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Pitching Novel Ideas: A User’s Guide to Success
INNOVATION IS WIDELY ACCEPTED as the driving force for organizational growth and competitiveness. Yet academics and practitioners alike continue to lament the slow pace of innovation and seek remedies to accelerate it. One reason for the disappointin
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Turning Disruption into Opportunity: How to Release Trapped Value
WHAT HAPPENS when new and fast-improving technologies create opportunities to unleash untapped sources of revenue—some of them long trapped by market inefficiencies? As digital components become relentlessly better, cheaper and smaller, this is a que
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Disruptive Leadership: The Amazon Management System
MANAGEMENT ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE. And that just might be the understatement of the century. Every single executive, entrepreneur, manager and employee out there — without exception — must recognize that the century-old traditional management syste
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How to Envision Your Organization’s Future
Since you became CEO of auto-parts manufacturer Linamar in 2002, it has been transformed into a $7.6 billion diversified global manufacturer of highly-engineered products powering vehicles, motion, work and lives. Can you talk a bit about the company
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Embracing AI in Financial Services
You are the Chief Science Officer at RBC and you also oversee its AI research institute. Describe the bank’s interest in this arena. There are many aspects to our interest in AI. First of all, financial services is a very data-driven business. From t
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Creative Destruction II
FROM BANKING TO RETAIL, healthcare to manufacturing and education to professional services, digital technologies and innovative business models are upending organizations around the globe. The humbling fact of life for the modern leader is that virtu
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The Dawn of a Global Cryptocurrency
AS OF JUNE 18, 2019, Facebook’s closely guarded cryptocurrency project was no longer a secret. That’s the day the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) announced that it would be joining Facebook and 26 other organizations as a founding partner of the Libra
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Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation
Creative destruction—the idea that successful innovators sow the seeds of their own destruction—was defined by Joseph Schumpeter over 70 years ago. Is this still a phenomenon today? Gary Pisano: Absolutely. Schumpeter nailed it when he coined that te
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How AI Amplifies Human Competencies
Not everyone is on board with AI and machine learning. None other than Elon Musk has suggested that it might lead to World War III. What is your take on the situation? You’re absolutely right that there is a huge amount of alarmism and ‘automation an
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Thought Leader Interview: Vinod Khosla
In a 2017 essay (“AI: Scary For The Right Reasons”), you wrote that AI might improve metrics like GDP growth and productivity, but at the same time, it may worsen less visible metrics such as income disparity. Are you still concerned about that? Even
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The State of Innovation in India
The innovation landscape in India covers every industry — from technology to manufacturing and services to government. Which area has seen the most progress? Some really exciting things are happening. India has some advantages in this area from being
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Bringing Big Ideas to Life
ON A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK CITY, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp couldn’t get a cab. They quickly realized that trying to get a taxi in the rain was a horrible experience. The duo went on to found Uber, which became one of the most successful unicor
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How to Disrupt Yourself
Your latest book is all about disruption from within an organization. What does it mean to ‘disrupt it yourself’? ‘Disrupt it Yourself’ is a play on the traditional DIY, or do it yourself. It underlines the importance of not waiting for others to sol
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Machine Learning in Business: Issues for Society
AT ITS CORE, machine learning is concerned with using large data sets to learn the relationships between variables, make predictions and interact with a changing environment. And it is becoming an increasingly important tool in business — so much so
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Disrupting the Healthcare System
What are the biggest wicked problems in healthcare right now? There are several, and from my perspective they are driven by two factors. The first is that there are so many stakeholders involved, which often means that there is no one ‘right’ solutio
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The Algorithmic Leader
You have said that in today’s environment, “every company is an algorithmic company, whether it knows it or not.” Please explain. Mike Walsh: We often assume that only purely digital companies like Google or Netflix can be called ‘algorithmic’ becaus
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Using AI to Improve the Customer Experience
More than 20 years after the Internet went mainstream, you believe a new transformation is beginning. Please describe it. In the 20 years since companies started creating websites, virtually everything about the way we interact with businesses has ch
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Leadership Forum: Creative Destruction in Healthcare
Chief Digital Officer, Partners HealthCare MY COLLEAGUE, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR Atil Guwande, recently wrote an article for the New Yorker titled, “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers.” In it, he points to a number of workflow-related issues that are probl
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Impact Investing in Asia
For those who aren’t familiar with the term, what is impact investing? Impact investing means investing in funds or organizations with the intention of generating a measurable social or environmental return alongside financial returns. Some of the ar
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China’s Innovation Agenda: A Middle Power Finds Its Way
IN LATE 2017, a headline in the South China Morning Post declared that “China’s chance to lead global innovation may lie with 5G mobile technology development.” The accompanying story began as follows: “China is on the cusp of recasting itself as a l
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The Roots of Entrepreneurial Success
You have been involved in start-ups for many years as a founder, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. In your experience, does entrepreneurship demand specific traits, or can anyone with a great idea do it? I don’t subscribe to the idea that it t
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Banishing Occupational Stereotypes
BOMBARDED WITH STIMULI from every direction, it is not surprising that we often resort to categorical thinking to simplify incoming information. The problem is, this common habit can manifest itself in a tendency to group individuals on the basis of
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Setting the Course for Your Innovation Journey
MANY WELL-ESTABLISHED COMPANIES KNOW that innovation is critical but have only just begun to test the waters. Others have set sail and are learning to navigate. The most advanced are mid-voyage, deep into their quest. Wherever they are on their journ
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Winning the 20s: The Business Imperative of Diversity
THE 2020S HAVE ARRIVED, and there are no spoilers. It is likely that the years to come will be marked by geopolitical and economic uncertainty, with continued disruptions from digital challengers. How can business leaders ensure that their organizati
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Bringing Quantum To The People
In September of 2019, Rotman Assistant Professor Peter Wittek went missing during a mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas, after being caught in an avalanche. Peter was a valued member of the Rotman community and his loss is keenly felt. We are
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The Value of Personal Relationships in a Digital World
NO ONE WOULD ARGUE that online and mobile banking have transformed the financial services industry. Tech-savvy customers welcome online banking for its convenience, and banks view it as a way to increase efficiency. But despite the rapid growth of di
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Does Innovation Cause Inequality?
THREE TECH GIANTS — Google, Apple and Facebook — are headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, an hour or two south of San Francisco. The area is deep suburbia, and as such, isn’t attractive to younger people with highly prized technical skills.
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Avoiding the Downside of Value Maximization
On a daily basis, we are confronted with opportunities for both ethical and unethical behaviour. What leads people to choose one over the other? The major model of human decision-making that has driven the social sciences is ‘utility maximization’, a
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Thought Leader Interview: Clayton Christensen
In your research on the path to prosperity, you and your colleagues found that most innovations target the ‘consumption economy’, ignoring the significant opportunities that exist in the ‘non-consumption economy’. Please explain. The consumption econ
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The 100 Year Life
You believe we are in the midst of an “extraordinary transition” that will culminate in a social and economic revolution. Please describe it. There are some enormously important trends happening in the world right now, but the ones I focus on in my w
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