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2018-2019 учебный год

Заочное отделение
Специальность 44.02.02 Преподавание в начальных классах
Тематика контрольных работ
5 курс
МДК 05.05 « Декоративно-прикладное искусство с методикой
Преподаватель: Кустова С.А.

1.« ДПИ и его сущность в развитии общества»;

2.«Золотая хохлома»;

3.«Народные костюмы»;

4.«Деревянная изба. История возникновения»;

5.«Матрешка-краса России»;

6.« Гжель»;

7.«Истоки и развитие декоративного искусства Древней Руси»;

8. « Обработка художественного
9. «Филимоновская игрушка»;

10. «Дымковская игрушка».

11. «Жостовские подносы и его история»

12 «Каргапольская игрушка»

13. «Саратовская игрушка»

14. «В мире народного ремесла»

15. «Городецкая роспись»

16. «Гончарство от истоков до наших дней»

17. «Ценности культурной традиции: Полох-Майданская росписи»

18. «Резьба по кости, как народный промысел

19. « Федоскинская игрушка и ее роспись»

20. «Кружевная Россия. Вологодские кружева»

Дисциплина: Иностранный язык (английский) Труфякова Н.В.
1. What is the difference between such notions as “Great Britain” and “the UK”?
2. Why is England or the UK sometimes called Britain?
3. Read Gino’s answers. Complete the questions.
A Hello, (1) ?
G It’s Gino.
A (2) come from?
G I’m from Naples.
A (3) live now?
G I live in Memphis now.
A (4) move to Memphis?
G A year ago.
A (5) do?
G I’m a student. I’m studying music.
A (6) married?
G No, I’m not, but I’ve got a girlfriend.
A (7) name?
G Belinda.
A (8) Belinda do?
G She’s an architect.

1. Is it correct to call the citizens of Wales as Englishmen?
2. What poets are called “Lake Poets”? How are the connected with the Lake District?
3. Read about The Peel Dip and answer the questions.
1. When does it take place?
2. Which people does it attract?
3. What is the prize?
4. What do they do to win?
5. Why do they take part?
The Peel Dip takes place every New Year’s Day on the Isle of Man. About 200 people jump into
the freezing waters of the Irish Sea to raise money for charity. The dip attracts people of all
ages. All the swimmers get a medal and a certificate.
1. What is the main sense of Shakespeare’s works?
2. What is the importance of sightseeing in our life?
3. Read about Up-Helly-Aa and create five types of questions.
Up-Helly-Aa is held every year on the last Tuesday of January in the Shetland Isles. Up to 1000
people dressed as Vikings and holding flaming torches pull a Viking galley through the streets.
When they reach a certain place, they throw their torches into the galley and burn it. Then, they
put on short funny plays in local halls. The festival is very popular with locals and tourist alike.
1. How do places of interest influence people’s culture, education?
2. Why is Great Britain famous for its prestigious education?
3. Complete the dialogue by matching responses A-D to the spaces (1-
4). D: Hello, Mr. Harris. What seems to be the matter?
P: 1) ……………………………………………... .
D: How long has it been bothering you?
P: 2) ……………………………………………. .
D: Do you have any history of this kind of trouble?
P: 3) …………………………………………… .
D: I see. Are you taking any medication at the moment?
P: 4) ……………………………………………. .
A. No – just aspirin from time to time to kill the pain.
B. Good morning. I have a terrible backache.
C. No, this is the first time. Actually, it all started after a game of tennis.
D. Well … about a couple of days.

1. Which industries help Great Britain to be one of the richest and the most developed
countries in the world?
2. What measures can be accepted for motivating people to visit museums and galleries?
3. Read the postcard and correct the
sentences. Dear Olga,
I’m in London. I’m on holiday with my friend Misha. London is a very beautiful city and the
buildings are very old. London is very expensive but we like it.
Our hotel is small and cheap but the breakfast is very good!
The Italian and Indian food is fantastic and it’s cheap, too.
The weather is very cold but it’s hot in the museums and galleries!
See you soon
1 London is very cheap.
London is very
expensive. 2 The
buildings are new. 3 The
hotel is expensive. 4 The
hotel is big.
5 The Italian food is expensive.
6 The museums are cold.

1. What does Russian football doffer from British rugby?
2. How does junk food influence the health of British people?
3. Read the text. Are the sentences true (3) or false (7)?
Chris and Steve live in Oxford. They are married but they like different things.
Last Saturday they went to London. In the morning they went on a tourist bus. They saw a lot of
famous places. They went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Chris said the lunch wasn’t good.
Steve said it was. In the afternoon they went to the National Gallery. Steve saw a lot of beautiful
paintings. Chris bought some postcards in the shop. Then they went shopping in Oxford Street.
Steve bought a new CD player and Chris bought some books. The CD player was very
expensive. The books were very cheap. In the evening they went to the theatre. Steve said it
wasn’t very good. Chris said it was excellent. They went home on the 11 p.m. train. Steve and
Chris both said it was a lovely day!
1 Chris and Steve live in Oxford. 3
2 Last Saturday they went to Oxford.
3 Chris and Steve went on a tourist bus.
4 They went to a restaurant for dinner.
5 Steve said the lunch was good.
6 Chris saw a lot of paintings in the gallery.
7 Steve and Chris bought books and a CD player in London.
8 The books were expensive.
9 Steve said the theatre was good.
10 They went home by bus.
11 They said it was a lovely day.

1. Why is obesity one of the main problems in Britain?
2. Why doesn’t the government struggle with pubs in the UK?
3. Complete the sentences with the words: performance, things, actors, interval, clothes, bell,
1) People leave their and in the cloakroom.
2) The begins after the third .
3) If the spectators enjoy the , they applaud the and
on the stage.
4) During the the spectators go to the café .

1. Why aren’t red double-decker buses forbidden in the UK if they are dangerous?
2. How do Great Britain and the Russian Federation coordinate with each other?
Complete the sentences with the words: in the box, performance, cloakroom, curtain, seats, hall,
clothes, scenery, things, stage.
1) After the end of the the spectators rise from their and go to the
to get their and .
2) A theatre consists of two parts: and .
3) The best seats are .
4) When the rise, we see a nice and the spectators begin to applaud.

1. Why do many people go to Great Britain to study English?
2. What kinds of music do British people prefer most of all?
3. 1. The USA stretches from ... Atlantic Ocean in ... east to ... Pacific Ocean in ... west.
2. … Avon is situated in … England.
3. The official language of … UK is … English.
4.Cardiff is the capital of … Wales.
5. ... United Kingdom of ... Great Britain and....Nothern Ireland is situated on the islands in
the northwest of....Europe.

1. What British young subcultures do you know?
2. Why is it so important to know the traditions of the country whose language you learn?
3. He is going to … London next year.
4. … British Islands consist of two big islands: … Great Britain and … Ireland.
5. The official language of … UK is … English.
6. There are thirty bridges over … Thames in … London.
7. Many people prefer to spend their summer vacations in … south.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of monarchy?
2. What is the difference between monarchy and democracy?
3. Choose the correct degree of comparison of adjectives
1. He is … intelligent than you may think.
a) a lot b) much c) much more d) many more
2. He was … runner in the world.
a) the fastest b) faster c) fast d) fastest
3. He thought this lecture was … than the others.
a) more interesting b) interestinger c) interesting d) the most interesting
4. Charlotte is … than her sister Elizabeth.
a) young b) younger c) more younger d) the youngest
5. What is the … month to visit Japan?
a) the best b) gooddest c) best d) better
6. Sam didn’t have much money so he bought a … CD player than the one he wanted.
a) cheap b) cheapest c) the cheapest d) cheaper
7. … way to see a big city is to take a sightseeing bus tour.
a) Easier b) The easiest c) The easyest d) Easy
8. Sarah is … person in our company.
a) the most hard-working b) more hard-working c) hard-working d) most hard-working
9. I like the chocolate cake. It’s … than the other one.
a) sweeter b) the sweeter c) sweet d) the sweetest
10. We travelled by train because it was … than travelling by bus.
a) convenienter b) more convenient c) convenient d) the convenienst

1. Why are life-peers not elected in Great Britain?
2. Can the Government of the UK be imagined without Parliament?
3. Choose the correct answer
1. James is two years … than me.
a) older b) elder c) the oldest d) the eldest
2. She is probably … person I know.
a) happy b) happyer c) the happiest d) the happyest
3. Jack is … football player in the team.
a) better b) the best c) good d) best
4. New York is one of … cities in the USA.
a) the busiest b) the busyest c) busy d) busyer
5. Today’s weather is … than the yesterday’s.
a) the worse b) worse c) the baddest d) the worst
6. It was … day of the year, so the cold water felt good.
a) hot b) hoter c) the hottest d) the hotest
7. Our presentation is … than yours.
a) much interesting b) many interesting c) the most interesting d) much more interesting
8. She was as … as usual.
a) nervous b) more nervous c) the most nervous d) most nervous
9. Is … place I’ve ever been to.
a) the most polluted b) most polluted c) more polluted d) polluted
10. Her … sister is seventeen years old.
a) older b) elder c) the oldest d) the eldest

1. What does influence the climate of Great Britain?
2. Why do people in the UK say that “they have no climate, they have
weather”? Choose the correct grammatical form

1. In some parts of the country, prices are … than in others.

a) more high b) higher c) the highest d) more higher
2. I think it is … book I’ve ever written.
a) the most interesting b) most interesting c) more interesting d) the interested
3. He works … than anyone else in the company.
a) slower b) slowest c) slowly d) more slow
4. In my opinion, living in a town is … than in the countryside.
a) gooder b) the best c) better d) more good
5. It is … today than it was yesterday.
a) the coldest b) cold c) coldier d) colder
6. I’m sorry I’m late. I got here as … as I could.
a) fast b) faster c) the fastest d) more fast
7. Mr. Black is five years … than his wife.
a) elder b) the eldest c) older d) the oldest
8. That text is … than this text.
a) the easyest b) easyer c) easier d) the easiest
9. The living-room is … than my room.
a) biger b) bigger c) more big d) the biggest
10. Andy’s brother is not so … as their father.
a) tall b) taller c) more taller d) the tallest

