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Members of the Crimson Pirates prepare to storm Philipsburg Manor, July Fourth weekend.

Bryan Haeele photos

Its a pirates life for thee
by Rob Schweitzer
Gangs of blackbeards and beauties will be swashbuckling their way though Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., this Fourth of July weekend as Historic Hudson Valley launches a brand-new family friendly event called Pirates of the Hudson: The Siege of Sleepy Hollow. Produced by the same creative team behind the October smash hits of Horsemans Hollow and the Great Jack OLantern Blaze, Pirates of the Hudson features a mother lode of activity, including live pirate music, courtesy of the Crimson Pirates and the Brigands, gypsy sword dancers and other entertaining scalawags who will engage the crowd, trying to get as many as possible to go on the account and pledge to live forever more as a pirate. Once you go on the account, you get branded as a pirate and immediately begin training, said Lance Hallowell, the events creative director. Once branded, pirate recruits get to practice proper pirate behavior, such as sword fighting and musket handling, plus learn to master the all-important subject of piratical linguistics (Avast, ye maties!). Pirate-for-life or not, festival attendees can enjoy games like the Maidens Voyage, Pirates continued on page 9
Visitors to the Siege of Sleepy Hollow can go on the account and pledge their life to piracy.

SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

June 23, 2011

Historic but hip

Manchester, in northern England, is a city that surprises visitors with its many and varied attractions. You might call it a "sleeper destination" - a fascinating place for those who are looking for something different from what they might find in a well-traveled location like London. While Manchester is rich in history and is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, it also has a very hip, youthful side, as visitors will soon discover. There's so much to see and enjoy in and around Manchester that we need to have a good plan in hand when we step off our American Airlines Flight 210 at Manchester Airport. Manchester is a walking city, and for the culture-minded there is an array of more than 90 museums and galleries to choose from. For starters, let's head to Manchester Art Gallery, Castlefield Gallery or the Whitworth Art Gallery. Or, try the quirky Northern Quarter where we'll find the village-like Manchester Craft and Design Centre. At The Quays, let's visit The Imperial War Museum North, a breathtaking building designed by Daniel Libeskind.


Manchester is also the perfect getaway to England's North Country, a region that offers additional off-the-beaten-path destinations such as Chester and Liverpool, and stunning countryside in the Lake District. While the climate in northern England is cool, temperatures in Manchester and the surrounding area are in the comfortable If theatre is your thing, then be sure to 60s, 70s and even 80s in the summer include Manchester's great theatres in you months. itinerary. They host big-name shows and intimate plays, family fun and avant-garde drama. For opera, ballet and West End musicals it's The Opera House or The Palace Theatre. If you're looking for comedy or drama check out The Royal Exchange. At the Lowry, you'll not only enjoy paintings on display, but also two theatres showcasing dance, drama and family shows. Manchester is also renowned for its exuberant nightlife and entertainment. It has been the birthplace of countless world-class bands and classic music videos, and the live music scene is thriving. Manchester's largest music venue is the Manchester Evening News Arena, with big names also to be seen at Manchester Apollo and Manchester Academy. Oh, yes -Manchester United, team of the famed David Beckham, as well as the Manchester City Football Club. (Don't you dare called it soccer- it's football!) We can soak up that aspect of the local color by visiting Manchester United's Stadium, one of the selected venues for the 2012 Olympic

The Lake District, less than two hours from Manchester, oers stunning scenery, rich culture and mouth-watering local produce. Courtesy of Marketing Manchester

Football Stadia. In addition, Old Trafford's iconic 76, 000-seat 'Theatre of Dreams' is easy to reach from Manchester city centre. Both clubs offer regular behind-the-scenes tours. But lets not forget the stunning countryside surrounding Manchester Just south of Manchester let's visit Tatton Park, featuring an 18th century mansion and Tudor Old Hall, offering a fascinating peek into 400 years of the Egerton family. For a scenic treat, we'll head for the Lake District, Lancashire and the Peak District. The magical Lake District National Park, sometimes known as Manchester's Water Playground, is a must on our agenda. Much of it remains virtually untouched wilderness.

outside London. But we do want to take in some of the Beatles ambiance, so we'll visit The Beatles Story, which will transport us on an enlightening and atmospheric journey into the life, times and music of this historic quartet. When we enter Chester, we'll truly take a trip back in time. Chester's origins can be traced back to the founding of the Roman fortress of Dewa in 70AD. After the Romans left, Chester developed into a busy port with trade from Dublin. Today Chester is a major tourist attraction and shopping destination.

