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A Stitch In Time
The thing about interviewing prisoners in such a dinky little country as New Zealand is that despite the efforts of prison personnel to keep their identities and their offending histories off your radar, you’ll likely come away with enough informatio
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Shelf CARE
I discovered MAC makeup in the US in the ’90s and have never looked back. Ruby Woo lipstick is a particular mainstay. A potent treatment for lines and wrinkles. Since 1612, these soaps have been produced by monks and friars in an apothecary in Flore
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Enjoy a Fiji MOMENT
Fiji is the ultimate wellness destination. The world’s friendliest people, stunning landscapes and unique encounters with nature make it the perfect place to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, and reconnect with yourself, your partner, your family and t
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Some people say that fashion is frivolous and I agree that forking out for unwearable trends is a fool’s errand. But I do believe that what we wear can transform us. The confidence that comes with a well-cut blazer, the joy of finding a dress that me
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60, single & HAPPY
When I started my first office job, straight out of school at 17, I sat next to the delightful Hazel Boyd. She was slim, blonde, kind and 32. She had two children and was married to Gordon. She lived in a lovely house, in a smart area (whereas we res
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Had a little too much fun in the sun this summer? Combat parched skin and dry strands with these ultra-hydrating new releases. 1 Joico HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo, $38. This light but powerful thirst quencher delivers just the right amount of moist
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The fine line between seduction and coercion is navigated with all the tension of a tightrope walk over the Grand Canyon in this groundbreaking novel. At 15, boarding school pupil Vanessa Wye falls under the spell of her charismatic 42-year-old Engli
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Shine On
1 R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, $53. 2 Estée Lauder Double Wear Radiant Bronze Cushion Stick, $67. 3 Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara, $60. 4 Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Pencil, $36. 5 Karen Murrell Lipstick in Cordovan Natural, $32.
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My big BREAK
There probably aren’t too many people who can say a supermodel gave them their big break. But that’s what happened to Catherine Young. It was 2006 and the now 46-year-old had returned to Wellington after spending four years working as an analyst for
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The Hidden Keys To Health
Touch is the first sense that we acquire, and it remains a vital part of our lives going forward. It has the ability to communicate multiple positive emotions from love and gratitude to sympathy, but also has the power to positively affect your healt
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We have five copies of My Dark Vanessa to give away. To enter, go to our website and click on the ‘win’ tab, then input your details and your unique code NXT0420. Competition closes April 30, 2020. ■
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Next Nz
Editor-in-Chief Nicky Dewe Creative Director Louise Thomson Deputy Editor Phoebe Watt Chief Sub-Editor Michelle Joe Sub-Editor Cassie Birrer Writer Monique McKenzie Designers Archie Blohm, Robyn Te Whata Digital Editor Karyn Henger Di
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Fashion Platform
I’m a buyer, social media manager and community growth manager for Designer Wardrobe, and I also deal with our amazing investors, team and ambassadors. It never stops – there is always something exciting going on. I wanted to study art at university,
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Waiting To Exhale
Like many of us, Caitlin Cady tried and fell off the meditation wagon several times before it clicked for her, but she says that once it did, it was utterly and profoundly life changing. In this edited extract from her new book Heavily Meditated, she
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To her circle of plutey friends she was Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress, who lived in boutique hotels, handed out $100 tips, wore designer clothes and travelled in private jets. In reality she was Anna Sorokin, a Russian immigrant who swindled
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Ups and DOWNS
As a regular subscriber, I find that although not every article relates directly to me there is always something of interest in most stories – it is after all a bit of unplugged ‘me-time’ to spend fantasising. In the February issue, both Lisa’s and D
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Make the week go smoothly with a tidy desk and all the tools you need to hand. Here are some of Kikki.K’s top tips for staying organised: 1 Reduce clutter. Keep only your essentials on your desk, and set up storage solutions for everything else. 2 Ma
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This catchphrase works wonders when it comes to avoiding hangovers (pick your poison and stick with it, mate – tequila and red wine don’t mix!), but is also helpful when talking meditation. Before you sit down to practise, commit to a length of time
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Bohemianism, I realise, is a bit like acne. You can cover it up, you can hide it completely for a time – but sooner or later it just breaks through. Tonight, my bohemian tendencies are stirring under my currently conventional existence. Friday evenin
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Our favourite reader letter featured in next month’s issue will win a beautiful set of natural skincare products from Evolu, valued at $255.With a focus on providing results for your skin and delighting the senses, founder Kati Kasza takes a hands-on
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Fit For All
These skinnies promise everyday comfort. Dress them up with a crisp white shirt. Step out in style in classic bootcuts, featuring a mid rise, slim thigh and slightly flared legs. The hero of the active woman’s wardrobe, jeggings don’t compromise
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New research indicates there is a gut-brain connection in the development of Parkinson’s disease. By studying roundworms that had been genetically engineered to produce alphasynuclein, a protein that is linked to the development of Parkinson’s, resea
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Mercury and Venus are making waves this month, bringing colour into your love life. Expect the weekend of the 4th-5th to be quite a sexy time. Friendship is significant later in April, with a big gathering on the 23rd. That restless feeling is back.
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The 10 New Trends To Love
This will highlight an hourglass shape or give the illusion of a waist to a more athletic build. It’s all about the texture here. The yarn is light and soft, and the fit is oversized. Bell sleeves, long locks and groovy prints are a mainstay on
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Force Of Habit
You may have heard it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well, it’s not as simple or as difficult as that. If you have managed to create a new habit simply by doing it for 30 days, congratulations. Repetition is important, but most of us fail well
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Wrinkle In Time
Yes, there’s something different about me. Two weeks ago, I got a touch of Botox. These days it’s nothing to frown about, but go ahead and frown if you want, because I won’t be able to for at least three months – a nice change from looking like Grump
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1 TRANSITORY BAG, $212. 2 ABANDON HANDBAG, $318. 3 INERTIA WATCH, $191. 4 REMNANT WALLET, $138. 5 LIABILITY TOILETRIES BAG, $159. To be in to win this Status Anxiety prize pack, simply go online to, click on the ’win’ tab and enter y
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The Style Files
A tailored look with a mix of bright and earthy tones will update your work wardrobe. Opt for soft colours in slim fits, then add interest with bold accessories and some cool black boots. Be bold with prints, embrace rich fabrics and add some spa
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What Next?
• Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg (Random House, $38). • 9Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Halvorson (Harvard Business Review Press, $30). • Heidi Halvorson’s ‘How Successful People Reach Their Goals’ on proven tactics to get to where you wan
…Или откройте для себя что-то новое