1. Why do British people save electricity, heating, water?
2. How does mild climate influence the nature of the country?
Choose the positive, comparative or superlative degree of comparison of adjectives
1. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere …?
a) quiet b) quiter c) quieter d) the quietest
2. This coffee is very weak. I like it a bit … .
a) stronger b) strong c) the strongest d) strongest
3. The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be … .
a) small b) smallest c) the smallest d) smaller
4. The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be … .
a) expensive b) more expensive c) expensiver d) the most expensive
5. The weather is too cold here. I’d like to live somewhere … .
a) warmer b) warm c) warmest d) the warmest
6. My job is a bit boring sometimes. I’d like to do something … .
a) more interesting b) interestinger c) the most interesting d) most interesting
7. It’s a pity you live so far away. I wish you lived … .
a) nearer b) the nearest c) nearest d) near
8. I was surprised how easy it was to use the computer. I thought it would be … .
a) difficult b) more dificult c) more difficult d) the most difficult
9. Your work isn’t very good. I’m sure you can do … .
a) good b) better c) the best d) worse
10. Don’t worry. The situation isn’t so bad. It could be … .
a) better b) good c) bad d) worse
Дисциплина: Иностранный язык (немецкий) Санинская Т.Н.

Инструкция по выполнению
Контрольная работа состоит из заданий открытого и закрытого типа. Внимательно прочитайте
задание и варианты ответа к нему (если таковые имеются). Задания закрытого типа имеют только
один ответ. Не исправляйте ответы! Каждое исправление считается ошибкой. При выполнении
теста пишется номер вопроса и буква ответа или сам ответ.

Часть 1. Лексико -грамматический тест

1. Вставьте верное окончание имени прилагательного
Maria kritisiert immer die Kleidung ihrer Freundin.
Warum trägst du eine grün… Hose mit eine… blau…Bluse?
Warum trägst du im Sommer diese dick…Strümpfe?
Warum kaufst du nie ein modern… Kleid?

2. Употребитеглаголы в Präteritum

Beeil dich! Der Film…vor zehn Minuten… beginnen

.Er… sehr lange unter der Trennung von seiner Freundin… leiden
Den ganzen Tag hat es geregnet, aber am Abend… es plötzlich wieder schön… werden
Warum… Sie mich gestern nicht mehr…? anrufen

3. Определите правильный предлог

1) Die Vase steht dem Tisch.

a) am
b) an
c) auf.
2) Die Familie fährt _ Meer.
a) ans
b) auf
c) ins
3) Viele Menschen sind den Krieg.
a) gegenüber
b) gegen
c) entgegen

4. Употребите прилагательные в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

1) Ich bin ein Jahr als meine Schwester. (jung)
2) Es regent heute als gestern. (stark)
3) Gibt es hier einen Zug nach Minsk. (früh)
4) Wie heiβt der Fluß der Welt. (lang)
5) Der Flug geht nach Frankfurt um 11.00 Uhr. (nah)

Часть 2. Чтение
1. Прочитайте текст. Cделайте письменный перевод текста.
Ihr ganzes Leben wohnt Semra im Hofolding bei München. Heimat hat fϋr Semra eine ganz andere
Bedeutung als fϋr ihre deutschen Freunde, weil Semra Tϋrkin ist. Ihre Eltern sind vor dreiβig Jahren in
die Bundesrepublik Deutschland gekommen. Semra und ihre drei jüngere Geschwister sind in München
geboren. “Istanbul ist meine Heimat, weil da alle meine Verwandten in der Nähe sind. Familie ist in der
Türkei viel wichtiger als in Deutschland. Meine Cousinen sind gleichzeitig Schwestern und Freundinnen
für mich. Ich werde zwar streng erzogen, aber wenn meine Familie in der Türkei ist, fühle ich mich dort
viel freier”, sagt Semra mit bayrischem Akzent. Wenn Semra in Istanbul ist, schreibt sie Briefe an ihre
Freundinnen in Deutschland. “Bayern ist auch meine Heimat. Ich habe so viele Freunde. Ich mag sie. Und
ich fühle mich wohl in unserem kleinen Ort.” In Istanbul vermiβt sie Bayern, in Hofolding die Türkei.
Heimat ist ein schweres Wort für Semra. Das sieht man auch in der Sprache. Mit dem Vater spricht sie
Türkisch, mit der Mutter mal dies, mal das, mit den Geschwistern nur Deutsch. Später möchte sie in der
Türkei leben, als Lehrerin türkische Kinder in Deutsch unterrichten. Und weil die Familie Für die Semra
so wichtig ist, kann sie die Heimat so eindeutig beschreiben: “Heimat, das ist, wenn wir abends alle Tee
trinken, an Papas selbstgemachten Tischen”.

2. Составьте не менее пяти вопросов к тексту.