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Spisestedet Liva

Open seven days a week 11:00 to 21:00 . The kitchen closes at 20:30

Lunch menu (11.00-16.00)

Main courses

1. Brunch platter (11.00-14.00)  125,Scrambled eggs, bacon, brunch sausages,

fried potatoes, cold cuts, cheese with grapes,
fresh fruit, yoghurt with maple syrup, pancakes,
seed bread, rye bread, coffee/tea
2. Lunchsteak (200 g)  110,With potato of today, green lettuce
and gravy or barnaise sauce
3. Liva platter  95,Herring, fish, rib, Brie cheese with
grapes and other accompaniments
4. Light platter 80,Herring, fish, rib and other accompaniments
5. Egg pancake  89,With bacon, tomatoes and chives
6. Chicken or tuna salad 60,Home-made dressing, bread and butter
7. Open sandwiches 22,Ask the waiter for selection
8. Fish fillet 55,with remoulade, lemon and rye bread
9. 2 slices of rib 50,R
 ed cabbage, cucumber salad and rye bread
10. Rib sandwich 50,R
 ed cabbage and home-made cucumber salad
11. Italian bun 50,With chicken, bacon, pineapple
and curry dressing
12. Shooting stars 75,With shrimp, caviar, dressing, toast
13. French fries or potato boats 30,With other accompaniments

30. Free saladbuffet 38,31. Fish fillet (2 pieces)  75,With French fries, remoulade and lemon
and salad
32. Parisian hamburger steak (250 g) 89,With raw onions, beetroots, pickles,
capers, horseradish and egg yolk
33. Liva Burger-Menu (250 g)  95,Hamburger steak with cheese
and bacon, home-made Thousand Islanddressing, potato-boats and mayonnaise
34. Vegetarian pie  105,With free saladbufett and potato of today
35. Schnitzel 89,With potato-boats and salad
36. Delgardosteak (Hamburger steak 250 g) 89,With mustard, tomatoes, cheese
and potato-boats and salad
37. Manor steak (Hamburger steak 250 g) 89,With French fries and salad
38. Hamburger steak (250 g)  89,With fried onions, potatoes and gravy
39. Marinated chicken fillet 115,With free saladbar and potato of today
40. Peppersteak (fillet of beef 200 g)  155,With free saladbar and potato of today
41. Devil steak (fillet of beef 200 g) 155,With free saladbar and potato of today
42. Steak (fillet of beef 200 g)  155,With free saladbar and potato of today
43. French steak (fillet of beef 200 g)  155,With free saladbar, parsley butter
and French fries
44. English steak (fillet of beef 200 g) 155,With free saladbar, fried onions, potatoes
and gravy
Extra steak of 200 grams to courts 39-44 . 50,-

First courses
20. B
 aken shrimps
With lettuce, dressing, lemon, bread
and butter
21. Liva Cocktail 
Shrimps, pineapple, lettuce, dressing,
bread and butter
22. Fresh smoked salmon
With lettuce, asparagus and lemon
23. Soup of today
With bread and butter
24. Chicken or tuna salad
With dressing, bread and butter
24. Tiger prawns 
With salad, dressing, bread and butter


NB! At lunch you can order from the whole menu card.

At all main courses you can choose among gravy,

pepper sauce and bearnaise sauce.

3 course menu
Choose from the menu card

First course
Main course
or irish coffee


Childrens menu (below 12 years)

50. Dino menu
With French fries and small juice
51. Rissoles
With French fries and small juice
52. 1 fish fillet
With French fries and small juice
53. Burger
With French fries and small juice
54. Todays special
With small juice


Monday to Friday 12.00-16.00 oclock



60. P
With ice-cream, whipped cream,
chocolate sauce and nuts
61. Warm apple pie
With ice-cream, whipped cream,
chocolate sauce and nuts
62. 3 scoops of ice-cream
With chocolate sauce, nuts, whipped cream
63. Irish Coffee 
64. Deep-fried Camenbert
With cranberry jam

Todays special
for senior citizens





Monday-Friday from 12:00 oclock

Todays special 85,Every Saturday from 12:00 oclock

roast beef

With accompaniments 


Every Sunday from 12:00 oclock

Fried pork

With potatoes, reed beets and

parsley sauce 85,-  ad libitum

Lemonade, small
Lemonade, medium
Lemonade, big
Solita orangejuice, 25 cl
Rynkeby applejuice, 25 cl
Ice-Tea, peach 
Spring water 
Cocio, 24 cl
Cocio, 40 cl
Warm Cacao, with whipped cream
Draught beer, small 
Draught beer, medium 



Draught beer, big 50,Draught beer, jug 95,Beer, ordinary 27,Beer, luxury 30,1 glass wine of the house 35,1/2 bottle of wine of the house 75,Husets vin145,Aquavit, bitters and alcohol, 2 cl  22,Cognac  30,Grand Marnier 30,Cointreau, 2 cl 30,Portwine 30,Sommersby Breezer 35,-