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Heatwaves Are Getting Worse - What Role Does The Climate Crisis Play?
As summer kicks into high gear, heatwaves have already gripped parts of the United States, Europe and South Asia with recording-breaking temperatures and deadly conditions. In the past 100 years, heatwaves have become hotter and more frequent across
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The Best Hotels In Reykjavik For Icelandic Culture, Local Dining And A Clean Conscience
Visitor numbers to Iceland grew in just one decade by 500 per cent as the backdrop of Game of Thrones revealed the wonders of this isolated nation. With accessible otherworldly landscapes positioned like they’re in a geographical theme park, visitors
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The Imminent Coal, Fracking And Nuclear Decisions That Will Set UK’s Energy And Climate Course
Three major energy decisions are due to be made this week that will play a significant role in setting the agenda on how the government is responding to the climate crisis, the cost of living crisis and changing energy demands. Perhaps the most contr
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Immigration Detention Facility Near Empty In California
A sprawling, privately run detention center in the wind-swept California desert town of Adelanto could house nearly 2,000 migrants facing the prospect of deportation. These days, though, it’s nearly empty. The Adelanto facility is an extreme example
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Bolsonaro's Reelection Hopes Dim Unless He Wins Over Women
If Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is to have any hope of securing a second term, he needs more female support – and fast. Yet a man famed for macho bravado hasn’t shown any concerted strategy to do so. With the election just three months off, some
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10-year-old Rape Victim Forced To Travel For Abortion Care Underscores Extreme Post-Roe Restrictions
The case of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio, where abortions after six weeks of pregnancy are outlawed, who was forced to travel for care in Indiana has underscored the dramatic, far-reaching consequences of the end of constitutional protections fo
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Ezra Miller: Everything We Know About The Controversial Hollywood Actor
Ezra Miller presents a $20m issue for Warner Bros. That’s the budget for The Flash, which stars Miller as a spandex-clad superhero. Set for release next summer, it’s DC comics’ big roll of the dice against Disney’s world-conquering Marvel movies, suc
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Ousters, Upsets Halfway Through 2022 Primary Election Season
More than halfway through a tumultuous primary season, voters have rendered verdicts in a number of contests, many of which featured candidates arguing they best represented a continuation of policies favored by former President Donald Trump. While
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After Abortion Ruling, Clinic Staff Grapple With Trauma
Danielle Maness has squeezed the hands of hundreds of anxious patients lying on tables in the procedure room, now empty. She's recorded countless vital signs and delivered scores of snacks to the recovery area, now silent. Peering into each darkened
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Despite Potential, Midwestern Farms Struggle To Market Fish
When drastic increases in food costs spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic left Andrew Caplinger struggling to find fresh catfish for his restaurants, he decided to try “an experimental” solution — growing his own. In the coming months, the Indianapolis r
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Filmmaker Who Upended Jan 6 Probe Talks Trump ‘Aggression’, What He Saw, And How The Spotlight Has Led To Death Threats
Alex Holder, the British filmmaker who recently provided the House January 6 select committee with a trove of footage shot in the months leading up to the 2021 attack on the US Capitol, says members of former president Donald Trump’s family appeared
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What Happened To The Roe V Wade ‘Night Of Rage’?
Matilda is one of the youngest so-called “violent radicals” and “political terrorists” taking a stand outside the US Supreme Court. At just a few months old, she stares up wide-eyed from her stroller at the people holding brightly coloured banners an
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Abortion Ruling Puts Spotlight On Gerrymandered Legislatures
In overturning a half-century of nationwide legal protection for abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Roe v. Wade had been wrongly decided and that it was time to “return the issue of abortion to the people's elected representatives” in the st
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‘We’re Fools For Not Doing It’: Why Some LGBT+ Americans Are Turning To Guns Amid A Rising Wave Of Hate
Enge had been procrastinating about buying a gun. The soft-spoken 69-year-old grew up around firearms, and always wanted one to protect her household. But in her highly conservative region of inland California, most training courses were linked to th
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Is Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony A ‘Smoking Gun’ That Will Lead To Trump Facing Criminal Charges?
