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�� � ܱ �
� �� V 1.30

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�� ������ �� �������� �������� �������� �� ������ iAN/TWT
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۲ �� �� �� ۲
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� �

� ���� Opening Words ���� �

How many times happened to hear you saying:

"How's good that picture in the XXX Demo by YYY, and the module, too!
I must have them!"

The only pitiful thing is that the mentioned demo is a single 4Mb file,
and not composed of single files.

Another case is found on the (in)famous only-GUS-demos which in presence

of a SoundBlaster (or at least not a Gravis) remain in complete silence
or don't run at all! (Complaint #1: every 100 PCs, 90 mount a SB or
compatible, only 10 a GUS)
How to do, then, to listen the musics of these without ordering a GUS
directly from Gravis in Canada? (Complaint #2: in Italy there is only
one reseller, not officially authorized, and the final price inc. P+H
is near to the official street price in USA)

The only solution is to use a "Ripper", a program that searches and

extracts files inside other files.

But all the rippers I found since, and there are plenty of them, did
always the same, they extract only Amiga modules (MOD) , ScreamTracker 3
and a few more.

And the pics? And the other types of music files?

Using a couple of Hex Editors (First of all the indispensable HIEW 5.0�)
you can manually extract the files YOU recognize, with lots of tedious
tries and bad headaches caused by staring at a screen filled with numbers
and random chars.

One day , while peeking into the structure of a demo, I found lots of
LBMs and 1 MOD. I was going to spend a lot of time ripping them all.

It was the time that Multi Ripper came to life!!! TADAAAH ! 8-)��)

� ������������ Multi Ripper ����������� �

MRIP requires at least a parameter, the Name of the file to examine.

More files can be specified on commandline, and wildcards are allowed.

Other options are:

/P: destination path, useful in case you wish extract from files
on CD-Rom , Network drive, etc.


(files will be generated in E:\DOWN)


(files will be generated in the current drive's root)

/N: Do not perform any check on generated files.

Shortly means that only search patterns are checked and everything
between patterns is extracted.

/B: Batch Process, activates a search on every pattern without input,

can be interrupted anytime.

/F: Deactivate Cache's Flush, which is done after every extraction.

This function was added to avoid disk slowdowns caused when cache
buffer become full after finding a pattern, especially on huge files.
Works with Microsoft SmartDrive and compatibles, that are Norton Cache,
Symantec SpeedCache+ and SpeedDrive...
According to informations from Ralf Brown's Interrupt List there
should not be incompatibilities with other types of caches; anyway
the cache flush is not applied with these.

/D: Allows Redirecting to a text file (MRIP.LOG) all operations made

during extractions, to keep log what's extracted and at which
offset was found. If you specify /D+ (with a plus sign) also
false alarms will be notified. An example may be:

�� � � � � Ļ
� � �
������ ����� � �����
� � � ��� � ���� � � ���� �
� � ��� ������ � � ����
� � � ��� � ���� � ������ �
� � ��� � ���� � �
� � � � � 1.30


Source = TEST.EXE ; Destination Path = Current

False alarm: Interleaved Bitmap @ 00002408

No Interleaved Bitmap Found. ( 1 false alarms )


False alarm: CompuServe GIF (87a/89a) @ 0000244A

No CompuServe GIF (87a/89a) Found. ( 1 false alarm )


False alarm: 16Bits Font (80x25) @ 00038884

False alarm: 16Bits Font (80x25) @ 00038894

No 16Bits Font (80x25) Found. ( 2 false alarms )


Match found,RIP0000.F8 created: 8 Bits Font (80x50) @ 00036630

Match found,RIP0001.F8 created: 8 Bits Font (80x50) @ 00036E40
2 8 Bits Font (80x50) Found.
� �
� Total Files Extracted : 2 �
� �
�� � � � � ļ

/L: License agreement, standard disclaimer... and registration terms!

An option list is available running MRIP without parameters or with

/? e /H parameters, included for compatibility (?)
A picklist will be shown , with lots of predefined choices formed by:

Pattern Description Extension

^^^ ^^^ ^^^
What will be Type of file Default for
searched into identified by generated
the file pattern files

To make your choice simply move up and down with the cursor keys and
tap ENTER.

Obviously, for the quantity of possible choices, they can't all be shown
simultaneosly on the picklist window, so paging with cursors others can

The last choice is "User Defined", that is: `Choose yourself what to
search'. The search parameters will be asked as:

Pattern: The search string

Extension: Extension Used on extracted files
Offset: The position (0-999999) in the header of the extracted files
where will be found the search string .
E.g.: Protracker modules have 'M.K.' as pattern, 'MOD' as
extension and offset 1080 (0x0438)

The search pattern and the offset can be entered as an hexadecimal sequence
prefacing '0x'.
E.g.: to search `PIPPO' you can enter `0x504950504f' .
Note that some of the predefined patterns were entered this way, e.g.
the PCX pattern, which starts with a Line Feed char, that cannot be written
in any other way!

