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Eliza Lunn (c1885-1936)
Q Eliza was my nan’s mother. My nan was always pretty vague about her as she died when she was a child and said that she did not remember very much about her but remembered her always suffering from poor health. My nan, Elsie May Sawyer (née Frost) 1
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6 Steps To Assessing A Record
To understand any set of records for a particular area, first take a step back to understand the genealogical landscape. Ask yourself: 1 What was going on in an area? 2 Who kept records and have they survived? 3 Are they primary records, describing e
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Your Questions Answered
Q Last year you featured some family photographs connected to my great-uncle, Charles John Bagwell (b.1875), who emigrated to Canada in 1903. Here are other copies I have received from his descendants. I wondered if some portray the same lady, and wh
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Learning about THE RECORDS
There are many factors that can affect how family history research might be carried out, but the greatest enemies that most of us will face within our ancestral pursuits are ignorance and prejudices about the collections we seek to use. One of the mo
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New Project To Capture Oral Histories Of People Stranded At Sea During The Pandemic
The announcement comes as the National Maritime Museum signed the Neptune Agreement as part of its commitment to supporting the maritime sector and seafarers today. Working with ITF Seafarers’ Trust and The Mission to Seafarers, testimony from across
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Diary Dates
DISCOVER LEARNING EXPERIENCES TO ENJOY FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN SOFA! LEARN ANY TIME, ANYWHERE Online talks & courses The Really Useful Family History Show, 10 April Don’t miss The Really Useful Family History Show, an
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Millions Of Lithuanian-Jewish Records Added To MyHeritage
The records in the collection were originally translated and indexed by LitvakSIG, and represent almost the entire corpus of their work over more than 20 years. The collection is a compliation of records including revision lists, tax lists, voter lis
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Read on & see where these tales will take you The Song Of The Skylark by Liz Shakespeare Focussed on the lives of two pauper apprentices, brother and sister, Th omas and Mary Mitchell, the story is told through children’s eyes. On reading it, facts t
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From Italy to Ireland…
I’ve been grinning like a Cheshire cat (or should that be a gatto di Lombardia?) ever since I found almost certain proof that my 3x great-grandfather Joseph Riboldi came from somewhere near Como in the Italian Lakes. And it’s all thanks to a young ma
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Introducing StoryScout
It’s so important, and enjoyable too, to share the family stories, and StoryScout has been created to help you do just this. I have certainly been sharing the stories with my family and that’s been a fun way to connect with my wider family, particula
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The Old Palace School Bombing
This is the account of the Bombing of the Old Palace School in St Leonard’s Street, Bow, London, during WW2 and the sad loss of 32 Firemen and 2 Firewomen who were tragically killed during this raid. This is still today, the largest ever loss of life
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Re: Emma Maxwell’s webinar presented on 10 February for Family Tree. I enjoyed the presentation about Scottish Sheriff court records from Emma Maxwell and will have a look at her website, www.scottish A few years ago I was going to visit
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My Reflections
Over the past year all our lives have been turned upside down, some with more drastic and more tragic consequences than others. There have been some silver linings to these troubling times and there are chinks of light, and signs that the end of the
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A Trip Down The Winding Pathways Of Cyperspace
Life was tidier in the old days of family history. If we were lucky, we found perhaps one fact every few weeks in the County Record Office. Or through a rare coach trip to Kew, the Society of Genealogists’ Library or draughty old St Catherine’s House
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Heraldry: Your Getstarted Guide
I have good news for you and bad. The bad news is that you’re probably not entitled to bear a coat of arms. The good news is that you almost certainly had ancestors who were. If you find that surprising, it’s been estimated that armorial bearings hav
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Putting It Into Practice
Look anew at the records that you have collected for a branch of your family tree that you are stuck on. Ask yourself: • Have I gleaned every last clue? • Are there other details that can be inferred, that can help me narrow down my search? • Search
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Transcription Omission
The parish register for Cartmel, Lancashire, notes that a Richard Maychell or Wraysholme was buried on 5 August 1769, but the original memorandum book from which it was copied adds that he was a ‘lunatic; poison’d by eating nightshade berries’, which
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The Lunchhour Genealogist
This month we’re challenging you to see what you can discover about the pastimes and hobbies that your ancestors had. Begin with your own memories and those of other family members. Was there any sporting memorabilia such as trophies or kit at your g
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The More Than Oliver Twist Project
Photographs © The Workhouse Network Southwell Union Workhouse inmates mother and children around 1936 Starkly recorded in workhouse documentation, the lives of our poorer ancestors have been pieced together, gleaned from bureaucratic accounts, and –
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History Around Us
Our landscapes are filled with historic venues, some derelict, some very much in use today – but all shedding a valuable light on our ancestors’ lives, communities and worlds. If you have a historic attraction (be that your local 1930s Lido, the pari
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Coming soon – The House History Show
31,911 pages of the Illustrated Police News now available at British Newspaper Archive with their latest release, adding in the years 1875 and 1891 Covering more than two centuries of British history, Ancestry have released 2.2 million new records in
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Case Closed (at Last!)
For a long time now, the tantalising thought that there might be a vital ‘mystery’ document somewhere, that could help Kerr Clement learn more about his father’s step-father, has kept him curious, but perplexed. Here we relate the unfolding steps, th
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It’s All About The Context…
So often in family history we talk about ‘piecing together the puzzle’. It’s a great analogy isn’t it, and this issue there are two things that really struck me, when thinking about piecing things together. The first is Chris Paton’s masterclass in h
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TheGenealogist Adds 2,738 More Parishes Of Tithe Maps To Map Explorer™
Recent additions to TheGenealogist include georeferenced tithe maps for the counties of Anglesey, Durham, Devon, Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk and Wiltshire, and bring the total number of tithe maps on the site to 9,710. The tithe map collections are
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1 Million+ Records From The Collections Of National Records Of Scotland Available Online For The First Time
Rachel Bellerby reports on the latest genealogy news. Got a story to share? Email Images of more than a million pages from the kirk session and other court records of the Church of Scotland, containing details of key event
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