Exchange Square is at the heart of Manchester's shopping district. The pubs are Sinclair's Oyster Bar and The Old Wellington, and each has a tale to tell. Courtesy of Marketing Manchester

American Airlines offers daily, non-stop service to Manchester from JFK International Airport to Manchester on May 13. The outbound fight, #210, is scheduled to depart from JFK at 7:05 p.m., utilizing a Boeing 757 aircraft with 16 seats in the Business Class Cabin and 166 seats in coach. The return flight, #211 from Manchester, is scheduled to depart at 11:10 a.m.

What a trip - we really pack in a lot! Now it's time to head for Manchester Airport and board our American Airlines flight 211 to Now let's visit two other fascinating cities JFK. Our return home will be all the more that are within striking distance: Liverpool enjoyable if we've booked in the 757's and Chester. Of course, Liverpool is known sumptuous Business Class cabin! as home of the Beatles, but it offers so much more. The architecture is world-class, For further information about Manchester, with more listed buildings than any city please log onto www.visitmanchester.com.

The Westport Weston Family Ys new are fun days for families to spend quality time together and enjoy the beautiful scenery of one of Westports largest and most treasured recreational spaces.

Mahackeno Outdoor Center is at 14 Sunny Lane, Westport, CT. Youll nd it by turning off Route 33 near the Red Barn Restaurant; proceed toward the northbound on-ramp of Merritt Parkway Exit 41; stay in the right lane. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. For details call Gerald Rush at or email .

Check our website often for more great summer fun!

June 23, 2011

SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

Follow your nose

by Col. Jack E. Daniels
Vineyards flourish in the eastern half of Connecticut, and fine weather is the time for visiting them. One morning we saw sun, called good friends and were driven to Pomfret and visited Sharpe Hill Vineyards, Connecticuts largest winery, whose products are sold in 20 states. Sharpe Hill Vineyard, most beautiful, sits in splendid isolation on rolling hills in a historic New England setting. During summer months, its restaurant, which has received top marks from Zagat and Connecticut Magazine, serves a gourmet lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dress code is casual, but reservations are required (860-974-3549). After touring the winery, its vines and acreage, you will wish to sample some of its produce. The tasting room, charmingly decorated in eclectic dazzle style eyecatching papier-mch monkeys, an ancient spinning wheel and much more is enhanced by the mystique of fine wine fermenting close by. You will be offered 10 wines in an intelligently planned sequence at a cost of $10, and a glass to take away as a souvenir. Kate Wetzel was our sommelier, a lovely knowledgeable lady. We were supplied with dump buckets to empty glasses into after a sip of each sample. When tasting a series of wines, it is best to judge more with nose than palate. Recollect that tongue and mouth sense only salt, sweet and bitter; the nose has the ability to sense thousands of flavors. Let the proboscis be your guide for judging and accurate identification. We were joined by the winemaker, Howard Bursen, who answered our questions and also explained his philosophy: Blending several grapes can often create a superior product

Sharpe Hill Vineyards, set amidst rolling hills, is the largest vineyard in the state.

Don Pike photo

that could not be attained with solely one type of grape. You will be given a sheet listing the wines and their characteristics. Be fearless when jotting down your observations; it will help when you decide to purchase wines on leaving. You will, as did we, want to buy. The first wine we had was Ballet of Angels. We fell for the label! It has a charming portrait of Master Francis O. Watts at age three, holding a bird, painted

by John Brewster Jr. of New York. Ballet of Angels is a secret blend of nine different grapes with the most obvious being fruity Chenin Blanc, supported generously with Vignoles. Vignoles is an interesting hybrid created by J. F. Ravat, a French hybridizer of the late 19th Century. High in acidity, it gives structure to Ballet of Angels. Vignoles is subject to Botrytis Cinerea, or noble rot, making it an ideal candidate for the production of sweet wines topranked Sauternes such as Chateau d Yquem.

Included in the group of 10 wines we tasted was a Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay, a blend of Chardonnay and Melon de Bourgogne, an alternate name for Muscadet, which is a perfect match for seafood, shellfish in particular. Combine them and you find yourself in a gustatory reverie. Lovers of dry Bordeaux wines will exult in the Cabernet Franc, a gutsy and elegant red, seemingly designed expressly Sharpe Hill continued on page 7



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Various Tracks Offered to our Cadets:

A summer of achievement and growth in a structured, positive, and student-centered learning environment to serve diligent, hard-working students who are looking for personal growth and more active fun than typical summer school classes can provide. Day & boarding students, grades 9 - 11 Morning classes, afternoon activities/ outdoor engagement Credit bearing or academic enrichment classes A summer of fun, friendship challenge and opportunity for kids who want to GET OUT A summer of fun, friendship challenge and opportunity for kids who want to GET OUT THERE AND DO this summer! Curriculum is specially designed to provide positive kids THERE AND DO this summer! Curriculum is specially designed to provide positive kids with a variety of opportunities for personal growth, mentored exercise, and just plain with a variety of opportunities for personal growth, mentored exercise, and just plain fun. Boarding Students Ages 13-17 Two, Four and Six- Week Sessions fun. Boarding Students Ages 13-17 Two, Four and Six- Week Sessions

Summer Adventure Program Summer Adventure Program

New Traditions Jazz Program | Jul 17 - Jul 29

Two week summer music workshop for high school instrumentalists of all levels and advanced middle school instrumentalists focusing on the study of and performance of jazz, in solo and small group settings. A gala performance will take place at the end of the program.

