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OUR WOMEN ngā Wāhine O Te Motu
Malia Patea-Taylor, 44 Founder and director of Tautua Arts and Tautua Village, Gisborne ■
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On The Flip Side
If Flip Grater was an action figure she’d be Vegan Girl, able to leap mountains of chickpeas in a single bound. The 39-year-old laughs at the description, but it’s true: two years ago, Flip and her husband Youssef Iskrane opened Grater Goods, a vegan
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Natural Beauty
Start each morning with a conscious, considered beauty routine. Making this daily ritual part of your selfcare regime – and using trusted, hardworking brands to pamper, protect and nourish – will set you up for the day in a positive way. While there
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How To Handle The Housing Heat
Searching for your dream build, whether new or old, may come with challenges — largely thanks to continued competition — yet, for those willing to stay the course, do their homework and understand the risks and benefits, the right home awaits. Trade
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Rebellious Streaks
Jacqueline Fahey’s rebellious spirit showed itself early. Now 92 and exhibiting new paintings, the acclaimed artist and writer still remembers being “expelled” from Timaru Girls’ High School kindergarten when she was just four years old. It might hav
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In te reo Maori, kia mau is a call to hold fast. Kia Mau is about us all. Here. Now. Kia Mau Festival – which was gifted its name through a conversation between artistic director Hone Kouka (Ngati Porou, Ngati Raukawa, Kai Tahu) and gifted composer &
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In the year I was born, a group of young female students started a movement that all New Zealand women owe a debt of gratitude. It was 1971, when Sue Kedgley and fellow University of Auckland students carried a coffin into Albert Park to protest agai
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Beauty News
An upgrade on the refreshing fan favourite, new Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator delivers improved hydration. Beautifully lightweight and ideal for this time of year, the oil-free gel-cream moisturiser boasts exclusive aloe bio-ferment
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Breakfast Club
How many times have you heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? It’s one of those things – a bit like “drink eight glasses of water a day” – we’ve accepted as fact, and don’t really question. And there are sound reasons for that. The
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Versed class
Have you ever heard people talking about “when the All Blacks do the haka”? When I hear that, I wonder if people think there is only one haka, because saying “the haka” suggests “Ka Mate” is the one and only. The All Blacks also perform “Kapa o Pango
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Mind Games
1 Take away from, … of (7) 4 Revitalise (5) 8 Akin (5) 11 Quiver (7) 16 Baby’s disposable (5) 18 Provisionally (13) 19 Train operators (6,7) 21 Announced (8) 23 In some other place (9) 26 Wrong (8) 28 Board (with family) (6) 30 Make unhappy (6) 32 Un
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Things I Love…
This week’s cover masthead and the background of my editor’s photo are coloured Resene Anakiwa. The dress I’m wearing is Kate Sylvester, available at Smith & Caugheys. PHRASE OF THE DAY Mauria to pono Believe in yourself
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Feeling Fruity
Nici's notee Cakes made with nuts are more satisfying than all-flour cakes, as the nuts are high in protein and good fats, making them much more filling. Dates give this cake a gorgeous caramel flavour while the pears somehow lighten it and help keep
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Wild Bynature
Cool, cultured, creative and culinarily blessed… Wellington is a mecca for indulgence. But step away from the worldclass restaurants, chic cafés and boutique shops and you’ll discover a wonderfully different side to the country’s capital – even one t
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Fly Away Home
My daughter was ready to leave home, but I wasn’t ready to let her go. I don’t think of myself as a clingy mother, but I felt a new ache when I kissed Bianca goodbye in mid-February and left her arranging her new room in her university hall. I stoppe
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Find a new favourite with Tamar Münch’s top TV picks. JAMES & ISEY In cinemas now When we meet Isey Cross in this heartwarming local documentary feature, she is about to turn 100 years old. Her adult son, James – who lives with her on a small farm in
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When Tami Neilson got the call for her latest gig, she was intrigued, to say the least. It was for a guest appearance on TVNZ reality music show Popstars and she’d heard from fellow musicians about how much fun it was. One had mentored the contestant
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Growing Pains
In 2019, there were 3081 young people under the age of 20 hospitalised for selfharm – 200 more than the year before. The numbers show that self-harm among young people in New Zealand is on an upwards trajectory, and considering the secretive nature o
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The Wright stuff
Robin Wright is laughing at my pyjamas. Given that the Golden Globe-winning actress owns an ethical sleepwear company, I probably should have worn something a bit smarter. But this interview is at 4am on a rainy Saturday, and it was all my sleep-addl
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Wild harvest
I think we’re all foragers at heart. From birth, the drive kicks in. We snuffle around, smelling, feeling and able to see only as far we need to, to find food in our tiny caregiver-sized domains. Months pass, then years, but we still employ all our s
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The almighty Langstone
When actor and writer Michelle Langstone’s beloved father passed away in 2018, his death brought the clarity she needed to pursue her hope of becoming a mother. The past year has been a whirlwind for Michelle, who in that time has married the love of
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April 26 Puzzle Solutions
A=7, B=15, C=16, D=14, E=9, F=17, G=19, H=10, I=18, L=20, M=11, N=1, O=13, P=2, R=6, S=3, T=8, U=12, Y=5, Z=4 MYSTERY WORD: CRIMSON CHAT ANSWER: GO THE EXTRA MILE, IT’S NEVER CROWDED 1. Hangar 2. Garter 3. Pewter 4. Eddies 5. Design 6. Gaggle MYSTERY
Woman NZ7 мин. чтенияGender Studies
So much of my life has happened by chance,” says Sue Kedgley. She might be known most recently as a Green MP, but as one of New Zealand’s original women’s liberationists, her feminist influence in this country cannot be underestimated. And as she wel
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What happens in Vegas
If anyone knows what it’s like to feel torn, it’s Cian Elyse White. The long-time actor, writer, producer and director has – unsurprisingly, she says – found herself in the midst of controversy with her new role in the TVNZ drama Vegas. It’s been sla
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Crime Book Of The MONTH
by Sarah Pearse (Penguin Random House, RRP $37) As those great philosophers the Eagles once put it, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” It’s a message first-time writer Sarah Pearce clings to in The Sanatorium, her thriller
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On The Shelf
by Debora Harding (Allen & Unwin, RRP $39.99) In 1978, author Debora Harding, then aged 14, was abducted, raped and left to die. It’s not until the 1990s that she suffers from PTSD, in part prompted by her mother claiming she made it all up (spoiler
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The APEX© model
Diane created a system known as the “APEX model”, based on her nearly 40 years in the mental-health industry, to help establish the purpose of the selfharm in the individual. She has presented her work at international conferences and provides teachi
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The Loyal We
Much has changed in the decade since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married at Westminster Abbey. There’s been the joyous arrival of the couple’s three children, a slew of enormously successful world tours, and Kate’s complete transformation
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Stand-up Women
NZ INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL May 4-23, visit comedyfestival.co.nz for information and tickets Michele A’Court’s Feminist Rage Night, May 11 Hosting the Electric Kiwi Last Laughs showcase, May 23 I was pregnant when I started doing stand-up, and t
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