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It’s In The STARS
You’re beginning to realise that you’ve fulfilled most of your dreams, so it’s time to dream some new ones. Make sure they’re bigger and better than ever because you’re in a wonderful phase in your life in which whatever you want you achieve. Someone
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If your skin’s looking a bit sad, no worries – there’s an array of magic make-up that’ll soon have you looking (and feeling) brighter and more beautiful. Start with a hydrating primer – we love the hydrating version of Benefit’s cult product POREfect
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Tune Into Your Breathing
“The best way is to start spending some time each day with your breath,” says Kirsty. Begin by simply noticing your breath. Are you breathing into your chest or belly? Is the inhale or exhale longer or shorter? Begin to consciously deepen and lengthe
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Just A Regular Mum
Kate Winslet banned her two eldest children from knowing anything about her global success as they were growing up. The Titanic actress, 45, shared recently that she played down her fame so much that her daughter Mia, 20, whom she shares with first h
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Feijoas, sometimes called pineapple guavas, are hardy evergreen shrubs that produce creamy-fleshed egg-shaped fruit that combine the delicious flavours of strawberry, pineapple and guava. The fruit can be cut in half and the pulp scooped out and devo
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Her Majesty’s service ROLE OF A LIFETIME
Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born by Caesarean at 2.40am on April 21, 1926 after her mother Elizabeth, Duchess of York, suffered a difficult labour. She was delivered at home – 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair in London. Elizabeth’s carefree life
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Every day, thousands of men and women put their lives on the line to protect their communities. Whether they’re in the air assisting their teams to catch city perpetrators, in the countryside fighting wildfires, or in an ambulance call centre coachin
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Muffin MAGIC
Before you get baking, try these expert tips for perfect results every time. Muffins toughen if the mixture is over-mixed, so the less stirring, the lighter the finished texture. Use a fork or large metal spoon to cut the liquid through the dry ingr
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IN TUNE With Nature
An increasing number of people are keen to grow their own food, providing fresh, delicious and healthy ingredients right at their doorstep. The reasons for this fantastic homegrown revolution are varied, with each of us having different, or multiple,
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Over the TEACUPS
Our large Labrador sits in his favourite place, up against the glass back door, and when he feels hungry, he presses his nose on the pane and looks at me hopefully. The other day, I couldn’t bear the pleading look in his soft, brown eyes any longer,
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For the RECORD
I believe one of the secrets to extending happiness is making an effort to record it when it happens. Later, when you need a boost, you can access that memory and gain some residual second-hand happiness. I locked some in only recently. Currently, ou
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WHAT Goes Around
Vinyl records are back in vogue, not to mention popstars so long in the tooth that they started their careers making actual vinyl records themselves. Read on for our take on some of the best old-school style. This is the fifth album from a remarkable
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LISA SAYS: Be Kind To Your Brain By…
1 Prioritising seven to nine hours’ sleep each night. 2 Exercising. Studies show that daily exercise, such as a brisk 30-minute walk, can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s by about 50 percent. 3 Doing yoga and meditating. Both of these practices are m
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Beloved Kiwi skincare brand Emma Lewisham is back with a new product that is sure to be a cult favourite. The Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème will hydrate and plump skin while boosting collagen production at a cellular level. Founder Emma says,
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A Changing World
The Queen has become adept at using technology during the UK’s COVID lockdowns and frequently holds meetings via Zoom. She’s adapted amazingly well, considering that when she was born in 1926, movies were still silent and television had only recently
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Rod’s Saucy Secret
Rod Stewart was once celebrated for sporting one of the best mullets of the ‘70s and now we know his secret – mayonnaise! It was revealed last week that in his heyday, the Do Ya Think I’m Sexy singer slathered the tasty salad dressing all over his th
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Princess Alexandra: The Would-be Queen
he Queen’s life would have been very different if her uncle David (later Edward VIII) hadn’t fallen for divorced American Wallis Simpson. If he’d married a different bride and had children, she’d have been the monarch’s cousin instead of the monarch.
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Danielle Hawkins usually writes dryly funny, romantic novels set in rural New Zealand, so this latest book is a departure. It reminds me of those wonderful James Herriot classics (remember It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet and All Creatures Great and Smal
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NEAREST & DEAREST TELL The Queen we know & love
She’s three decades past the age most people retire at, but her dedication to duty is as phenomenal as ever. And as the Queen prepares to celebrate her 95th birthday this month, praise is already flowing for her unstinting service of almost 70 years.
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Now You See It
To celebrate Earth Day, David Attenborough has a brand-new three-part series that looks at the extraordinary ways animals use colour. Travelling the world from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the snowy Scottish Highlands, David and his team use revo
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PARIS & her Pop!
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop – and his daughter Paris says he was also the king of dads! In a rare interview, with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Paris has shared her special memories of the Thriller singer. “My dad was really good about making su
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Freshly squeezed, segmented into salads, made into tangy marmalade or added to delicious desserts and cakes are some of the wonderful ways homegrown oranges are used. Potted dwarf orange trees covered in beautiful bright-orange fruit look so decorati
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What Song Am I?
• My lyrics were written by the lead singer of the group that performed me • He incorporated the words of a song he’d originally titled The Cowboy Song into my final version • Record producer Roy Thomas Baker described me as “basically a joke, but a
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GREAT IDEAS For Awkward Spaces
More often than not, the kitchen has to accommodate technology, so a space for a computer can be where we pay bills, answer emails, check recipes, watch TV or do homework. A narrow space is often just enough for a small table or bench and a funky sto
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WAXING Lyrical
1 How old is ABBA’s Dancing Queen? 2 Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is mentioned in which Grammy-winning song? 3 In which song did Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders sing, “Got something, I’m winking at you?” 4 Where did Bryan Adams buy his first real six s
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About The Author… Danielle Hawkins
She lives on a farm near Otorohanga with her husband and two children, works part-time as a large-animal vet and has written four really great novels (I’m a fan!). What’s real and what’s fiction in this book? Anything about me and my immediate family
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TUFT ACT To Follow
This artwork is lightweight, so you can attach it to the wall using hooks or velcro dots. • Yarn of various colours and types• Scissors• Cylindrical object such as a poster tube• Ruler• Foamboard• Pins• Pencil• Utility knife• Hot-glue gun STEP 1 Wra
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A Cuppa With... SUSAN DEVOY
Since wrapping up her role as Race Relations Commissioner in 2018, Dame Susan Devoy has filled her schedule with volunteer roles, community work and a year in Melbourne with her husband and ex-manager John Oakley. But the empty-nesters recently found
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With its pleated skirt, shirred cuffs and tie neck, this dress is a timeless piece. You could pin a brooch to the chest, or secure the tie neck to the side or centred at the front. When wearing a multi-coloured print, pull one colour from the patter
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Fashion Stockists
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое