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Social Distancing? Yeah, Nah
Ah, the sweet aroma of combusted gasoline and the alleviating hum of automotive conversation; events are back Covid-19, and it’s a bloody good feeling. It seems as though this entire year we’ve been reluctantly Zoom-calling one another, catching up v
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Daniel Liemburg // Nissan Silvia S13
While the other lads fluffed about with shammying and swapping wheels before this photoshoot, Daniel simply unloaded his S13 from the trailer and called me over. “Which side do you reckon has the least damage? I’ll angle the car to make it look clean
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Vika May
AGE: 27 // LOCATION: AUCKLAND // OCCUPATION: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT NZ Performance Car: Hey Vika! Tell us, when did you first get into the car scene and modifying cars? Vika: Hey guys! I got into the car scene in my early teens, and even more so once I
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Your Shots In Print
Got Instagram? Want print fame on top of all those likes that fly your way each time you post a photo? Want to show us your whip without actually talking to us? Want to see what other readers are up to in their sheds? The answer to all these question
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Matt Higham’s S14
Matt Higham graced the ‘Under Construction’ pages of NZPC many moons ago, when he made the move from circuit racer to drifter with his RB-powered S14. These days, though, things have changed, with Matt pursuing a different kind of drifting kick after
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Drift South Round Two
Back at it again, Round Two of the 2020/21 Drift South series took on the B Track layout at Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna, on 7 November. What was already a massively competitive event got even harder with all of the strong performers from Round
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26 Years Of Kumeu
In the past 26 years, the event has grown from its humble beginnings as a small National Street Rod Association show of only 40 cars and about 300 visitor cars, occupying a small area of the Kumeu Showgrounds, to becoming so big it almost swallows th
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Levin La Mala Vida
As a holistic ‘car scene’, we’ve become so wrapped up in slapping labels on everything: it’s a sleeper; it’s a restomod; it’s stanced; and so on it goes. There’s a box to fit every taste, every style. There is one train of thought, however, that tran
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The True School
Mention the words ‘Japan’ and ‘golden era’ in the same breath, and a single glance around the room should be adequate to properly grasp the gravity of that utterance among a crowd of tuner-car faithful. The images conjured are evocative. A JZA70 Supr
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B-style: Pride Of The South
Oh man, remember last summer? That constant, lowhumming hype of an upcoming drift event, late nights in the garage, and more often than not, empty pockets after a glorious day on track. Feels like yesterday, but a lifetime ago — yet another byproduct
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Event Spotlight
DUE TO COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL FLUCTUATIONS, ALL EVENT INFORMATION IS CORRECT AT THE TIME OF PRINTING BUT MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE The 4 & Rotary Nationals or simply ‘The Nats’ is the annual pilgrimage for car enthusiasts from all over the country and h
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Import Heavy Hitters: Jtune And St Hitec Combine Forces
There are a handful of big heavy hitters here in New Zealand, and two names you will often hear are ST Hitec and Jtune. NZPC spotlighted Jacky Tse’s lengthy import-racing career in the last issue, and Iain Clegg of ST Hitec features in some way or ot
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Kaz’s Vl Turbo
There’s nothing quite like the sound of a dosing VL turbo and around three years ago Kaz decided he wanted in on the action. It was to be a long-term project; Kaz daily drove his purchased VL with the factory RB20E engine in place. However, with the
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Wrc Blatters
It’s not often I get to partake in our featured event shenanigans. Quite often sidelined by a media obligation, I’m often wishing I was behind the wheel getting involved in the wheel work, rather than throwing fingers around the camera like Edward Sc
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Big Ambitions Part 2
I now had a steady income stream, an apartment, and a Nissan Silvia S14 in Japan, but before we move on let’s rewind a few weeks. At this time my only mode of transport in my rice field–covered city was a rusty mamachari, the bike with a basket on th
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Mazda Madhouse
I’m Amy, a day-to-day marketing executive; weekend automotive photographer; and above all, enthusiast of Japanese cars and racing, with a particular fondness for Mazda rotaries. My pride and joy is my 1977 Mazda 808 converted to RX-3, running a 12A b
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Prowear Nz Superlap Series Returns With Four Rounds For 2021
With classes available for all makes, models, and abilities, there’s no excuse not to hit the track this summer. If you’re new to motorsport, this is a great series to get started in, without the pressure of door-to-door racing. You don’t need a fast
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Product Review
Forget workarounds. Tuning masterminds working with pro racers want the most advanced and programmable engine control system, and this is it. The MaxxECU PRO can access just about any information, allowing engine controls to be tuned to perfection. C
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HD Gran Turismo Overload
We know what you’re thinking — the GTO platform isn’t the most common to modify here in New Zealand, for a few reasons. Generally speaking, the tech-crammed Mitsubishi supercar from the ’90s was lightyears ahead of its competitors on release, however
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Brap Beetle
Bejon Haswell isn’t a stranger to the boxer engine. He owns a Subaru WRX STi GRB hatchback, but during the 2019 Timaru hailstorms it was damaged and repaired. During the process, Bejon acquired his mum’s Volkswagen Golf Mk3, which he then traded for
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Mat Alexander
AGE: 18 (WITH 20 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE) // LOCATION: AUCKLAND // OCCUPATION: PLUMBER How did you get into modifying cars? It’s a natural progression growing up in West Auckland: modify everything. I think everyone born out West thinks they’re a street sh
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Local Specialists
OILS, ADDITIVES FLUIDS, FUELS AND WORKSHOP CONSUMABLES RECHARGE BATTERIES Battery revitalizer and conditioner / 0800 36 66 36 PO Box 350, Pukekohe, Auckland SOUTH PACIFIC ETHANOL Suppliers of quality race fuels
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New Zealand’s Quickest Street Cars
Cars must be registered and have a WOF, drive back up the return road, have raced within the last two years, and still belong to the driver who set the time. If you know anyone who should be on the list, make sure to let us know by emailing editor@pe
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Fast Fix With Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Quik Clay Kit
In recent times, many of us serious about car care have included the use of a clay bar in our home-detailing processes; if you haven’t then you’re missing out. Clay bars remove bonded contaminants from the paint surface without hazing. However, while
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The Evolution Of Japanese Cars Exhibit Arrives At Bill Richardson Transport World
A new exhibit at Invercargill’s Bill Richardson Transport World showcases iconic vehicles built at the height of the Japanese automotive industry’s entry onto the world stage in a starring role. The Evolution of Japanese Cars showcases the best of th
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NZ Performance Car EDITOR René Vermeer, SUBEDITORS Karen Alexander, Richard Adams-Blackburn PROOFREADER Sarah Beresford SENIOR DESIGNER Mark Gibson DESIGNERS Day Barnes, Henry Khov ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Em
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In Full Force
When given this assignment, I have to admit that I approached it with a pinch of trepidation and wariness. I was told to meet up with a local car club — a club that only accepted not just one make of car, but one special version of one particular mod
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With Hayden Paddon flying the Hyundai flag here in New Zealand, there’s no denying Hyundai is claiming a decent chunk of the hot-hatch market with the previously released models. Now, it’s at it again with yet another rally-inspired machine: the all-
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Toyota Dropping Bombs!
Hot-hatch enthusiasts, eat your hearts out! Toyota is back in the game, with the all-new GR Yaris (GR-Four), an all-wheel drive, threecylinder, turbocharged, two-door weapon that is backward engineering from a World Rally Championship rally car. Pack
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