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Flush-outs Among Cryptos Are Healthy
people tend to take victory laps prematurely – both bulls and bears. From its most recent peak at $65 000 in April, Bitcoin’s precipitous fall to around $37 000, at the time of writing, represents a crumbling in the recent edifice of invulnerability
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Huge Interest Sees Stock Surge
Software service group Adapt IT has had an appetite for acquisitive growth after reducing its net gearing – a measure of a company’s financial leverage, by dividing the total company debt by the total shareholders’ equity – from 69% a year earlier to
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To Go Long Or Short With An ETF
the investment world consists of various asset classes. An asset class is a group of investments that exhibit the same characteristics and usually consist of cash, money-market instruments, bonds and interest-bearing assets, fixed property, shares, a
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“Whether It Emerged From Human Contact With An Infected Animal Or From A Laboratory Accident.”
– US President Joe Biden directed the US intelligence community to redouble their efforts in investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and report back to him in 90 days. Biden said the US intelligence community has “coalesced around two like
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Are You On The Right Track With Shares?
In 2017, I discussed two expressions that applied so well to the stock market at the time. The first was that it does not help for you to only be on the right track, because if you stay there, you will still get hit by a train. During these last few
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Home-grown Cybercrime Protection
coming from a cybersecurity distribution background, Martin Potgieter and Stephen Osler launched Nclose in 2006 to fill the gap for value-added cybersecurity services. “At the time, there was a rapid increase in the number of world-class cybersecurit
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What Is A Store Of Value?
one of the defenses of holding gold in the long term has been that it acts as a store of value – in essence it protects against inflation. There is an old market adage that claims an ounce of gold can always get you a decent suit from Savile Row in L
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All-electric Volvo Xc40 Now Offered In Sa
SA’s electric vehicle offering is expanding. Sold exclusively online via Volvo SA’s new website,, locals can now order Volvo’s first all-electric vehicle, the XC40 P8 Recharge with deliveries commencing in August. With its twin electric
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Simon’s Stock Tips
Results from the local hospital groups were all bleak as elective surgeries, the main source of income, are still under pressure due to the pandemic. I have long not liked the hospital sector, owing to the risk of regulation due to price increases we
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Betting On Bausch With The Big Guys
a lot of people talk about the “smart money”. “Follow the smart money” they say, or “the smart money was buying while the market sold off”, and all sorts of things that basically allude to those who act against the conventional wisdom of the masses a
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Splurging On Your Own Shares When Cash Is Awash
to buy back shares or pay shareholders in cash dividends? That is one of the happy brain teasers with which companies perennially wrestle. It is, though, especially relevant to the mining sector as the commodity cycle enters its high summer and cash
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Rightsizing Property Portfolios
when, in March, finweek asked Fairvest Property Holdings CEO Darren Wilder about a possible merger or acquisition, Wilder replied: “We would only look to merge with a good, clean business. Lots of shareholders approach us to manage other funds.” Not
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The Outlook For Inflation
last month, Statistics SA announced that annual inflation had accelerated to 4.4% in April, up from 3.2% in March, which is slightly higher than the anticipated 4.3%. The last time the consumer price index (CPI) reached similar highs was prior to the
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An ETF For Those Looking For SA-facing Stocks
The Ashburton MidCap ETF is suitable for investors seeking exposure to the companies represented by the FTSE/JSE MidCap Index. This index includes the 60 largest companies listed on the JSE, out of the top 100, which are not included in the FTSE/JSET
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From The Editor
making a quick scan of this finweek edition, local investors have taken the offshore diversification of their investment portfolios to heart. And to no surprise – with less than 400 shares listed on South Africa’s stock exchanges, compared with a glo
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Stocks Protecting The Planet And Digital Lifestyles
two things happened during the middle week of May that propelled the importance of a cleaner energy future even more onto centre stage. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, halted the ability to pay for his company’s products through cryptocurrency. Apparent
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Are Etsy’s Shares A Buy?
e-commerce has historically been dominated by large, “horizontal” companies. These companies operate across different retail categories (“horizontal”) rather than focusing on one particular category (“vertical”). The tendency for online retailing to
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The Future Of The Property Market
covid-19 has affected the way we consume and invest in profound ways, but many would argue that it is the property market that has seen the biggest disruption. A new research paper, by Sitian Liu and Yichen Su, shows that the pandemic has led to a su
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Western Cape Harnessing Working From Anywhere Trend
south Africans can take advantage of the flexibility that working from anywhere brings. Therefore, the Western Cape government and Wesgro have launched a campaign in partnership with Airbnb to promote remote working domestically. Since the start of t
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Decelerating Upside
kumba Iron Ore, a unit of Anglo American, is a supplier of iron ore to the global steel industry, engaged in the exploration, marketing, sale and shipping of iron ore. The company operates in South Africa, with mining operations including its Sishen
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Double Take
Germany said that it would ask its former colony, Namibia, for forgiveness for what it now recognises was a genocide of the local Herero and Nama people committed by its troops between 1904 and 1908. As part of the official recognition, Germany will
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On The Money Quiz & Crossword
Test your general knowledge with our first quiz for June. You can complete it online via from 7 June. 1. True or False? Eskom slashed its debt by R83bn in its 2021 financial year. 2. What is the average take-home pay in real terms o
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The Morass That Is Coal Supply To Eskom
Seriti Resources cleverly spun a narrative following conclusion of a coal sales agreement (CSA) with Eskom stating that the South African power utility had actually scored a plenitude of benefits from the deal. The CSA was mainstream news last month
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Owning The Market
there is admittedly a certain pressure around being the first of anything in life. As in the case of Helena Conradie, CEO of Satrix being at the helm of an investment management house that debuted South Africa’s very first exchange-traded fund (ETF)
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“We Are Not Asking For Aid Or Funding. We Will Invest Ourselves.”
– Stephen Saad, CEO of Aspen, said the company plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities to improve access to vaccines in Africa, and is seeking assurances on technology transfers and assistance with licenses, during a seminar hosted by Presiden
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“The High And Rising Level Of Public Debt Is Exposing The Financial Sectorto Both Credit And Market Risk.”
– South African Reserve Bank governor, Lesetja Kganyago, warned that though there have always been large dependencies between the financial sector and government, a few key developments, such as the rising level of public debt, have reinforced emergi
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Do Central Banks Still Care About Inflation?
uS inflation for April came in worse than expected with April’s consumer price index (CPI inflation) rising 4.2% and core CPI gaining 3%, the highest since 2009. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) targets inflation of 2% and even though they focus on core
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Swanky, Safe, And More Affordable
picture this. A luxury train perched on a bridge over a gorge, the water below alive with crocodiles, the banks teeming with buffalo. A plume of dust in the distance signals the approach of a convoy of Volvo XC40s and XC90s making their way to Kruger
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New ETF A Good Bet
For the last four years or so my monthly debit order towards exchange traded funds (ETFs) has gone into the Ashburton Global 1200 Equity Fund of Funds ETF (ASHEQF*). I wanted a single global ETF with some direct emerging market exposure and this ETF
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