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Biden Aims To Deliver Reassurance In State Of Union Address
President Joe Biden is ready to offer a reassuring assessment of the nation's condition rather than roll out flashy policy proposals as he delivers his second State of the Union address seeking to overcome pessimism in the country and concerns about
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Harry Styles’ Album Of The Year Win Ends The Grammys On An Underwhelming Note
The 65th Grammy Awards ceremony ended in mass confusion after the night’s biggest prize went to Harry Styles. The British pop singer was announced as the winner of the Album of the Year award over Beyoncé, who was widely tipped as the favourite wi
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Biden Aims To Sway A Sceptical Nation At State Of The Union As Polls Show Him Under Water
When President Joe Biden delivers his second State of the Union address to a packed House of Representatives chamber on Tuesday, it will be his last chance to sell his message — and his imminent candidacy for reelection — to an American public that h
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What We Know About Chinese Spy Balloons That Flew Over US During Trump Administration
A recovery operation is underway after a US Air Force fighter jet shot down a high-altitude Chinese surveillance balloon off the coast of South Carolina on 4 February. President Joe Biden’s administration and senior military officials revealed that s
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Balloon Bursts Hopes For End To Spiraling US-China Tensions
Monday was supposed to be a day of modest hope in the U.S.-China relationship. Secretary of State Antony Blinken was going to be in Beijing, meeting with President Xi Jinping in a high-stakes bid to ease ever-rising tensions between the world’s two l
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Chinese Spy Balloons Were In US Airspace Three Times During Trump Administration
In the wake of a Chinese spy balloon entering US airspace this week, a senior defence official is now saying Chinese spy balloons previously entered US airspace three times during Donald Trump’s presidency, This comes as Mr Trump and other Republica
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Anti-abortion Activists Aim To Sway GOP White House Hopefuls
Emboldened anti-abortion activists are looking to the 2024 presidential election as an opportunity to solidify their influence over the Republican Party. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, the most influential group in the anti-abortion movement, is
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California Releases Its Own Plan For Colorado River Cuts
California released a plan Tuesday detailing how Western states reliant on the Colorado River should save more water. It came a day after the six other states in the river basin made a competing proposal. In a letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamatio
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Fate Of Last Ex-cop Charged In Floyd Murder Lies With Judge
The attorney for a former Minneapolis police officer who held back bystanders while his colleagues restrained a dying George Floyd said in court filings Tuesday that his client is innocent of criminal wrongdoing and should be acquitted on state charg
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‘Being A Solo Parent Is All-consuming’: Natascha McElhone On Her New Career Focus And That Controversial Relationship In The Crown
When Natascha McElhone got her big break as an actor, she very nearly blew it. She was fresh out of drama school and appearing in Richard III at the Open Air Theatre in London’s Regent’s Park. It was pouring with rain one evening and, though McElhone
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Myanmar Resistance Steadfast Against Army Rule 2 Years Later
The prospects for peace in Myanmar, much less a return to democracy, seem dimmer than ever two years after the army seized power from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, experts say. On Wednesday, legions of opponents of military rule heeded
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The 5 Best New Movies To Watch In February, From Missing To Women Talking
Teenage FaceTime detectives, talking shells and a donkey: February is an eclectic, not to mention eccentric, month for cinema. Throughout the year, there is a near-constant deluge of new releases arriving – on the big screen and small – and it’s hard
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Best Hotels In Miami 2023: Where To Stay For Luxury And Beachfront Locations
Bling, beachy, artsy Miami has plenty of places to bed down in style. Here’s our list of stand-out stays to get you started. There’s much for the design-lover to swoon at in this Downtown Miami hotel. Brutalist concrete punctuated by pops of orange i
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Baldwin Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charge In Set Death
Prosecutors linked Alec Baldwin to an expansive list of alleged failures in firearms safety as they filed a felony involuntary manslaughter charge Tuesday against the actor in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on a New Mexico movie set. Halyna
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Palestinians Face Removal As Far-right Israel Vows Expansion
Protesters streaming up the windswept hills east of Jerusalem interrupted Maha Ali’s breakfast. Palestinian chants of support for her West Bank Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar, at risk of demolition by the Israeli army since it lost its legal prot
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‘It’s Like We Were At Eton And The Matron Was Nadine Dorries’: Russell T Davies On Nolly, Doctor Who, And Trans Stories On Screen
Everyone knows Russell T Davies is a great writer. Far fewer know he’s a great talker. By the time I meet Davies at a Soho hotel to discuss his latest TV drama, Nolly, a tremendously entertaining three-parter about Crossroads star Noele Gordon, the 5
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‘Bold’ And ‘Aggressive’: What Legal Experts Say About Alec Baldwin Charging Decision Over Rust Shooting
A decision by New Mexico authorities to bring involuntary manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin for the fatal Rust shooting of Halyna Hutchins has been called “bold” and “aggressive” by legal experts. The charges against Baldwin and other crew me
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Three Years Post-Brexit, How Does The Travel Reality Match Up With What We Were Promised?
