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Blended eye shadow has its place, but to frame the eyes like an expert, try colour-blocked swatches of creamy paint-effect pigment. M.A.C Chromaline cream liner in Landscape Green, $42. M.A.C Lip Conditioner, $28. You could describe these colours as
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Celeste’s Downtime Essentials
Scent: My mum makes soy candles and we created a beautiful rose scent – ‘This Does Not Smell Like My Vagina’. Book: Bossypants by Tina Fey. Ritual: If I can get a walk in, a swim in the ocean, a homemade coffee from my husband, a super-hot shower,
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Work It
“Slouchy leather pants – leather pants always look polished. I wear mine casually or dressy, which is the best thing about them.” “A large tote – I carry my computer everywhere so I love an understated statement bag. Sound like a contradiction? Tha
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Hello, Tokyo
It’s easy to pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with the incredible country that I now call home. My love for Japan began when I was sitting at my desk at Vogue Australia opening the morning mail. I started working at Vogue during a work experi
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Rachel Rutt
1. “Louise Bourgeois’s art always grabs me for its ability to find a balance between heartbreak and true love, pleasure and pain. To me, she somehow manages to not be restrained by her medium, which I think can be quite difficult when working with te
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Celeste Barber
VOGUE AUSTRALIA: What has been the best beauty advice you’ve received since working with MCoBeauty? CELESTE BARBER: “I’ve always loved make-up, but I’ve usually just stuck to my five go-to everyday products and totally winged it. But since working wi
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Between The Sheets
IF WE ANALYSE the life cycle of a beauty trend it usually goes something like this: a spiffy new product formula is dubbed the skincare game changer we all need in our kits (cue the YouTube beauty tutorials) and then one of two things happens. It eit
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Love In A Cold Climate
Pink is the warmest colour – in idiosyncratic shades of flamingo, dusty peony and quartz to bruised hues of sweet pea and magnolia. Investing in one winter piece in the colour is licence to mood-boost to get through the coldest part of the year. Des
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Fertile Ground
VOGUE AUSTRALIA: In a nutshell, what is The Fertility Suite? JENNA MCDONALD: “We take an holistic approach and work with women who are preparing to conceive, those who are already trying to conceive, and women who are working with assisted reproducti
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Sex And Rage
Lisa Taddeo is trying to convince herself that her latest haircut, a thick, textured Phoebe-Waller-Bridge-in- Fleabag crop, is not a mistake, though she probably would rather we don’t publish a Zoom grab of it on these pages. “I’m trying to become th
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Virtual World
The cybersphere of Vogue never sleeps. Our digital hub means you can stay up to date and connected around the clock. Breakthroughs in style are made on the street but new developments in fashion can also bubble up online. Find us on every platform, b
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Raising The Barre
Casting a major ballet production is usually a pretty straightforward affair. Principal dancers get selected to play the coveted lead characters in big-name shows like Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, while those a little further down t
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Old Love
There was once a time when vintage stores – with a charmingly disorderly treasure-trove feel and a hint of musty cloakroom – and the gleaming beacons of luxury that are high-fashion boutiques, were worlds apart. Thumbing through a jumble of nubbly ho
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On The Shelf
Four generations of one family are chronicled in this epic, sprawling saga of personal history by Australian journalist Mimi Kwa. Leaping from Hong Kong to the Philippines to Perth, House of Kwa is an extraordinary true story. (ABC Books, $34.99) by
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Global Network
“We found Kika on Instagram and were immediately drawn to her unique, dreamy aesthetic. Locally crafted in Colombia where Kika was born, her collection has an ethereal feel that will instantly put a smile on your face.” – Ida Petersson, womenswear an
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Let’s Talk About Flex
A few years ago, if you’d asked Lillian Ahenkan, aka Flex Mami, when she felt her most successful, her answer would be unequivocal: getting her first job at a local pizza shop as a teenager. “I was like: ‘This is it, this is big dollars, this is one
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United We Stand
Looking back at early 2020, we can now say it was a lesson in resilience. No sooner had we recovered from that summer’s catastrophic bushfire season then Covid swept the globe, shuttering borders, forcing lockdowns, and eventually postponing the worl
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Eva Galambos
VOGUE AUSTRALIA: You founded Parlour X in Paddington in 2001 as an independent, luxury fashion retailer, which it remains today. No mean feat. Can you explain your strategy? EVA GALAMBOS: “When we launched, Sydney did not have a high-end multi-brand
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You’ve Got Male
“I love the blanket fringe detail and exaggerated lapels on Christopher Esber’s coat which gives its roomy, oversized silhouette a decidedly outdoor feel for chilly weekend days in the fresh air.” – RACHEL FAIR, FASHION ASSISTANT “Traditionally, me
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Editor’s Letter
When we photographed Priyanka Chopra Jonas in London during a break in her filming schedule, we intended to feature her on our cover to celebrate her hard-earned career and the fact she is leading a host of Hollywood productions, creating her own scr
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The Dream
When we are children, we are told we can do or be anything. I wanted to be an Olympic Champion and I truly believed it was possible. As I reflect on the Sydney 2000 Olympics, I can draw parallels between myself and my home city, Sydney. We were just
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Seeing Sense
Giorgio Armani has been having the strangest dreams. ‘’l’m ready for the runway, and I don’t have the clothes,” Mr. Armani says in his office, surrounded by portraits of himself, during his first in-person interview since the coronavirus paralysed bo
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Cate Campbell On Pressing Pause
It’s March 23, 2020, 12.39pm and I’m at the supermarket check-out feeling on edge. It’s been a weird day; rumours have been dancing across my brain like dust devils, leaving a haze of uncertainty in their wake. My phone buzzes and I frantically check
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Language Barrier
In Who Gets To Be Smart, Australian author Bri Lee reflects over seven essays on the different manifestations of intelligence, and the barriers that prevent people from succeeding. Released this month, the book is the follow up to her bestselling 201
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BRAND TO KNOW: Bread Beauty Supply
She’s already conquered the US with her succinct edit of hair oils, conditioners and wash-day essentials for curls, enjoying sell-out success in Sephoras stateside. Now Melbourne-based beauty entrepreneur, Maeva Heim, is bringing Bread Beauty Supply
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Time Is Precious
CATHERINE RÉNIER, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre is talking to us from the frozen and snowy depths of Vallée de Joux, the headquarters of some of the finest watches in the world. We are discussing the latest iterations of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s iconic rotating
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High Line
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Glow Factor
IT SOUNDS ALMOST too good to be true. What if better skin was as simple as swallowing a small capsule each morning? And what if that daily ritual could relieve a specific skin concern – say breakouts or redness – with the same amount of effort it tak
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Lights Up
You hear the movie In The Heights before you see it. The film is set in a little corner of the most upper and most western block of Manhattan, home to an immigrant community of Dominicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans. A place where the Hudson River meet
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