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by Anders Røyneberg If you’re firmly of the opinion that there’s no such thing as too many plants, this is the book for you. It has everything you need to know about living a greener, more balanced life. @ Lovers of minimalist interiors need to he
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Instant Hit
‘If you do lots of activity in your kitchen that requires the use of boiling water then an instant tap is by far the quickest, safest and most sustainable way to deliver true boiling water. In comparison with a kettle, a Quooker delivers what you nee
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Easy as 1, 2, 3!
✔ Black embroidery floss ✔ Cardboard, 5cm wide ✔ Black thread ✔ Black felt, 1mm thick ✔ Glue gun ✔ Fine-toothed comb ✔ Scissors ✔ Lampshade ✔ Black ribbon ✔ Cream crochet ribbon 1 Wrap the floss around a 5cm-wide piece of cardboard 25 times. Tie a s
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This summer, go for gold in your interior scheme. Not only will adding metallic accents provide a luxe-for-less look to your space, it will also add warmth and help to bounce sunshine around the room – so it’s an especially good choice for dark areas
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My Favourite things
1. ‘My home office has got a bit cluttered recently, so the birch plywood pegboard has added valuable storage space where I can display some of my favourite things!’ Birch plywood pegboard display unit, £145 2. ‘I just love our extra large pampas g
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SEW Simple
Summer is well and truly here, so why not bring the cheerful vibe of the season to your garden with a set of easy-sew seat pads? Whether you’re a newbie stitcher or a professional sewer, this project is suitable for all abilities and the end result w
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Our Expert says...
‘Once you’ve got your driveway in place, it’s important to keep it maintained so you don’t lose the kerb appeal you’ve worked so hard for. A regular wash down using a stiff brush or broom is one of the most effective ways to keep it in top condition.
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Plant Power
Take cues from your favourite botanical gardens with this nature-infused trend that’ll transport you to faraway tropical jungles and forests teeming with greenery. Inspired by a concept called biophilia – the innate human affinity for the natural wor
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The warmer weather has us all yearning to bring the colour and pattern of the season indoors. From blowsy florals and sunny stripes to 2021’s most popular trends including fruity motifs and vibrant animal prints, there’s something to suit every style
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We Have Fabulous Goodies Up For Grabs This Month!
Ambar is an independent textile development studio and homeware brand based in East London. With a focus on knits and innovative fabrications, Ambar’s product range is composed of knitted throws, cushions and table linens, all of which are sure to br
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Adding little displays and features to your garden is a fantastic way to spruce it up without spending a fortune, and this garden mirror revamp is the perfect example. Using some lead tape, a wooden plank and some outdoor-friendly paint, give a plain
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GET IN TOUCH Your Letters
As with so many people during lockdown, we’ve been decorating our home. We’ve lived here for five years and moved into it when it was a new-build, so we have white walls and plain fittings everywhere. I’ve been nervous about adding colour but this ye
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Ideas To Steal
Revamp an existing lamp base with a new shade in a bright accent hue Animalcules Bawden Green lampshade, £60, Cambridge Imprint For a touch of luxury, invest in a piece with inlay detailing Mother of pearl inlay bedside chest of drawers in Grey, £3
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Vertical Vision
Climbing plants usually only require a small footprint of ground space so can easily be accommodated in compact gardens. In addition to growing them against walls, up arches and around obelisks, several summer-flowering climbers look particularly eye
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Come On In...
WE ARE Polly Hamilton, 44, an interior styling consultant @pollyalicedesign, my husband, Max, 47, our twins, Pearl and Rafferty, ten, our daughter Kitty, eight, and our Yorkiepoo, Sidney. OUR HOME IS A five-bedroom Victorian property near Barnes. O
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3 OF THE BEST... rainbow motifs
Keep their favourite bedtime books and magazines close to hand in this brass wire rack. Kids will love getting comfy with tactile textiles like this cord cushion. Add colour and cuteness to a child’s room with this ready-framed, pastel-hued print. ■
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Believe it or not, doing the dishes can become a thing of beauty when you take the time to create a sleek set-up with a range of stylish sponges, brushes, cleaning products, tea towels and more. Consider your washing-up needs and lifestyle to work ou
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Good Idea! A
For home that’s personal to you, collect keepsake ornaments and textiles over time, rather than buying everything at once. Pick a favourite colour and incorporate it into every room in the house, like Polly has with pink. It’ll make your whole home
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Pub Classics
✔ 500g large potatoes, peeled and cut into chips ✔ 3L Crisp ‘N Dry oil, or enough for a deep-fat fryer ✔ 350g skinless and boneless haddock or cod, cut into 2 ✔ 50g cornflour ✔ 50g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting ✔ ½ tsp salt ✔ 1 egg ✔ 120
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Good Idea!
Pep up a tired dining table by replacing the top with sanded and treated scaffolding boards. For an edgy twist on a pastel scheme, add dark accents as Kate has with her frames and woodwork. A contrast runner and painted stairs is a low-cost way to
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I’ve Personalised My Rented Cottage With Upcycled Finds
When Danecia Scheepers and her husband, Ray, realised they wanted to put down roots in the countryside, rather than a town or city, they began their property search. ‘We’re used to space, views and light and we worked out that somewhere rural would b
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Park Up Safely With Your Own Drive
When buyers search for a new property, private parking is usually a big draw and, if you are lucky enough to own a building with its own spot, it might fetch up to 13 per cent more than similar properties without, according to property valuers Petty
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Introducing some environmentally friendly elements into your bathroom means you’ll be able to get clean with a clear conscience while potentially saving money on your water and energy bills. If a major revamp is in the pipeline, consider sanitaryware
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Good Idea!
Use a curved object as a template to draw scallops and paint them freehand for a simple colour-block wall detail. Add lots of texture with cushions. Look for ones with tufted and fringing details for visual interest. Hang a canopy above the cot in a
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A Wild Theme Helped Our Son Settle In
Having moved in seven years ago, Lisa Weaver, 40, an interior designer, and her husband, James, had already spent a lot of time extending and decorating their four-bedroom, end-of-terrace home in St Albans, Hertfordshire, before they had their son Ar
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We Wanted Something Cute, Cosy And Scandi-inspired
When they bought their first house in August 2017, Aimee, 28, and her partner, Ezra, 29, were excited by the prospect of being new homeowners. ‘We were renting a very similar Victorian property in the Worcestershire area,’ explains Aimee. ‘This three
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Aren’t things finally starting to feel a bit more relaxed and upbeat? I am so enjoying the sight of my garden in full bloom and being able to spend more time with my family and friends. Especially my godchildren, who have grown up so much since I las
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I’ve Filled Our Home With Travel-inspired Treasures
Behind the tile-clad walls of an unassuming Victorian house, just a stone’s throw from bustling Barnes, Polly Hamilton has lovingly created a carefully curated family home that’s become a punchy fusion of colour, personality and imaginative touches.
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