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Tests At A Glance
• Swab test: Nose and throat swabbed to diagnose current infection. Called a PCR test. • Antibody: Blood test to detect past infection. • Antigen: Swab test for rapidly diagnosing current infection. Where can I get tested? Apply for a diagnostic PCR
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The beauty of stand-up paddle boarding is you’re moving slowly and quietly, so there are countless opportunities to find peace. Sometimes the ocean and the weather can be full of energy and movement, which is often mirrored in my mood and feelings. B
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Antigen Tests
Antigen tests are another type of nose and throat swab test to see whether you’re currently infected. It’s a rapid test with results available in minutes. The downside is antigen tests are not as sensitive as PCR swab tests, so may produce false nega
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Cal’s Recommended Kit
1 BOARD Hardboards are best for my expeditions because they’re more streamlined through the water and sturdier for long distances. But lots of people prefer inflatable boards because they’re much easier to store, and many paddle well. 2 CLOTHING My
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Feeling ‘Re-entry’ Anxiety?
ALTHOUGH THE UK is largely back to normal in terms of the majority of shops and public places being open again, two months spent in lockdown, with all the curtailments to our activities and movements it entailed, has led to some experiencing what’s c
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Eco Warrior
I began collecting plastic after becoming aware of it on every beach I visited, from my home beaches in Devon and Cornwall to remote islands in Scotland. I desperately wanted to do something to tackle the problem so I initially ran community beach cl
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“Ayurveda Cured My Migraines”
As a teenager I’d had terrible migraines. They began in puberty and were linked to my monthly cycle, though would frequently strike at other times. Often they were so severe I would end up in hospital on a drip. I followed all the advice from my GP:
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“Set Your Own Goals”
BEFORE LOOKING TO embark on a new or improved fitness regime, it’s good to start by asking yourself what success looks like to you. It’s different for everyone. For some it could be achieving a super toned and lean body, while for others, success cou
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WHAT IS IT A virtual juice detox, yoga and healing retreat over five days. HOW IT WORKS This home retreat offers the choice of 19 live yoga classes for complete beginners to advanced practitioners, which are also recorded so you can do them at a tim
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Find Your Flow
Begin standing with your feet hip distance apart. Slide your left foot back into a lunge keeping on the toes of the left foot. Raise your arms reaching high but lower the shoulders away from the ears. Straighten your left leg, push your left hip forw
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HOW TO Think Yourself Healthy
WE ABSORB a huge amount from those around us when it comes to our behaviours, attitudes and tendencies, often without even noticing. Have you, for example, found yourself yawning when you see someone else yawn? Or looked across the table to find your
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Keep your eye makeup in place all day with new Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eye Shadow (£19, The two-in-one primer-shadow gives intense, chocolate-scented colour that can be worn alone for an airbrushed finish or as a pigmented
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5 Ways To Think Yours Elf Healthy
1 Simply spend more time with your friends who are healthy. Consider what you want to achieve, whether it’s eating healthier food, exercising more or drinking less alcohol, for example. 2 Be more conscious of your own behaviour when you’re with frie
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3 OF THE BEST hair bars
Biovène Barcelona Shampoo Bar (£5.99 each, is packed full of essential oils and come in biodegradable, plastic-free packaging. Earthkind Shampoo Bar For Frequent Use (£6.95, is natural, sustainable and plastic f
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GET YOUR summer off to a great-tasting start with our delicious prize from luxury, low-calorie ice cream makers Oppo Brothers. The winner will receive six tubs of ice cream a month for a whole year, with a range of indulgent flavours such as rich Col
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9 Tips For Glowing Skin!
It’s always important to cleanse well day and night but the ingredients in some cleansers and toners can cause irritation, especially to those who suffer with rosacea or contact dermatitis. FOR DRY SKIN: Look for perfume-free products. ‘Foaming agen
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How To Enter
Simply visit, click on the ‘Win’ tab at the top then on the ‘Oppo Brothers ice cream’ competition post. There you’ll find a link taking you to the entry page on our Kelsey Shop website – where you can also buy single issues of the maga
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Time To Indigo!
Want to trial a new colour? The Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Baby Blonde (£39, christopherobin. adds subtle colour to white and blonde hair, allowing you to try out a new look without the commitment. It helps condition your tresses
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Mastering Menopause!
The lead up to menopause can see magnesium levels drop, and yet this mighty mineral is crucial for more than 300 actions in your body. ‘Magnesium not only helps you feel calm and sleep well, it also supports healthy blood pressure,’ says dietician Lo
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The Smeg SMIC01 Ice Cream Maker (£99.95, creates ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts in just 30 minutes. The attachment can be easily added to any of the brand’s range of stand mixers. Plant+Water by Buxton (£1.79, boots. com) has be
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Summer should be in full swing by the time you read this, so we’ve got lots of great fitness, food and beauty products in this issue to help you make the most of your days. But while most of us love the summer, for some, the heat isn’t always so welc
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Within 24 hours of announcing on Loose Women that I was having a hysterectomy, 10,000 women contacted the show. I couldn’t answer them all, so decided to write a book, which my agent, at the time, strongly advised against, saying it was career suicid
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Watercress To Impress!
Serves 2 Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 20 mins ■ Sweet potato 100g, roasted■ Sea salt and black pepper■ Quinoa 100g■ Broccoli head 1, cut into small florets■ Pomegranate 1■ Olive oil 75ml■ Chilli flakes 1 pinch■ Lime 1, juiced■ Coriander 2
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The Top Santé Manifesto
“We believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age, regardless of health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the
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Soy and red clover provide plant oestrogens that help reduce bouts of overheating. Sage is also thought to assist by curbing excessive sweating. Black cohosh could benefit you by balancing your hormones, but it isn’t recommended if you have liver pro
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Great For Immunity
Dietary iron is vital for strong immunity. As it usually comes from red meat, vegans and vegetarians can be lacking in this crucial mineral. Watercress is not only a great source of iron, it’s also rich in vitamins A and C, both of which are needed a
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Top Sante UK
Editor Katy Sunnassee Art Director Jennifer Ratcliff With thanks to: Lizzy Dening, Angela Kennedy, Dominique Antiglio, Claire Paphitis, Sophie Attwood, Rachel Tompkins, Fiona Murden, Jessie Pavelka, Paul Selvey, Gemma Calvert, Trish Whelan, Kim Wil
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Fighting The Urge...
URINARY INCONTINENCE (UI) is technically described as the unintentional passing of urine, or in common terminology, an embarrassing leak that can happen at any time. It’s an extremely common problem that is thought to affect millions of people worldw
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Hormone Harmony!
Hormones can be problematic midlife. This month, Sam Rice explains which foods are best for hormone harmony. Find Sam on Instagram @midlifekitchen and at OF ALL THE CHANGES OUR BODIES UNDERGO during midlife, the decline in o
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Your Healthy August
Summer months can make later evening meals seem enticing, but try to resist their lure to keep your weight and blood sugar stable. Research from the Endocrine Society has demonstrated that late dinners can affect your glucose tolerance and reduce the
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