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Universitatea Tehnică din Moldova

Facultatea de Informatică, Inginerie Informatică și


Assignment Nr . 1

Performed: student from group TI-192 f/r Dimitrii Ciapala

Checked: Alla Jechiu

Phrasal Verbs, their definitions and translation.

Сoming over (visit)- визит

Come on in (enter)- Зайти
Turning up (arrive)- прибыть
Inviting over (invite someone to your house)- пригласить кого-нибудь в свой дом
Moved in (start living in a new apartment or house)- переехать
Sit down(to change from a standing to a sitting position)- сесть вниз
Getting on with (handle)- управлять
Fit in (feel you belong to a place/group)- вписаться
Grew up (to grow toward or arrive at full stature or physical or mental maturity)- подрасти
Hang in (to continue and not give up)- продолжать
Hang on (spend time)- тусоваться
Wake up(finishing sleeping)- разбудить
Work out (exercise)- тренировку (упражнение)
Do without(manage without)- обходиться без
Warm up (prepare)- подготовить
Write down(note something)- записывать
Plan ahead(plan in advance)- планировать
Stick to (follow without changing anything)- придерживаться
Pick out (choose)- выбрать
Put on (apply)- надеть
Weigh down (make me feel heavy and tired)- отягощать
Squeeze in (find time for) - втиснуть в
Calm down(to become less violent, nevrvos , xited or angry)- успокоится
Take up(to accept or adopt for the purpose of assisting)- принять
Depend on(to need (someone or something) for support, help, etc.)- зависеть
Lie down(a short rest in which one lies down on a bed, sofa )- прилечь
Scroll down (move down the screen)- прокрутить вниз
Stay away (avoid) - держаться подальше
Go for (like, prefer)- предпочитать
Fill in (write) - заполнить
Reflect on (think about)- задуматься
Plan on(s typically any diagram or list of steps with details of timing and resources, used to
achieve an objective to do something)- планировать
Try out (experiment with)- попробовать
Point out (indicate) - указать
Sing for(join)- присоединиться
Putting off(delay)- откладывать
Get around to(maneg to)- обойти
Cutting down(reduce)- срезать(уменьшать)
Get through(manage to live through)- пережить
Sum up(summarize)- подводить итоги
Stick to(keep following)- придерживаться
Give up(stop trying)- сдаться
Pay off(be successful)- быть успешным
Sleep in(sleep later than usual)- спать (спать дольше, чем обычно)
Go out(leave house to go somewhere)- выйти (выйти из дома куда-нибудь)
Catch up on(learn the latest news abuot)- узнать последние новости
Runs over(continues for longer than planned)- продолжать
Get up(to rise to one's feet)- вставай
Messes up(ruin or spoil)- портит
Holding back(stop)- сдерживать
Working on(try to improve)- работает над
Show up(arrive)- объявиться
Taken up(start a new job)- начать новую работу
Going on(happen)- случаться
Dealing with(handle)- иметь дело
Slow down(be less active)- замедлиться
Cut back(reduce)- сократить
Burn out(become exhausted)- истощиться
Set aside(save)- отложить (сохранить)
Come round(come to my home)- подойти ко мне домой
I'm don't into (don't like)- не люблю
Don't turn down(refuse an invitation)- не отклонять
l'm looking forward to(expect something with pleasure)- ожидать чего-то с удовольствием
Dress up(put on formal clothes)- надеть парадную одежду
Get down(begin to do)- опуститься
Essay: “My daily activities during quarantine”

Now, during quarantine, when we have a lot of free time, there were a lot of activities
that we simply did not have enough time before. There are certain advantages during
quarantine, because you can do self-development and devote your time to the family for
the sake of strengthening relations and analyzing them; of the minuses, it can only be said
that quarantine greatly influenced the psychological health of everyone, especially
extroverts who cannot imagine a day without contact with by the public and participation
in various events, physical health can also be affected due to the lack of outdoor walks
and proper physical activity. Introverts tolerate this period best of all ,since they don’t
need much contact with others and for them this is the best period where they can relax
and do just their favorite things.
I do not belong to extroverts or introverts and I love a middle ground, I prefer to
communicate only with my family and the most important people for me, and quarantine
time brings some discomfort since I cant meet some of my relatives and devote my time
and attention. Next, I will describe my usual activities during the Covid-19, which
became my daily routine and this mean that we coming over my house . Come round to
place were i grew up and spend all of my childhood with my parents and my dog.
My morning begins when my dog Archie wakes me up, every day instead of an alarm
clock, he runs into my room, gets on my bed and tries to kiss me, I won’t say that these
are the most pleasant kisses in my life, but it works against my sleep since the next
minute, I immediately wake up and finally get up to wash. After I brush my teeth and
took a shower, I turn on the TV as usual, put down the kettle and make myself
sandwiches or cereal with milk. After breakfast, I go back to bed and, as usual, flip
through the tape of my social platformes. Somewhere closer to dinner, I contact my
girlfriend online to chat and spend time for play different games or work on orders that I
receive as a freelance graphic designer. Together we find good solutions and work more
productively and the day goes by unnoticed. At lunch, mom takes care to pamper me with
homemade food and brings it to the room where I am still busy with orders. When the
work is finally finished, I can relax and watch some movie or series, I usually go for
comedy or history, at the moment I actively watch several Viking series every day.
Sometimes my dog comes to me when he gets bored and we start to run around the house
and for me and him it’s like physical activity instead of a street walk. In the evening, my
mom and I have dinner and enjoy the next TV program. After a good dinner, I want to lie
down a bit and as usual I flip through my social networks or news portals again. On
certain mood days, I include various videos that would help me grow up as a graphic
designer. I said early that I don’t have enough time to spend with my family, but
sometimes I can meet with my girlfriend to spend the day together in a safe home
environment. I hope we all survive this quarantine and be healthy, his is how I spend my
day in quarantine. #Stayhome

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