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Touchstone 2 Workbook Answers

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Touchstone 3 - Touchstone 2 Quiz de inglés Touchsto
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Key 1 - 6
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Lesson Thingsn common P'
Lesson Gettingo knowYouPP'2-3 Exercise
4. singing
4 Нотные Exercise 1. butter
2. CD
5. pe t
издания nly child' parents 6. dessert
Io*" onaTomfly: eighborhood' 3. color
School: lass, ollege'malor Exereise
Tv 4. I'm not either'
Fi"" tim"tfun, movies' 1. I amtoo' 5. I dodt either'
B 2. I cant either'
6. I do too.
not' 3. I cantoo'
1. Yes, am' / No' 'm t isnt'
;. i it.l N", t's. ot' No' Exercise
V"t, do' No' don't'
s. ";' LesleY amtoo'
+. V"t, do' / No' dont' Dauid I do too'
;. Y;;:wedo' No'we LesleYMetoo'
6. Yes, am' No' 'm not'
/ Yes' hedoes' No' she Dauid I can too'
7. Yes, e does' No' tJjo"'nt' ";;td
i; / I dont either'
doesnt' "either' Me neither'
/ No, t'snol / No' tisnt' LesleY ldont either' /
B. ;;;i;. Dauid l'mnot either'
Exercise LesteY cant either'
Koii'm Dauid ReaJlY?
Isabel mi arc Exercise
Koii'm Answerswillvary'Possibleanswersmayinclude:
Koii are 'i'i dont'
ao *oo. Me oo' Realtv? M9 eitl]'er, Realh'? an
Isabel Ate /
2. I'm not either' M";;ith;t' / Me either' Rea$? ca:
Koii 're;'re can ' / r
Isabel s
3. Neither "*{"iitt"t'
N#;-;;1"/ Me neither' Reallr'?d':'
+. I dont either'
Koji is;'s i. i too' / Soam ' / I'm not'
lsabel 's "*
i. i.u",o"' / Me oo' I cant'
Koii 's
ot? pp'6-t
Exercise Lesson Doyoucome ere
i."il;:;t not' He's romLosAnc:leji Exercise
tl"J-l: Frenchmajors' h9 ,r1ttd?*1
2. No, hev'r" "o'' i i;n;1*i't t;; it's old'C an close -.,,
ao"l rhev tudv "utty ttutt ?b:-"li:tuliacket'
;. i-;, ,i'"v 1iP:1"-''1]ls
only child' 2. Youook "i"" this cake s reallywonderhrl"
4. No, he's I No' d'e'isni' He's an 3. Bov the food * g'"?*'i
"ol lass ere?
;. ;. id;""r first"English n' here? ^
Exercise ^ ;. it iil' ;' i' it ttittJ of noisY
1. What's Your first namer ob? Hey, dont know;;;' D" ytu live aroundhereS
a fr-rll-time 6.
i. o"
-lo"tvt*h-e live nearby?
i. Vo"t best friend Exercise 5.a
;. wh;h" You do on 1. a
6. b
S. Wtt"t" do You go 2. b
O. Wt utt Yo"t teacher may 3.a
o the questions will vary' Possibleanswers 4. b
include: Exercise 'bleanswersmaY nclude:
s lari":] l:
i'il;;i", name Y,fl:; Posstt
I Y.iliL'I,ffiJ* ;;;i*lll:'):;-i
ill vary'
By he{uV' t'm lames'
Il';Ji;i )
'.i,l'il;i tiy:,1il;::'l"'l"l;
No' heoesnt ;. Y""1" t is' Rciually' like big
""it.ft"r' classes'
. +3J,",-,1';:;:')'?iJJJ';;;i;;k";"v i. n'.*"UV' I feel a ittle
far from here' borrow t?
n. S"i"- O" Youwant to
Stt" tiu"t very
8fi::iHfl.,'ft l1:Ii:'"'
"T"-'::1f?"0.'f:l 5. Yeah, am' AreYou<
-.' il#1i; ;;
3: l::ffi': ;,h: 6. Thanks. just got t'
I go o the mzur 'ru
'r''va* i:,"'*i,"""T#
:i" I ti"t *;rv interesting' I like ;. Y;;' he s' actually
ad him astyear'
6 . Myteacher isvervm,
;li' ;ffi;;toi"st'"'' a