Former president Donald Trump has been the subject of a criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, two impeachment inquiries led by House Democrats, and a two-year special counsel probe led by a legendary former director of t
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Black Jewish Leader Works To Boost Community, Inclusiveness
Nate Looney is a Black man who grew up in Los Angeles, a descendant of enslaved people from generations ago. He’s also an observant, kippah-wearing Jew. But he doesn’t always feel welcome in Jewish spaces — his skin color sometimes elicits questioni
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Splintered Ukrainian City Braces For New Battle With Russia
A group of young off-duty Ukrainian soldiers gathered at a military distribution center to enjoy a rare respite from the fighting that has again engulfed their fractured home in eastern Ukraine. As they shared jokes and a pizza, artillery explosions
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Here are the AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories and promotable content. All times EDT. For up-to-the minute information on AP’s coverage, visit Coverage Plan at ——————————— ONLY ON AP ——————————— 35 YEARS IN AFGHANISTAN
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Hacks Star Hannah Einbinder: ‘There Are A Lot Of Bullies Who Grew Up To Be Comedians’
Achoo!” Hacks star Hannah Einbinder has allergies. “Feathers, dust, pollen, gluten, dairy, all animals with fur, grass, stone fruits,” she says. She sounds somewhere between bored and amused as she runs through the list. “A lot of allergies. I’m miss
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Hope And Despair: Kathy Gannon On 35 Years In Afghanistan
The Afghan policeman opened fire on us with his AK-47, emptying 26 bullets into the back of the car. Seven slammed into me, and at least as many into my colleague, Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus. She died at my side. I could barely w
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Hope And Despair: Kathy Gannon On 35 Years In Afghanistan
The Afghan policeman opened fire on us with his AK-47, emptying 26 bullets into the back of the car. Seven slammed into me, and at least as many into my colleague, Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus. She died at my side. Anja weighed hea
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Singer-songwriter Max Pope: ‘No F***ed Up Music Industry Is Going To Stop Me Being Happy’
Max Pope’s music sounds like how summer feels. It’s soulful and sun-drenched – the sort of sound that wafts through the speakers of beer gardens in the summer. Like this one in Dalston, where we meet on the hottest day of the year yet. The 27-year-ol
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Ruling Could Dampen Government Efforts To Rein In Big Tech
The Supreme Court’s latest climate change ruling could dampen efforts by federal agencies to rein in the tech industry, which went largely unregulated for decades as the government tried to catch up to changes wrought by the internet. In the 6-3 deci
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The Long, Ongoing Debate Over ‘All Men Are Created Equal’
Kevin Jennings is CEO of the Lambda Legal organization, a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights. He sees his mission in part as fulfilling that hallowed American principle: “All men are created equal.” “Those words say to me, ‘Do better, America.’ And
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From One July Fourth To The Next, A Steep Slide For Biden
Last Fourth of July, President Joe Biden gathered hundreds of people outside the White House for an event that would have been unthinkable for many Americans the previous year. With the coronavirus in retreat, they ate hamburgers and watched firework
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Judy Davis: ‘My Honesty Has Definitely Got Me In Trouble’
You don’t speak about Judy Davis casually. You speak her name with reverence, awe, and mild terror. Like Isabelle Huppert, Julie Christie or Charlotte Rampling, she is an actor worshipped by other actors, a titan of the form, and a heavyweight with f
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What Abortion Access Looks Like In Every State After The Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe V Wade
The US Supreme Court has overturned key rulings enshrining abortion rights across the country, leaving states to determine whether to ban the procedure and force women to carry pregnancies to term. Without protections under the landmark 1973 ruling i
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Texas Supreme Court Blocks Order That Resumed Abortions
The Texas Supreme Court blocked a lower court order late Friday night that said clinics could continue performing abortions, just days after some doctors had resumed seeing patients after the fall of Roe v. Wade. It was not immediately clear whether
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Parkland Jurors Must Manage Trial Stress On Their Own
The jurors chosen this past week to decide whether Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz is executed will visit a bloodstained crime scene, view graphic photos and videos and listen to intense emotional testimony — an experience that they will have to
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Why Valencia Is Spain’s Unsung Foodie Hero
“Paella doesn’t have seafood in it. To a Valencian, that is not paella.” Valencia local Eduardo Aguilar tells me this with just a hint of contempt as we chat over small plates showcasing some of the region’s best produce in his atmospheric cave-turne
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