The search is case sensitive, that is it will be influenced by Upper and

lower case latters.

The extraction can be interrupted anytime pressing [ESC] .

At the end of any scan you will be asked if you want to continue with
another search or exit to DOS, to check out the extracted files.

Searching multiple patterns is now possible.

Pressing [F7] will start searching with all patterns in the picklist.
Pressing [F8] will start searching with all patterns from current to
the last in the same group of files , bounded in the picklist by
horizontal lines ("�������������")
Obviously, the scan can be stopped anytime with [Esc] and you'll be
asked to skip to the next pattern or stop the scan at all and go back
to the picklist.
During multiple scan a window will show the results for every pattern
found, telling how many files are extracted and how many are false

If more than one file is specified, or wildcards are used, the filename
list can be scrolled with keys [+] and [-]. In this version files are
NOT automatically processed yet.
Starting with version 1.30 MultiRipper does some extra check on files
to verify the presence of an index containing the original names and
the pointers of the files composing the whole examined file.
If a valid index is found you'll be asked to extract those files indicated
by that index or to ignore it and then perform the selected pattern
search. Normally this "Library" extraction guarentees the extraction of
ALL files, also of those are not yet recognised by MultiRipper.
For further informations about library structures recognised by MultiRipper
please refer to LIBS.TXT file contained in the directory UTILS.

Pressing [ALT-M] you will obtain an About / Info Box with informations
on memory state and program version.

In the archive directory UTILS there are 3 files:

For the experts I've added XORFILE, a small utility to decrypt files
otherwise "invisible" to MRIP. In the same ZIP you will find BUGDECR.EXE,
a slightly modified version of XORFILE made to decrypt files extracted
from BUGFIXED demo (ACME-BUG.EXE) and two batches to perform an
automatic extraction.

XENTVIEW is an "hack" to view and make slideshows with graphic files

extracted from some games... see table in "When can I use MRIP?"
In each archive there is a more detailed documentation on usage.

LIBS.TXT is a documentation about library structures recognised by MRIP,

which I wrote especially to not learn them all!


��������� of T(/\)T

� ������������ Frequently Asked Questions ����������� �

Q) Which Language was used to write MRIP?

A) MRIP is mainly written in CA-CLIPPER 5.2, with the add of some ASM & C
routines. The whole was linked with Blinker 3.2

Q) Clipper SwapWare? What does it mean?

A) The term SwapWare, invented by me (Ian) in a short lapse of sanity, stays

for a type of Freeware programs that can be very useful, often
indispensable tools for advanced users, and for this reason good "Swapping
Stuff" between friends, just as we usually do when we meet together...
CA-Clipper usage is based upon our knowledge acquired at work (all TWT
members are Clipper programmers in 2 SoftwareHouse) and mainly to
demonstrate that this language is not only dBase-oriented, but can be
flexibily adapted for every usage and situation.
Q) How does MRIP work ?

a) MRIP is based on the fact that almost all files have an `identifier'
or `Pattern' composed by some bytes, often some significant words, at
the start of file, or somewhere in the first Kbytes, and are often
followed by other bytes indicating the characteristics of the file.

All these bytes together form the 'header' of the file.

MRIP doesn't anything than searching the pattern through the file and
extracting everything encounters since the next occurrance of the pattern
or the end of file.

Obviously, it can happen (very often 8-) that the generated file is
larger than the real dimension, but in general it's enough to load that
file into the appropriate editor then resave it, restoring its original

In the other way, it's possible that will be extracted files that have
nothing to do with the file format expected ... 8-)

Some file format have enough significant data so calculating the real
size is possible, and the files will be truncated to the correct size.
Some formats are completely recognized, also thanks to SoftWizarD.

These are the formats known by MRIP that can be clipped exactly:
- LBM (Interleaved Bitmap)
- GIF (Graphic Interchange Format, variants 87a e 89a)
- SCX (Colorix)
- BMP (Windows Bitmap)
- RAW (HSI Raw)
- RAS (Sun Raster Bitmap)
- PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
- TIF (Tagged Image File Format)
- PCX (ZSoft PCX 3.0)
- JPG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
- TGA (Targa Uncompressed)
- MTR (Arkham MasterDraw)
- MPG (Motion Picture Expert Group)
- FLI (Autodesk FLI/FLC animations)
- 3DS (Autodesk 3D Studio Mesh)
- AVI (Audio/Video Interleaved animations)
- Fxx (TextMode Fonts 8/16 bits [80x50 + 80x25])
- IFF (Amiga sound files)
- AIF (Apple sound files)
- XMI (X-midi [Miles Design Midi])
- MOD (4-32 channels; variants: M.K.,FLT?,?CHN,??CH,CD81,OCTA)
- S3M (ScreamTracker 3)
- XM (FastTracker ][ module)
- MED (OctaMed Amiga)
- OKT (Oktalyzer Amiga)
- DMF (Delusion Digital Music Format [X-Tracker])
- MDL (N-Factor DigiTrakker Module)
- PLM (Psychic Link Disorder Tracker 2.0)
- DSM (DSIK V2 RIFF module)
- PSM (MASI PSM [Epic Megagames])
- LIQ (Liquid Tracker 1.0)
- D00 (Vibrants Adlib Player)
- MTR (Arkham MasterTracker)
- MID (Standard Midi songs)
- RMI (Windows Midi)
- WAV (Windows Wave)
- AU (Sun/NeXT Audio File)
- CMF (Creative Labs Music file)
- SAT (Surpise! Prod Adlib)
- VOC (Creative Voice file)
- MUS (DOOM music files)
- SBK (EMU SoundFont Bank / AWE32 Bank)
- PAT (GUS Patches)
- RA (RealAudio)
- DLZ (Diet Archives)
- EXE (Standard EXE , dos image size)
- EXE (EXE packers: PKLITE,LZEXE,Diet,ProPack,ComPack,WWPack,AINEXE,
UCEXE,TinyProg )

These are the filetypes that are furthermore checked but they're not
clipped to the right size yet:
- AMF (DSMi module by Otto Chrons)
- STM (ScreamTracker 2)
- ULT (Ultratracker)
- FAR (Farandole Composer)
- PTM (PolyTracker)
- PSM (ProTracker Studio + ProTracker Studio16)
- DSM (DSIK module V1)
- UNI (MikMak/Unicorn Design Module (MikMod))

These files are extracted anyway and they're not furthermore checked:
- RNC (Propack archive)
- GPH (Megatech graphic File)
- AMS (Extreme Tracker module)
- AMS (Velvet Studio module)
- STX (STMIK 0.20)
- IT (Impulse Tracker)
- MTM (MultiTracker)
- 669 (669 Composer) [Only Untitled]
- GDM (Music & Sound Engine Module)
- RAD (Reality Adlib)
- AMD (Elyssis AMusic)
- AMM (Renegade Audio Manager Module)
- FNK (FunkTracker)
- CBA (Black Artist/Heretics CBA Noise driver)
- PDM (Psychic Link Disorder Tracker 1.6 (old))
- FMC (Faust Music Creator)
- TRK (RamJet Ramtracker 1.0)
- LIQ (Liquid Tracker 0.14�)

Q) When can I use MRIP?

A) Always!

Every time you find a Demo or Game with large files means only one thing:
They're composed of more files joined together, and MRIP can extract them.
... if they're not crypted or compacted, so don't expect a 100% result!

However here are some examples:

�Titolo: �Tipo� Cosa si trova: �
�Whacky Wheels �Game�MIDI,PCX,VOC (file WHACKY.DAT) �
�Mystic Towers �Game�MOD,PCX (file RGMYSTOZ.DAT) �
�Frankenstein �Game�Diet files (Expand and retry) �
�Terminal Velocity �Game�6CHN MOD, WAV (Files *.POD) �
�Knight of Xentar �Game�GPH �
�Metal & lace �Game�GPH �
�Mortal Kombat ]I[ �Game�LBM (DATA.MK3) WAV (MK3.ASG,*.FTR) �
�NO! by Nooon �Demo�Diet files (Expand and retry) �
�Stars by Nooon �Demo�Diet files (Expand and retry) �
�Megamix by Realtech �Demo�GIF87a, AMF (file MEGAMIX.RES) �
�Dimension by Realtech �Demo�GIF87a, AMF (file DIM.RES) �
�Hex Appeal By Cascada �Demo�RIX,6CHN MOD �
�Holistic by Cascada �Demo�RIX,8CHN MOD �
�Show by Majic 12 �Demo�LBM,MOD �
�Poor by Majic 12 �Demo�LBM,MOD �
�Go 4 the Record II by M12�Demo�LBM,MOD �
�Facts of Life by Witan �Demo�STX (file LIFE.) �
�Fishtro By Future Crew �Demo�S3M,LBM �
�Panic by Future Crew �Demo�S3M �
�Unreal by Future Crew �Demo�S3M �
�2nd Reality by Future C. �Demo�S3M (unusable because crypted...) �
�Epic by Zuul Design �Demo�PKLITE + LZEXE (Expand and retry) �
�Contagion by Coexistence �Demo�S3M,AMF �
�Uneatable by Coexistence �Demo�EXE,8CHN MOD,S3M,VOC �
�Project XYZ by Orange �Demo�PCX �
�X14 by Orange �Demo�PCX,SCX �
�Verses by EMF �Demo�8CHN MOD �
�Images by Epical �Demo�GIF, S3M (*.DAT; PART3.DAT is an S3M) �
�Dope by Complex �Demo�ProPack EXE (Expand and retry) �
�Cardiac by Infiny �Demo�LBM,FLI,EXE (Expand and retry) �
�Lifeforms by Halcyon �Demo�SCX (*.DAT) �
�Catchup! by Grif �Demo�Pklite EXE �
�Little green men / KFMF �Demo�GIF,PCX,3DS (LGM.KOS) �
�Peek-a-Boo by ACME �Demo�PTM (Cubic Player 1.4 Plays Them) �
�Optimal Torque by Dubius �Demo�PCX,TGA,XM,EXE �
�DreamSteal by S!P �Demo�MOD,EXE (espansi contengono LBM+RAW) �
�COCOON by S!P �Demo�4 FLIs! (Cheaters!) �
�ACT1 by Psychic Link �Demo�PDM �
�Juice by Psychic Link �Demo�PLM �

Q) What files contain a "Standard Lib" ?

A) Normally on demos, and a certain LIB is used only by the original group,
but others (like XLink) are realeased on Public Domain so others can use
Some examples are:
�LIB Name � Where is found �
� Future Crew Lib �Unreal,Panic,FishTro,TheParty'92 �
� �(Future Crew) �
� � �
� Realtech Lib �DX Project,Aquaphobia,Countdown �
� �(Realtech) �
� � �
� Psychic Link FLIB �Act 1, Juice �
� �(Psychic Link) �
� � �
� ElectroMotive Force LIB �Verses,ASM95 InvTro �
� �(EMF) �
� �Caero �
� �(Plant+EMF) �
� � �
� The Coexistence XLink 1.0 �Contagion �
� �(The Coexistence) �
� � �
� The Coexistence XLink 2.02 �Babes fast intro �
� �(The Coexistence) �
� �Groove �
� �(Fudge) �
� �Blues �
� �(sYmptom) �
� �Hurtless ~ �
� �(TFL-TDV) �
� � �
� ACME Virtual FileSystem 1.0�BUG-Fixed� , Big deal ,Peek-a-Boo �
� �(ACME) �
� � �
� Pelusa Resource Compiler �Fake Demo �
� �(Pelusa/PM) �
� � �

~ HURTLESS contains lotsa files with *.VT? extension, which are in effect
ARJ files, and unpacking them (ARJ x *.VT?) you can obtain all demo

� BUG-Fixed contains crypted files, to decrypt them use BUGDECR.EXE

in UTILS directory , better use is with BUG.BTM, which automatically
extracts the PTM module (Header internal to 1st EXE file , external

Q) I'm sure that there's a picture in the examined file but MRIP doesn't
seem to find LBM,PCX,GIF, nothing! What can I DO?

A) The examined file contains a picture of an unknown format or maybe RAW,

that is simple bitmap not compressed, so without identifier.

It is also possible that the identifier was removed or altered to avoid

ripping, typical in some demos where the M.K. pattern is removed in the

I'm sorry but you should use another ripper 8-(

I reccomend ByteRaper V4.0 for files containing RAW images.

Q) It wasn't possible to support the 80x25 text resolution instead switching

always to 80x50 ?
A) NO!

Q) On the Amiga there's another MultiRipper. It has to do anything with you?

A) Ehm, No! The common name is only accidental (fantasy-less?), anyway there
are no problems because:
- I have never had an Amiga;
- The Author was a member of a german pirate group;
- There are no copyrights on the name 'Multiripper', Because also that one
was Public Domain/FreeWare;
- It was a simple MOD ripper, my MRIP is MORE complete!
- The Amiga is DEAD, and the smartest ones migrated on PC, and I don't
think someone will be angry for a such name similarity between two
so different programs.

