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A History of Girl Guiding
1909 Guides attend a Scout rally at Crystal Palace and demand a sister organisation for girls. 1910 Robert Baden-Powell officially establishes the Girl Guide movement led by his sister Agnes. 1914 Rosebuds is formed for girls aged 8-10, later the nam
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A Living Legend
Fans of stamps and the Beatles will no doubt fondly remember the set issued in 2007 to celebrate the music of, and mania surrounding, the ‘Fab Four’. This latest set has a slightly different feel despite the common theme. This time the album artwork
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'Scentsational' Strawberries!
Germany issued a self-adhesive booklet of ten stamps in 2010. Each stamp, sold at a premium to raise money for welfare charities, had a strawberry design, with micro-encapsulated essential oils embedded in the stamp paper. The fruity smell was releas
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The Caribbean Spartacus
Across the top of the Caribbean Sea stretch two large islands: Cuba and Hispaniola. The republic of Haiti makes up just over a third of the latter – the other two thirds are taken up by the popular holiday destination, the Dominican Republic. Haiti i
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A Visit To The Fireworks
[Using modern Austrian stamps made from/with non-standard material]
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British Indian Ocean Territory Dispute Brings Stamps Into Question
Stamps of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) have been brought into question due to an ongoing dispute over the sovereignty of the Chagos Islands. According to a report in The Guardian newspaper, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) council has re
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It’s fair to say many of the unwritten rules around stamp issues have been relaxed in recent decades. The very idea of philatelically honouring a living person was frowned upon for years, but then in 2005 Royal Mail issued stamps showing the (alive a
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The 2020 Summer Olympic Games tokyo, Japan
The 2020 Summer Olympic Games - “Tokyo 2020” are officially know as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad. It is an international multi-sport event to be held in Tokyo, Japan and was to take place between the 24th July and the 9th August 2020 Tokyo was sel
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Society Update
The recent Bromley and Beckenham Philatelic Society meeting saw Adrian Thomas give a display on ‘Tuberculosis and Philately’ which dealt with the history of the disease and the various methods of treatment, the development of a vaccine and the person
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Pre-decimal Delights
My home town boasted a full-time stamp shop in the 1950s. Its owner-dealer competed with two market-day stall holders who sold stamps alongside their military badges and Dinky Toys stocks on Wednesdays. Schoolboys from all over town flocked to their
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New Film Explores Morals Of Rare Stamps
A new ‘non-fiction investigative thriller’ following the story of a mysterious million-dollar stamp collection has been released in ‘virtual cinemas’ and on Apple TV. Entitled The Penny Black the feature-length film begins when Will, the estranged so
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Classified Ads Form
TRADE & SUBSCRIBER RATES 60p per word + VAT By Post and Web For further trade advertisement details call Sarah Hopton on telephone: 0113 200 2925 or 07590 880477. ■
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US Instructional Marking
Instructional markings are so called because they give an instruction to a postal service employee, writes David Gwynn. With millions of items of mail being handled everyday it is no surprise that for various reasons some of them cannot be delivered.
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Exhibition News
The NOTOS 2021 Organising Committee has announced that the exhibition will be held at the Zappeion in central Athens. Previously planned at the Peristeri Exhibition Centre, the organisers were obliged to find a new venue when the Greek Government too
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Celebrating Sark’s Dark Skies
Guernsey Post have released stamps to mark the tenth anniversary of Sark being designated the world’s first Dark Sky Island by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). The IDA works to protect the night skies from light pollution for present and
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Beautiful Birds On The Red List
This year’s common Europa theme is ‘Endangered animal and bird species’, and two Faroese stamps depict the Puffin which is, sadly, threatened. The puffin with its large colourful beak and orange leg is an iconic bird of the Faroe Islands. Those who t
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Delcampe Website Reaches 100 Million Collectables For Sale!
The Delcampe marketplace has reached 100 million collectables for sale for the first time, demonstrating the popularity of the website. The Belgian website launched twenty years ago and sees more than 10,000 items sold each day, including philatelic
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Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell
In 1967, Bell Burnell was involved with the construction of the Interplanetary Scintillation Array – a radio telescope-with the purpose of studying quasars. She is most well known for her discovery of the first radio pulsars in the same year when she
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A Brutal Reminder…
Mongolia and Genghis Khan are intrinsically intertwined. Genghis Khan invokes the memory of the world’s largest ever Empire, along with the obvious Mongol invasions and conquerings, which sadly conjures up visions of large-scale massacres of civilian
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Scratch-off Stamps Highlight Censorship
A block of three stamps from Liechtenstein celebrate the centenary of PEN International, one of the world’s best-known association of writers, and an upholder and enforcer of the right to freedom of expression. Since its inception after the First Wor
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Test Your Stamp Knowledge!
1 When was The Society For The Suppression Of Speculative Stamps formed? 2 Why was the colour of the GB QEII 2d red-brown of 1955 altered to light red-brown? 3 Which two of the four stamps in the GB 1955 Castles set have a stretch of water in the vig
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Collecting For Beginners
‘When I grow up, I want to work with stamps’. In an ideal world, there would be a plethora of young people saying those words to careers advisors. The future of philately hangs on there being enough people who want to collect stamps and enough people
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This is How The Stamp Trade Works
1▶ If You want to learn how the stamp trade works, please read on… When I was 15, I did. I wondered if there was some secret source of supply? So, I bought my 1st stamp mixture, (wholesale I thought), broke it into 50 smaller units, advertised it in
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Part Four - A Performance At The Printers
Later Noella would whimsically wonder what possessed her to enter the premises of Ponsford & Co. Engravers and Printers at 60 Little New Street, London. She’d reason that if the intelligence provided by the Philatelic Society London’s President, Mr G
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Market Insight
Spink’s recent Important Stamps and Covers of the World sale featured a range of New South Wales stamps, including this 2d pale blue from the 1854-63 Diadem Issue, which is only one of two examples recorded imperforate, the other being in the Royal P
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Arthur Hind (1856-1933)
If our last eminent philatelist was known for his genial, likeable personality, and his benevolent spirit prompted him to be affectionately known as ‘Uncle Henry’, then our next heavyweight on the philatelic stage; Arthur Hind (1856-1933), a English
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Unsightly Stamps
Uglies as a specific term, applies to stamps of the Indian feudal states, during the period of the British Raj. There were about 675 of these states and, while not all of them issued stamps, many that did used such poor paper and printing techniques
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Re-prints Of Presentation Packs
Presentation packs are only re-printed on rare occasions, writes Stuart Leigh, but to the eagleeyed collector, there have been examples when the reprint wasn’t simply an exact copy of the original. On 21 May 2012, Pack Ref. P&G 8 was issued with a si
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War Of The Roses
Between 1455 and 1487, England was torn apart by a series of violent struggles for the throne. The period witnessed the deposition of three kings, and the violent death of two of them, in a series of bloody battles known as the Wars of the Roses, fou
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Latest Internet Sales
Belgium, Letter franked 40c Medaillon from St-Josse-Ten-Noode (Brussels) to Paris SOLD FOR £4,896 China, Chrysanthemums series 1960-1961 MNH SOLD FOR £889 USA, Confederate States 2c Andrew Jackson green (General issues) 1861-1862 MH SOLD FOR £400 Gre
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