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KLM Boss: ‘Aviation Will Come Back For Sure’
For a man whose business has been losing money at a rate of £36 per second, Pieter Elbers is remarkably optimistic. The chief executive of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is now working on a scenario in which international air travel could return to 2019 le
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Who Will Win Euro 2021? Favourites, Betting Odds And Tournament Tips
The rearranged Euro 2020 tournament is nearly here, with Europe’s best competing to be crowned the continent’s top team. Delayed from a year ago by the coronavirus pandemic the competition will finally get under way when Italy and Turkey kick things
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How To Ease Hay Fever Symptoms, According To An Expert
Sunny skies and hot weather are warmly welcomed, but the heat can also bring an increased pollen count, which will wreak havoc among hay fever and allergy sufferers. As temperatures rise, the tree pollen count will do so as well, meaning little respi
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Nobody Remembers G7 Summits – This One Needs To Be Different
Biarritz, Quebec, Sicily, Shima, and Bavaria. Only the most obsessive followers of politics might recognise these locations as the five most recent places to host the annual G7 summit. If they are remembered at all, G7 gatherings are usually notable
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It’s Oh So Quiet: Does 2000s Acoustic Indie Deserve Another Chance?
What were you up to in the year 2000? Maybe you were tuned in to the first series of Big Brother, texting your mates on your Nokia 3310 to discuss how outraged you were at Nasty Nick’s dastardly deeds. Perhaps you were reeling from another agonisingl
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Hidden Gems: Netflix Originals You Might Have Missed, From Money Heist To Santa Clarita Diet
It’s hard to believe that it was just six years ago that Neflix commissioned its first original content – the political thriller House of Cards. At the time, it was a bold, audacious move, and it seemed almost puzzling that such big names (Kevin Spac
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An ‘Unspeakable’ Act Or Welcome Change? Oxford Students Torn Over Latest Chapter In Culture Wars
For some students at Oxford, the decision to remove a portrait of the Queen from a common room is an “unspeakable thing”, and for others it’s a welcome acknowledgement of the UK’s colonial history – albeit a move now being hijacked by those seeking t
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What Is The Transatlantic Travel Taskforce, And What Might It Achieve?
“We’re pleased to announce a joint UK/US Taskforce to help facilitate the reopening of transatlantic travel” – so tweeted the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, a week after tightening restrictions on British travellers. Before the coronavirus pandem
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Euro 2020 The Stage For A New Generation Of Multinational Footballers
It was a question that made many within the Spain squad uncomfortable, but that others around the group actually felt was understandable. On Sunday, one journalist just went straight out and asked Aymeric Laporte whether the defender feels “Spanish e
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Mercedes-Benz S: Still Special, Still At The Top Of The Tree
This is the latest iteration of one of the best cars in the world. You can’t say “the best”, I think, because there’s no car that does everything better than any other, or even that does certain things so much better that they outweigh deficiencies e
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Joe Biden And Boris Johnson Have A Chance To Rekindle The ‘Special Relationship’
Joe Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” has recently drawn lots of comparisons to another Democratic president who confronted severe domestic hardship and global catastrophe: Franklin D Roosevelt. For Biden, a history and politics graduate, FDR is clearly
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How Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Went From Thor’s Misfit Brother To MCU Darling
He is Loki of Asgard, and – despite what has become his catchphrase – he wasn’t always burdened with glorious purpose. After a decade of hovering at the edges of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Hiddleston’s character is finally taking centre stage
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Deadly Rock-and-ice Avalanche In Himalayas Could Be ‘Precursor’ To More Climate Havoc
An avalanche of rock and ice set off the chain of events that severely damaged two hydropower plants and left more than 200 people dead or missing in Uttarakhand, India in February, according to a new study. While earlier research had ruled that the
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The Ex-cop Trying To Bring Down LA’s Ruthless Police Gangs: ‘It’s Absolutely Crazy But It Exists’
A California politician who once served as a hands-on policeman is spearheading efforts to reform law enforcement in the state – by banning everything from deadly chokeholds and restraints, to the officers’ own gangs that have been accused of intimid
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Will Lockdown Be Lifted On 21 June? Everything We Know So Far
The UK government’s hopes of scrapping the final social restrictions imposed on the public to tackle the coronavirus pandemic appear to be fading fast as the Delta variant of the disease continues to drive up infections. As it stands, Boris Johnson’s
