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I Wish I’d Known
‘When I was a teenager, I dreamt of writing a bestseller. The truth was, I didn’t have a story to tell. I also didn’t possess the skills. I hadn’t lived. I hadn’t seen anything to prompt the outpourings of ideas. The gap between my ability and actual
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Circles’ Roundup
Against expectations, Norwich Writers’ Circle increased membership during lockdown, writes chair Iain Andrews. The Circle, the second-oldest in the country following its inception in 1942, had already established an online membership. By using Zoom w
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Global Non-fiction Market
Auburn University in the US is accepting pitches for a special issue of the journal Post45 Contemporaries, a forum for writers to talk with one another more directly and informally than in traditional academic publications. Guest editor Dr Emily C Fr
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Poetry In Practice
Do you want to put emotion in your new poem. Sure, why not? However, you wouldn’t write something in the following way: ‘Today it is cold and raining/sky cloudy? Outside the house I fell on the path/twisted my ankle/I cried.’ No, you would not write
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UK Fiction Market
Publishing commercial fiction, London based Joffe Books invites submissions from writers around the world and encourages, ‘authors of colour, LGTB+ authors and differently abled authors from diverse backgrounds to make their voices heard’. The ‘favou
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All being well, by the time you read this we should be at the end of our national lockdown, able to emerge, blinking into the light, with a whole world of writing opportunity awaiting us. So what are you planning? Other than scuttling back inside to
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Global Specfic Market
Black Ink Fiction is a new small press with a young editorial team who aim to be ‘expanding the universe of specfic, one word at a time’. Sign up for details about novel, novella and anthology submissions, and check out the guidelines at the website.
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Get Lost With Olga
The Olga Sinclair Prize 2021 is open for entries. This year’s contest from Norwich Writers’ Circle is for short stories on the theme of ‘Lost’ The seventh edition of the annual international contest has a first prize of £500, a second prize of £250 a
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Competition Rules And Forms
Enter online at www.writers-online.co.uk or by post, with the ref code in the address, to: Writing Magazine Competitions (Ref Code xxxxx), Warners Group Publications, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9PH. Remember to add a front sheet with full
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Cut To Order
Q I’ve always wanted to write, and lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity. I went from staring at a blank screen to words pouring out of me! What I hadn’t anticipated is how all-consuming it would be. At first, I was intending to write 50,000 w
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Star Letter
I recognised myself as a fellow ‘reluctant reader’ (Letters, WM May), facing the same difficulties, taking much longer than anyone else at school to read. My dyslexia diagnosis at university didn’t improve my reading speed, but did provide an explana
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Jack of Knives
WINNER £100 Jennifer is the author of four middle grade children’s novels published by Maverick (writing as Jenny Moore). Her latest book, The Misadventures of Nicholas Nabb, is set during the same period as her winning story and also includes a scen
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Speak Out
Many writers promote their work, especially books, by speaking at meetings. For example, I have given light-hearted talks (principally about my travel books) to Women’s Institutes – for which one must audition – Rotary Clubs and the like, as well as
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Step After Step
I’ve only ever written the short stuff. Articles, features and short stories can be completed reasonably quickly and I always told myself that with my spinal problems and butterfly attitude (flitting from one thing to another) I’d never manage anythi
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To The Lighthouse
What if history had gone a different way? What if a lighthouse at the edge of the world was the portal to a parallel world – or worlds – where historical events had very different outcomes? These are key premises explored in The Kingdoms, the new nov
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Analysing Research Findings
We live in an age where there’s an abundance of information available. However, errors, inconsistencies, misinformation, opinions and inferences abound too, and it can be difficult to separate good-quality sources from the more questionable ones. Her
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Kick The (bad) Habits
This month’s story is full of verbal fun. In The Girl And The Habit by O Henry the playful use of language stands out above any other element of the story. As usual, you’ll get the most out of the story if you read it for yourself: http://writ.rs/ohe
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Julie Shackman
At primary school, I was infatuated by books and creative writing. ‘This passion for reading and writing continued and I eventually became a journalist, but the lure of writing feel-good fiction became too irresistible several years ago. That was whe
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International zine Scene
Night Coffee is a brand new biannual zine seeking subs of poetry, art, and ephemera, but not fiction. They ‘like weird stuff, dream logic, feeling feelings, thoughtful use of form’. Submit 3-5 original unpublished poems in one doc, docx, or pdf docum
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Time For change?
Whatever the last year-and-a-bit has been like for you – and we truly hope that you and yours have all come though it intact – lockdown has altered our everyday existences and made for a collective shift in how we live. For those of us who are writer
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Maximise Productivity
‘Is it possible to write a nonfiction book in a month and get it out to publication?’ writes subscribe VC Ward. ‘Yes – if you are able to write without interruption. A little longer if you are also trying to hold down a day-job. It’s about making the
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A Hand-up For New Scottish Writers
Scottish Book Trust is inviting applications for the 2022 New Writers Awards. During the awards, which run from January 2022 to January 2023, awardees receive a £2,000 bursary, tailored personal development opportunities, PR and presentation training
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Christmas Romance Wanted
Stories Rule Press is a small, family-owned Canadian publisher, established in 1999. They publish genre fiction and non-fiction ebooks and print books. Their publishing list has been thrown out by the pandemic and they ask authors who are interested
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David Does It Differently
‘2020 was a very bad year for many people because of Covid 19, writes subscriber David Lawrence-Young. ‘However, for me, 2020 was a great year. Three of my books were published and I have to add that much of this was due to Writing Magazine. It was t
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Look North
Robert Scragg has won the Lindisfarne Prize for Crime Fiction for the manuscript of his novel Helix. He wins £2,500 to support the completion of his book. A runner-up prize of £500 was awarded to Barbara Scott Emmett for Dog Leap Stairs. The Lindisfa
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Short Stories For Séan
Win a €2,000 first prize in the annual contest from Muster Literature Centre, the Séan Ó Faoláin International Short Story Competition. The international competition is for original, unpublished and unbroadcast short stories up to 3,000 words. The fi
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Magritte Lit Wanted For Horror Anthology
Night Terror Novels is a new British specialist horror small press, opening for submissions of novels and novellas soon. For now they need anthology submissions, ‘fresh horror content of all forms and flavours, to cater to every taste’. They accept ‘
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Breaking Down Barriers
Unpublished or self published Black-British writers are invited to submit children’s fiction for the Jericho Prize. This has two prizes of £500 plus development opportunities with industry editorial and design experts. The chief aim of the competitio
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Playing The Game
Video games have been a huge boom industry in recent years, with the industry being worth an incredible estimated $150 billion dollars. If you’ve been a little out of the loop since the days of Mario and Sonic – or even Space Invaders and Pong – toda
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Sizing Up Your Publisher
On 1 July 2013 a new publishing conglomerate was born: Penguin Random House (PRH). It brought together the Pearson-owned Penguin Group with the Bertelsmann-owned Random House to create the world’s biggest publisher. Then in November 2020, PRH announc
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