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Editor’s Letter
“Can you meet whatever’s present with gentleness and softness,” my yoga teacher Ryan Mannix asked recently in a yoga class. “What’s it like to meet yourself with compassion and kindness?” I often put this beautiful teaching into practice, and I had t
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Composure can be likened to a clear blue sky in the sense that it’s a calm and permanent fixture in our lives. A sky obstructed by clouds can act as a metaphor for when we lose composure. Activities such as meditation, walking and journalling act as
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A Wardrobe for Wellbeing
Multiple outfit changes, a pile of clothes on the bed, a closet bursting with items that have barely seen the light of day, the constant “nothing to wear” feeling. It’s easy to get caught in a fast-fashion frenzy, and it’s only getting faster. Accord
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Ginger Rhapsody
Absolutely, I have a favourite winter drink; it’s comforting, warming, nourishing and health promoting. As much as I love both coffee and chai, it is neither of those. My favourite winter drink is caffeine-free, yet gently stimulating in ways that he
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Circular Journeys
Circles are an intrinsic part of our world, so it’s little wonder that many of us feel drawn to mandalas. In Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, mandalas mean circles or containers of sacredness. These circular artforms usually comprise an array of
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WellBeing Being
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Food For Your Mind
It’s surprisingly easy to find lots of hidden magic in the winter time of long dark days, a bounty of earthy vegetables and the brief opportunity to stop, even if just for a moment. Feel your own way into winter hibernation and look for moments that
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A Mindful approach To Immunity
To function well, the immune system requires balance in both the mind and body. The food you choose to eat, the way you move your body, your thoughts, emotions and your stress response all influence the body’s ability to fight infection, recover from
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Tips On Supporting Your Wellbeing During Winter
• Always keep your feet warm. According to Abbie, the kidney channel runs up the inside of your legs, so it’s incredibly important to keep your feet and legs warm. Think socks, long pants and warm foot baths. You can take it up a level and add some m
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How To Make And Enjoy Your Own Cacao
• Place 25 grams of ceremonial-grade, ethically sourced cacao in a pot and cover with a cup of your favourite plant-based milk.• Allow to warm slowly over a low heat (overheating will reduce some of the benefits of the cacao), continually whisking so
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Drink Of The Gods
Over the past decade, cacao has cemented its place in the family of superfoods. We’re throwing it in smoothies, sprinkling it on top of nourish bowls, stirring it through chia puddings and drinking it instead of coffee. We’re also seeing cacao ceremo
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How To Use Humour Mindfully
We’ve all witnessed the power of a joke. Used skilfully, it can defuse tension and promote social bonding, for instance. Wielded like a weapon, or without thought, it can chop others down. Outside the arts and entertainment industry, humour has had l
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Madeleine Dore
Q: I feel most calm when … A: I’m pottering around the house tidying things while I have a friend on the phone for company. Q: The last time I felt inspired … A: Watching a recent documentary on the life and work of Julia Childs — it was such a delic
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Journalling Prompts For Integrating Your Shadow
• What are the best and worst personality traits of your parents? Do you see them within yourself?• When are you hardest on yourself? Why?• What emotions do you tend to avoid? What would happen if you allowed yourself to feel these emotions?• How do
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Being intentional of your thoughts and actions is what enables you to live mindfully. When you go about your everyday tasks, do so with present-moment awareness and gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. When you sit down for a cuppa — at a cafe or a
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How we’re doing something holds just as much weight, if not more, than what we’re doing. Mindfulness has the capacity to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Seemingly mundane tasks such as washing, cleaning or tidying can turn into meaning
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Exploring Your Shadow
Recently, I was working on a project with a friend and kept finding myself frustrated and triggered by her assertiveness. This trait is not something I would typically relate to in my own character, but as I was contemplating my frustration, I rememb
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Going Dry
Alcohol is often referenced as a part of Australian culture. Yet as we’ve become more educated in personal health and wellness, a shift has emerged. More and more Australians are choosing to go alcohol-free or be more considered when it comes to thei
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Into The Wild
Dappled light is filtering through the canopy of trees around the kitchen as the coffee pot starts bubbling on the gas stove. Poppy is lying down by my feet on the timber floorboards; I watch her nose twitching as she follows the caffeinated scent em
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Pet-friendly Products
Q: Why did you decide to create a pet care range using hemp seed oil? A: It was based on feedback from our customers. They gave us feedback that finding natural products, let alone a natural shampoo, for their pooches was hard to find, so we set abou
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Turning “should” Into Self-compassion
I should exercise more. I should get up earlier. I should eat more green leafy vegetables … or maybe I should just stop saying “should”. By “should-ing,” I’m comparing myself with others, or with an idealised version of what I could be. “Should” sugg
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Sustainability For People And The Planet
Q: How did your journey with We, the many* begin? A: We, the many* began as an idea around five years ago. The key concept that really started it all off was around responsibility. I strongly feel that your personal health, as well as the health of t
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Giving Back Through Tea
Q: What is guayusa (why-you-sa) tea? Please share a bit of information about your journey with guayusa. A: In 2017, my family and I found ourselves struggling to keep up with the pressures of our fast-paced world. Rushing. Racing. Busy being busy. We
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Rest As restore-ation
“Unprecedented times” is what we called it when our container of familiarity shifted dramatically two years ago. These times brought a high level of discomfort and fatigue that continues to this day. But truth be told, we had been getting by on a res
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Green Living
Q: How important is it to choose reusable products, and why? A: It’s very important for your health and the planet. Firstly, single-use plastic food and beverage containers are generally made from cheap plastics which can be riddled with toxins that
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Appointment With Self
Time is the gift I’ve given to myself this year. I started slowly — somewhat hesitantly — pencilling “appointment with self” in my diary, just an hour or two put aside to create space and ease in my week; time just for me. I choose a place of beauty,
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The productivity Paradox
Winter invites a slower, more restful pace of life, yet our broader society demands productivity and perfection. This toxic culture praises being busy, encourages unrealistic expectations that are often internalised and thrives on unhelpful guilt and
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Using Humour Mindfully
• There can be a fine line between positive and negative jokes. It’s all about self-awareness, Clare says.• Know your own personal humour style and tone. Is it pro-social and affiliate, warm, cynical, self-deprecating or aggressive?• Be compassionate
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At The heart Of Your Being
Our minds are like waves in the ocean. As waves, our thoughts and feelings come and go. But the true nature of reality is beyond our minds. As our minds place their own meaning on words, words are then placed on events in the world, on other people a
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How You’re Being
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