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History Scotland
David Breeze Christopher Smout Historiographer Royal Elizabeth Ewan University of Guelph FIND OUT MORE AT: HTTP://SCOT.SH/HIS-BOARD Mr Derek Alexander Archaeologist, National Trust for Scotland Dr John Atkinson Managing Director GUARD Archaeology Ltd
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Viking Age Assembly Sites
Explore a selection of digital history guides in the History Scotland store: https://scot.sh/hsdownload Viking Law and Order: Places and Rituals of Assembly in the Medieval North Alexandra Sanmark Edinburgh University Press, 2017 320 pages Hardcover
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Begging Your Pardon
FRESH PERSPECTIVES ON THE JACOBITE ERA BY EMERGING VOICES IN SCHOLARSHIP After a handful of Donald Cameron of Lochiel’s men slipped through Edinburgh’s grand, turreted Netherbow Port virtually unopposed, the capital of Scotland, excepting its imposin
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A Failed Experiment
Scotland, Darien and the Atlantic World, 1698-1700 Julie Orr Edinburgh University Press, 2018 208 pages Hardcover £80/paperback £19.99 ISBN: 9781474427531 In 1698, 1200 people left Scotland on five ships for Darien, now the Isthmus of Panama, where t
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An African-led Project
Although history and heritage intertwine themselves from individual to individual, tribe and clans, nation to nation, continent to continent, there remains a gap within Scottish society where BAME (Black and minority ethnic) members of the community
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Victorian Justice
Juvenile Justice in Victorian Scotland Christine Kelly Edinburgh University Press, 2019 256 pages Hardcover £75.00 ISBN: 9781474427340 Before the 1850s, the majority of juvenile criminals returned to their families each night following attendance at
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SCOTLAND’S SECOND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE (1332-57), Part 1: Two Kings, One Kingdom
Many people know about the First Scottish War of Independence (1296-1328), although they may perhaps mistakenly think that it was the only war for Scotland’s medieval independence. For while there is popular knowledge of Wallace and Stirling Bridge,
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Recently Published
Borders Witch Hunt: The story of the 17th-century witchcraft trials in the Scottish Borders By Mary W Craig Luath Press Ltd ISBN 9781913025557 £13.19 Borders Witch Hunt explores the social, political, geographical, religious and legal structures that
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Prosperity, Calamity And Survival In The Grand Duchy Of Lithuania
The standard story of young, impoverished traders from Scotland flooding through the Baltic area had only limited relevance to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (the northern part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which includes present-day Lithuania
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the Five Articles Of Perth
In 1617, King James VI, having resided in England since inheriting its throne in 1603, made his one and only return visit to Scotland. This was envisaged as a celebration of James’ power and majesty, and as a reaffirmation of the mutual affection bet
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Mapping Memorials To Women In Scotland: The Women Of Scotland Website
Memorials have been in the news, with fierce debate over the merit of statues or street names which commemorate slave-owning or slave-trading men. Memorials of women have been absent from the debate for the simple reason that there are far fewer stat
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Templars And Hospitallers: The Military-religious Orders In Scotland, 1128-1564
A letter of Andrew Forman, archbishop of St Andrews from 1514 to 1521, addresses the case of a rash layman: N., lay reader of our diocese, has shown by his petition that he has incautiously and frivolously sworn a certain vow, which was made in the p
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‘If Walls Could Talk…’ Investigations At Castle Roy, Nethy Bridge
The highlands of Scotland, so long a region of disorder and unrest, have a rich heritage of medieval castles. Many of the early castles in the north were royal or baronial, their histories intertwined with the attempts of the Scottish kings to establ
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How To Research Agricultural Ancestors
During lockdown, like many people doing family history research I have been tidying up family papers and completing projects that had been put aside. One of these projects was to find information on the farms my relatives worked on. In some cases rel
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‘What’s In A Name?’ Trends In Baby Names In Scotland
It is fascinating to see how the names people choose for their babies can reflect changes in our society. In Scotland, parents have the freedom to get creative when choosing the name of their new baby. Unlike some countries, there is no formalised li
