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The Haul
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter, $29 @ Mecca Ever used one of those high-tech vibrating face cleansers but wondered WTF to pair them with? Well, Foreo have the answer. Their new range of ‘smart face masks’ are designed to be used wi
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So, You’re The Broke Friend
Urgh! Is there anything worse than social swerving because you’re short on dollars? And srsly, where do your friends get their endless supply of cash? So unfair, right? They’re living their best life, while you’re scratching under the lounge for spar
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More Than Just An Itch?
S TIs may seem like those super rare and kinda taboo things that only happen to a friend of a friend. But the numbers say otherwise! Get this: one million people will catch a sexually transmitted infection, just TODAY. And 290 million women around th
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Pimple Positive
f you’ve ever struggled with acne, you’ll know what a serious drain it can be – not only on your confidence, but also on your time, energy and even your wallet. From frantic googling to appointments with doctors and derms, the search for a solution t
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School of TikTok
Hands up if you’ve ever found yourself lost down the TikTok rabbit hole? Yep, us too! You get a notification that one of your fave users has posted, and you tell yourself you’re just going to watch *one* video before you go write that essay. But then
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SYMPTOMS: Usually none TREATMENT: None Almost every sexually active person will have HPV at some point. It’s so common! There’s 40 types of HPV, passed via vaginal, anal or oral sex. There’s no symptoms and most cause no harm. Your body gets rid of
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Hey Bright Eyes
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So, What Is It Exactly?
It’s probably easier to say what it isn’t. White Clawing isn’t when you date someone who is cute and then you learn over time that you have zero in common with them. White Clawing is when you date someone purely because of their looks or clout, despi
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What’s Your Fantasy?
OK, admit it, sexual fantasies can sometimes feel confusing AF. Maybe you identify as straight but love thinking about girls? Or, you’re into respectful men (duh!) but often fantasise about some real nasty dirty talk? That’s the thing about fantasies
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Welllll... I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been absolutely CRAZY so far! In our last issue we didn’t have a care in the world and were busy swooning over Harry Styles when he told us about his new album. But since then the world has been shut
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Micellar What Now!?
Pretty much since the dawn of time, the world has been obsessed with the beauty secrets of the French. Why? It’s simple really – because Parisian women look so effortlessly flawless! That hydrated-but-never-oily complexion is the dream, right? Who do
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WTF is White Clawing?
Urgh, dating is just sooo hard sometimes. Hands up if you’ve ever been ghosted? Breadcrumbed? Negged? Yep… us too. And just when you think you’ve got your head around the realities of modern dating, a new relationship trend pops up outta nowhere. Now
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DON’T feel the need to share intimate fantasies – often better not to! DON’T look to fulfill your fantasies via SnapChat, Instagram or other apps DON’T use internet games or chat rooms to explore your fantasies, as that’s unsafe DON’T act out fant
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editor STACEY HICKS deputy editor EMMA NORRIS creative director CHANTAL HOOPER fashion editor PAIGE MCMILLAN editorial coordinator Eunice Oh picture editor Lainie Shean content management editor Daniel Moore Amy Nelmes Bissett, Matt Galea, Ste
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So, What Is Micellar Water, Exactly?
Ask a French girl what she uses on her face and she’ll likely say, “pas tant” (that means “not much”). But what she’s actually saying is this: just micellar water. Chances are, it’s the heart of her routine! Why? Well, the water in Paris is tough on
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The A To Z Of Dating Trends
Maybe we should just label them all ‘toxic’, huh? When you like someone but not enough to make the romance 100 per cent serious. You just keep them as a potential… but never actually commit. When someone is super into you but then just trails off! Th
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Ever Wondered What The Most Popular Fantasies Are?
Obvs, this is the #1. Most dudes are always banging on about threesomes, right? But maybe you think about them too — even if you don’t feel ready to explore that in IRL — and that’s totally normal! Sex in the outdoors is the literal definition of wil
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We worked with the lovely @hellolittlesam to whip up some totally Insta-worthy prints for the background of our winter coat shoot. Then we joined forces with @misterwallpaper – they literally turn any design or image into wallpaper. All you do is upl
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Channel Your Inner Sabrina
OK, we can admit it, we’re officially obsessed. Part three of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is all types of awesome. No, it’s not just coz Nick is shirtless A LOT. But let’s be real, it does help. Mmm, that oiled-up six pack! Anyway, focus. Our obse
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You Glow , Girl
Has the chillier weather got you feeling more ‘blah’ than the time Jules left Rue at the train station in Euphoria? (We’re still not over it!) We feel you, girl. From the darker days to the gloomier weather, there’s a lot to deal with as winter appro
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Meet The Finalists
A fearless leader in the making, Arame is her school’s captain. At 186cm, she loves that being tall makes her different and wants to show others that it’s OK to stand out. How does it feel to be named a finalist? It feels amazing because it’s an op
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The Edit
Who says bucket hats are just for summer? Give this headwear trend a makeover for the colder months by adding textures (corduroy, felt, even faux fur). Perfect to keep your noggin’ warm but without the beanie sweat! Bigger is better when it comes to
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What’s Your Group Chat Personality?
Love and loathe. That’s the feels about the group chat, right? Yeah, it’s the quickest and easiest way to stay up with the goss. But can’t a girl take a shower without returning to 20,000 messages once in a while? And ever noticed how everyone’s got
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Health Hacks
Keep It Cleane r’s Steph Claire-Smith (Mille r) and Laura Henshaw dish on how they maintain a balanced approach to wellbeing What does health mean to you? LAURA: I have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing which has given me so much more bala
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Jacob Elordi Stan girl
This is not a drill. We repeat: This is not a drill. Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn is back, as the Aussie actor returns for Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 2 this winter. Confirmed: His six pack is also returning. Phew! But with Noah heading to college, wil
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Astro Guide
The money gods have been good to you and you’ve got more funds to play with. Just don’t spend it all at once coz July’s eclipse does not bode well for finances. Also, soz to say, but a crush might ghost you. As they say, all things are temporary and
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Are You A ‘Yes’ Girl?
We’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes from saying ‘yes’ to plans when you really mean ‘no’. You just want to be a good friend, or daughter, or partner, right? But, almost as soon as the word ‘yes’ flies out of your mouth, you’re already trying
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Fast Finds
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Stan Club
The smash Broadway musical Six went viral on TikTok, with the catchy soundtrack being used in many a hilarious lip-syncing video! Here, we get to know three of the talented performers who play Henry VIII’s ill-fated wives in the Aussie version What
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Lunar Power
It might look serene, but the moon is actually a total boss. It not only controls tidal forces, but some believe it can affect our emotions, too! And all from 300,000 kilometres away. Impressive! The thing about the moon is that it moves rapidly. Whi
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