� ������������ Revision History ����������� �
� FUTURE ������������������������������������������������������������������� �
� Wildcard support and internal file selector
� more accurate file size check ...
� obviously, everything that will be suggested

� Mrip 1.30 (March 27, 1996) ����������������������������������������������� �
�New (Clipped to the Exact size)�
- SBK: Emu SoundFont Bank / AWE 32 Bank
- DSM: RIFF Digital Sound Mod
- MDL: N-Factor Digitrakker
- PLM: Psychic Link Disorder Tracker 2.0 (new)
- FNK: FunkTracker 1.8
- PSM: MASI PSM/Epic Megagames Modules (not Protracker studio!)
- LIQ: Liquid Tracker (v0.9 e v1.0)
- F16/F8: TextMode Fonts (Routine by Softwizard)
- RA : RealAudio

�Revisited + Clipped to the Exact size�

- PAT: Clipped to the Exact size
- DLZ: Clipped to the Exact size
- SAT: Clipped to the Exact size; ALL revisions from 1 to 9 (SAdT 2.0)
- IFF: Separated AIF (Apple) and IFF (Amiga)

�New (Sucker Support)�

- AMS: Velvet Studio Module 2.2
- RAD: Reality adlib
- AMD: Elyssis AMusic
- AMM: Audio Manager Module
- CBA: Chuck Biscuit+Black Artist/Heretics CBA Noise driver
- UNI: MikMak/Unicorn Design Module (MikMod)
- PDM: Psychic Link Disorder Tracker 1.6 (old)
- LIQ: Liquid Tracker (v0.14�)
- FMC: Faust Music Creator
- TRK: RamJet Ramtracker 1.0
- BMP: Some BMP extracted to 0 bytes... Routine fixed by SoftWizard
Better ceck and extraction (hope definitively!)
- MMD: some MMD were not extracted
- XM : XMs generated by Digitrakker/N-Factor were not recognised
- TGA: some TGA 24bit were not extracted to the correct size

- Automatic extraction standard libs:
1) Future Crew Lib
2) Realtech Lib (EXE)
2a) Realtech Lib (DAT)
3) Psychic Link FLIB
4) ElectroMotive Force LIB
5) The Coexistence XLink 2.02
6) The Coexistence XLink 1.0
7) Pelusa Resource Compiler 0.1�
8) ACME Virtual File System 1.0�
9) LucasArts GOB files
10) iD Software WAD files
11) Cascada Resource file

- Added log file activated by /D and /D+ switches

- Separated Midi/adlib files from digital files
- Sorted MODs in picklist so Mods with complete support came for first
then those with "Sucker" support ,starting with STM 2.0
- Removed completely useless Informations about available memory...
- New Ending Logo , Make-up fonts ... they look better!... 8-)

� Mrip 1.30�2 (January 16,1996) �������������������������������������������� �

� Added some check routines:

- TGA: Added pattern and Clipped at the right offset

For now only Uncompressed ones, but extraction is accurate.
Note that 2 patterns are neccessary to distinguish 256 cols from
truecolor (16/24/32 bits) TGAs. Unluckily lots of false positives
can occour, as the patterns are too generic...
- AU: Added pattern and Clipped at the right offset
- GDM: Added pattern
- IT : Added pattern
- PSM: Added pattern
- GPH: Added pattern . Are present in Megatech's Manga games.
Use XentView to view them!
- MTR: Added MasterTracker & MasterDraw (either with MTR extension) and
clipped at the right offset.

� Corrected some check routines:

- PCX: Corrected a buggy check that prevented extraction of some valid PCX
- FLC: Corrected a buggy check that prevented extraction of some valid FLC
- MOD: Corrected a buggy check that prevented extraction of some valid MOD
(eg. 8CHN module in "Airframe" intro by Prime was not extracted!)
+ Added 2 utilities: XORFILE and XENTVIEW

