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The 10 New Trends To Love
This will highlight an hourglass shape or give the illusion of a waist to a more athletic build. It’s all about the texture here. The yarn is light and soft, and the fit is oversized. Bell sleeves, long locks and groovy prints are a mainstay on
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Force Of Habit
You may have heard it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well, it’s not as simple or as difficult as that. If you have managed to create a new habit simply by doing it for 30 days, congratulations. Repetition is important, but most of us fail well
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Wrinkle In Time
Yes, there’s something different about me. Two weeks ago, I got a touch of Botox. These days it’s nothing to frown about, but go ahead and frown if you want, because I won’t be able to for at least three months – a nice change from looking like Grump
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1 TRANSITORY BAG, $212. 2 ABANDON HANDBAG, $318. 3 INERTIA WATCH, $191. 4 REMNANT WALLET, $138. 5 LIABILITY TOILETRIES BAG, $159. To be in to win this Status Anxiety prize pack, simply go online to, click on the ’win’ tab and enter y
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The Style Files
A tailored look with a mix of bright and earthy tones will update your work wardrobe. Opt for soft colours in slim fits, then add interest with bold accessories and some cool black boots. Be bold with prints, embrace rich fabrics and add some spa
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What Next?
• Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg (Random House, $38). • 9Things Successful People Do Differently by Heidi Halvorson (Harvard Business Review Press, $30). • Heidi Halvorson’s ‘How Successful People Reach Their Goals’ on proven tactics to get to where you wan
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After my mother died, my sister and I had the job of clearing out her wardrobe. It was sad. And not just because we were missing our mum. Her clothes made me sad in a way that was hard to explain. Surely she’d had some memorable outfits? I looked for
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ON THE catwalk
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Wise Words
Q I’m 47 and have recently given up dying my hair every other week (the regrowth showed after 10 days and I was sick of spending all my time and money at the hairdresser’s). I’m at peace with my decision, but because I used to have black hair and now
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LOCAL Goodness
SERVES 4 This dish makes a wonderful light lunch or dinner. There are so many textures and wonderful fresh flavours going on in here – all healthy, satisfying and delicious. If asparagus isn’t in season you can use fresh beans instead. 12 baby bee
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My Style
BOOK: The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman is both heartbreaking and full of hope. It’s a truly engaging story. ALBUM: Benee’s Fire on Marzz. HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Paris during design week – so many amazing design events all over this beautiful
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The Hot List
1 THE HEALTHY INITIATIVE... Since February, fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries have been appearing at low-decile schools in 21 regions all over the country. The government-funded initiative, which is managed by United Fresh and supported by the 5+
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We Love Nz
Let the dress be the hero by matching it with some sneakers. Styling Benjamin Alexander for The Fashion Dept Photography Supplied ■
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THE FEEL GOOD flexitarian
SERVES 2 WITH LEFTOVERS 1 medium cauliflower, save the leaves (about 800g)2 tbsp ghee or oilSea salt and black pepper 2 tsp ground cumin1 tsp sweet paprika2 tsp ground corianderChilli flakes or ¼ tsp cayenne, to taste 240g cooked white beans or c
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How To Layer A Look To Love
A classic tailored Midi coat in a neutral colour is a must. Formal in style, the coat is perfect when paired with a longer-line dress or wide-legged pant. Showcasing a bold colour and print underneath allows you to show some personality while always
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MY TYPICAL MORNING AND EVENING ROUTINE… Nothing makes me feel as good in the morning as yoga. If there was a pill you could take that made you feel as good as yoga everyone would take it. I also like toast or porridge, black coffee, and spend too mu
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Fashion WHAT’S NEW
Status Anxiety’s AW20 Transitory collection has landed and doesn’t disappoint. In keeping with the brand’s mantra of creating beautiful minimalistic pieces for everyday use, the range has some standout styles like the new Abandon tote, $315.95. With
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TAKE A shot
Traditionally, kefir is a fermented milk product of Russian origin made by using a culture of kefir grains comprised of a number of different bacteria and yeasts. The yeasts ferment the sugar in the milk to create carbon dioxide and alcohol. Water
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Perfectly Formed
A fashion insider’s secret to always looking stylish is the capsule wardrobe. This seasonal collection of core garments can be interchanged with one another to create limitless looks that will take you effortlessly from work to weekend and everywhere
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Leading The Charge
One’s a highly qualified makeup artist who’s been painting the faces of models, movie stars and TV presenters for decades. The other could be described euphemistically as ‘self-sufficient’, but ‘control freak’ wouldn’t be overstating things. The stan
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Home Refresh
Add a natural focal point to rooms by creating a vignette of pieces, whether that be ceramics, glassware, fresh flowers or art. Play with scale, mixing and matching different heights while maintaining one cohesive colour or material. Double up on the
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Food & Drink WHAT’S NEW
Lillet, the elegant, wine-based aperitif prepared in the cellars of Podensac, a small village in south-west Bordeaux, has been made since 1872. The Vesper cocktail made famous by James Bond in Casino Royale, is not as some would have it a simple dry
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How To Wear Earth Tones
From burnt orange and toffee to cinnamon and brick, terracotta tones are easier to wear than you might think, and suit most people. A top-to-toe tonal look works well in this colour palette and showcases a laidback elegance that is very on trend. Ru
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Trend Setters
Not a New Zealand brand but by far one of the most interesting international labels to land here in recent times, The Vampire’s Wife was picked up by Workshop late last year and despite its eye-watering price point (more than $2000 for a velvet minid
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With the change of season upon us, it’s the perfect time to create an autumn sanctuary at home. Snuggle up with Wallace Cotton’s new autumn 2020 collection – for the cosiest sleep, flannel is this season’s favourite. The super-soft flannel bedding ra
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Smitten With Seattle
Confession time: I’ve wanted to visit Seattle ever since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy. If this rainy city at the tippy-top of north-west America was filled with men who looked like McDreamy and McSteamy, I figured I would be in heaven (conveniently for
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With endless possibilities and broad versatility, mustard is the hottest colour of the season, especially once you’ve worked out which one suits you. Darker shades work for people with lighter complexions while softer mustard tones will complement ol
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The Wright Direction
Rebecca Wright will put money on Donald Trump being re-elected. Having just wrapped up her gig as the US correspondent for 1 News, she’s been our authority on American politics for the past three years – jumping headfirst into covering Trump’s presid
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Freedom FINDS
Q: I’m after practical and stylish storage for my kids’ toys. Any advice? A: Look for upholstered pieces that double as footstools, sofas with room under the seats or tables with concealed storage. Just don’t forget what you’ve hidden away! Look for
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