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HOT FORDS to Hit Block
At 88 years old, retired farmer Neil Krinke figures he’s done collecting old cars and trucks — but he’s not done restoring them. He plans to auction his entire collection of mostly Ford cars, trucks and tractors and even the parts he acquired to rest
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Sound Your Horn
I am a new subscriber and enjoying your magazine. On page 59 of Vol. 50, No. 7 there was a short story on the 1968 Charger R/T. I noticed a minor error stating that the rallye-style parking lamps were hidden in the bumper. Actually, they are not hidd
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Stutz Club Deserves Cheers For Winning Issue
Car club publication editors work hard to present the very best information and insights to fellow members. They seldom receive much praise for their efforts. So when an issue well worth a standing ovation appears, it’s time to laud the achievement.
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The Big Shindig
Is it safe to speculate that the year 2020 won’t be missed by many. Without dwelling on the dark side, let’s focus only on our affected old car hobby. Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to attend the same events every year. With cancellations swe
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Weathered Wheels
William Lasses shared these photos of “an interesting old [circa early 1940s] Chevrolet school bus I happened upon last summer on an RV trip through North Carolina. I spotted it outside an antique store/building/reclamation shop near Marion. I love t
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Delightful, Delovely DE SOTO
In the mid 1950s, Old Cars reader Larry Young’s parents bought their first new car, a flashy yellow-and-white 1956 De Soto Firedome Seville two-door hardtop. Young says the car was purchased for his mother, who is pictured in several of the photograp
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Reader Wheels
This beautiful 1955 Pl ymouth Belevedere hardtop has been in Steve Graves’ garage in Corona, Calif., since 2013. “The car is equipped with factory air that is operational and located in the trunk. I also put in a Hemi engine. The three-speed overdriv
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Sapporo The Japanese Plymouth
When imported cars first began grabbing big chunks of the U.S. car market back in the late 1950s, the large American automakers responded by bringing in cars from their overseas affiliates to counter the mostly European interlopers. Ford Motor Co., w
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Wreck Of The Week
“I don’t know semis, but the Dodge wrecker off to the side is pretty cool,” writes Steve Welter, of Clearlake, Calif. “The semi says White Freightliner.” Judging by the unique headlamp and grille arrangement, the Dodge wrecker appears to be a circa-1
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Driven De Soto
Bob Lenio has a real sense of just how much space his 1959 De Soto Fireflite convertible requires. “Buying a house,” he recalled, “I had a tape measure for every garage I looked at for this and at first, the realtor didn’t get it. But afterwards, she
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Johnson Bros. Chrysler-plymouth
1957 turned out to be a very memorable year for me. I was 12 years old, collecting photos of automobiles and hanging them on a bulletin board. I felt like I was able to recognize all of them when I saw them in magazines or motoring down the highway.
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The Making Of A Young Gear Head
Tom Huelsman’s grandfather, Charles Huelsman, started Huelsman Garage in 1927 when Ed Rindler noticed his ability to ›x trucks. Rindler owned a building that was a working blacksmith shop and offered Charles the opportunity to take over a preexisting
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The Scoop
LINCOLN, Neb. _ Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed and Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame recently announced their merger at Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Show in Tulsa, Okla. “Darryl Starbird is one of the most
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Jun 16-19 AR, Morrilton. Arkansas Museum of Automobiles, 63rd Annual Swap Meet and Car Show. 501-727-5427 info@museumofautomobiles.com Jun 20 CA, Yreka. Siskiyou Region of CHVA Contemporary Historical Vehicles Association Fathers Day Car Show. Siskiy
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Why The Hobby Is Hopping
If you’ve been watching the auction scene through your computer, television and the pages of Old Cars, you’ve probably noticed that the hobby is hopping right now. In fact, it was strong through the pandemic as we gear heads nestled into our garages
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Kraft Indiana Sale Is A Sell-out At Two Sites
VALPARAISO, Ind. _ Kraft Auction Service, located just east of Valparaiso, Ind., on U.S. Highway 30, conducted its annual Antique and Collectible Weekend auctions this year over the course of the last two weekends in January, with four days of sales
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Reader Photo
Charles Duffy’s father stands proudly with his 1932 Oldsmobile in this photo taken in 1934 “prior to him leaving for work... He is wearing his bus driver’s uniform that included the hat, necktie and boots. He drove bus for Blue Ridge Lines out of the
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Only-Owner Aspen R/T
In February 1978, Tom Huelsman was on a mission to purchase a new 1978 Dodge Aspen R/T in black and with the T-Bar roof option. He’d been watching a black ’76 model cruise the streets of his hometown for nearly two years and the car had grown on him.
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Oldest Dodge Dealer Retires
More than a century with Dodge. That’s what Brad Joseph says about his family dealership in Belleville, Ill., a modest drive east of St. Louis. Until 2021, Brad manned the wheel of the operation with Curtis Joseph, keeping history close to the family
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Vintage Ad Of The Week
The Chrysler advertising division went BIG with this showy print ad featuring the dazzling 1960 Imperial. The ad was a full two-page spread featuring a mauve-colored (or maybe it’s just pink) Imperial in all of its full-size, over-the-top glory. Only
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Q. In 1968, I was in the eighth grade and spent most of my paper route income on car magazines. Mechanix Illustrated had a word game contest similar to the one described by Mr. Frank Mazzotta in the May 15 issue of Old Cars. [Mechanix Illustrated] of
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Weathered Wheels
“While hiking with a few friends along the east bank of the Kootenai River in northern Idaho a few years ago, we came across this 1950 Pontiac fastback that had obviously been there for many years,” reports Roger Doucet, of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. “The
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Join Us For Our New Old Cars Podcast
As part of our ongoing celebration of 50 years in publishing, Old Cars has launched a new podcast “Rollin’With Old Cars.” Editors Brian Earnest, Angelo VanBogart and Mike Eppinger — with more than 40 years at Old Cars between them — invite car lovers
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Customizing On The Cheap
A burgeoning automotive accessory industry gets partial credit for the decline of expensive custom-made automobiles and the marked improvement in desirability of lower-priced models. How? Extra add-ons spiffed up the vehicle exteriors while making th
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Q. To answer to your Apr. 1 Q&A about keeping rodents from get at the wiring on your cars, we have found that purchasing livestock ear tags with an insecticide in them seem to work on the various rodents in our area. Not just any stock ear tags work.
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The Scoop
HILTON HEAD, S.C. _ Old Cars contributor Bill Rothermel will serve as emcee at the Hilton Head Island Concourse d’Elegance on Nov. 7. Rothermel is an automotive historian and avid collector of miniature automobiles and automobilia, and is a member of
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Kaiser Time Capsule
Nearly any orphan car that’s survived is at least mildly surprising, given that until relatively recently, most orphans were accompanied by a stigma that quickly condemned them to the back rows at questionable used car lots. From there, they became “
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Cars of custom design during the 1920s stood apart from most other cars of their era. These were the super cars of their time, or at least (borrowing a later slang) those were “super-dooper” cars in nearly every respect. Such custom cars covered a ra
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Calling All Calendar Cars!
It’s time to submit your for photos for the Old Cars 2022 Reader Rides Calendar. If you have a cool photo of your cool old car, send it to us. It might appear in our popular annual Reader Rides Calendar! Send us a high-resolution (1 MB or larger) dig
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