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Poignant Letters Home
In this edition of History Scotland, we have learned about the archaeology of a settlement in Nova Scotia, Canada (page 27): a fascinating and innovative way to track the lived experiences and legacies of Scottish settlers in a new world. The Society
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Two Scottish Museums Honoured With Prestigious International Prize
The two attractions joined Science Museum (London, England); South London Gallery (London, England); Towner Eastbourne (Eastbourne, England) on this year’s roll of honour, with the £200,000 prize fund shared equally between the five winners. Liz Forg
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Final Word
Congratulations on your appointment to the Academia Europaea. What excites you most about being part of this eminent academy? Thank you! This is an important recognition of Scottish research by one of Europe’s foremost senior research bodies, emphasi
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Scotland’s Oldest Surviving Book Put On Global Stage With Google Partnership
The Celtic Psalter is one of a series of objects that can be viewed on the Google Arts & Culture website and app. A photograph of the pocket-size book of Psalms – dated to the 11th century and most likely produced at the monastery of Iona – is one of
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Best Paper In Scottish Local History Winners Announced
Two papers about 17th-century Scotland have won a new prize for Scottish history writing sponsored by Birlinn Limited. John Harrison and Allan Kennedy (History Scotland’s consultant editor) were each awarded a £100 prize, after the judging panel repe
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Campomanes And The Scots
Christopher Storrs’ article about Spain’s economic reformer Pedro Rodriguez Campomanes (Vol 20.4) rang a bell. Surely someone of that surname helped Scotland’s John Geddes to exchange the old Catholic seminary in Madrid for a new one at Valladolid? T
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‘Wull I Gie Them Wund’: The Meaning Of Bagpipe Music On The Western Front
When eighteen-year-old piper Jimmy Richardson asked his company sergeant-major ‘Wull I gie them wund?’, they were in the middle of trying to cross no-man’s-land during the battle of the Somme in October of 1916. They were hunkered down in a big shell
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Highland Settlement in Northern Cape Breton Island: Pollett’s Cove, Bay St Lawrence and Meat Cove
I have often wondered what the early highland Scots thought of Cape Breton Island when they landed here. How they felt, after spending weeks at sea in cramped and creaking wooden ships, to finally spot land and realise how dense and shadowy its fores
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From The Editor
Welcome to the first issue of 2021 – our 20th anniversary year! As always, the magazine covers centuries of history and archaeology and whilst we might not yet be able to visit museums, galleries and other attractions as freely as usual, it’s great t
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In 1852, an Edinburgh stabler, Robert Inches, died at the age of 45, leaving his family with no father and then, in 1856, their mother, Sarah (nee Hamilton), died of tuberculosis. By 1861 the four Inches children were living with their aunt and uncle
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Meet The Contributors
Dr Iain A. MacInnes is senior lecturer in History at the University of Highlands and Islands. His research focuses on warfare and chivalry in medieval Scotland, with a particular focus on the 14th century. On page 10, we present part 1 of Iain’s five
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Linen Diaper Weaving In 18th-century Scotland
These lines from the story of Silas Marner, the linen weaver of Raveloe at a moment when he had been robbed of his life savings, remind us of an essential trade of which there is now little trace, that of the customary weaver and the weaving of linen
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Petticoat Patronage Of The Stuart Cause
On 20 December 1746, the lord justice clerk, Andrew Fletcher, lord Milton, and William Anne Kepple, 2nd earl of Albemarle, gave orders for a search of all the suspicious places in the Canongate, Leith and other suburbs around Edinburgh. What, or whom
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Feuding And Rivalry In An Exiled Court
In this fascinating special issue, we have been exploring the nature and purpose of Jacobite intelligence gathering and networks in the early 18th century, and the volume under the spotlight here complements this with its focus on the exiled Jacobite
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Jacobitism, Espionage And Subversion
The Catholic priest James Carnegy was one of the most long-serving and successful of Jacobite spies, regularly passing vital intelligence from Scotland to the Jacobite court for more than 30 years, apparently without detection. Professor Daniel Szech
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