� Mrip 1.30�1 (September 19,1995) ������������������������������������������ �
� Corrected and added some check routines:
- XM : Clipped at the right offset. The modules causing me problems were
not wrong, it was my fault I hadn't tracked the structure right.
I finished writing the XM's Check routine on August 12, only 2 days
after release 1.20... too bad!
- CMF: Clipped at the right offset. Some CMF have an 0xFF after terminator
But they play correctly if missing... and since I have no dox about
this I'll safely leave it.
- VOC: Corrected Bug that prevented recognizing of some VOC.
In VOC version 1.20 is present an undocumented Chunk , marked with
number 9, but seems equivalent to Chunk #2...
If someone's got the VOC 1.20 specifications is warmly pleased to
send them in... Thanx!
- ULT: Validity check limited to revision number (from 1 to 4)
- FAR: Validity check limited to revision number (1.0) & some fixed bytes.
- PTM: Validity check limited to revision number (2.03) & some fixed bytes.
- PSM: Validity check limited to revision number (0) & some fixed bytes.
- DSM: Validity check limited to number of Channels (4,8,16,32)
- RAS: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset. Mostly similar to
Colorix files (SCX), with the addition of an RLE compression.
- GIF: Clipped at the right offset. Decoder extracted from C sources of
2OBJ by Mark Thomas/N.P.S. Software and converted for Clipper.
- PCX: Clipped at the right offset. Decoder extracted from C sources of
2OBJ by Mark Thomas/N.P.S. Software and converted for Clipper.
- JPG: Clipped at the right offset. Murphy's Law has never been true like
with JPEGs: "When something can go wrong, it will do in the worst
way!". While writing the scanner, thinking that ALL chunks had
the length field I realized the Data Stream (the Chunk occupying
more than 95% of the whole file) HASN'T got one 8-( making necessary
to write a JPEG Decoder. QPEG, which is the fastest around, takes
a little while to display a JPEG... Think about if I'll make it!
I've worked around this problem searching ONLY the terminator 8-)
If I can't find it, I WON'T consider the file as valid. >8-P
- MPG: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset. The same as JPEGs
goes here!
- 3DS: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset.

� Implemented Terminator Scanner for files like JPG e CMF, pratically a

little MRIP inside MRIP...

� If examining little files, that cannot contain the pattern because offset
is greater than file length, a message can appear, interrupting batch and
multiple search. Now appears only in single pattern search.

� Key [F7] (All Pattern Search) was not sensed if positioned on `User Defined'
selection. Fixed.

� If the examined file is a whole file now it is displayed also on the scan
results window with a message like:
` ... REFLECTER.XM is a whole FastTracker ][ module '

� Added total files extracted at scan end. If nothing was found there is no
more another wait for keypress (It's meaningless to see a window full of
false alarms or in the worst case completely empty!)

� Removed CPU detection... someone did not liked it! 8-)

� Added a little About / Info Box on [Alt-M]

� aesthetic tune-ups:
- Added initial animated Logo (interruptable)
100% Original ANSi Font ! (VGA Font model: oOto/Avalanche)
- Random Font , two fonts available
- Random Layout , Original (Blue PickList) e VB-Like (Grey Picklist)
- Tweaked 80x50 mode, for a better connection between graphic chars.
In normal 80x25 & 80x50 modes these chars ��������� are separated
making a blocky effect... With this special setting they're visible
like a unique continuous stream... easier to see than explaining!

� Mrip 1.20 (August 10,1995) ����������������������������������������������� �
� Corrected and added some check routines:
- FLI: Added Patterns and checks for Autodesk's animations FLI (320x200)
e FLC (any size)... Lots of check performed to avoid false positives
but I'm not assuring (as usual) the perfection!
- LBM: Added check for `ANNO' (Annotation) chunk , if it was found before
`BMHD' (Bitmap Header) chunk the LBM was not extracted...
- DSM: Wrong description, they're not `Delusion Module' (Delusion are the
X-Tracker's Programers) but `Digital Sound Module' , from Digital
Sound Interface Kit (DSIK)... they're very rare, though.
- TIF: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset. I knew this was a
complex format, but I thought worse!! Please note that some
conversion programs ,like GDS 3.1f and CSHOW 9.03, don't create
standard TIFFs, so they're not (yet) extractable. Image Alchemy and
GWS 7.x instead create perfect TIFFs according to TIFF 5.0 specs.
- PNG: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset. (Chunk scanner)
I'm looking for souces (not Dox!) for Reading/Writing/Displaying
this new format, since I have only CSHOW 9.03 and it's veeery slow!
- DMF: Clipped at the right offset. (Chunk scanner)
- OKT: Clipped at the right offset. (Chunk scanner)
- MID: Clipped at the right offset. (Chunk scanner)
- VOC: Eliminated some false positives checking the header and Clipped at
the right offset. (Chunk scanner)
- S3M: Clipped at the right offset... finally! Extract correctly S3Ms with
Adlib instruments, too. Structure slightly complex... WORDs here
are sometimes Big-endian and sometimes Little-endian, sometimes
they're absolute offsets and sometimes relative segments...
Luckyly I've succeded in understanding the official doc, it contains
a couple of mistakes!
- PTM: Added Pattern.
- PSM: Added Pattern.
- MED: Removed type 2; according to an official doc it was never released
an Octamed version that writes MED with signature 'MMD2'.
- JPG: Added Pattern.
- AVI: Added pattern and clipped at the right offset. Lots of CD-Roms are
filled with these!
- STM: Patterns grouped in one and added check of valid types.
2 scans to search the 2 STM types seemed excessive to me.
- GIF: Patterns grouped in one and added check of valid types.
Same as STMs.
- EXE: Bugfix: Some EXE were extracted as 0 bytes flies (oops!) and some
others were skipped because they contained the 'MZ' pattern.
I think it won't happen anymore...
Added patterns for Diet,WWPack,AINEXE,ComPack,UCEXE,TinyProg

