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South African Sticky Malva Pudding
• g butter (at room temperature• g sugar• Nulaid eggs• tablespoon apricot jam• teaspoon baking soda• ml milk• ml brown vinegar• g our, sifted• teaspoon salt • ml heavy cream• g sugar• g butter• ml hot water• teaspoon vanilla essence . Preheat oven
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FREEDOM Whose Definition Are We Following? Part V
We have been studying freedom to get a better understanding of what true biblical freedom entails. We have learnt that it is in the Word of Abba Father where true freedom lies. Obedience to the Word of the Father brings freedom to live with purpose.
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The dictionary defines a religion as “the service and worship of God or the supernatural.” So, Christianity is obviously a religion. But what makes it different to any other religion? If the only thing separating it from other religions is a set of u
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Rolene & Ledivia Strauss Beauty with Purpose
Rolene and Ledivia Strauss are sisters-in-law, medical doctors, and love the Lord unashamedly. They have walked with Jesus since they were young. As a 12-year-old girl, Ledivia’s mother led her to the Lord as they knelt down together in her mom’s bed
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“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword. I know where you live—where satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, not even in the
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The Two Great Barriers Between God And Man
If you have read our last few articles, you’ll remember that I said that all people know that there is a God. God has revealed Himself generally to all people through the witness of creation (from the outside), and conscience (from the inside). But t
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Fact File
How many years married: 4 years What’s your husband’s name: D’Niel Strauss Ages of children: 2 boys: 4 months and 3 years What do you admire about your husband: Wisdom and the fact that he shares all his wisdom with everyone. Always believe tha
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DEBT CRISIS Am I legally protected?
Debt Review is a legal method for over-indebted South Africans to get out of debt. How do you ensure you are protected? It is important to deal directly with a registered debt counsellor. Ask for a copy of their NCR registration certificate. Debt cou
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A Good Reason to PRAY
Far too often we reach out to God when something is wrong, but this shouldn’t be the only time that we turn to prayer. I recently received a message from a friend whom I have not seen or heard from for half a century. When I last saw him, there wasn’
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Conceived In Rape And Adopted
Erika Kapustinski grew up knowing that she was adopted, but it wasn’t until high school that she really began asking questions about her birth mother. That curiosity would eventually lead to the discovery that she had been conceived in rape and that
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Esteeming The Eternal In A Shaken World
In no other time in the history of the world has the idea of‘home’ been so important. While the home and the family has been under attack for years, the global coronavirus pandemic has enforced a pervasive narrative that encourages people to “stay ho
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Midgey’s Moments
Hello! Midgey here! How have you all been during our extended lockdown? I have loved it as I had my family at home all the time, although I have missed going to the JOY offices with my mummy. Now humans are allowed to go out more, but not without m
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Healed By The Son Of God
Jesus is the same today as He was in the pages of the New Testament. He is still in the business of healing and restoration. In fact, when we preach Jesus resurrected, miracles are the natural occurrence. And when Jesus heals the sick, spiritual eyes
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The Prophetic Voice of the Lord
With the commencement of the new Hebrew decade 5780 – and the symbolic Hebrew meaning being that of the “mouth” – Psalm 29 is fitting for us to explore the relevance thereof. Have you ever considered the power of the voice of the Lord being released
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Letters To The Editor
A lot of people are asking why the world is the way it is. What’s going on? What on earth is God doing? Most of these people have never considered God before, but are questioning now that there is this terrible international crisis that is killing th
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Why Is The Science Community So Opposed To Creationism?
It is important to distinguish between the terms “science” and “scientific community.” Science is a discipline concerned with observing, experimenting with, and explaining phenomena. The scientific community is composed of the living human persons wh
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Times of Uncertainty
The coronavirus has not only affected people’s heath, but it has brought about uncertain times for most people in the marketplace. How we deal with this time will determine how quickly we pass through and how we come out the other side. Below are som
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What Does It Mean To Be Of Good Cheer?
If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is to live out our Christianity through actions and not just to quote Scriptures that ‘sound good’or use watered-down verses as motivational slogans. Meditating on the idea of being cheerful, I found myself chal
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Why Study Church History?
Is history boring? Is it just stories of old dead men about whom no one cares? What about church history in particular? What difference can looking at the past possibly make for my faith in Christ? Why even bother? Here are four reasons why studying
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Architects And Engineers On Fire For Christ
Engineering Ministries International (EMI), a faith-based NGO in Cape Town, began in 1982 after an American engineer saw an opportunity to use his design knowledge while on a missions trip in the Pacific. That experience birthed a ministry offering p
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Type 1 Diabetes – why me?
Growing up as a little girl, I had a really wonderful childhood. When I was 11 years old, however, I went to the doctor because I was feeling horrible. I was diagnosed with diabetes and rushed to the ICU. I did not understand what was going on. It fe
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Finding The Light In The Night
When I was a young boy I was given a pocket-sized copy of John’s Gospel. I was fascinated when I turned to chapter 3 and read about my a man with my namesake, Nicodemus. Who was he? What were his motives in coming to Jesus? What did he learn from his
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She Is Clothed In Strength And Dignity
Like so many mothers in townships and informal settlements around South Africa, Khanyiswa Mguye was anxious about the kind of life her children were born into. “Like any other parent, I want my children to succeed and reach their full potential; but
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Man’s Disappointment, God’s Appointment
It was Monday evening, 23 March, 2020. The entire nation was sitting in deep suspense, waiting for an urgent broadcast from our President, Cyril Ramaphosa. No one wanted to miss this all important announcement. The wait was long, eventually the Presi
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What Is Eternal Life ?
When the Bible speaks of eternal life, it refers to a gift of God that comes only “through Jesus Christ our Lord” – Romans 6:23. This gift is in contrast to the “death” that is the natural result of sin. The gift of eternal life comes to those who be
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Dangerous Faith In North Korea
North Korea is one of the most difficult places in the world to follow Jesus. Since 2002, this country has been number one on the Open Doors World Watch List, an annual ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most extreme persecutio
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Now Is The Time To RISE UP
The passage above shares the wonderful account of a lame man being healed at the Beautiful Gate where Peter and John had gone to pray. As a result, Peter and John were being persecuted by the Sanhedrin, who were trying to shut down the preaching of t
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Yesu, ndiyakholwa ukuba wandifela emnqamlezweni. Apho walinyazwa ngenxa yeziphoso zam, Walinyazwa ngenxa yobubi bam, ubetho loxolelo lwam lube phezu kwakho. Ndifana nemvu elahlekileyo, ndiye ndalahleka, kodwa ndiyakholwa ukuba uThixo walibeka phezu k
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Willing To Reach Out
“ What greater privilege is there than to be able to share the Word of God with a dying world in need of Christ?” says South Africa native Gail Dippenaar, presenter of a programme for TWR in southern Africa called Reach Out. Never has there been a be
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