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Flax Flower Top
A perfect layering piece, the Flax Flower Top is worked in the round from the bottom up, starting with a band of dainty diamond-lace motifs. Knit in a Merino/linen-blend yarn, this top is sure to become a summer staple. Yarn Manos del Uruguay Milo, d
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Gemstones Shawl
The colors of the Gemstones Shawl are reminiscent of late-summer evenings and early-morning hikes. This triangular piece is worked from the narrow end to the wide end using alternating star-stitch and slipped-stitch patterns. Yarn Echoview Fiber Mill
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Lotus Lace Kerchief
Keep your hair out of your eyes on windy summer days with the Lotus Lace Kerchief. This lovely, lacy headband easily ties under your hair and is finished off with a sweet tassel. It is worked in a cotton and linen blend, ideal for keeping cool. Yarn
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Knitting A Sweater From Side To Side
Part 2 In part 1 of this article, published in knitscene Spring 2020, I talked about different construction methods for side-to-side sweaters. We then worked through knitting a side-to-side sweater and learned how to keep track of stitches and rows s
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Connect with the knitscene team and our other knitting titles at When I arrived at Interweave as an assistant editor in 2013, I had been knitting since high school, but it wasn’t until then that I knitted my first sweater. It was
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beginner: basic stitches easy: moving past scarves intermediate: pretty confident advanced: challenge myself To check gauge, cast on 50% more stitches than the stated gauge using recommended needle size. Work in pattern stitch until piece measures at
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Eco-friendly Supplies for All Your Knitterly Needs
These recycled aluminum needle pens are perfect for your purse or project bag. Made from size 11 and 13 knitting needles, these crafty pens can have their cartridges replaced when the ink runs out. Spun from 100% Tibeta
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Wool Studio
DIFFICULTY FINISHED SIZE 38¼ (42½, 46¾, 49¾, 54¼, 57¾)" circumference at underarm. Pullover shown measures 42½"; modeled with 11½" of positive ease. YARN Manos del Uruguay Milo (65% Merino wool, 35% linen; 380 yd [350 m]/3½ oz [100 g]): #i2149 Petal,
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Naturally Knit
The stunning Bluets Top takes lace knitting to the next level. This simple rectangular top is worked from side to side and seamed at the shoulders and sides. The delightful wool/cotton-blend yarn combined with the lace pattern makes this an ideal sum
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Lilac Lace Top
You’re unlikely to find a more flowing top than this one. The Lilac Lace Top uses a simple all-over eyelet pattern so that the focus is drawn to the split back, which is flanked by a dayflower lace border on each side. Yarn Wool and the Gang Shiny Ha
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Clearing Wrap
Summer days may be hot, but the nights can get chilly! Keep yourself cozy with the Clearing Wrap. Worked from end to end, the dramatic diagonal lace pattern in the center is framed by a diamond lace pattern and garter stitch at each side. The Peruvia
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Olivine Top
The perfect piece for layering, the Olivine Top will have you knitting up lace in no time. This top is worked back and forth in pieces from the bottom up in an easy-to-memorize lace mesh pattern. The open side seams add to the airiness of this light
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Common Blue Tunic
Named for a violet butterfly that flourishes throughout the summer months, the Common Blue Tunic is worked from the bottom up in three pieces and seamed at the shoulders and sides. The back panels are seamed from the garter-stitch band to the necklin
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Rippling Waves Shawl
The lace motif on the Rippling Waves Shawl is meant to evoke the image of sailboats bobbing on ocean waves. This elegant crescent shawl is knitted in 100% certified organic Merino yarn. It is worked back and forth from the bottom up and shaped with s
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Gorge Tank Top
The 100% cotton yarn of the Gorge Tank Top makes this an ideal piece for your summer wardrobe. Using a simple ribbing pattern with stripes, this cute, cropped summer tank is worked back and forth in two pieces and seamed. The shoulders are grafted to
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Succulent Wrap
The Succulent Wrap is worked in the round from the center out before being extended further on two sides to create its final rectangle shape. The ribbed border adds a nice weight to the lacy design, while the 100% organic cotton yarn keeps this shawl
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Lavender Tank Top
The Lavender Tank Top speaks summer in every line of its silhouette. Knit in delicate, recycled-silk yarn, this airy tank is worked back and forth in pieces from the bottom up and seamed. The front panels wrap around slightly to the back. The tank is
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Crosswise Top
The cotton Crosswise Top is worked from the top down with raglan shaping. The pattern features a mesh pattern in the yoke and heel stitch in the body and sleeves. The bubble sleeves are picked up and worked from the top down to the cuffs. Yarn Jo Sha
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Trilateral Cowl
Requiring one skein each of four colors, the Trilateral Cowl is worked in three sections, starting with six garter-stitch triangle panels that are joined to one another as they are worked. Then, the rectangle and triangle borders are worked across th
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The Trilogies Hat & Cowl set is worked in a plush cotton-and-Merino yarn all in garter stitch, using a simple three-row stripe pattern. The cowl begins with a provisional cast-on and is grafted in garter stitch, and the hat is worked in the round fro
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Arrows Shawl
A knitted shawl can’t get much smooshier than the Arrows Shawl, a gorgeous combination of garter stitch and lace edgings. This shawl is worked from the narrow end to the wide end, knitting up quickly in a worsted-weight wool-nylon blend. Yarn Manos d
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Garter Grooves Cardigan
An ideal sweater for spring, the Garter Grooves Cardigan is an excellent layering piece. Knitted in a delicious blend of organic cotton and organic Merino wool, this cardigan is worked in one piece from the bottom up with faux side seams and garter-s
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Ellipsoidal Shawl
The Ellipsoidal Shawl begins with a garter tab cast-on and is worked from the center neck down and outward. The pattern features cables, lace, and a gorgeous fluted border. This charming one-skein shawl in a superwash Merino, cashmere, and nylon blen
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Alongside Slouch
Worked differently than most knitted hats, the cleverly constructed Alongside Slouch begins with a narrow garter-stitch panel worked back and forth. Then, stitches are picked up along each side of the center panel, and the crown is shaped with increa
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Arced Shawl
Knitted in a delightfully sheepy blend of mohair and wool, the Arced Shawl is perfect to snuggle into on chilly spring nights. The shawl features a simple welt pattern on the body with short-row shaping to create the curved shape. A cable pattern—com
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Gauzy Tee
Worked in a luxuriously airy blend of recycled silk, Merino wool, and cashmere, the Gauzy Tee is a must-knit this spring. The back of this lightweight, wide tee is worked from the top down, then stitches for the front are picked up along the back sho
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Swingy Top
The Swingy Top is knitted in a delightfully smooth blend of superwash Merino wool, mohair, and silk, making it both warm and light. The variegated yarn shines in the stockinette-stitch body, while the chevron-inspired hem pattern gives it an elevated
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Currents Shawl
The warm and comfortable Currents Shawl aims to solve a common shawl problem: fatigue. Since the shawl is knitted starting from the wide end, the rows grow shorter and more manageable as you work. Not only that, but the varied textures make this enga
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Editor’s Note
GARTER STITCH doesn’t get old. I confess there was a time when I stuck my nose up at it because I had moved onto more advanced, “better” knitting techniques. It took me awhile to come back to it, but ultimately I did because of the comfort, peace, an
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Darts Pullover
The Darts Pullover is a classic drop-shoulder sweater with a lovely textured “dart” detail on the front and back. The body and sleeves are worked in the round from the bottom up. Yarn Knit One, Crochet Too Sebago Finished Size 33 (36½, 40¼, 44, 47¾,
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