- XM : HELP! I'm working on them, but the official dox are not explained
very well... (see S3M). A couple of module with multi-sample
instruments don't seem to follow correctly the structure, so I have
to drop XM complete support for now, and maybe include it in next

� Implemented Chunk scanner for files with Chunked structure, with every chunk
of known length or derivable like PNGs,DMFs,MIDs,OKTs etc.
... I'm still waiting for Softwizard's Routine to Scan files with chunks
... delimited by terminators. (i.e. GIF)

� Better Commandline check... Variable position parameters and support for

multiple filenames and wildcards.

� Added keys "+" e "-" to switch between specified files in case of multiple
filenames and wildcards.

� Cache flushed at the end of every extraction , and can be disabled,altough.

� Displaying of totals for every type of file during scan.

� Added False alarms counter (A pattern was found but after checking the file
seems invalid)

� Definitively removed Status message 'Flash' when invalid files are found.
Now the 'Match Found' message appears only AFTER file is extracted, length
and validity checked.

� Fixed problem with mode 80x50 setting: running MRIP from any 132 column
mode, sometimes a mode 40x50 was set. Tested on TSENG and Cirrus 542x SVGAs,
now works properly.

� Corrected bug in User defined Offset prompt, now hex notation works

� Optimized variables/arrays, to save some memory

� Removed 4 random font and substituted by only 1, 6Kb saved!

� minor changes

� MRIP 1.11 (June 14,1995) ������������������������������������������������� �
� Corrected and added some check routines:
- PCX: Checked minimum header (128 bytes) and removed a buggy check that
prevented extraction of some valid PCX
- RAW: Added Pattern , correct file size clipping.
- MUS: Clipped at the right offset! Now you can really extract MUS from
DOOM add-on wads (and convert them correctly with MUS2MIDI) without
extra data ath the end...
- XMI: Clipped at the right offset.
- WAV: Corrected pattern and HUGE mistake in size calc. (22 bytes larger)
For this reason some (ok,ok! pratically all...) were not extracted!
- RMI: Same as WAV, because the same check is applied...
- IFF: Added pattern and check for Amiga IFF samples
- AMS: Corrected pattern and extension (it was X3M, now it's AMS)
- D00: Corrected Pattern and clipped to the right size. The PlayDriver size
cannot be calculated, so it must be ripped manually. Anyway I found
the drivers v3.03 and v4.00, if you're interested, contact me.
- STX: Changed description. I have put 'ScreamTracker X', this was
a intermediate format between STM and S3M, released by PSI/FC
in the ScreamTracker Music Interface Kit 0.20 (STMIK), and even if
the author advised to not support it , was used in lots of demos,
like Facts of life/WITAN, Vanity & Apathy/Doomsday Prod.
- MED: Amiga OctaMed Modules, added pattern and clipped at the right
offset. False positives eliminated with version check: 0,1 or 2
I'm not sure about MED2, and also MED1 are rare...)
- MOD: Changed description from `FT1/Taketracker' to `FastTracker Mod.'
for the simple reason that seemed bad to me... Anyway FastTracker
can generate 32 channels mods (32CH), TakeTracker 'only' 16.
Added CD81 (Atari Falcon/STe) and OCTA (OcataComposer?) variants,
I'm not sure but they might have the same structure as 8CHN...
Let me know or send me some module of this type! 8-)
Notice that I have limited to only few `xxCH' patterns but if you
need some more (E.g. `28CH') there's always the User defined one,
in which you may specify 1080 as offset.

� Added `All patterns' search. Pressing [F7] or [F8] will start scanning
all patterns.

� Corrected end of extraction message:

- if a pattern was found but the file was not correct, then not really
extracted, the message always said the search was positive. Fixed.
- if valid files are found, their number will be shown ('2 PCX 3.0 Found.')

� Added parameter: Extraction Path, useful when examining files on CD-ROM.

� Random Fonts... idea started from Turbo Chainer, also from TWT 8-9

� `User defined' input field were reset every time you selected it, now
the previous contents can be edited.

