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Track Your Marketing Metrics To Improve Your Impact And Reach
When things are going well, marketing and business development tend to slide towards the bottom of your practice’s long to-do list. However, the current operating environment – caused by the coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent shutdown – has seen
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Where Do We Work From Here?
Is the workplace dead? How do companies optimise performance when creativity is at the heart of their business? There are loads of quick fixes to getting people safely back to their workplaces, but if innovation is crucial for your business the focus
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How Will Covid-19 Change Hospitality Design?
We are experiencing the biggest global experiment of our times – forcing swift change and a rapid uptake into future technologies and working models that were previously academic. While many businesses no doubt feel unsteady, this current state force
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How Covid-19 Is Shaping The Future Of Seniors Living
With the elderly community most at risk, seniors’ housing (retirement living and aged care) is at the coalface of change to manage COVID-19 and any future infectious diseases. For the past few weeks, the focus of seniors’ living providers, especially
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Curious Practice
Warren Haasnoot (35) and Greg Lee (36) have more in common than a passion for architecture. They both graduated from TAFE and worked in architecture practices locally before completing their Masters of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. Aft
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Edgars Creek House
Edgars Creek house is emblematic of Breathe Architecture’s respect for Australia’s native landscape. Nested on the steep banks of Edgars Creek, in the inner Melbourne suburb of Coburg North, the residence quietly renegotiates existing hierarchies bet
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Parry Street
The project included Heritage and sustainability considerations, retaining all of the historic brickwork and reimagining the space with a contemporary rear addition, an external timber veiling and a new flood of natural light. What were your ambitio
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Home Sweet Hemp
A few years ago McCloud’s company Hab (Happiness Architecture Beauty) delivered a 42-home project called The Triangle in Swindon, Wiltshire in the UK, using hempcrete as the building material. “I look at the range of materials out there and I cannot
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Sans Limitations
You only have to spend a few minutes chatting to Matiya Marovich to understand why Sans-Arc Studio is the perfect name. Founded in Adelaide, the emerging practice’s designation means ‘Without Architecture’ – a playful riff on the fact that founder, M
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Developed by Samsung with world-renowned French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, The Serif blurs the lines between modern design and technology, for TV that blends seamlessly into your space. Sharp and sophisticated, the signature I-shaped profi
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Where To Even Begin?
Waiting to catch a breath is the sensation of 2020. The devastation of this summer’s bushfires was followed far too closely by the global coronavirus pandemic, splintered by a reckoning on racial inequity prompted by the Black and Indigenous Lives Ma
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Raisbeck goes beyond standard biographic and chronographic accounts of architecture in this thorough and occasionally scathing book. As he writes, “The global architectural system is a totalitarian state… warlords rule over scavengers, tribes seek to
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Commercial Content Director Joanne Davies (03) 9948 4929 Commerical Partnerships Director Lachlan Oakley (03) 9948 4952 Editor Tili Bensley-Nettheim Business developm
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Breathe Architecture On The Architect’s Responsibility In A Crisis
Breathe Architecture’s founding director Jeremy McLeod doesn’t like the trope of the solitary, dyed-in-the-wool genius architect. Raised by leftist political activists, McLeod credits them with his social conscience – a critical foundation that he ca
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Death Of The Great Australian Dream
Writing the following article 11 years ago, I expressed the hope that Australian architects and planners would learn from the deadly bushfires of the previous month and rethink their commitment to the single-family dwelling and the Great Australian D
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Connecting Country
As powerful Black and Indigenous Lives Matter marches bring a wave of feet to Australian streets, it’s heartening to see so many non-Indigenous allies realise that now is the time to stand up. That they must speak out against systemic racism more bro
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How To Build Trust In Remote Teams
Whenever there is change and uncertainty, employees will naturally withhold expending too much energy into a team, until it feels safe to do so. Continuing to boost your team’s trust levels is critical, while everyone is learning the ropes. This is t
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Do Joint Ventures Hold The Key To Large-scale Project Success?
In the past, Australian architecture joint ventures (JVs) have typically involved bringing together interstate peers to provide complementary expertise and/or proximity, or practices joining forces to deliver specialised buildings, or collaborations
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Specialist Healthcare Design
Specialist healthcare design is a rapidly growing sector for many architecture firms. According to Healthcare Design magazine’s 2018 Architecture/ Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) Survey1 , while working in the healthcare sector has its challenge
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A Bit Of Healthy Competition…
Competitions represent the currency of talent in architecture. We all live in a world where talent defines not just our professional successes but our competitiveness as nations. For a client looking for a fresh approach, a successful competition bri
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Murcutt’s Mpavilion
AR: What do you think MPavilion means for the city? Glenn Murcutt: This is the fifth MPavilion and, as time has gone on, it’s become more significant as an event rather than the pavilion. The pavilion represents the vehicle in which things take pla
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Agency And Change: Disruptive Construction Technologies
When trying to predict the future it is always important to reflect on the past and take stock of the present. Innovations in architecture and transformations in its practices have always been closely linked to technological change and practices of r
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The Doors To Disruption
If they were taking votes for word of the decade, a prime contender would have to be ‘disruption’. It’s been the one on everyone’s lips, in every industry and every walk of life, from media to retail to education and beyond. And if you’re living in m
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Five Reasons Why Your Architectural Practice Should Do Content Marketing
Don’t do content marketing? That’s a shame – because I can guarantee your rivals do. Content marketing – or using writing to publicise your business – is a form of marketing that every architectural practice owner should do, even sole traders. The mi
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On 1 May 2020 significant changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) regarding roofing products will come into effect. In an acknowledgement of the benefits of cool roofs, there will be a limit on the solar absorptance allowed for commercial roo
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The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Architects – Part 2
In the previous issue of AR, we examined the benefits of being responsive and not reactive, and how the ability to pause and process before making a decision or taking action is a highly desirable trait to develop. This issue, we look at the big pict
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Living In A Material World
Axolotl was founded by founders Kris and Kim Torma back in 1995, and now employs 24 full-timers in its Australian headquarters. Based in Sydney, but with factories in the UK, Hong Kong, China, India and the US, it has a truly global reach. The compan
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Managing Debtors
Late paying clients are one of the biggest frustrations for small business owners in the architecture industry. They have a detrimental effect on your business’ cash flow, causing you not only unnecessary stress and worry, but some serious financial
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AUSTRALIA MODERN Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad CONCRETE HOUSES Joe Rollo
Concrete Houses is an elegant coffee table book with a diverse array of domestic architecture from around the world. It focuses on concrete houses in both hemispheres. It is apparent from the outset that author Joe Rollo is passionate about his topic
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Five Ways To Make Sure Your Video Content Gets Seen
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when producing video content is thinking that the job is done once the video is uploaded to their website. In actuality, that is only the beginning of your video asset generating some return on your inves
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