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Euro 2020: Why International Football Is An Entirely Different Ball Game
It’s a complaint that sums up the compromises many international managers have to make. During the March World Cup qualifiers, one high-profile coach wanted one of his midfielders to press in a particular way. His preferred system was dependent on it
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I Used To Work Reviewing American Tax Returns. ProPublica’s Report Proves What I Suspected
This week, ProPublica dropped a bombshell report looking at the tax returns of some of the wealthiest Americans. Among the most infuriating revelations was that in 2007, multibillionaire (and now the richest man in the world) Jeff Bezos paid $0 in fe
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Inside The Chaos Of Northern Ireland’s Failure To Roll Out Abortion Services Despite Decriminalisation
Until 2019, Northern Ireland had some of the most uncompromising abortion laws in the entire world – despite the medical procedure being legal in the rest of the United Kingdowm since 1967. Having a termination was forbidden in almost all circumstan
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10 Best Tablets For Drawing, Gaming And Films
The launch of the iPad in 2010 changed everything, as Apple is fond of saying. Sure, there had been tablet computers before then, but they were really just laptops with a touchscreen interface, a not-very-easy version of Windows to run it, and not mu
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“She’s Under A Spell, It’s Scary”: Son Chronicles His Mother’s Descent Into The Dark World Of Qanon
The eight minutes of Sean Donnelly’s short film confronting his mother are uncomfortable to watch. In the aftermath of the US Capitol riots, epithets against QAnon believers in the cultural zeitgeist graduated from the basic basket of deplorables to
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Joe Biden May Yet Force Boris Johnson’s Hand Over Northern Ireland
The most powerful man in the world will begin his most important journey since taking the job with a visit to a small island where he will find himself involved in a “sausage war”. President Joe Biden’s trip to the G7 summit, hosted in Cornwall, wil
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Euro 2020 Kits: Every Home And Away Shirt Ranked And Rated
Euro 2020 is finally in sight, a festival of football which we hope brings plenty to enjoy after a largely forgettable year or so. As ever, a major tournament brings with it a bin-bag full of fresh international kits, and we’ve decided to cast our ey
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8 Best Soundbars For Cinematic TV Audio In Your Home
Chances are your TV, if it’s a flatscreen, won’t have audio that matches the sound from your hi-fi. Which is where a soundbar comes in. A flatscreen looks great because it’s so thin, but that’s also exactly what prevents it from sounding as meaty and
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Euro 2020 Kits: Every Home And Away Shirt Ranked And Rated
Euro 2020 is finally in sight, a festival of football which we hope brings plenty to enjoy after a largely forgettable year or so. As ever, a major tournament brings with it a bin-bag full of fresh international kits, and we’ve decided to cast our ey
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Apple AirPods Max Vs Sony WH-1000XM4: Which Wireless Headphones Are Best?
Apple has just released its over-ear AirPods Max headphones, which boast lots of new features and a high price tag: £549.  The most recent noise-cancellers from Sony, the WH-1000XM4 lack a snappy name but have a lot going for them. And they cost £200
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You Might Sneer But The Kardashians Changed What It Means To Be Famous
This article was originally published in September 2020. On 10 June 2021, Keeping Up With The Kardashians will air its final episode. On Tuesday 8 September, after 14 years and 20 seasons, Kim Kardashian announced the end of Keeping Up With The Kard
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Declan Rice On Choosing England Over Ireland And Carrying ‘No Fear’ Into Euro 2020
You could say it was a little taste of the standard Declan Rice wants to reach, as well as a flavour of the team chemistry that Gareth Southgate hopes will bring England up a level. Mere minutes after winning the Champions League final, Mason Mount w
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Ollie Robinson’s Tweets Reflect A Societal Problem Far Beyond Cricket
The dab. The floss. The mannequin challenge. Cricket has always been late to modern culture’s most popular trends. A sport with conservative roots will always struggle to be at the vanguard of internet sensations. So, perhaps it was no surprise that
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Michael Gove Broke Law Over Covid Contract For Friends Of Dominic Cummings, Court Rules
The High Court has ruled that the government’s award of a coronavirus contract to a market research company whose bosses were friends of government adviser Dominic Cummings was unlawful. Anti-corruption campaign group the Good Law Project won its cas
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Rumours Swirl And Disquiet Grows As Locals Says G7 Is ‘Last Thing Cornwall Needs’
Two days until the G7 summit begins in the seaside village of Carbis Bay, and in this corner of Cornwall – a holiday idyll fast resembling a military Green Zone – rumours are rife. One doing the rounds suggests surface-to-air missiles are to be insta
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