T-248' Workbook

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fessonD Making onversatioflp.8-e A
Exercise Dear Marcy,
A/B \dhat can I do? like to go out and do fun things, but I
get together and talk don't know how to meet new people. My friend says, Join
join a club a g1Tn."He's ight, but I dont like to exercise'
take a dance class Be n
watch a movie
Dear Ben,
c \dhat are your hobbies?Takeup a new sport or hobby'
1.9 5. I Start conversationswith people.Talk about general opics'
2. a 6. c Marcy
3. e 7. d
4. b .* B

3.,4 it
lesson Leisureifitopp.tot B No, I'm not a fan, either. In fact, I can't stand it'
Exercise 4. A them
1. reading; o read; eading B Oh, yeah. I like them a lot.
2. to work out; to work out / working out; working out 5. A he r
3. dance;dancing, o dance B SarahChang? dont think they know her'
4. drawing; draw, draw 6.,4 us
5. to cook / cooking,cooking to cook; o cook / cooking
6. play; playtng, playtng
Вы читаете отрывок B I d love to go with You. Great
7. A tlrem
Exercise B Do I know them?They're my favorite group
James exercising Загружайте своиExercise
документы, чтобы
Linda to play / plaYing Answers will vary. Possibleanswersmay include:
James to watch / watching скачивать другие документы.
like her a lot. Shehas some great songs.
1. Yes,
Linda bowl 2. I dont like them very much. All their songs sound the
James svnmming ИЛИ… same.
James to ski / skiing 3. No, I dont like her at all. Her voice is annoying'
Iames tryrng 4. Yes, listen to it all the time. It's my favorite kind of
Linda to go Для полного доступа оформите
music. подписку
love it. My mother played folk music all the time when
Exercise на Scribd. Первые 5.30II was
дней бесплатно.
Answers will vary.
6. Sure.We go to them all the time' We're going to a
lesson Music p.12-13 concert next Friday night.
Exercise Продолжить don't really know him. He'sJennifer Lopez'shusband,
7. Iбесплатно
1. folk music 5. classicalmusic right?
2. jazz 6. countrymusic B. Yes, do. I like them alot.
3. hip-hop and raP 7. PoP music
4. Latin music B. rock music fesson I reallyikemakinghings, p.14-15
l. Keiko Not really.My mom knitted it for me last year'
Keiko No. I'm not really good with my hands'
Keiko Acttally, no. My sister got it at the bakery'
Keiko Well,, o. I prefer to make peanut butter cookies'
him 2. Mike No, but he has a big cap collection.
he r Greg lJm, no. He's azy and just watches TV all day'
it Greg Not really.He does crossword puzzles, hough'
them Mike rJm, no, he just plays computer games
us, no on e Exercise
Exercise Answerswill vary. Possibleanswersmay include:
Answers to the questionswill vary. Possibleanswersmay 1. I don't have a computer.
include: 2. I dont even have a camera.
1. A he r 3. I'm not very musical.
B Yes, do. Shesamazing. 4. I don't have a lot of free time.
2. A htm
B I dont like him, actually' I dont think he'sa very
good singer.

Workbooknswere1 T'249

Exercise lesson HobbYrouqsp.16-17

Answers vary.Possible nswersmay nclude: Exercise
not really.'m not goodwithmyhands'
C I'm really good at fixing cars. Pictures and3 be checked.
B not really sewing. But I really like shopping
C I really like sewing. made this dress ast weekend' thing in common.
I . F They have
3. he doesnt really have much time for hobbies.
has more 2.
C she's eally into her glass urtles.
J. F Campers usually sleepverywell at night'
one hundred. A In the past,not many young people playedchess'
4. 8 shedoesnt.But sPeaks rench.
hree or four 5 . F It helped make chessPoPular.
he does.He'samazing He
6. T
languages. on Internet. You can't go
7 . F You can play
5.8 is really hard. And I dont like cold weather'
camping on the Internet.
C I really love it. I go skiing everyweekend during the
winter. Exercise
6. 8 Not really.But we like eating in A
C very interested in cooking' And we really love because
to bake and things.
7. 8 We dont really have much time for because
C we're really into computer games.They're a of also
fun. bu t
B. B things. But I at or, because

and I take really great pictures. Do you want to and,

mY new shots?
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Exercise B
Answers will vary. Загружайте свои документы, чтобы
Answers will varY.
скачивать другие документы.

