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Take Time To Recover
It’s been a tough 12 months so, in this issue, we’re focusing on how we can restore ourselves. In our Dossier on page 48, Nathalie Hourihan takes us through a therapeutic process called Internal Family Systems to see if she can heal her past and find
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A Cooking Revolution
I’M SO EXCITED to reveal my debut book! It’s been a pleasure to write for Psychologies about sustainability, and food waste is a topic that captured my heart. • ‘The Complete Book Of Vegan Compleating: An A–Z of Zero-Waste Eating For The Mindful Ve
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The Nuts And Bolts Of Happiness
You can learn to focus on the positive, says our resilience champion, Katie Piper, who reframes joyful feelings as a choice of simple habits AT TIMES, IT MIGHT feel as though you’re the only one who struggles to be in high spirits – but happiness
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“Women Support Women; They Are The Bedrock Of My Sanity”
Have you ever dared dig out an old outfit from the back of your wardrobe and try it on?›Maybe a suit from your first job interview, your wedding dress or, in the case of Olympic gold winner,›Denise›Lewis, your heptathlon outfit for the 2000 Sydney Ol
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Social Ideas That Stick
CREATED BY DESIGNERS Maisie Benson and Holly Kielty, Think Food Bank is a brilliantly creative campaign that aims to take on food poverty with guerrilla stickers. After noticing that often the only reminder about food banks is the donation station at
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Heal Your Inner World
Once, I lied about owning a dog. Not only was this untrue – I have never owned a dog – the statement leapt from my mouth without warning! This event was weird and unsettling. It was also unfortunate, given that I was in the middle of a job interview.
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Bliss Laid Bare
PEOPLE OFTEN AVOID pursuing their purpose because it can feel dangerous. Your brain is wired to desire acceptance from others, and approval seeks good sense. However, passion is rarely sensible! The key to understanding what you truly want is to lis
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Take Your Time
There is nothing better than coming home after a hard day’s work to the appetising aroma of a hearty meal wafting through the house. Our busy lives mean there is little time for slaving over a hot stove but, thankfully, slow cookers are handy and loy
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Letter Of Gratitude
MY PARTNER, PATRYCJA, has been a Psychologies reader for many years and recently became a subscriber. Every issue contains so much! We enjoy the magazine together and receiving it in the post is a little slice of joy. Even our furry friend Lolly (pic
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Penguin Bloom
PENGUIN BLOOM is the biopic of Sam Bloom (Naomi Watts), a confident, outdoorsy woman and mother of three young boys, whose life changes in an instant following a traumatic accident. As she struggles with her recovery and questions her sense of self,
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Can I Garden In Harmony With The Earth?
GARDENS OCCUPY more land across the UK than nature reserves. They are, therefore, vital homes for wildlife. Imagine them as a patchwork of beneficial areas for species to travel through to find food and safety, and in which to thrive. When talking ab
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How To Make That Big Decision
1 Am I making this decision from the adult part of me? 2 Am I making or not making this choice to please somebody else? 3 What will be the consequences if I choose or don’t choose this – for me and for other people? 4 What am I hoping for in choos
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Move To The Rhythm Of Your Body
Do you scroll through social media for fitness inspiration? Research indicates that looking at ‘fitspiration’ images have the opposite desired effect, increasing negative mood and body dissatisfaction, plus they don’t give us an increased desire to e
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Find A Coach And Train To Be One
Psychologies’ partnership with Barefoot Coaching gives you the tools to find a coach who meets your needs. Barefoot Coaching has been at the forefront of coaching and coach training for 25 years. It has a proven track record as a provider of high-le
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Get To Know Your Internal Family
1 Select a part. For example, one of the parts that needed to step back during the meditation on page 52. 2 Focus on this one part. Spend time with it. Find it in your body. 3 Draw an image of the part. It does not have to be a work of art, just
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“Should I Marry A Man Who Irritates Me So Much?”
Q A year ago, my fiance and I were happy. We both work long hours, and I would look forward to Friday nights when we came together for the weekend. For the past year, however, with us both working from home, we get on each other’s nerves and someti
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How To Be More Realistic
• Do you regularly count your blessings and conveniently gloss over the bad stuff? • Do you let opportunities pass you by because you believe you deserve better and more? • Do you blame the universe for not helping you instead of working hard to make
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I Think We Have A Connection
THE BOXES ARE PACKED – we’re moving house and off to the countryside. It’s the start of new adventures, new places and new friendships. Rewind that – new friendships? The idea of having to make friends is always slightly alarming for an introvert, bu
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What Is Sexual Consent?
WHAT IS CONSENT? Do we always know when consent has been given? With a  lack of education around consent and little in the media showing how healthy sexual relationships should be, do we really understand how to give consent, or when we have it from
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Eat The Rainbow
PHYTOCHEMICALS are chemical compounds found in plant-based foods. They are, essentially, the pigments that give plants their colour and they have an enriching effect on the gut microbiota. Crucially, phytochemicals contain antioxidant properties, whi
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See, Capture And Feel The Moment
IS YOUR PHONE FULL OF PHOTOS you forget to look at? The new book Do Photo provides an antidote to snapping mindlessly and guides us towards a more considered eye. Written by photographer and director Andrew Paynter, it explores how the powers of obse
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Return To Sender
I WAS REMINDED OF THE POWER of letter writing as a journal practice when I attended a workshop hosted by author Elizabeth Gilbert. Liz, as she is known, had us write a series of six letters for six minutes – not from us to other people, but between u
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Eat To Nourish Not Punish
Watercress is nourishing, wholesome and full of antioxidants. In this recipe, the watercress is bold, and the soup is satisfying in its simplicity to make,’ says ‘The Calm Kitchen’ author, Lorna Salmon SERVES 2 • 1 tbsp olive oil• 1 medium potat
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How Slow Can You Go?
SLOW COOKERS can be a godsend in the kitchen. With a bit of morning prep, delicious meals practically make themselves, delivering healthy, home-cooked suppers after a long day. Models come in a range of prices with varying functions, so finding the r
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How I Became A Therapist
AS A GAY MAN WHO GREW UP in a rural area, I often felt alone and disconnected. I didn’t know there were other people like me. In the city, I met my LGBTQIA+ community and was amazed at the healing power of human connection. During my original psychot
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Psychologies Magazine
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I FOUND ELLEN TOUT’S Eco Worrier column about the ethics of knitting with wool (April) thought-provoking. Over the past few years, I have tried to reduce my plastic usage and my goal is to live as natural a life as possible. In the latest lockdown, I
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Know Yourself And End Self-sabotage
DO YOU FIND YOURSELF DOING THE OPPOSITE of what you know is good for you? Do you scupper your own chances of success, or procrastinate endlessly? Do you regularly break promises to yourself? Is your inner critic so loud you feel as if a bully lives i
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“I Feel Unwanted And Shaky At Work After Furlough”
Heidi* had returned to her job after being furloughed for months and was struggling. ‘I am not the same person at work any more, I’ve lost my confidence,’ she said. ‘Before furlough, I felt like an important part of the team, but so much has changed
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How Therapy Can Help
1 For someone who has experienced sexual trauma, therapy may be the first time that they break their silence. When I work with these clients, firstly and most importantly, I always believe them and listen to their story in full. 2 Coming to therapy
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