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Make An Audiobook
Audiobooks have been one of the recent successes of book production, in many ways due to the commercial determination of Amazon. But there are other reasons that make the new wave of audiobooks successful: • They have better reach for readers who pre
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BRANCH OUT beautifully
National Tree Dressing Day falls at the beginning of December – it is all about celebrating living trees in the environment by decorating them – and later next month most of us will be dressing trees, either living, cut or artificial, in our own hous
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Global Literary Market
Glass Lyre is an independent literary press which publishes ‘poetry collections, chapbooks, select short and flash fiction, and the occasional anthology’. The editorial team feel that their books should be ‘fine literature to rejuvenate the spirit, f
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Write In Tune
The theme for this year’s Elmbridge Literary Competition 2020/21 is ‘music’ The winning entries will be published as a chapbook by publishers Sampson Low, who are running the competition in partnership with the RC Sherriff Trust. The competition invi
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Global Chapbook Market
Writing Knights is a zany US small press publishing chapbooks, particularly of poetry, which is now expanding to prose, fiction, nonfiction and/or visual art. Chapbooks may be any combination of forms, 24-50 pages; a full-length work is 100 plus page
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Global Historical Fiction Market
History Through Fiction is a new independent publishing historical fiction ‘rooted in accurate and detailed historical research’. The team want to provide readers with ‘a compelling narrative that can also act as a valuable historical resource.’ The
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The Ripple Effect
Have you ever written the beginnings of a scene, maybe a snatch of something that might have been triggered by a picture on television, a comment, a song… or whatever else usually launches your writerly brain into feverish action… and found it lacks
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One Down, Several Across
WINNER: KAREN PAILING Jam tarts were just the start of it: I knewAt first bite that I’d polish off the lot.Coffee and walnet cake, tiramisu,Kept beckoning me back. I can’t think what Olfactory enchantment made me strayFrom self-restraint to gluttony
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Big Wins For George And Lucy
George Szirtes and Lucy Ellman have won this year’s James Tait Black Prize. The annual £10,000 prizes are awarded by the University of Edinburgh. George Szirtes’ The Photographer at Sixteen: The Death and Life of a Fighter – a biography of his mother
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Be Realistic
It seems to me that readers of Writing Magazine owe the editorial team a vote of thanks as issues have continued to appear as usual during the Corona difficulties even though this has involved a spread out team and work being done from home. I notice
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Gluck Gets Top Prize
Louise Gluck has won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2020. The US poet is the first American writer to win the prize in 27 years. The last American writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature was Toni Morrison, in 1993. The Nobel Prize committee desc
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International Zine Scene
Zooscape is an e-zine of fantastic furry fiction. The editorial team like stories where ‘animals can talk, magic flows, and the stars are in reach’. Furry fiction is a subgenre of science-fiction and fantasy and this quarterly zine seeks submissions
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What’s your writing routine? It’s a common question in these pages, and for good reason. Finding the right environment, setting, time of day, even equipment, can make all the difference between settling down for a cracking session and gazing into a b
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A Lame Joke
1st place £200 Gavin, an adopted Yorkshireman, has a lovely wife, three daft mutts and a soon-to-be-wed daughter. After 35 years arranging words onto signs, vehicles and assorted designs, he is now trying to coax the tricky rascals into his first cri
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Poems In Practice
As you write your poems it is worth remembering that they might be read by others. They may well be read silently off the page, or it is possible that they may be read aloud at a poetry gathering. Always remember as you write them that the words you
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In The Running
The longlist has been announced for William Hill Sports Book of the Year award. Following the 2019 triple crown win by Duncan Hamilton, this year’s longlist doesn’t feature any previous winners. The shortlist was due to be announced on 27 October, wi
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UK Book Market
Lume Books is an independent publisher based in London, seeking to publish stories that illuminate new thoughts and ideas. Their name reflects the brightness they try to bring to the publishing world (Lume is Latin for light), being symbolic of chang
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Encourage Humanity
FableCroft Publishing is an Australian independent press of speculative fiction. The editorial team has been ‘so tipped upside down and shaken in ways we could barely have imagined, except perhaps in the post-apocalyptic and dystopic worlds of story.
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Henshaw Short Story Competition runs every three months, and is for stories of up to 2,000 words. Prizes are £200, £100 and £50. The entry fee is £6. To allow for the Christmas holiday, the closing date for the December competition is 6 January 2021.
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Writing Magazine
Published by Warners Group Publications plc, West Street, Bourne, Lincs PE10 9PH Main office: 0113 200 2929 Subscriptions: 01778 392 482 Advertising: 0113 200 2925 Publisher: Collette Lloyd, email: collette.lloyd@warnersgroup.co.uk Editor: Jonathan T
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Shelf Life
by Hans Christian Andersen ‘I was an avid reader from a young age, and while I was really social and loved playing in the street with my friends, when I was inside I devoured books. There was something so powerful about a story’s ability to transport
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A Load Of Old Trope – HORROR
Recently in these pages we explored tropes within fantasy, and that core concept that tropes exist within every genre. However, as a long-term horror fan, on a personal level I find them more jarring when I see them in that field. I don’t necessarily
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Go for Gregory
The Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Competition, held annually by Munster Literature Centre, has a €2,000 first prize. The competition is for original, unpublished and unbroadcast poems, up to forty lines. The winner’s prize is €2,000, a feat
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A Prizewinning Takeaway
Julie Ma is the winner of Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller 2020. Julie’s prize is a publishing deal with Welbeck Editions worth at least £10,000. Julie lives in Wales and runs her family’s Chinese takeaway, which is reflected in her winning n
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The American Travel + Leisure magazine is one of the world’s leading travel and tourism journals, offering inspiring themed coverage of destinations and holidays, ie adventure travel, solo travel, weekend getaways, luxury holidays, etc. Its coverage,
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UK Fiction Market
Publishing commercial fiction, especially crime and mystery fiction, London based independent publisher Joffe Books will also consider historical fiction and romance novels. Encouraged to submit and have their voices heard are writers of colour, LGTB
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The World Of Writing
Mega-selling Sharpe creator Bernard Cornwell became a novelist as he couldn’t get a green card. He had left his job as the BBC’s Northern Ireland head of current affairs to move Stateside in pursuit of his future wife, telling her, ‘Don’t worry darli
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In Summary
First, let’s talk about the punctuation. It’s clear from the piece that the writer doesn’t know the rules. This is a problem. Sentences with incorrect punctuation simply don’t make sense and become unreadable. In some cases here, there are also impor
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Matthew Ross
Writing what you know is something Matthew Ross, this month’s debut author, took to heart when penning his first crime novel, Death of a Painter (published by indie publisher Red Dog Press in April 2020). Having worked in and around the building and
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Each year’s Nine Dots Prize offers a $100,000 prize and Cambridge University Press book deal for the best response to a different question. This year’s question is: ‘What does it mean to be young in an ageing world?’ Entrants must respond in 3,000 wo
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