4. T I F Isleep anight.
lessonA HealthYivingpp.18-1e a ot of n their lives'
Для полного доступа оформите
5. Tподписку
/ F don't
T/ F geta lot
L look; staY на Scribd. Первые 30 дней бесплатно.
Ashley 'm not eating;exercise Lesson Achesnd Pains p.2o-21
Sandra. do, do; are, aking
Ashley love; 'm Do, want
Ashley are, going Продолжить бесплатно
Sandra 'm going
Ken want, 'm trying
Doctor Are, eating
Ken eat;love
Doctor Are, getting
Ken 'm learning
Doctor Are, doing

drinking water.
b. She'sexercising.
c. She's rying lose
b. eats ruit.
c. ShePlaYs ennis.
Answerswill vary. Possibleanswersmay
1. F I'm not drinking a milk these I'm
a soda.
T F He / hardly eats unk food'
3. / I'm taking four classes ight now.

T-250 . workbooknswerev

#;;;t-*ll vary' Possibleanswers av
B of exercise o thev
Joehasafever'. n"Jfvil w"*l / you serious? o
- You're iddingl
2. Tarohasacougn' dreams(
3. Chad has a sore vou alwaYsemember our gosh
wayl / a"t"'yo" "tious? / oh'
4. Amv has toothache' 3. irlo
do yourco-workers about hat?
S. lim'una Liz have allergies' so' do vou do?
has aheadacne' Nol / Reallv? oes
6. At";;;;us?"/ oh'
5. Goshl Really?
loy"" has a stomachache'
he dreamabout?
Exercise gosnr wow / You're iddinglDoyou
has the f\t? u. *";;i't
Ann do when ry to him
n"" has she stays bed' serious? No wav
7. You're iddingl At;fi;
when he has a'cold? an alarmclock?
z. i,vi-t",a"Lt Dan do How do you wake oesnt
' cold' he goes o thsdoctor' ,
ii;;;;; B. Nol / Are fi ;;-tt"t^t Wowl\'A/hy
i;;t ao-*fi"" hehas headache? -
" wil
3. a headache',. gorunningbefore
i"t"t aspirinwhen he
she has atoothache?
" if she has toothache' Answerswill varY'
ffio*"", *
Exercise vary' answersmay Lesson WaYso relaxPP'24-25
Answers o the questions Exereise
include: A
when You'f"
l.' You \A4nat You do dl d1Y^^ lndia
;;; wh;" sick' I staY n
z. ,Nhatoo o ityl.tttuu" b1i"c3ueh? drink Вы читаете отрывок
2. Yes
take cough dro*ps nd 3. Yes
You :havea
honeY' 4. Ye s
a lot of
if you get stomachache? ' ry
свои документы,
3. You *fft"t"i. V"" nd
ii'i*i* J."-";nutrt"'l takemedicine avegetarianie t
скачивать другие1.документы. n shape;when hey
nswers: o relax; o
a naP. 2. Possible or have stress;
dowhen ave ever? ;;;
4. Yo u iffi"ii" v"" oo' ИЛИ… rnlh"r, t'"Y tturle rouble sleePing
wffij ffi; a ever, take
sometimes I go the doctor' 3. 90 %
Для полного доступа ii",
n. classesat a ocal
*"" подписку
ired?pp22-23 a
Lesson How ome ou're ioi'rturru" hour or an hour
на Scribd. Первые 30 дней бесплатно.
6. Answers will vary'
Ott, Do You sneeze lot? Exercise
ioo? Do you anything?
kiddingl How come? Продолжить бесплатно oga' you shapeand relaxat the
study?- fi^"n nou
,ql" V"" t"ti"is? You catr't c- , sick?
feel ^: same ime'
yut' when you
Real$ But how 't"ay are ou If sleep, rink a glass f Yut--_1-t1|'^,^
A;.d ttib ilrriblet-so' ou isten o music'-choose
have u t aspirinwith a cup of hot
If vou "uiu"tt",1*e
1. b
6. b
2. b Answerswill vary'

7 ;.;;il;*"'s birthdav s on Augustottl::lth' August'
lesson BirthdaYs ' the ourteenth
ii;ll;;;;tv't birthdai s on seventh'.
,. ;;;ki"""Ch;"b birthdav s r
A Chans i; on the seventh f April'
APril IuIY
January November o" p"t"*ter twenty-ninth'
MaY August 3. lude Law's of
February birthoay s on th"
June September December Iude Law's
March December'
birthday on February wenty-
B A seventh
n. ;;ilty"tore's
1 . first f
s on the twenty-second
2 . third
J. sixth February.

nswere1 T'251