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OLED Evo & More Mini LED From LG
LG Electronics has Mini LED as well, under the name of ‘QNED’ models that combine Mini-LED backlights with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies (shown above). Top of the range will be an 86-inch 8K model claiming nearly 30,000 Mini LEDs and 2500 ind
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This award-winning installation by The Digital Picture in Queensland’s Gold Coast delivered the ultimate ‘man cave’ with a 174-inch screen for watching sports and movies. The acoustically-transparent screen allows a discreet installation of three Kri
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Meridian 210
streamer Meridian’s 200 Series is something different in the world of wireless multiroom audio. Many companies have had a go at the market defined first by Sonos, delivering their own ecosystems of wireless speakers, soundbars and streaming electroni
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The Case For Cables
True wireless in-ear buds may be bouncing up the hit parade as far as street usage goes, but they’re not perfect, and they’re not for everyone. So while here you won’t be getting the same set of features as a similarly priced set of true wireless noi
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When one screen isn’t enough — go for three! This converted double garage is the perfect place to get some well-earned R&R. The end wall features a 125-inch Screen Technics MicroPerf screen, illuminated by a 4K Sony VPL-VW760 laser projector, while o
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Sound + Image
Editor: Jez Ford Art Director: Kristian Hagen Advertising Sales Manager: Lewis Preece Advertising Traffic: Di Preece Divisional Manager & National Advertising Sales Manager: Jim Preece Managing Dire
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Yamaha NP-S303
network player While the streamers in our round-up so far have all been small little boxes aiming to add these abilities with a hideaway unit of minimal aesthetic impact, here we have a proper hi-fi sized source, and we reckon a bargain at $699 for a
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Cambridge Audio CXN v2
Cambridge Audio’s CX Series is classic hi-fi made modern, the second of Cambridge’s four ranges of separates — above the recent entry-level AX range, below the 851 series, and looking very much the classic yet modern hi-fi units. With amplifiers at t
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BenQ: Sports Specialism
While BenQ doesn’t have an ultra-short-throw consumer model in Australia (“yet”, it says), it continues to deliver impressive value on bench/ceiling projectors both Full-HD resolution and using well-implemented DLP pixel-shifting for 4K delivery. Esp
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Sport That Shines
Ultra-short-throw projectors have been around for many years in commercial environments where the issues of image uniformity were outweighed by the need for brightness and near-wall mounting. Only in the last few years have they come into their own a
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Tin Pan Alley top 5 albums
“Rock’n’roll smells phony and false,” Frank Sinatra said in the late 1950s. “It is sung, played and written for the most part by cretinous goons.” Thirty years later, Frank may have felt vindicated when some of those cretinous goons began to cover hi
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What To Look For When Choosing A Streamer
If you’re already using a particular service, such as Spotify or Tidal, you should clearly pick a streamer which offers that service. Note that many streamers will only work with paid Spotify subscriptions, though some do work with free Spotify. The
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Adding a streamer updates any hi-fi system with the ability to play from online subscription music services, internet radio and a whole lot more. But which to choose? Streamers are the newest breed of hi-fi component — like a CD player or a turntable
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Our big sports-themed audio-visual focus this issue coincides with a sad moment — the last equipment reviews by Stephen Dawson that will appear in Sound+Image for the foreseeable future. Stephen is moving on to pastures new, undertaking a commercial
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Traditionally, an amplifier’s job was simply to take the small signals from your sources and make them big enough to drive your speakers. That’s what amplification is. And in the world of hi-fi purism, that may be still pretty much all an amplifier d
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Bluesound Node 2i
One of the key advantages of the Bluesound ecosystem (and the BluOS streaming and multiroom platform within) is the company’s co-habitation with stablemate NAD. Each company benefits — NAD has produced a string of stunning smart amplifiers which use
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Sonos Port
Sonos defined the concept of wireless multiroom when it first arrived in 2004, and its third product (in 2006) was the ZonePlayer 80, a streamer which connected to existing hi-fi, as opposed to the ZonePlayer 100, which had amplification onboard so y
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Naim ND 555 / 555 PS DR
We confess that as we lugged three boxes — two large heavy ones, and a medium lighter one — from the car up the many steps to the music room, we couldn’t help thinking that this seemed a lot of weight for a streaming source. The heavier boxes contain
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Let’s start with Samsung, which has plunged its fingers into the pies of multiple new screen technologies in recent years — and now has a potential ace up its sleeve for 2022. This year will see the launch of the first consumer model using the front-
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wireless music streamer Another streamer — another wireless multiroom system, this time HEOS, the platform now widespread throughout Denon and Marantz products, so that this little box can connect an existing audio system not only to the world of str
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Keeping Your Vinyl Sweet
Remember when we used to record stuff? Put vinyl records on, make mixtapes to cassette, play them in the car, give them nervously to prospective girlfriends with a carefully hand-written case insert, wondering if that track near the end isn’t a bit m
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Classic Tracks
“I was so jacked I couldn’t stop playing”, says the godfather of grunge. In keeping with Neil Young’s spontaneous nature, Like A Hurricane was written on the fly. Young and some drinking buddies were bar-hopping in La Honda, California, in the summer
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Linn Selekt DSM
network music player with Katalyst Linn was very early in deciding that the source of the future was definitely not the CD. It stopped making CD players back in 2009. But with turntables not yet revived to their present level of resurgence, that left
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Music & Movies
Grohl’s tightest set yet, with supernatural aid. Dave Grohl has spent the past decade scouring the US for his own spirit. He made 2011’s ‘Wasting Light’ in his garage to try to recapture his teenage exuberance, 2014’s ‘Sonic Highways’ in a variety of
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Yamaha WXAD-10
wireless streaming adaptor The first five streamers in our round-up are each part of a particular company’s streaming multiroom platform — in this case Yamaha’s MusicCast. So by plugging the box into a spare input on an existing hi-fi or wireless spe
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You can spend $1500, $15,000 or $150,000 on a projection system. What makes the difference? Budget: There are some amazing bargains in the projector world if you stick with full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Indeed you can go even lower and still enj
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Big On Sound
Why don’t Yamaha’s headphones get more attention? They’ve got the cachet of an established Japanese audio brand. They have the track record – including a number of Sound+Image Awards in recent years. Yet they don’t often seem to make the recommendati
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Matrix Audio Element I
The element of the Element i which first attracted us was its headphone socket. This little mini component can, like any streamer, deliver an analogue output from its rear sockets to an existing audio system, here via a choice of unbalanced RCA outpu
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Buying Guide
Key W = Sound+Image Award Product of the Year HC = Sound+Image Award Highly Commended Amplifiers are all about the power to drive your speakers, and different amplifiers use different technologies to do that. Also you can’t just compare power ratings
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Moon 680D streaming DAC
It’s now more than 40 years since Québécois audio and music engineer Victor Sima created the first product of Sima Electronique in the borough of St. Hubert, across the mighty Saint Lawrence river from downtown Montreal, just a 20-minute drive from t
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