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People Watching
It is a truly sobering photograph of George and Alexander Hillary practising for their Mt Everest climb (Four Hillarys and a Mountain, March). The mountains in the background display the location and pathways of many former glaciers now totally melte
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Have You Seen This Plant?
Researchers at Massey University are exploring the potential for New Zealand to become perhaps the first country in the world to grow gin-suited junipers as a commercial crop. Genetic diversity is required for a viable population, so the Great New Ze
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This feel-good movie by The Full Monty’s Peter Cattaneo presses all the usual buttons: a (largely) predictable story arc, a (largely) stereotypical if diverse cast of characters, the shameless use of emotional triggers. And yet… The deeply unsexy ins
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Whiz Quiz
1. US basketballer Kobe Bryant, who died in January, won the Best Animated Short Oscar in 2018 for which film? 2. Who is currently the world’s youngest prime minister? 3. Who is Dr James Muecke? 4. In which US state would you find the towns or sma
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Bye The Book?
Cast your mind back to when you were growing up – what did you do to fill in the gaps between eating, sleeping and annoying your teachers? My brothers built treehouses and dredged slimy black eels from the creek near our house; my best friend played
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Rave Review
How 21st century: a reimagined television series of a reimagined television series. This mega-budget Netflix sci-fi is based on the 1965 TV series, which was a reworking of a novel written in 1812. How far the Robinsons have come. Even those who love
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Festival Winner
Congratulations to Suzanne Kendrick, who is the winner of our Auckland Arts Festival competition! Suzanne says she’ll be using the generous prize as “an intergenerational family birthday celebration”. One lucky family member will accompany her to the
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10 Reasons Why We Should Read Every Day
Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, since keeping our brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power. A well-written novel can transp
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Vegans On The Road
If anyone had told us five years ago that we would be teaching people all over the world how to cook vegan, we would never have believed it. We didn’t even know what vegan food really was, let alone wanted to eat it. I’d been a dairy and beef farmer
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Since forming in 1995, Australian music ensemble The Ten Tenors (or TTT, as they’re known) have released more than 10 albums, recording genre-crossover covers of classic operatic arias and contemporary rock songs. Their 2018 New Zealand tour was a se
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Living Colour
Once one of New Zealand’s most popular ceramic artists, Christine Harris was browsing in an op shop a couple of years ago when another customer spotted one of her decorative pieces for sale. Picking up the red and green cup, he turned to his friend a
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Once Upon A River
Hayden Potaka dips two fern fronds in the water and says a rapid karakia for our safe passage down the Whanganui River. With the last lines –“Haumi ē, hui ē, tāiki ē!” – solemnity gives way to a grin as he flicks river water into my face with the fer
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Sharp Thinking
ONE OF Peter McCormick’s earliest memories is being at home with his mum, dad and sister boxing up darts. “It’s just what we did as a family,” he says. In 1970, his father John, an accountant with a vision, had spotted a gap in the market and set up
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Sugar Beat
A food and diet book that doles out sound, science-based advice with a healthy dollop of wit is always welcome. How to Eat’s lively Q&A format also sifts out the kernels of truth and common sense from the dizzying amount of information in today’s foo
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About Time
SOMETIMES people ask me how I spend my time. The answer is simple: I waste it. Not intentionally, but I do have a knack for taking a simple situation and making it sticky. Last week, I whipped down to the paddocks with a 15kg spray-pack on my back to
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The Bare Bones
An online self-assessment that estimates your risk of bone fractures has been launched by Bone Health NZ to get people thinking differently about osteoporosis. “If you know what your bone health is, you can do something about it,” says executive dire
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Cue Guru
When you talk about New Zealand’s greatest sports people, you immediately think of the likes of Peter Snell, Yvette Williams, Valerie Adams or even Richie Mc-Caw. But not many people would think of Clark McConachy. Indeed, not many would even have he
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Ladd Culture
A SKILFUL PILOT with an effervescent personality, Fred Ladd (born 1908) was what his generation would have called “a real character”. In the post-World War II years there were any number of daredevil, rascally aeronauts whose skills had been honed du
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Dear John
A YEAR before former RNZAF pilot John J. Caulton died in 2015, just short of his 95th birthday, he had a serious talk with his grandson, who’s also named John. “I’m not going to be around much longer,” he said. “Is there anything you want to ask me?”
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Life & Culture
“I’m younger than most RNZ Concert listeners, probably by several decades; but I don’t care what none of ya’ll say. It’s my jam.” Nicholas Sheppard SAY, WHAT? “I tried to pull my right leg free. My left leg sank deeper. I hauled on my left leg. M
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Last Picture Show
DETAILS Kaikōura-based Ailsa McGilvary-Howard says she “had the pleasure of following bow-riding dusky dolphins with my lens, as the sun hit their blowholes. Whale Watch Kaikōura took the Nelson Marlborough Conservation Board out to sea, to experienc
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The Sweetest Thing
When Jane Freeman was growing up in Invercargill, Friday night was treat night. “We’d get to pick a treat and I always chose sweets,” she says. Fast-forward three decades and the clinical psychologist has the ultimate treat – her own sweet shop. Tire
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Gone for Good
On a Friday in the mid-90s you could find me in charge of a video store in Howick. It was a Video Ezy owned by a group of volunteer firemen, who occasionally drove up to the shop frontage in their fire truck, striding through in their uniforms to get
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Sowing Machine
IT’S AN IDEA that seems so obvious, but it took an Aussie to come up with it and pioneer a new way to plant millions of trees throughout New Zealand. When Sue Streatfield arrived here 10 years ago, she couldn’t believe nobody was using direct-seeding
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Power Play
ELEVEN AND A half years after being voted out of office, Helen Clark still packs a political punch. Seeing her weigh in recently over Radio New Zealand’s plans to scrap its Concert programme brought back memories of the steely persona she presented t
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My Space
Being enchanted by hares frolicking on her Wairarapa lifestyle block when she was home caring for her newborn son seeded the idea for Nikki McIvor’s intricate animal drawings – the basis of her eco-brand Wild Grey Fox, which is produced with as small
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Endless Forms Most Beautiful
In the sea’s hidden gardens grow plants without roots, flowers or fruit. Some looks artifically bright, like Troll doll hair – others like green necklaces, translucent elephant ears or plush green cushions. They are, in all their mad, unsung variety,
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The Lundy Murders
On 29 August 2000, Mark Lundy drove from his Palmerston North home to Wellington to sell kitchen sinks and benchtops. Nearly 20 years later, in Wellington’s Supreme Court, his conviction for murdering his wife Christine and seven-year-old daughter Am
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• Seaweeds are marine macroalgae, aquatic organisms that live in salty or brackish water. • Algae is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of organisms. There are three major groups: green, brown and red algae. The differences are surprisingly pr
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Anatomy Of A Scandal
Mark Lundy was in Johnson-ville, just north of Wellington city, when a friend rang to tell him police were swarming over his house. For some time on that Wednesday morning, 30 August 2000, Lundy had been trying to contact his 38-year-old wife, Christ
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