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Born with HALF A HEART
As two strong blue lines appeared on the pregnancy test, I barely reacted. ‘It must be a false positive,’ I shrugged to my partner Michael, 36. ‘I’ll go to the doctor for a check-up.’ There was just no way I could be pregnant... I’d been diagnosed wi
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Carol’s Search
Carol, 51, told The Mirror that she’d had a happy childhood. But after her adoptive mum died, she decided to look for Pauline. ‘I saw her Facebook page and straight away saw there was a resemblance. I was so excited,’ she said. ‘I didn’t want t
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YOUR Stars
For every action there is a reaction, Aries – and you simply love the response from someone you admire, miss or have an underlying attraction for. The quality of the construction, furniture or whitegoods is worth the price tag. LUCKY NUMBERS 3, 18,
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What You Need To Know About Adult Acne
If you’re over 25 and still suffering from frequent breakouts, this is classified as adult acne. It’s more common in women than men, and frequently occurs in those going through menopause. Whiteheads, pimples, or deep cysts under the skin that are te
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Hello Readers!
My name‘s Sam and I’m an average Aussie mum determined to uncover every money-saving, budget-friendly tip I can. Each week, I’ll share them with you, so that your family – and mine – can get into the best financial shape of our lives! And if you
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Get Creative With... YOGHURT
SERVES 6 PREP AND COOK: 30 MINS 220g packet white dinner rollsBaby spinach leaves, to serve½ tomato, thinly sliced 300g lamb mince1 small onion, grated1 tblsp Middle Eastern spice mix2 tblsps finely chopped fresh mint1 egg yolk ½ cup Greek yogh
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As is always the case, it was incredibly difficult to choose a winner from the many wonderful, moving and beautiful Mum in a Million entries we received. Our entrants all – quite rightly – reckon their mother is a mum in a million. Just as our winner
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3WAYS TO… Break A Bad Habit
Rather than thinking about ‘stopping’ something, train yourself to think about ‘starting’ something else. If you can work out what triggers your desire, for example the act of looking at a dessert menu when you’re on a diet, then you can learn to avo
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Peyo might have hung up his competitive horseshoes, but this 15-year-old stallion has a much more important role, helping cancer patients at Calais Hospital. Scientists are currently studying Peyo’s ability to reduce patients’ anxiety and comfort peo
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MUM’S JOY 50 years to FIND MY GIRL
Sitting in class, I felt a strong kick inside my belly. Aged 14, I was five months pregnant – and too terrified to tell my parents. With me and my eight siblings to look after, they’d been too busy to notice my growing tummy. ‘Why don’t we just run a
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My Lunch Box WENT VIRAL!
Kerry Bandy, 39, Central Coast, NSW Opening up my lunch box, I let out a disappointed sigh. I already knew what to expect. ‘Not another peanut butter sandwich!’ I groaned. Aged 10, I was sick of eating the same thing every day. I laugh when I think
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Meet our OTHER MUMS!
Raising me as a single mum, we struggled financially, so Mum washed our clothes in the bathtub and cut our lawns with clippers. She helped with homework and made sacrifices so I had clothes, toys and school excursions. As a teen, I asked why she’d ne
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Taking off my uniform for the last time, I lay on my bed. Aged 36, I’d been a flight attendant for 15 years and was happy to call it quits. ‘It’s time you settled down,’ my mum, Mitzi, said. I was getting clucky. But then a dear friend was rushed int
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Spot the difference: PET IN A PUZZLE!
