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Hooked-in Tantrum Grab
If you never leave your comfort zone you never grow. Tantrum’s are a great feeling trick and look awesome, and if you are able to front roll I would recommend you try the Tantrum! You can break this trick down by trying it first without grabbing, jus
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Cape Town 09
Cape Town has a massive amount of variety. Bring the lot… You’ll need a wetsuit – worth packing a 3/2 and a 4/3. €1. Vegans take note… this is predominantly meat territory. And they cook it well out here. Get yourself to a Braai for the full experien
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CH: This session was absolutely amazing – the conditions that I’m looking for all came together, and I remember the feeling I had when I was looping my 8 meter Pivot. The wind was a little gusty and around 35 knots and I had the confidence to send it
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Uli Sommerlatt
Hey Uli, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. Before we get into your involvement with North, can you run us through your background? Sure, my background mainly comes from the yachting industry. I am a naval architect and started my career i
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10 and 12, or 12 and 14, depending on body weight and skill levels! (Randy says: One large kite for light wind days and one general all around kite. We don’t get high winds often though check the forecast). The sun here is no shrinking violet, so do
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The KITE mag
EDITOR Alex Hapgood ART DIRECTION Katharina Godbersen TECHNICAL EDITOR Richard Boughton ONLINE MEDIA MANAGER Gemma Hamaini CONTRIBUTORS James Boulding, Andrea Vogeltanz, Kyle Cabano, Christopher Curran, Lukas Pitsch, Anthony Maudet, Samuel Cardenas,
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Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic Stretches are movements that mimic what you will be doing in your activity. Their purpose is to increase blood flow and muscle temperature, and the combination of movement and static positions challenges the central nervous system which forge
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Grenadines 11
If bringing two kites a 9 or 10 and a 12 meter are your best bet. The area and the steady, fairly gentle warm wind also makes it a perfect destination for foiling. This is definitely a 'just board shorts/bikini's' sort of place. Lots of sunscreen and
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Mystic Stealth
Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. So, an all-new spreader bar – why did you decide that it was time to introduce this? We had been putting a lot of effort into perfecting the Majestic X and Majestic harness series, and we need
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Honduras 12
We suggest medium size (8-10m) and larger size (11-14m) kites. Check the forecast before you leave and you can always put in a bigger or smaller kite if required. No need, the water is a balmy 24-28 degrees, so boardies/bikini plus sun protection. Ex
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No Place Like Home
Kitesurfing is more than a sport or a pastime – it’s also a lifestyle choice. It enables us to travel; to broaden our horizons and to share a kinship with our fellow kitesurfers and wind and water loving brethren. Whether you are traveling a few hour
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Quobba Fins
Hey Glenn, thanks for taking the time out to catch up with us. So, surfboard fins have been around for a while – what gave you the idea to try to revisit the design? Well, I wasn’t trying to ‘reinvent’ the fin, just substantially improve their perfor
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Panama 13
Bigger kites are recommended – so depending on your weight, a 9, 12m or 11, 13m combo would be the best. Booties strongly recommended for most riders and maybe a spring suit. Long sleeve rash guard or full body lycra suit for sun and wind exposure pr
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Tangled Lines Legends
How old were you when you started windsurfing and can you remember your first sessions? I was 11… And yes, I can still remember my very first session. Although “session” would not describe it very well. “Experience” would be better, since I was not a
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Ride Engine 2020
So, the all-new collection for 2020 has landed. Is there a philosophy that runs across the whole line up? Ride Engine has always had a philosophy of making products that offer a solution to enhance our enjoyment of what we love to do in the outdoors
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Kenya 14
9 & 12. Don’t be a fool. €2.25 | $2.45 | £1.70 Mostly European cuisine in the coast beach resorts, and in all the hotels, but you can easily get a local meal of beans, chapatti, BBQ goat or beef (nyama choma) for under $2. All the beach towns have a
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As kiteboarders, we're often on the chase for our own version of the perfect session. For many, it's a tropical climate with palm trees swaying in the breeze… The possibility of riding along a virgin shoreline for hours exploring the world from the w
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2020 sees the fifth incarnation of this benchmark wave kite. Aimed fairly and squarely at wave riding, with a decent application for foiling, the SST has always had wide application of use, stretching into freeride. The main change this year is the i
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Tarifa 15
Bring a 7 and a 9. But check the forecast as you could need a 5 or a 15m. Shorty through the summer months, full neoprene in the winter. Spring and autumn a 3/2 and then throughout the winter a 4/3. €3 or from €7 for a mojito. Tarifa is famous for it
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I’m On It carlos Mario
I want a board that I can go big on to complete my handlepasses, and I need a board that is good for unhooking but also good for Big Air. The Asylum has a vertically laminated wood core, and a new carbon stringer along the center of the board with a
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Planning for Big Waves
These sorts of conditions are the sculpting forces of west facing beaches on the edge of the world’s largest oceans, from the South Island of New Zealand up to the islands of Lofoten in Norway. The spectacle of big, rumbling swells and side-onshore w
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CAN YOU SUMMARIZE WHAT YOU DO? We are a kitesurf and SUP center in the UK. We have a beautiful teaching area in Poole harbor giving perfect flat water for kiting at all levels and amazing SUP tours. We teach all levels from beginner to expert includi
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Øyvind nøstdal
For anyone who has not seen your videos, can you talk us through your ‘style’ of foiling? Well a few people have commented to me that I seem to be riding the hydrofoil like a skateboard. I quite like that analogy, and when riding it does indeed feel
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Sri Lanka 01
A 9 and a 12m will be the main kites you’ll use. Most of the time, you can forget the wetsuit, as essentially it’s the temperature of bathwater. But good sun protection is a must, so rashies/boardies/sunscreen. €1.70 | $2 | £1.80 Big fan of curry and
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Turkey 17
Take a 9 and a 13 to cover all bases. During the main season, just bring some lycra and flip flops! But if you’re heading here early or late in the season, bring a short wetty. €3 a pint. A typical dinner can range from 3 to 5 Euros, to 15 Euros in t
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Sweden Johanna-catharina Edin
What are your first recollections of beaches close to home? The best memories from my childhood have always included the ocean. I grew up in a small town called Varberg – which is 45 minutes south of Gothenburg – with my parents and two older brother
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Brazil 02
Typical kite sizes are 9 and 12 although in October and November you will want a size or two smaller. Shallow water with a temperature of 25-29ºC all year round! So just boardies and bikini needed, and long sleeves for sun protection. $3.50 | €3 | €2
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Kitesurf Holidays
CAN YOU SUMMARIZE WHAT YOU DO? Kitesurf Holidays is the market leading online platform for booking kite trips. It enables kitesurfers to easily plan their next dream holiday through matching up accommodation options in classic kitesurfing destination
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Indo Marauding
OS: Sumbawa is hands down one of the best kitesurfing and surfing destinations in the world. The setup is insane. We lucked out on this trip, scoring wind and waves for 15 days straight. We didn't really know what to expect going at this time of year
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