, so I decided to try and do lighting for some local bands; it
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Room Service
André Fu doesn’t give too much away. You have the sense that behind his mild-mannered eloquence lies a sensitivity for space that’s difficult to explain. Perhaps that’s why I never fully appreciated an André Fu interior until I stepped inside one – o
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Material Focus: Young+richards
Tell us about the fabric choices you made for Richards Partners. In the boardroom we selected Warwick acoustic curtain fabric. We used it because it is soft and lightweight in a wide width and has noise-reducing capabilities, thanks to its weave. It
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Report from Amsterdam
The combined jury panel for both World Architecture Festival and Inside: World Festival of Interiors was composed of nearly 150 architects, designers and academics from the world over. Some of the best-known practitioners included: Francine Houben, L
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The Room
Uplights have firm footholds in the outdoors. Angled and flattering, they have found their place in the designer’s seasonless recipe for mood-making – one well adopted by architecture firm GOA and light specialists Prolighting for the Muh Shoou Xixi
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World Architecture Festival 2019
The yearly event included 46 talks and seminars alongside an awards programme that selected the world’s best interior (through the Inside: World Festival of Interiors) and architecture projects, both completed and in the design phase. The competition
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Buster Caldwell
What does the process look like when you select colours for your artwork and how does this differ when you work on interiors? Colour brings feeling in the same way that texture brings time. Shiny equals new. Rough equals old. And, so, I guess colour
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Beauty In Bulk
In terms of aesthetics, the bulk bin store does not have a sexy reputation. With plastic bins, metal scoops and a smattering of spilled flour on the linoleum floor, this type of utilitarian space used to be seen as a place where ruralites and environ
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Projects 03.2020
Antipodes HQ: The formidable skincare brand has crafted a new headquarters and flagship store in one of Wellington’s historic gems. p.26. ANZ: Nature is given a prime place in the Australasian bank’s Auckland office. p.36. Novotel Christchurch Airpor
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Supermarket Perspective
In early February, Countdown introduced Unwrapped, its new plastic-reduction trial. For 10 weeks, produce aisles in Ōrewa, Ponsonby and Manukau stores are seeing a steady stream of paper bags and a halt to their plastic counterparts. It’s a fledgling
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Buildings, like cats and the Dalai Lama, can have many lives. Take, for example, this art deco building in the far reaches of Ghuznee Street, the Wellington thoroughfare named, somewhat randomly, after the 1839 battle of Ghuznee (Ghazni) in Afghanist
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Personal Space
What settles you into the day? Like many creatives, I’m not a morning person. Like many Latin people, I’m one whose proper start of the day is with a coffee and a pastry: nothing healthy by breakfast guru standards. After picking up a coffee at Daily
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“What would the ideal workplace of the future look like” was the question ANZ posed to Warren and Mahoney (WaM) when beginning work on ANZ Raranga, its new workspace at Sylvia Park. In searching for the answer, WaM looked to the past. “We used the st
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Publisher Nathan Inkpen Senior editor Federico Monsalve Art and production director André Kini Creative director Thomas Cannings Editorial assistant Julia Gessler Advertising enquiries ■
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Airport Dreams
Sitting prominently in the Christchurch Airport campus area, this hotel project by the team at Warren and Mahoney is both a seamless extension of the arrival into Christchurch and the unique and picturesque South Island, and an “engaging and hospitab
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In the hotel world, what was once a quest for homogeneity (a Hilton used to look like a Hilton no matter where in the world it was) became a quest for unique experiences. This, in turn, led to our current style of hotel hospitality in which large bra
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Forum 03.2020
Hotels in Flux: We look at the nature of the hotel industry – its past, its present and its future. p.58. Room Service: Meet André Fu, Hong Kong’s grand ace of residential-inspired hospitality. p.66. Personal Space: Senior spatial designer at Designw
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Writer Sharon Stephenson writes for a range of magazines and newspapers from her Wellington home. She spent five years in London where she worked for the BBC but, for now, she’s happy to be home. For this issue, she wrote about Antipodes’ new headqua
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Hotels In Flux
It is nearly impossible to classify with any level of certainty what a hotel should be, from budget crash pod (see page 11) to destination, from business centre to luxury resort. As such, the interior needs of these hospitality spots are equally dive
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Aperture 03.2020
News: A cathedral-like walkway, a velvety bistro and a competition for an outdoor throne: here are some of the latest design happenings. p.10. Designer Interview: We meet lighting designer Ben Dalgleish. p.16. The Room: A hotel in China’s wetlands em
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New Zealand Hotel Construction Projects At A Glance
37.5% COMPARED WITH 2018 49.2% COMPARED WITH 2017 47 hotel projects currently under construction WITH AN ESTIMATED VALUE OF $1.8 BILLION 52 additional hotel projects currently being planned (WITH SECURED DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL) WITH AN ESTIMATED VALUE
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Destination Walkway
This recently unveiled pedestrian walkway in Melbourne called The Link connects the Chadstone Shopping Centre to the Hotel Chadstone Melbourne. Its main structure expands over 110 metres and is composed of ‘an Italian larch glulam diagrid structure’
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The Synergy Of Design And Procurement
International hotel brands, lifestyle hotels and boutique resorts want to be sustainable, authentic and connected with place to provide guests with rich, localised experiences To deliver on this, the challenge for designers is to design with a deep u
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Peace In A Pod
Kisho Kurokawa’s Nakagin Capsule Tower was, in Tokyo’s Shimbashi area in 1972, an uncompromising metabolist feat. Today, the office and residential project’s impressive stature is overshadowed by its sheer state of disrepair, looking, at a distance,
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Lifestyle Brands: Distinctive Storytelling Through Design
When Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell opened the doors of the Morgans Hotel NYC to the public in 1984, not only did they create a new category of hotel – ‘the boutique’ – but they launched the next generation of experiential design in the hospitality in
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Bronze Age
“The new bistro space has been designed to convey its own identity,” says David Morgan, co-director of CPRW architecture/design, who oversaw the project. “We needed to create a distinctly separate space – or at least the perception of one – both phys
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