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Cross Purposes
Shortly after consuming a full Welsh breakfast in the busy dining room of my hilltop hotel, I’m cycling through a dramatic cauldron of mountains, lakes and waterfalls, and wondering where the rest of the human race has disappeared to. Never mind, I t
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Isle Of Mull
68 miles › Lots of fast, flat coastal riding, surprisingly few climbs, but always mighty scenery. Main road down to Salen (cafe) is busy during ferry times, but quiet otherwise. Fabulous Glen More then lunch at Tiroran (42 miles); more stunning lochs
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The Chilterns
63 miles Lanes to Great Missenden, then superb ridgetop freewheel into Chesham. Buy picnic in Berkhamstead and enjoy it at stunning Dunstable Downs (or use cafe). Lovely leafy Ashridge, then succession of woods, lanes and gently revealed views of rol
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The seaside town’s promenade path isn’t merely family-cycling fun, it also provides day-riders a magic carpet out to explore the fabulous Isle of Purbeck and Dorset coast. Gravel bikers can roam super trails, but pick your route (and ferries) careful
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The Magic Number
One of the great things about gravel bikes is that they’re open to interpretation. The multiple options on the market have been created to suit the different ways people want to experience the versatile world of gritty trails, towpaths and fire-track
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Vitus Zenium Tiagra
WE SAY… Carbon frame, carbon forks, disc brakes, good finishing kit… what more could you expect for the price? For the last few years, the standard £1000 road bike has had an aluminium frame, carbon fork and a Shimano 105 groupset with caliper rim br
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69 miles › Easy but rewarding climbs and varied scenery. Past Culloden Moor (cafe) and Clava Cairns on lanes, then deserted old A9 past distillery to Tomatin (cafe/shop). Glorious moortop road from Garbole to Farr Loch (wild swimming). Foyers (falls,
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Petal Power
As with any busy utility cyclist my everyday panniers cop a lot of punishment. The other day a magnum of Domestos leaked, but the panniers – Ortlieb – shrugged off the bleach offensive unharmed. My jeans fared less well. They now sport white Jackson
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Bar Tapes
THICKNESS 2.5mm PLUG TYPE Expanding wedge DSP stands for DuraSoft Polymer, the proprietary foam backing on this tape. Available in 1.8mm, 2.5mm (as tested) or plush 3.5mm thicknesses and 15 colours, there’s something to suit every taste. The rubberis
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Shimano Ultegra R8000
£156.99 ›Sleek-looking high performers WE SAY… A good fit-and-for get pedal that’s a happy balance between Dura-Ace and 105 DETAILS Carbon composite body; stainless steel body plate; sealed cartridge bearings; 6 degrees of float (yellow); 2 degrees (
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71 miles Big day of variety and wow factor. Cosy Forge Valley, then Dalby Forest’s tarmac trail. Pretty Thornton and Pickering (cafes) then remote hilly roads to Esk Valley and downhill to Whitby. More hilly back roads (with one short linking track)
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Giant Contend AR 3
WE SAY… While you may not get as much for your dollar as others here, this is the bike for long-distance riding At first glance, the 2021 Giant Contend AR 3 doesn’t quite match the other test bikes here when it comes to its components, and this year’
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61 miles › Tough but rewarding day of fells and well-earned Lakeland views. Three hard, spectacular ascents – notorious Wrynose and Hardknott passes, plus Birker Fell – with thrilling scenery, then briefer climbs and estuary views to friendly Ulverst
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88 miles Tough day (for the pros, make that half a day) combining highlights of Men’s Elite TT, Men’s Elite and Junior Road Race routes. Takes in Otley and Ilkley (cafes) and mighty Wharfedale, over the 8 per cent Kidstones Pass to Wensleydale and vi
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Going The Distance
£3500 Gravel-curious mile-muncher The Scultura has been Taiwanese bike-maker Merida’s lightweight road option for many years. The new Scultura Endurance moves far more into endurance territory and into the realm of rough-road riding with generous tyr
