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Can They Share The Love?
Q I’m still breastfeeding my toddler, and my baby is due in a month or so. I want to try tandem feeding, but the thing that concerns me is colostrum. I know how important it is for my newborn, so how do I make sure that my toddler doesn’t drink it al
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Easing The Transition
■ Make a big fuss about the move. Tell him that he is such a big boy now and he can sleep in a bed just for big boys. ■ You don’t necessarily need to pack the cot away. You could also give him a choice about where he wants to sleep. It might be a goo
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The search is on FOR 2021’S NEXT COVER STARS
The Reuterina® range has been clinically validated in over 200 clinical trials and has a role to play in the prevention and treatment of a variety of disorders, associated with an imbalance of gut flora. Visit for more information on
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Top 5 Food Fixes
1 Legumes (such as chickpeas, beans and lentils). Legumes are an excellent source of soluble fibre, as well as being high in protein, which is particularly important if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. 2 Oat bran is also high in soluble fibre and is ex
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All You Need Is ...
You will need a wall, a chair, some small pillows, water and a towel for your workout. As women, we carry a lot of tension (never mind everything else) in our shoulders, so doing these stretches daily will alleviate a lot of pain and discomfort. Most
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Keeping Busy At Home
Structured classes aren’t needed to provide fun activities for your toddler. You can play some great games at home, and she can learn just as much from them! CHANGING COLOUR Cut squares of coloured cellophane, and give them to your child with the in
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Good Buy
Lego Duplo My First Unicorn is toddler-friendly. The pieces can attach and detach from roll-along carriages, and the set comes complete with a buildable unicorn, two stars, a rainbow, and two push-along “carriages” with wheels. Also included are buil
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Q&A: Reflux And Lazy Eaters
Q I think my baby (4 months) might have reflux. She spits up a lot, practically after every feed, and often cries when it happens. How much is normal? I am breastfeeding exclusively. So far her weight gain is normal. A DR KARBANEE ANSWERS: Bringin
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Watch The Triggers
Children act out their feelings. This is how they communicate. They show you how they feel with their whole bodies. The message of a temper tantrum is: “I’m angry, tired, frustrated, disappointed, afraid, envious, hungry, sick, cold, upset.” Our role
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The Unicorn Baby By Occupational Therapist Roxanne Atkinson
If you have read a few baby books or searched the internet for parenting tips, you have most likely stumbled across the mythical Unicorn Baby. This is the baby who feeds every four hours and sleeps through the night, sits at six months, pees pure gol
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It Happened To Me!
The nurse had a small glucose monitor, which she used to prick my index finger. “3.9,” she said. “Interesting.” I had no idea what that meant. I was here for an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test), which was organised and executed with precision. Firs
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Get The Basics Right
Your baby benefits from the perfect formula at the right temperature, ”on tap”. Breast milk supplies proteins for brain development and immunity against infections. It also lines the gut to minimise the risk of allergies when solids are introduced. T
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Talk To Me, Baby!
One of the cutest and most joyful times is when your baby finally starts to talk. While this milestone happens differently for each child, it’s something that eventually happens one way or another. But there’s more to talking than just words. It’s a
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Signs And Symptoms Of Depression In Young Children
■ Irritability or anger ■ Crying and being sad continuously ■ Withdrawal ■ Changes in appetite ■ Changes in sleep (sleeplessness or excessive sleep) ■ Problems concentrating or remembering things ■ Loss of interest in things previously enjoyed includ
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Eight lucky readers each win a Happy Family Organics hamper worth R850. The hamper includes a selection of stage 2 jars in various flavours. Every delicious fruit and vegetable is listed on the jar and can be traced back to the farm for confidence in
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When You Really Are Sick
If you’re really feeling unwell, have a temperature above 38°C or any difficulty breathing, it’s time to consult your healthcare provider. Now is not the time to self-medicate. Although paracetamol is safe for use in pregnancy, anti-inflammatories ar
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Boredom Busters!
Occupying a busy toddler for a bit needn’t have you at your wits’ end. There are many great activities aimed specifically at young children that keep them out of mischief and develop some handy skills at the same time. Besides being great fun and a f
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Having a baby is usually a couple’s decision. If it’s a planned pregnancy, you need to discuss things such as affordability, timing and spacing of future siblings, child-care and work options. If this is your first baby, you should also discuss your
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From Day One
Road deaths are the leading external cause of death for children of all ages. According to Esha Mansingh, chief of corporate affairs and investor relations officer at Imperial, 3 876 children died as a result of car crashes last year. “For every chil
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A Stroke At Eight Months Old
Babies get sick occasionally. That’s what new mom Amber Benjamin told herself to calm her fears as she left her bundle of joy, Blaine, with his Ouma and Oupa and set off for the Overstrand Municipality offices, where she works as a by-law enforcement
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Is Protection Possible?
How can I bump up my child’s immune system to fight off Covid? Initially, it didn’t seem that children were affected all that much, but now I’m hearing of more cases where the little ones also get sick. I really would like to avoid it as much as p
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Fix Tummy Troubles
HORMONAL ISSUES: Pregnancy hormones cause a general slowing down of your bowels. Specifically, progesterone relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, which in turn leads to constipation. CHANGES IN DIET: Very often during pregnancy, you eat differ
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Breastfeeding Positions
Always sit comfortably when you’re going to feed – particularly when you’ve got perineal stitches or a healing caesar wound. When you feel more at ease, you can experiment with different feeding positions. Sit in a comfortable (preferably rocking) ch
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Smooth move From Cot To Bed
Making the milestone move from your toddler’s cot to his very first bed can be a proud moment for both of you, but also a bit daunting. After all, your 2-year-old has possibly only just started sleeping for a solid eight hours a night, you’ve just go
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Are You Raising A Legend?
1 WHAT KIND OF ROLE MODEL ARE YOU? a Always politically correct b Super fit and healthy c Always financially stable d Owner of many expensive luxuries 2 THE FIRST OUTING WITH YOUR BABY WILL BE TO… a The JSE building b Your favourite restaura
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Winter-proof Your Body
Washing hands is something that we constantly remind our children to do – and with good reason. Cold and flu germs are fairly tenacious and can survive on surfaces for up to eight hours. Any door handle, light switch, countertop, bathroom tap, handra
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Baby? NO THANKS ...
Few of a woman’s life stages are as mythologised as pregnancy. According to the fairy tale, you and he have rampant birth-control-free sex for three months, you pee on a stick and – cue the tears of joy – you’re pregnant! Now nine months of marital h
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Tiny Tastes
The basic recipe for making any simple fruit or vegetable puree is to use 1 cup fruit or vegetables and ¼ cup water, boiled or steamed for 10-15 minutes until soft. Puree in a blender, food processor, stick blender or use a fork to mash. Let cool to
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Q I just found out that I am expecting my second baby. During the first wave it seemed that pregnant women weren’t really affected, but now I’ve heard a number of stories about pregnant women getting really ill with it. Will it affect my baby? If I g
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Pandemic Stress Is Getting To My Boy
Q We’ve been through a terrible time, as we were hard hit by Covid financially. We’ve had to move back in with my parents, and we all got sick too, but fortunately not seriously. My 5-year-old has become a stressed, anxious little person who doesn’t
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