If you look at the two pictures we’ve made a change to the second picture. When you have found the change, write the number of the quadrant in which the change occurs on the puzzle entry coupon on page 44 for your chance to win. ■
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Mother’s Day DELIGHTS
SERVES 12 PREP AND COOK: 1 HOUR, 30 MINS 2 x 250g pkts Butternut Snap Cookie125g unsalted butter, meltedWhipped cream, to serve 2 x 250g blocks cream cheese, chopped, at room temperature½ cup firmly packed brown sugar2 tsps vanilla extract250g tu
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Thank you so much for my $75 cash prize. My four-month-old granddaughter Camelliana will love spending the winnings on nappies. Vicky Spicer, Warwick, Qld Carefully cleaning each piece of my glassware, I had a flashback to when I was a young girl
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ASK THE Doctor
Q I started training for a couch to 5km run earlier this year and it’s been a real life-changer. I have lost weight and feel more energised. But I have developed a sore red rash under my boobs which just won’t heal. A This sounds like intertrigo
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Pawty Time!
When was the last time you wrote to your mum? Australian actor Samuel Johnson, known for his role in The Secret Life Of Us and his efforts raising money for cancer research, has launched his latest project, Dear Mum. A tribute to Samuel’s late mother
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Happiness From Afar
It’s your life and your choices. If your sister can’t accept that, so be it. You will have a partner and daughter to love. When they get here, your sister may become great friends with them both. Don’t cross bridges before you get to them. Elizabeth
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This Week We’re Loving...
SERVES 16 PREP AND COOK: 1 HOUR 125g butter, chopped⅔ cup brown sugar, firmly packed2 tblsps maple syrup1 cup White Choc Melts3 eggs, lightly beaten1⅓ cups plain flour½ cup malted milk powder1 cup pecans, coarsely chopped¾ cup Maltesers (85g), halv
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So What Do YOU Do?
Kath, 45, Glenelg, SA* My husband Terry and I were thrilled to get our daughter Kristy into a small school a few suburbs away. The one near us had an awful reputation so we didn’t want her there. Soon after she started, I was invited by a couple of
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Your LIFE!
I found a croc in the hotel pool. Charlotte Kee, Hocking, WA Thank you so much for my fantastic headphones prize. They put a smile on my face in what has been a really challenging year. Susan Bullock, Pearcedale, Vic Billie, four, is very
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BRAIN Waves With Eunice Oh
A large grater makes a perfect jewellery stand for earrings. Michelle Kent, Baringa, Qld Remove sticky labels with ease by heating them first using a hair dryer. Zoe Mercer, Yanchep, WA If you have trouble threading a needle, try holding a
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Kids And Cash
Whether it’s a bill or a layby, I have always been very good at paying things off. But, my intention of putting money aside for a rainy day rarely gets put into practice. I just never learned how to save. We all want the kids we love to develop goo
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10 Waysto Boost Your HAPPINESS
Enjoy a warm bath or shower before bed, bundle up in warm clothes if the weather is cold, and snuggle with someone to share warmth. Any way you can, keep warm and cosy to stimulate happiness. Expressing your heartfelt feelings to significant others
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Did You Know…?
Businesses are charged to provide their customers with EFTPOS services. Using a debit card can cost the business up to 1 per cent of the transaction amount, and credit cards up to 2 per cent. Offering to pay in cash, especially when it comes to l
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Lots Of Love
There’s an organic cuppa for every mum. Immunity and Peppermint are both caffeine-free, while Zen Black is delicately floral. Transport her living room to a getaway in the tropics with this fruity fragrance. For those who love a citrus spritz, th
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Thick As Thieves
When a business owner named Sachin went to work at his mobile phone shop in Southern India, he was dismayed to discover that it had been ransacked. Almost $2000 worth of stock had been stolen from his store. Sachin was given some comfort, however, wh
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Jenna Nimmo, 33, Seaford Meadows, SA As my hairdresser raced around, I sat in my seat feeling a bit tense. My scalp’s tingling, I worried. My head had been covered in dye to turn my grey roots blonde. Suffering from eczema, which gave me tiny bald
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‘Saved by her twin’ in Issue 13 was such a heartwarming story, I was tearing up while in the reception at my GP. What a beautiful bond twins Bella and Jackson have. I’m so glad to hear Bella is doing brilliantly, living life to the full. And well don
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