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You Said...
# ‘My daughter and I made the chocolate chip biscuits from your Lockdown Survival Guide for Moms & Kids today. So easy to make, and tasted great.’ – Karen Leggo What’s your ideal way to exercise? Are you more of a gym bunny, a keen yogi or a dedica
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Amazing hair WHILE YOU SLEEP
Know those mornings when you look in the mirror and your hair defies gravity? At times like that, you probably wonder why it’s even called beauty sleep. Let’s face it, our packed to do lists and our overwhelming urge to repeatedly press the snooze bu
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Meal Makeover 'Fried' Chicken
SERVES 4 READY IN 1 HR + MARINATING 1,8kg chicken, cut into 8-10 pieces, and patted dry, skin on or off570ml buttermilk100g stale, dried breadcrumbs1 tsp smoked paprika½ tsp garlic salt½ tsp celery salt½ tsp cayenne pepper (optional)½ tsp dried thy
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The One Thing…
I pore over my favourite actors’ interviews on YouTube. It makes me feel like I-m getting to know the people who sparked my passion for acting in the first place. I find it hugely validating to hear how similar some of our experiences are and spendin
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ACTING ART DIRECTOR Kyle Shoesmith SPECIALIST CONTENT EDITOR Stacey Love COPY SUB-EDITOR India Gonçalves DIGITAL DIGITAL EDITOR Rughsaar Bibi Ismail FEATURES FEATURES WRITERS Andrea Cresswell, Ashton Kirsten, Marike Watson, Stephanie van der Plan
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Love For Lavender
The Apothecary Lavender Bath Salts, R79 , is the perfect bathing companion. Add a spoonful of this lavender-infused Epsom salt bath soak to your water to soothe your body and mind before you get into bed. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, dab
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Build The Perfect Pancake
Feature ti-mediacontent.comPhotography Adobe Stock; Shutterstock ■
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We love... PINK & RED
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Trousers, coats, bags or shoes, checks will be making an appearance on them all. Taking over from houndstooth as the hottest print of the season, wear your checks big or small – anything goes! The perfect partner to the statement-making pattern? Laid
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Hot Stuff!
SERVES 4 READY IN 1 HR 35 MIN 4 thick slices pork belly 100ml Asian rice vinegar2 tsp castor sugar½ tsp salt2 tsp ginger, grated1 carrot, sliced thinly½ cucumber, peeled into ribbons 100ml soya sauce100ml sweet chilli sauce1 garlic clove, crush
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‘I Dream Of Having A VINEYARD’
Actress Scarlett Johansson, 35, has had quite a year, being nominated for two Academy Awards for her roles in Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit. Now she’s back on the big screen reprising her role as Marvel character Black Widow in the standalone film a
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Coats to COVET
A lightweight, longline puffer jacket is great for taller frames, or anyone looking to create feminine curves. Stick to neutral colours that you can wear for years to come. Puffer coat, R1 499 , Zara A parka can be quite daunting when you don’t wan
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Dessert Makeover
SERVES 8 READY IN 50 MIN 3 medium-sized apples, grated (we like Braeburn)Juice of 1 small lemon1 tsp cinnamon50g pecan nuts, toasted and chopped140g butter, melted, plus 50g extra220g self-raising flour1 tbsp castor sugar120ml cream50ml milk2 tbsp
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Should catcalling & wolf-whistling BE ILLEGAL?
Why? Because all he’s doing is commenting on my appearance, he has committed no crime, and sometimes it’s just the ego boost I need. If I’ve had a bad day or I’m feeling a bit low about how I look, as I’m Zoe May, 33, is a successful romance author.
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Health News
Surgeon Dr Robert Foster shares his advice on keeping your brain active and healthy. 1. WORK IT He says: ‘The old adage “use it or lose it” is true. Stay mentally active by learning a new language or by regularly dipping into a crossword puzzle. Ju
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Home News
No one couch fits well in all homes, and needs change as a family grows. Consider, too, the idea of flexibility; being able to swap things around to keep your decor fresh. All of these factors are why we prefer modular furniture, where separate secti
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The picture that MEANS SO MUCH
After Nicola Owst rescued a pup in need, she realised her new best friend had saved her, too From the moment that I met Buddy, there was no doubt in my mind I’d do everything I could for him. I gave him love and a safe home, and today I can’t imag
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Are You Eating Your Emotions?
You’ve had a difficult day at the office. On the way home, all you can think about is the pizza that you’re going to polish off on the couch. Or maybe you’re not getting on well with your partner, and keep nibbling biscuits whenever you’ve had an ar
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‘A Black-and-white Theme Makes Things So Simple’
Ahead of starting a family, Chloe and Adam were keen to move up the housing ladder. ‘We wanted our next home to be one we'd stay in for at least five to 10 years, so it needed to suit our future plans,’ explains Chloe. The pair were never averse to
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Ditch The Guilt For Good
An incredible 96% of women have revealed they find something to feel guilty about at least once a day. ‘Guilt is a symptom of living a complicated life, not a symptom of being a bad person,’ explains psychologist Professor Windy Dryden. ‘Guilt itself
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Super herbs FOR HEALTH
Do you ever consider the effects that a dash of coriander or a sprinkle of mint can have on your health? Sure, they taste good, but they also offer a range of amazing benefits for your body and mind. So whether you’re struck down with a virus, buried
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Who Lives Here?
Chloe Roberts works as a commercial manager and lives in this four-bedroom duplex with her husband Adam and their 11-month-old son, Hector. After buying the house, the couple quickly got to work on renovations to create a stylish, functional and soci
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Find Balance In A Wired World
It’s happened to us all. One minute you’re doing a quick Facebook check, the next, three hours have passed and you’re deep in someone’s online photo album, with no idea where the time has gone. No wonder there aren’t enough hours in the day and we fe
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Oh to be a cat. They’re independent, spend all day snoozing in the sun, and they’ve got the whole stretching thing down to a T. They do it to get their blood flowing and muscles moving after periods of inactivity, so they're ready to pounce on the ne
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Colours We Love... Dusky Purple
Dusky purple with its brown undertone, used on the walls, is superb for giving large, light-filled spaces a more intimate, cosy feel. Paired with white woodwork and ceilings, this hue won’t overwhelm or feel claustrophobic, either. Just choose pure w
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Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Launch My Own Business Aged 40
Filling yet more delivery bags with items ready to send off to new customers, I couldn’t believe how popular my T-shirt collection  had been. My mind whirring with new designs, I was thrilled to be busy doing something I loved – and something I never
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Refresh Old Tile Grout
It doesn’t take too long for your once-clean and bright white grout to become discoloured and dirty. Spend a weekend replacing yours for tiles that look good as new – you could take the chance to try something new, like a coloured grout, perhaps? D
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How Do You Find Love In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic?
These unprecedented times, caused by the COVID-19 crisis, have impacted practically every aspect of our lives. With the recent lockdown keeping families all under one roof, children being homeschooled and couples working from the kitchen table, life
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Focus On Avoiding Germs
As the current global events have sadly shown us, germs are the invisible enemy that have the potential to make us extremely ill. ‘Although we can’t see them, germs spread quickly and easily from person to person or by touching surfaces,’ says Dr Sar
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