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Shrinking Waterways
Some of the world’s most significant commercial waterways are coming under growing pressure as climate change impacts negatively on water supply, river levels and shipping. A mere four years after upgrading the canal to accommodate bigger ships, the
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Tristram 741 Vanquish Targa Top
THIS FOLD-DOWN TARGA top model will appeal to owners with specific garaging requirements and a fondness for an ‘open-air’ feeling that’s impossible to enjoy inside a hardtop. Available in sterndrive and outboard configurations, the new CAD-designed a
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Euro City Dealing Volvo Penta
Napier-based Euro City is a well-established automotive dealer with the Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and MG to its name. The company is branching out into the marine industry is the latest addition to Volpower NZ’s Volvo Penta dealer network. Euro City is
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Retro Boats
Ilen retuns to Ireland Reflections: Bill Upfold | Crossword Boat museum beside Lake Como VintageView: Ben Mayall, Northcote legend ■
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Cruising To Nowhere
The best place to get a sense of the inactivity is the English Channel, now home to a growing fleet of idle cruisers. But as the old adage goes, when one door shuts another opens. With commendable entrepreneurial flair local resident Paul Derham has
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Boat Business
Boat Business News Newick Trimarans and Loose Goose/Kuihi Boat Bling | Naiad joins Whiskey Project Review: Smuggler 700 Amphibious | The Catch: Rescue Fish Sea watchers | John Spencer exhibition Review: Offshore 650 HT | Narwhal, unicorn of the sea S
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Goose Reborn
Sailors either love Dick Newick’s (1926 – 2013) shapely trimaran designs, or they’re oblivious to them. With their amas (floats) shaped like a genie’s slippers and wing decks resembling a seabird in flight, Newick’s ground-breaking 1970/80s designs a
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An Irish return
Built in Baltimore in West Cork in 1926, the 56-foot ketch Ilen holds a special place in Ireland’s maritime heritage – she’s the country’s only surviving vessel of her kind. Her survival is to be cherished – but her recent resumption of cargo deliver
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Motorbike Reincarnation
Once the world’s longest-serving aircraft carrier, Britain’s HMS Hermes has come to an ignoble end. She’s lying on an Indian beach being broken up for scrap, her steel destined for motorbike production. Though she was considered the Royal Navy’s flag
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Cape50 Motor Yacht
THE CAPE50 HAS been designed and built in Australia by Steve Campbell’s Composites Constructions. Campbell is a 30-year master shipwright and dedicated ocean racer who has worked and sailed at the highest level, including America’s Cup campaigns in 1
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Designing Dreams
A visionary and innovative multihull designer, Dick Newick penned over 140 boats during his career and inspired multihull enthusiasts all over the world. My own exposure to his designs was the mid-1980s while working in Boston, Massachusetts. I saw a
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Boat Master
Upfold’s father, the late Darrell, was an entrepreneur with a passion for powerboats which certainly rubbed off on his son. By the time Upfold was attending Kelston Boys High School he’d pretty much decided on a career – “at school I was always drawi
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Crewless Ships?
Last month the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, a 15m trimaran, left Plymouth in the UK on a pioneering voyage – an unmanned transatlantic crossing powered by solar energy and artificial intelligence. Supported by an impressive consortium which includes IB
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Milestone For Maritimo Flagships
MARITIMO’S FLAGSHIP M64 and M70 flybridge motoryacht models have recorded over $100 million worth of sales since their world premieres in 2015 and 2016. The milestone was reached in September after a wave of deliveries of the latest 2020 edition M64
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Smart As
Vesper’s new Cortex VHF offers a built-in smartAIS SOTDMA transponder and its remote monitoring solution, in combination with the powerful Cortex Monitoring App, provides peace of mind for skippers who are away from their vessels. Anchor Watch immedi
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7. Type of fishing lure (7) 8. This gives jet boat extra power (5) 9. ___ of trim – sails not arranged right for point of sail that boat is on (3) 10. Sailing spot at top of South Island shown in photo (6,3) 11. Becomes submerged below surface of sea
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The Sailor’s Cellar
You might have the flashest yacht in the marina, but to really impress your guests you’ll need to present your wine collection in a stylish manner. Canadian company CellArt has the perfect solution. The Montreal-based company positions itself as crea
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Mercruiser Bravo Four S With Smart Tow
MERCURY MARINE HAS UNVEILED its Bravo Four S forward-facing drive with Smart Tow controls – a new drive system for MerCruiser engines that helps craft perfect wakes for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and other tow sports. Digital controls that coordinate
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Map It Out
C-MAP has renamed and enhanced its Embark App, calling it the C-MAP: Boating App. The C-MAP: Boating App is free to download and offers users phone, tablet or computer access to a range of charting and features, free of charge and with a free trial o
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Discord Over Groovy Lighthouse
The 16m edifice was given its new character by artist Okuda San Miguel, who hails from the region’s capital, Santander. He’s called his handiwork Infinite Cantabria – it’s a kaleidoscope of colours and geometric shapes – and says the graphics were in
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Helping Tongan Kids Sail
The Opua Business Association (OBA) in the Bay of Islands is sending a fleet of Optis to the Va’vau Bluewater School in Neiafu, Tonga to introduce the joy of sailing to the region’s youngsters. Championed by Seapower’s Bruce Fuller (a long-time OBA m
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Balex For Bigger Boats
BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS of the original Balex Automatic Boat loader system, Balex Marine has now developed a range of products to suit every trailer boat. Balex Sport – based on the original Balex system – consists of one set of patented 160cc HYDRA4
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Wee Dram For Naiad?
The Whiskey Project Group was formed after its acquisition of New South Wales boat manufacturer Yamba Welding and Engineering (YWE) – which itself acquired Naiad earlier this year from founder Steve Schmidt and his wife Jenny. Darren Schuback, co-fou
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In The Name Of The Father
For centuries Lake Como, also known as ‘Lario’, has been the destination of writers, artists, monks and soldiers. Alessandro Manzoni, one of Italy’s greatest writers, used the setting for his famous 1827 novel I promessi sposi (The Betrothed). Today,
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Youth Ac Cancelled
Next year’s Youth America’s Cup has become another casualty of Covid-19, with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) cancelling the event because of Government restrictions around immigration. “We are bitterly disappointed,” says RNZYS Chief Ex
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Sealegs Launches 12m Amphibian
SEALEGS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has announced the release of the world’s largest amphibious production boat. The Sealegs 12m Cabin RIB (or 12RC) is the cumulation of over a decade of amphibious technology development and many months of detailed boat de
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Making Tracks!
Over the years we’ve reviewed numerous Smugglers – from the ‘baby’ rigid-hull 520 right up to the massive Strata 1100 RIB. All exhibit excellent build quality, ride comfort and versatility – every model’s a smart package that turns heads wherever it
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Northcote Legend
Ben was the seventh son of master mariner Capt. George Mayall of Northcote and his wife Annie, who had 11 children in all. Born in Lancashire in 1852, George Mayall emigrated to New Zealand with his family around 1870 where they initially had a sheep
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Free As A Butterfly
Papillon (French for butterfly) is the first Sun Odyssey of its size to reach New Zealand. She arrived over the winter and was commissioned in Auckland before being sailed down to her new home in Wellington. Owners Phillip Beavon and his partner Suza
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Prestige X70
PRESTIGE HAS LAUNCHED its all-new X-Line range of motoryachts, with the X70 as flagship. With the X70, the first model of this innovative line, Prestige presents a radically new way to live at sea. In partnership with the Garroni Design studio, it re
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