� If the source file is actually a whole file (e.g. extract PCX from a PCX)
so the extracted file is the same as the source you'll be warned and asked
if you want to remove it...
It is applied only in single pattern search and if the file can be clipped
to the correct size, because it is safe to retain files of which length
cannot be calculated... but can be clipped by an editor!
In Multiple patterns search it will be always deleted.

� MRIP 1.10 (May 15,1995) �������������������������������������������������� �
� Corrected some patterns and sorted the list by file type
- 669 modules: It isn't possible extract 669s with title because the
2 bytes pattern can be found in the middle of the module, causing
an erroneous truncation... Instead are extractable 669s without title
(with spaces...)
- RNC (Propack EXE): Now MRIP can find more of them , but can be confused
with the Propack Archives, because the same pattern...
- PCX: Merged two patterns in one, having added the version control.
- SAT: Pattern more accurate (Compressed SAT)
- MID: Pattern more accurate

� Added 'Fixing' of the generated files (truncating at the right offset)

and checking if file is a suitable format.
- LBM: Truncated at the right offset and eliminated false positives
- MOD: Eliminated files in which are found strings like:
`M.K.FLT46CHN8CHNSCRM', which is found on the players routine.
Calculation of real size more difficult than i had expected:
(channels*patterns*256)+samples+header... tested up to 32CHN -> OK!
I'm sure it's not possible a number of positions > 128, so if I
encounter a higher value than 128 this is not a module!
Tell me what do you think about that...
- AMF: Checked version between 0x09 and 0x10 (Current version is 0x0e from
DMP 3.0 but there's surely more to come...)
- PCX: Checked version and bits per plane. More info needed...
- BMP: Truncated at the right offset and eliminated false positives.
Some BMPs could not have a right value in the 'size' field.
In this case the right size will be calculated basing on the image
dimensions and the number of bits.
- SCX: Truncated at the right offset and eliminated false positives.
I only recognize 256 and 16 color SCX (less than 16 colours images
are stored always as 16 colours...)
- WAV: Truncated at the right offset and eliminated false positives.
- RMI: Truncated at the right offset and eliminated false positives.
- CMF: Only Version check (1.0 or 1.1, I don't know any other)
- EXE: Right size based on 'DOS Image size' field, calculated in 512 bytes
pages + bytes on the last page.
Doesn't extract if :
* Number of pages > 0x4ff (EXE larger than 640 KB are impossible)
* bytes on the last page > 0x1ff
MRIP can also be used to remove overlay data from EXE files!

Some of the checking routines were written by SoftWizarD.

� Changed behaviour of file generator counter.

If different file types were generated they were called:

Now all files are generated starting from RIP0000.XXX


� The picklist cursor used to return at top of list after every choose.
Now stays on the last choiche made. Note to SoftWizarD: The are also
Static Variables... >8-)��)

� Alternative font

� tried to correct `bugs' on the documentation... (Sorry 4 my bad English!)

� MRIP 1.00 (May 1,1995) MAYDAY! ������������������������������������������� �
� Initial release, after various bugfixes.

� MRIP 0.01 (April,1995) ��������������������������������������������������� �
� First internal release.
FORM (ILBM) extraction.
MRIP mainly has been born because I needed to extract easily all pictures
from -SHOW- and -POOR- by Majic 12, and from then it has started.

� Added Offset check,that makes possible extraction of files whose pattern

is not at the start of the file but at a specific offset.
(Thanx 2 SoftWizarD, I'd never implemented it without his advice.)

� ������������ Greetings ����������� �
My Personal greeting go to:

� T�0 the SoftWizard + Crystal, the other 2 members of T(/\)T, for

the many advices for the MRIP's improvement.
� Michele Catania for the advices and the allmighty WCOMP.
� Maciek Drejak, Author of ByteRaper 2000, one of the best rippers
(I'm looking for an upgrade for 640x480 mode!)
� SEN, Author of HIEW , the hex editor most used by T(/\)T members.
� nuText Systems, Authors of Aurora Editor 2.1a, without whom
nor Multiripper neither the text you are reading could be less gladly
� Mark Thomas, Author of 2OBJ 1.10 (from which sources I've extracted
the precious GIF & PCX decoders) and MegaDebugger 1.0, a well done
debugger which was useful when others (Gametools e TurboDebugger
for instance) failed...

� ������������ Author ����������� �
� �� For any question about Multi Ripper Write Me �� �
Peruch Emiliano
Via Alle Scuole 6
28055 Ghiffa (VB)

I'm available on these boards:

Isa South Europe (TWT WHQ) :++39 323 925428

Side Effects (Soft One HQ) :++39 75 6979417
Nippon Dreams :++39 02 48017350

Internet email (SoftWizard's address)


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