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Status Update
FULL NAME: Ariarne Lepine BORN: March 31, 2000 HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Queensland LIVES: Sydney, NSW HOBBIES: “When I’m not working I’m hanging out with my friends at the beach or looking after my mini Dachshund pup Frankie.” BEST HIDDEN TALENT: “I can f
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Top Gun
Rory McIlroy, the world number one golfer, has climbed from humble beginnings to the very top of the sport. Today the Irish athlete and UNICEF ambassador looks down from on high at all who seek to topple him — raking in winnings and accolades along t
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You might call it a cotillion on steroids, but Sophia Stallone’s coming out party was the time she and sisters Sistine and Scarlet were named Miss Golden Globe for the 2017 awards ceremony. The trio made the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and were f
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Secret Sands
It’s not the most famous, most frequently Instagrammed, or most blogged about Caribbean island — which is part of the reason you should be setting course for Grenada, which more than holds its own against better-publicised neighbours. For centuries,
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Desert Warrior
Dust,” warned Darrin Graham in his signature dramatic style, “is the enemy.” I remember his caution now, seconds too late. The wiry Wide Open Baja guide was prepping us for three days of tearing through some of the most remote areas of Baja Californi
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A Place In The Sun
Twelve years in the making, Grenada’s new luxury escape, Solamente Villa, is set to welcome its first guests in time for the forthcoming seasonal festivities. The exclusive retreat on the island’s stunning southern coast was originally built as a pri
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Rebirthof A Legend
Determined to honor one of the most iconic and influential supercars in history, the EB110, iconic automaker Bugatti set itself a seemingly impossible task. The company wanted to modernize this classic, bringing it up to standards set by the company’
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Pininfarina’s Third Wave
As legendary Italian design house Pininfarina S.p.A. enters the third stage of its nearly century-long lifespan, a new brand, Automobili Pininfarina, has joined the family, aiming to produce the most elevated sustainable luxury cars the world has eve
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The Secret Agent’s SUV
In Daniel Craig’s latest outing as James Bond in the this fall’s No Time to Die, no fewer than four Aston Martins including the iconic DB5 and Valhalla supercar share the screen with him. None of them are SUVs — and until recently, the very idea of a
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Battista Anniverasario
Much has already been written about the Battista, but in Turin we were the first to witness the limited edition Anniversario. Created to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Pininfarina design house, the Anniversario features the same ridiculous zer
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Rocket Man
Through the smoke, we’re playing a very c ompetitive game of crazy eights. We are an Indian American, two African Americans, and an Englishman in New York, at a French Algerian hookah bar, in the Algarve. Laying down the heaviest of card hands, while
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Ultimate Luxury
What is it like to inherit this legendary name, responsible for some of the most iconic cars in the world, and shepherd it into a new era? I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime unique opportunity that you take a brand which is so strong, which has 90 ye
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Doctor In-chief
He has captivated millions at President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force briefings; led the nation’s scientific response in the time of our worst health crisis in recent memory; and been the voice of reason in the course of a heated debate about whethe
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Design Genius
“Beauty, Innovation, Purity and Authenticity” — the design principles of the legendary house of Pininfarina, founded in Turin, Italy, by Battista Pinin Farina in 1930, apply equally to the projects the company has pursued beyond the realm of gorgeous
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A relatively recent phenomenon in the world of single malts, dating to the early 1990s, experimental cask finishes are now a critical component of many high-end whisky brands’ offerings — and other spirits are starting to take note. From fine French
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Pickup artists (PUA’s) accredit sexual success with women to a number’s game. PUA’s often moonlight as authors, dating coaches and even sexperts. Their online global community thrives through blogs, forums, newsletters and one-on-one coaching. But do
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Mojo Rising
For WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley (born Dean Muhtadi), the ascent to the pinnacle of the sports-entertainment world has been an unlikely journey. After working his way up from the lowest levels of college football all the way to the NFL, Rawley began a s
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Fast Forward
It’s rush hour again for Tyrese Gibson, who is behind the wheel when we catch up with him, just where you would expect to find the guy who plays Roman Pearce in next year’s Fast & Furious installment, titled F9. Actor, singer and former model Gibson
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Sparkling beauty AMBER DIAMOND
Tell us a bit about your shoot – where, when, the idea behind it, etc... This shoot was both exotic and erotic on many levels. First off, working with props are something I am accustomed to, however, working with a live Clydesdale was new and somewh
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Not Just A Magazine
Visit MAXIM New Zealand online for your fix of girls, entertainment, sport, tech, lifestyle, competitions, and the web’s hottest video content. Well, the hottest content that doesn’t involve the words “feeder fetish webcam”. We know you’ll totally se
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The Flying Farmer...wants A Life
Growing up on the family property in outback W.A., Greg Keynes’ childhood seemed idyllic. Poignant memories of exploring with his dogs; hunting, working and joking with the local Yamatji people. Breaking free from family ties as a young man, Greg beg
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I, Claudia
The MAXIM Australia/NZ Official 2020 Calendar is available at calendar, $19.95rrp
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Renaissance Men
For a while there this spring, before most barber shops and hair stylists were able to reopen for business, the state of men’s grooming was seemingly in dire straits. With “quarantine beards” the new normal, pundits predicted that men would embrace t
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Status Update
FULL NAME: Claudia Jovanovski BORN: April 23 HOME TOWN: Cape Town, South Africa LIVES: Sydney, Australia FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Witty, down-to-earth, active, positive and driven.” FAVOURITE DRINK: “Coffee. My alcoholic drink of choice is shiraz
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In 2002, two English brothers with a lifelong passion for flying vintage aircraft established a company to craft beautiful pilot watches. It would be millions of pounds of investment and five long years before they’d sell their first timepiece. “When
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Shannon Elizabeth
Hey, Shannon, how are you spending your last day on earth? I just want to spend it with my dog Peanut and my partner. If we could also be in the bush with other animals and in nature, then that’s a plus. Do you have any deathbed confessions? Defin
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Goggle It
DOB: July 6, 1994 HEIGHT: 185cm RESIDENCE: Warrandyte, Victoria OLYMPIC PERSONAL BEST (PB): BRONZE 2018 Pyeongchang Halfpipe WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS PB: GOLD 2019 Utah Halfpipe You recently escaped an intense COVID lockdown in your home city of Melb
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Maxim New Zealand
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Santi Pintado ( Phone +612-9363-1464 Mail PO Box 230, Double Bay NSW 1360 Email Web facebook maximau twitter maxim_aus instagram maxim_aus youtube maximaustralia Art Directo
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It’s the “Mirror Muscles” you can’t see that make an athlete — the big, burly, powerful back muscles that form the posterior chain. In recent years, the posterior chain has come to the anterior of many fitness, physique, and performance conversations
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Hello, Ariarne, congrats on your first MAXIM feature. How do you feel? I feel honoured to even be considered in your magazine alongside all of the other beautiful women. It was certainly a pleasant surprise to discover I was going to be a part of so
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