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Setting the Table
The lauded New Orleans chef Kristen Essig moved from Magazine Street to the nation’s capital, where she employs mid-Atlantic ingredients to make Louisiana classics, including duck jambalaya and seafood gumbo. Riffs on a St. Charles Punch and Roffigna
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Recently, while surfing that ocean of folderol we call the web, I got hung up on this particular bit of poppycock: that Al Capp, in his comic strip Li’l Abner, coined the word hogwash. Baloney. Hogwash goes back to fifteenth-century Britain. First it
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Hatching The Impossible
BRAD LEGG WAS PACKING UP HIS PEACOCKS AT THE END OF an animal auction in Nebraska when a boy approached him with a polite question. “Mr. Legg,” he said, “I’ve got a peacock, and I don’t know what it is. If I told you the colors, could you tell me?” L
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Gringo Honeymoon
RALPH WALDO EMERSON NEVER MET THE SLIM DUCK. HE never met Gray Dude or Ginger. And he certainly never crossed the great American West in a ’67 Barracuda convertible. But had RWE experienced anything akin to making a road trip with a bewitching heartt
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Silver Summers
I grew up on mullet and grits for breakfast. What some people call Biloxi Bacon. I’m referring of course to the fish, specifically the striped mullet, which has a rich, nutty taste due to its high oil content, and contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids
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Wild Grilling
The surprises came fast when Jeffrey Jew left Washington, D.C., and started cooking on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Jew, once a contestant on Top Chef, had gotten used to a steady supply of fruits and vegetables from Amish farmers in Pennsylvania. It was a
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Come On In
If you happen to find yourself anywhere near Louisville, Kentucky, this summer, be sure to check out the new Garden & Gun Club at the historic Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Walking into the cozy cocktail bar, you’ll feel as if you just stepped into the
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Cajun Riff
IT’S A BIT OF AN IMPROVISATIONAL PERFORMANCE TONIGHT. For starters, Erling Wu-Bower is a long way from Chicago, where his mash-up of cross-cultural cuisine has won him accolades, including status as a three-time James Beard Award finalist. He’s worke
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Mind Trip
When the pandemic pointed out that my flagship restaurant, Chef & the Farmer, in small-town Kinston, North Carolina, was only viable if people traveled, I imagined a life running a feed and seed store focusing on houseplants instead. When a member of
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Jerk Station
The Blakes opened their first restaurant beneath the overhang of a gas station on University Drive in Huntsville. Today, at Jam Rock Jamaican Restaurant, the Walker family works the space, cooking jerk chicken that smells of woodsmoke and allspice. I
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Rocket City’s Jamaican Flair
Business cards for Island Twelve Shipping and Nicole Nickerson, “North Alabama’s Jamaican Realtor,” share counter space. A Bible open to Psalms lies alongside. “Exodus,” the Bob Marley classic, lopes through ceiling speakers. A delivery driver, here
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Down East Beacon
It’s a curious item to cause a stir, amid the canvas paintings, the boat models, and the astonishing collection of antique and contemporary hand-carved decoys from the Core Sound region of Eastern North Carolina. But causing a little stir is what Joe
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How to Find Shark Teeth
In South Carolina, fossil-hunting guide Cade Kaufmann of Charleston Outdoor Adventures leads groups on walking tours along beaches to find fossilized shark teeth that are millions of years old. “It took me years to find my first large tooth in a mine
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Cover Camper
The Road Towed travel trailer on the cover was restored by Florida’s Heintz Designs from a vintage 1967 frame. Founder and CEO Tim Heintz works his magic on all manner of recreational vehicles. We fell in love with the trailer at first glance, and th
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Coasting The Gulf
A PERFECT ROAD TRIP BEGINS AT HAPPY HOUR, at Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, for a dozen (or maybe two) oysters on the half shell and a frozen French 75. I know frozen drinks are for teenagers, and I am not one,
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A Taste for Heirlooms
My grandmother used to laugh and say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. She mainly used that quip whenever I told her some obscure fact I’d read, like why women’s shirts button on the left. Although she’s passed on, I can imagine her sayin
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Southern Focus
In the Sierra Chincua sanctuary, in Mexico’s high oyamel-fir forests, monarch butterflies cluster on a cobweb thistle. “I was thinking of color—drawn to the red of the thistle and the gathering of the monarchs,” recalls the Virginia-based photographe
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Social Chatter
On Facebook and Twitter, readers told us what completes the perfect summertime adventure. A pecan log roll from Stuckey’s and a stop at a fireworks stand. David Lantrip SEE ROCK CITY signs. Cindy Thurman Locklear The Allman Brothers, Chris Stapleton,
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Memory Highway
IF THE PRIESTS WERE CORRECT FOR ONCE AND I WERE TO ever go blind, if my world went to shadow and black and I couldn’t see a solitary thing, I submit for your consideration that I could still drive from Yazoo City to Greenwood, Mississippi. I know thi
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Meet The Chef: Jeffrey Jew
Washington, D.C., where both his parents were stationed at the Pentagon. “My parents were strict, so you learn a lot of discipline, for sure.” A fish knife his Norwegian grandfather gave him when he was a child. ■
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A Farmer’s Shadow
All beginnings set us up for endings. As a farmer, I know that well. A farm is a living, breathing thing, and the changes I see almost daily remind me that time is fleeting, and nature is cyclical. We plant seeds and harvest crops. The sunny days of
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All Hail the Queen
Kevin Gillespie has been anticipating Silver Queen corn season each year for most of his life. “I have a clear memory of being outside my Granny Geneva’s house at a picnic table, shucking Silver Queen and hulling lady peas in the summertime,” says th
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Standing Tall
The most indelible moments in music come when a song raises the hair on the back of your neck and makes you put your fist in the air and stomp your feet. From classics such as Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam” to
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Lake House Reverie
IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, MY MOTHER, LOUISE, WOKE UP ABRUPTLY. Water was pouring onto her from above. She punched my father. He switched on the light, which was directly above my mother, took one look, and cried, “It’s raining in through the light
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The Art of the Sleeping Porch
Back before air-conditioning, the Southern sleeping porch served not only as a novelty, particularly for children who thrilled to snoozing outside, but as a necessity. On summer nights, when the air inside a home became stifling, families retreated t
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Megawatt Dreams
Calling the idea audacious is almost criminal understatement. Imagine it: A pristine new megacity rising from the hills, bluffs, and fields of Northwest Alabama, an urban center ten times the size of Manhattan but unlike it and every other city in mo
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Whiskey Shiver
The Irish coffee was invented in the 1940s near Shannon, Ireland, and made the leap to the United States in the 1950s, when the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco made it famous. The drink then swiftly showed up in restaurants around the nation, but t
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Garden & Gun
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Parkway Intersections
A FEW MILES WEST OF BLOWING ROCK, NORTH CAROLINA, near milepost 297 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is Price Lake. In 1972, my cousin Mike and I fished here. He was just back from Vietnam. We fished until dark, little disappointed at our having no luck. H
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Dual Roles
You most likely recognize Will Patton’s face—you may have seen the prolific actor with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck saving Earth by drilling a nuclear weapon into an asteroid in Armageddon. Or coaching with Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans. T
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