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In less than a decade, Ariane Goldman has made Hatch the go-to name for pregnant women and new mothers, expanding from ready-to-wear into accessories and the beauty collection Hatch Mama. Like so many successful entrepreneurs, Hatch was born out of G
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Girl, You’re A Woman Now
Our takeaway from the year that was: man-style shirts that go from couch to Zoom conference room. Chokers and chains, especially of the Chanel kind, stand out against the blank canvas of a bathrobe. Like two peas in a pod, every formal shirt need
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Labour Of Love
Lisa Sorgini will agree, life is often our best muse. The Australian photographer, who started focusing on images of motherhood after the birth of her firstborn, has now built an oeuvre of intimate mother-and-child portraits that resemble still-life
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Vogue India
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Craft And Country
At 88, Bimla Bissell or Bim (as she is fondly known), is a narrator of the past and cultural custodian of one of the oldest stores in the country. Her memory serves as the museum of the brand’s origins. In 1958, when Bim was a fellow advisor at Cotta
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Brave New World
Familiar roads lead to new destinations. Mix a classic shirt dress with trousers for a new twist A wardrobe built to last is both prescient and pertinent. When paired with a light inner, wool goes beyond winter Utility meets glamour in a multitaski
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Get To Know...
For a photographer who comes from a family of artists, art has always been a priority in Burman’s approach to his craft. Possessing a propensity to create unique stories with a vision of his own, he works between Paris, New York and Mumbai. In ‘Great
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Love Conquers All
Before the dream wedding, comes the hunt for the dream wedding dress and the perfect backdrop to exchange your vows. And Vogue India has always been that BFF on speed dial to hold your hand through every all-important decision you’re required to make
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The Mums Are Not Alright
We were walking down the road one evening when a car slowed and someone shouted my daughter’s name, easily identifying her despite her mask. It was her best friend. I hadn’t ever heard my 10-year-old squeal in delight the way she did then. The girls
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Editor’s Letter
So much has changed this past year that most of us will agree that marching into 2021 almost feels like a rebirth. With routines upended, we have all had to realign our lives and find a new rhythm. For first-time mothers, this time has been so challe
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Mum’s The Word
Amongst the most life-changing journeys, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood feature at the top. Now intensified with the overwhelming anxieties of a global pandemic, how can a mother and child cope and keep calm? Four women share their pregnancy st
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Life As We Know It
Pooja Khanna was devastated when she was first told that her baby girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome. But over the three and a half years of being Norah’s mum, she has learned to reframe her narrative, love unconditionally and celebrate life diffe
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THE Values OF Vogue
A new year, a new beginning—and a time to recommit to our values. Vogue believes in joy and optimism. We strive to live sustainably and advocate for independence, individuality and creativity. We honour meaning and craft in fashion. We insist on incl
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Oh, Mother
My pregnancy was confirmed in the lockdown with a gut feeling—a physical instinct was where it all started. From endless runs to the bathroom to saying goodbye to my morning coffee to eventually having a baby in a pandemic, I knew this ride wasn’t go
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Question Time
As a single mum of a now 16-year-old teenage boy—who missed half of his 10th grade board exams in March (after rigorously preparing for over a year), celebrated his birthday with friends and family via Zoom, spent his summer break holed up at home, a
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Little Things
It was in 1967 that the French house introduced baby and kids wear under the watch of Marc Bohan. But it was only in late 2020 that it debuted its first stroller. Form and fashion come together with Dior’s recognisable oblique print, a palette of cre
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Girl, You Got This
You may know Domino Kirke-Badgley as the better half of Penn Badgley, the actor who went from mysterious blogger on Gossip Girl to scary sociopath in You, but her world also includes quite a few thankful parents who credit her with their calm state o
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As an American who moved to Mumbai (gulp!) 11 years ago, I knew I was in for the adventure of a lifetime. From reconnecting with my culture of origin to enjoying an expat lifestyle, I was all in for this new phase of life. A career working profession
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The Pregnancy Edit
We’re warming up to knits for the new year Add structure to your new shape with a cinch Solids or prints, long or short— what’s your layering game? A capsule wardrobe of muted tones and timeless basics will tide you through all of life's big mome
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Bump It Up
A surge in hormones can cause melasma, which can show up as patches of pigmentation on your skin. Cue Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and works as an antioxidant to help fight sun damage. The water-like Brightening Pore Serum by Innisfree
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Skin Deep
It’s 1987, I am five years old. My parents and I live in a compound of townhouses, set in identical rows, in a town in northern New Jersey. From the balcony, we can see Manhattan across the water. So close but so far. We are generally liked in the ne
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Suits You
Not your standard pantsuits, these tailored twinsets are less strict, more snazzy Nothing says easy like a blazer-Bermudas combo. Add gold accessories to offset the black Beach basics get an upgrade with lightweight scarf prints A sleek camisole
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Happy Baby
So, you’re pregnant. Congratulations! Hold on—are you cancelling your Pilates class and shelving those dumbbells? The sad truth among a lot of women is that pregnancy often works as a get-out-of-gym card. And the falsehood that exercising during preg
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Going With The Flo
In April last year, as the world was in lockdown, Florence Welch, the flaming-haired frontwoman of English band Florence + The Machine, dropped ‘Light Of Love’, an unreleased single from her 2018 album High As Hope. It was released “as a little token
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Match Point
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Blue Period
Women have been conditioned into believing that pregnancy is one of the most joyous experiences of their lives. For most, it really is, but I’m here to tell you that’s not always true. As soon as I got my first positive test result, I waited for that
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Mothers Of Invention
The lockdown came with some game-changing revelations for designers Gayatri and Karthik Srinivasan, who are also parents to two tiny tots. Like most parents, this couple that helms Oddity, an experience design practice in Bengaluru, found more time t
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For Keeps
baby’s name set in diamonds serves as a reminder of an important moment A newer spin on the all-time classic, an emerald tennis bracelet is a stunning offering for any occasion A bracelet with two hearts joined by another is a touching way to mark
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Smooth Transition
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Anita Sukhwani highlights common postpartum mental health issues. These are treatable, and seeking expert help reduces the severity and duration of the problem Very common, experienced by 50 to 75 per cent of women. Mood sw
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Family Forays
Surviving 2020 is reason enough for a holiday. Whether you’re vacation-ready or cautiously waiting to plan your next family getaway, we’ve got you covered. Broken down by interests, our child-friendly suggestions spanning the globe cater to just abou
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