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Sporters Over £4,000
Back in our November 2020 issue we featured 'Sporters under £4,000', which successfully demonstrated that, even on a limited budget, you can buy a gun more capable than many of us will ever need. But, as those of us with burgeoning gun collections wi
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Understanding The Test Results
Velocity is measured at 2.5 metres from the muzzle. Pressure is the mean breech figure in Bar (as per CIP). SD is Standard Deviation (consistency). CD is the Central Density rating. This records the percentage of the total pellets landing in the 3
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Worth Considering…
Power Gold has risen to be cartridge of choice for many competition shooters. Gauge: 12 Case: 70mm Head 24g: 16mm Head 28g: 12mm Load: 24g, 28g Shot size 24g: 7, 7.5, 8, 9 Shot size 24g Fibre: 7.5 2.4mm, 8 Shot size 28g: 7.5, 8, 9 Shot size
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Lovely Lady’s Wood
The key to success in life, as in clay shooting, is continual improvement. Nowhere is this more evident than here at Lady’s Wood Shooting School. Since the early 1980’s this picture-perfect corner of Gloucestershire has developed from a few manual tr
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Pathway To Success
Every 4 years we get to witness the world’s most elite athletes head off to the Olympic Games and watch in awe as they compete. How inspirational for young shooters to sit and watch the likes of Peter Wilson, Steve Scott and Ed Ling win medals at arg
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Ready, Steady...
Returning to the stands at the start of the clay season can be challenging at the best of times, let alone after a global pandemic has forced many of us away from the clays for so long. Techniques may have slipped and scores may be lower than hoped f
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The Welsh Wonder
North Wales, famed for stunning landscapes, ancient castles and sheep. But, for the clay shooter in the know, there’s more than lamb and Llanberis. This mountain landscape is a hotbed of top-notch shooting grounds and facilities that offer targets to
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Enlist The Experts!
Rupert Haynes, Gunroom manager at E.J. Churchill 01494 883227 Mark Heath, Manager, Instructor and Gunfitter at West London Shooting School 020 8845 1377 Ed Lyons, Sports Vision Consultant www.e
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Just The Ticket!
Rio is one of the longer established names in cartridge manufacture, founded in 1896, and has established a long and successful history. Rio has become a part of the much larger Maxam parent company in recent years and joins several other companies s
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Did You Know?
You can buy a single copy of this magazine, or order a subscription, at ■
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Dressed To Kill
Fortunately, getting ready for a few hours’ shooting is not like preparing for a deep sea dive. It is worth taking some time to get it right however. As we’re shooting outdoors in the UK, you definitely need to consider warmth and waterproofing. Your
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Anita North To Coach OT Team
Clay Shooting magazine columnist and Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist Anita North has been appointed as the new England Olympic Trap Team Manager. Anita brings a wealth of medal-winning experience to the team as an elite international Oly
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Rio Target Load 24g 7.5 Shot Plastic Wad
Shot load 366 grains Pellet (count per oz) 380 UK shot (size / CV) 7.5 / 29% Pellets in 30in dia (Av) 197 Pellets in 20-30in 82 Pattern 62% CD 58% Velocity 402 m/s (1,320 fps) SD 3.4 Recoil (M) (Ns) 9.64 Ns Pressure (bar) 596 bar ■
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Your Experts
Clay Shooting’s resident technical expert, Richard has decades of experience reviewing guns, cartridges and accessories. He’s well equipped to solve problems on everything from shot sizes to stock dimensions. Director of Flint & Partners, Ed’s optom
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Out Of Lockdown Into…
ith the second lockdown over it was time to get going with my winter training. Before lockdown number 2 my training had been going satisfyingly well. My standard rounds of 25 were up in the high 20s, with the occasional 25-straight, and my reverse do
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The Guide
This section is packed with facts and advice to help you select the right gun, cartridges and gear – and to plan your shooting, whether that’s a lesson, practice or competition. Here’s what we’ve got for you this month. ■
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Enhance Your Shooting!
Whenever I work with a new student, the first few lessons are spent perfecting the fundamentals. You’ve got to get those right first. So in this first article we are going to dive deep into the basic aspects of the game – what are they, and how to ge
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• Balanced and healthy diet • Maintain a strong immune system to reduce the incidence of illness: Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin D and Calcium. • Food that will aid recovery and reduce incidence of injury • A consistent fluid intake • Food that will keep you
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Get On The Pathway
Christian Schofield sums up his role, and his passion, in simple terms: “It’s about helping people to advance and enjoy themselves through the shooting sports.” As British Shooting’s Talent Pathway Coordinator, that’s exactly what he does, by working
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A Gateway To Success?
Some strange looking photos have been appearing on clay shooting social media groups lately, with clay guns sporting a big U-shaped attachment clipped to the muzzles. A closer look reveals it’s called the Method Gateway, and comes from shooting coach
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Tech Spec
MAKE Beretta MODEL A400 Xcel Sporting BARRELS Steelium, 28, 30 or 32 ins CHAMBER 3ins RIB Raised ventilated on this model, others available SAFETY Non-auto, push-through type in trigger guard STOCK 13¾ins on gun tested, with optional Kick-Off b
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Well here we are in another lockdown – it’s beginning to feel a lot like Groundhog Day. My favourite gun has been locked away in the gunshop for weeks since it was repaired. I still can’t go and fetch it, and even if I did I couldn’t use it anywhere.
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Shell Shopping
Known and admired for his calm and concise style of tuition, Robert is one of the most experienced instructors in the UK. He qualified as an instructor almost 40 years ago, back in 1982, and joined Royal Berkshire ten years later. During his three de
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Blinking Good!
Semi-auto shotguns are not everyone’s taste. They clunk, they clang, and they eject the empty shells everywhere. On the plus side, however, they are really quite pointable and relatively easy to use – I even have one myself! Mine is an old Beretta Te
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Sim game with West London SS
Like other shooting grounds up and down the country, West London Shooting School have had to close their doors once again due to the third national lockdown – but they still have some exciting diary dates planned for March onwards, including several
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Have You Booked The Classic Yet?
We’re all looking forward to spring and, with luck, the chance to get out shooting and competing once again. The calendar is already coming together for the 2021 clay shooting season, with dates announced for the Essex Masters, the CPSA English Open
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Sleep Science
• Sleep of high quality• Sleeping for the correct period of time• Limit screen time before sleep• Take a pillow• Have a routine before bed• Reduce stress levels• Meditation• No alcohol – reduces sleep quality• Acclimatising your body after air travel
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We’re Off To Tokyo!
British Shooting has named the athletes to represent Team GB and Paralympic GB at the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer. In the shotgun events, Kirsty Hegarty (Women’s Trap), Matt Coward-Holley (Men’s Trap) and Aaron Heading (Men’s Trap) will all make
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The Cruel Icy Finger Of Trigger Freeze
Trigger freeze struck out of nowhere for Paul Henderson, Gunroom Manager at the Bywell Shooting Ground. I’m pretty sure that recoil is at the root of my trigger freeze. Like most experienced shots I’ll track a target, come to pull the trigger, my mi
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Q I received equipment some nice bits from of an uncle the at Christmas items is defective , but unfortunately . My uncle is one one of of and those the people receipt who shows plans it well was purchased in advance this last August time? . Can I st
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