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74 miles › Main road out of centre, then 50 miles of glorious scenery on smooth quiet roads with mild climbing. Refuel at bike haven Innerleithen, back via Gladhouse reservoir. Time is short? Go from Eskbank station (regular trains, 20min from Edinbu
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59 miles Super countryside circuit with airy ridgetop views, quiet villages and a quirky windmill. Flat B roads past Woodstock, then lanes through North Aston (picnic site, nice descent), Stratton Audley (tea rooms), Brill (mill), Beckley (community
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Power To The People
Mike Baczkowski has ridden bikes seriously, and ridden serious bikes, since his late 20s. Now 80, he recalls over the phone to Cycling Plus from his winter home in Florida of his penchant for fixing up old and abandoned bikes. Forgotten treasures, su
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Insider Tips
An independent cycle-cafe and shop with a classy menu and workshop. Deliveries are made by bike! WHERE: Bournemouth BH5 2JB Big, well-stocked bike shop with experienced staff that does everything from fits to puncture repair outfits. WHERE: Bournemou
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When Training Goes Wrong
The sun is shining, trees are coming into leaf and birdsong is providing the soundtrack to every ride. Isn’t cycling pure unadulterated joy? Mostly. But not always. In fact, sometimes it’s a torturous place that can affect everyone. The Hell of the N
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Six Things To Consider
Most pedals have a spring-release mechanism that allows the cleat to disengage when you twist your foot out. Commonly, it can be adjusted to be as loose or as tight as you like it. Aligning cleats on your shoes requires a bit of know-how and time ded
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The Bikes On Test…
The CDA is a spin-off of Genesis’s long-time favourite Croix de Fer. The aluminium-framed CDA 30 has a mix of 10-speed Shimano Tiagra and gravel-specific GRX gearing, mechanical disc brakes and more fittings for bike-packing bags and accessories than
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Ere Genus Cc-t Proroad
£299 Adjustable saddle comfort WE SAY… The first saddle to have adjustable-stiffness but it still favours those who like it firm Dutch brand Ere Research has launched an innovative take on the short saddle. At first glance, this unisex 240mm-long, 14
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Zipp Service Course Sl70 Xplr
£109 The Zipp has only 5 degrees of flare and a significantly shorter end-to-end measurement of 523mm than the Spank. It does have 11 degrees of sweep, though, which gives a natural position and feel on the drops but not quite the same handling advan
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The Ultimate Guide For New Riders
• Choose the essential kit you’ll need • Safely ride in traffic • Build your cycling fitness • Structure your cycle training • Take on any hill • Safely ride in a group • Fuel rides and recovery • Get smooth running gears • Set up tubeless tyres • An
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Time Xpro 10
£149.99 ›Pedals that like the lighter touch WE SAY… Distinctive and unique peda ls that areex pensive and lack arange of adjus tment DETAILS Carbon body; carbon blade and hollow steel axle; angular float (+/-5-degree) and lateral float (2.5mm); 13.5m
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How Cycling Changed My Life…
HOW WAS LIFE BEFORE THE BIKE? “I used to say I hated cycling. I thought it was geeky and the helmets looked weird. But in September 2019 I needed a boost and knowing my mum and dad have been on some epic cycling holidays, I thought I’d get a bike, ke
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Plug In And Ride
£2989 Smart, British-born e-gravel machine Electric bike builder Cairn is part of The Rider Firm, the British upstart that boasts an ever-expanding stable including celebrated wheel maker Hunt, Privateer mountain bikes and Dissent 133 gloves. The col
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How Can I Stay More Focused On Long Rides?
Even the most committed cyclist would be forgiven for losing focus on a long, 100-mile ride, as your mind starts to wander, pain gnaws at your legs and boredom creeps in. At best, this will cause you to suffer a drop in intensity. At worst, you might
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You know you’re a serious cyclist when you buy your first set of clipless pedals, right? But with so many pedals to choose from, which brand is right for you and what do you need to look out for? Clipless pedals come in many shapes and designs, but m
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