“We can see the sunlit meadows beyond,” said Boris Johnson on the eve of the 2016 referendum. Three years ago, his government “got Brexit done”. The UK officially left the European Union at 11pm GMT on 31 January 2020 (although the Withdrawal Agreem
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State Of The Union Address: The Seven Most Bizarre Moments Over The Years
The State of the Union is one of the most choreographed events in American politics. We all know the drill: The president walks down the House chamber, shakes a lot of hands, takes his place in front of the vice president and the speaker of the House
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Memphis' SCORPION Unit Among Many To Draw Scrutiny In US
A car with dark tinted windows circles the block a few times before swerving onto the sidewalk. A handful of armed plainclothes police officers jump out and order everyone out of a double-parked car so they can search it, striking terror in the secon
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Unexpected Pennsylvania House Speaker Hopes To Retain Job
The rank-and-file Democrat who was unexpectedly elected speaker of the Pennsylvania House as a compromise candidate earlier this month is saying he hopes to keep the job even after three vacant Democratic-leaning seats are filled in special elections
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How Will Life Change Once The COVID-19 Emergency Ends?
The declaration of a COVID-19 public health emergency three years ago changed the lives of millions of Americans by offering increased health care coverage, beefed-up food assistance and universal access to coronavirus vaccines and tests. Much of tha
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State Of The Union: The Seven Most Bizarre Moments Over The Years
The State of the Union is one of the most choreographed events in American politics. We all know the drill: The president walks down down the House chamber, shakes a lot of hands (pre-Covid), takes his place in front of the vice president and the spe
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When are the 2023 Grammy Awards?
2023 has barely begun and the entertainment world is already gearing up for the Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Baftas, and so many more. With so many awards to keep track of, you may have some questions. Like, what’s the difference between the Golden Globes
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Biden, McCarthy, Once Breakfast Mates, Wrangle Over US Debt
Not so long ago, Joe Biden and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy used to talk things over at breakfast in Biden's vice presidential home at the Naval Observatory. Biden was intent in those days on “keeping up relations with the opposition party,” as
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Difficulty Measuring Methane Slows Plan To Slash Emissions
The doors of a metal box slide open, and a drone rises over a gas well in Pennsylvania. Its mission: To find leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, so that energy companies can plug the leaks and reduce the emissions that pollute the air. The dr
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‘I Don’t Need More Than Five Hours Of Sleep On The Trot’: Naga Munchetty On BBC Breakfast, Being Herself And The Toughest Stories Of Her Career
It’s 10.25am on a Friday morning and I’m starting to worry. I was supposed to start interviewing Naga Munchetty, the matter-of-fact, pixie-haired star of BBC Breakfast, just under an hour ago. But no one can track her down. Between 6am and quarter pa
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Yemen Rebels, Saudis In Back-channel Talks To Maintain Truce
Amid Yemen’s longest-ever pause in fighting — more than nine months — Saudi Arabia and its rival, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, have revived back-channel talks, hoping to strengthen the informal cease-fire and lay out a path for a negotiated end
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AP News Digest 3 am
Here are the AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories and promotable content. All times EST. For up-to-the minute information on AP’s coverage, visit Coverage Plan. —————————- TOP STORIES —————————- RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR-CI
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Ukrainian Civilians Vanish And Languish In Russian-run Jails
Alina Kapatsyna often dreams about getting a phone call from her mother. In those visions, her mother tells her that she’s coming home. Men in military uniforms took 45-year-old Vita Hannych away from her house in eastern Ukraine in April. She never
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