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Applications currently being accepted.

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June 23, 2011

Amazing adventures
by Robin E. Glowa
Naka, a Siberian tiger, joined the Beardsley Zoo family in 2009.

What could be cooler than checking out a brilliant blue Poison Dart Frog, a majestic Siberian Tiger, suiting up for a simulated space mission or gazing up at distant planets and thousands of sparkling stars? Kids of every age have the opportunity to enjoy a myriad of exciting and educational adventures at two of Connecticuts most diverse attractions the Beardsley Zoo and the Discovery Museum and Planetarium. Connecticuts Beardsley Zoo houses a fantastic array of more than 300 live animals, including rare, exotic and endangered varieties. Beasts and birds, insects and reptiles both mighty and minute reside at this zoo, primarily from North and South America. Take a peek at two-toed sloths, prickly porcupines, stunning Canadian lynx, blacktailed prairie dogs, hypnotic gray wolves and pale-faced Saki monkeys. Pudgy pigs, inquisitive goats and curly-haired sheep can be found in the New England Farmyard. Walk along the Hoofstock Trail and discover

massive, mighty bison, graceful pronghorn lies, he added. We want the entire family to experience enjoying and learning antelope and delicate deer. all about the animal world, while viewing Curious kids will also be able to learn more animals like tigers, ocelots and bears, or about efforts to conserve endangered and special exhibits like the vampire bats. There threatened animals, such as the gigantic is always something new and exciting hapAndean Condor, regal red wolf and the pening here at the zoo. Andean Spectacled Bear. We installed an eagle exhibit last year that A flock of assorted birds are here to be has become one of our most popular exhibcontemplated, including colorful Gold and its, he said. We are currently updating the Blue Macaws, Scarlet Ibis and mysterious otter and alligator exhibits. Were building Eastern screech owls. Fans of insects, frogs a Woodland Discovery Area that will be a and snakes will be thrilled to see a Waxy great place for kids to play and investigate. Monkey Frog, Emerald Tree Boa, Red- New animals and baby animals will be coming and we have a terrific schedule of Footed Tortoise and Giant Water Bugs. summer programs! Zoo director Gregg Dancho said, The zoo is closer than you think. Over the years, we Open every day of the year except for have worked hard to become a truly fam- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years ily-oriented, educational experience thats Day, the Beardsley Zoo is a rich resource for lots of fun for everyone. In this wonderful family interaction. The zoo is also ideal for backyard location right here in Bridgeport, kids to enjoy during school vacation or for the Beardsley Zoo is readily accessible to all birthday parties. families. After exploring the animal kingdom, the Our programs are planned around fami- spectacular world of science awaits at the

Discovery Museum and Planetarium. Alan Winick, director of education at the museum, said enthusiastically, One of the nice things about the Bridgeport/Fairfield County area is the wide variety of experiences and cultural advantages available for kids and families. We like to mine the natural curiosity of our younger visitors, as well as rekindling the same curiosity for our other guests, he added. Some of our older visitors feel that science was not particularly well taught when they were in school. The museum combines interactive activities that helps kids and adults discover science from the aspect of being part of the natural world. We want visitors to leave with a different perspective on the world. As we like to say here at the museum, If youre not careful, you might just learn something! With more than 70 programs for schoolchildren and extra programs during the summer, the Discovery Museum is a significant source for scientific exploration.

Sue Brotherton, TCRG Celebrating 15 Years of Irish Dance

July 1, 2, and 3, 2011

3 PM & 6 PM
Under the Big Top at Saxe Middle School Field
Tickets on sale now at the New Canaan YMCA Front Desk and these other community locations:
Baskin Robbins New Canaan Elm Street Books First County Bank New Canaan Hawthorne, Ackerly and Dorrance, LLC. Karl Chevrolet New Balance New Canaan TD Bank New Canaan

All proceeds support youth development programs at the New Canaan YMCA and throughout the community!

(Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.)

Scan here or visit www.newcanaanymca.org/circus.html




Indian Rock Families

C. Jane McDermott Insurance, First County Bank, Hawthorne, Ackerly & Dorrance, LLC., Jeff and Kathy Holland, John M. Glover Agency, New Canaan Pediatric Dentistry, New Canaan Wine Merchants, Simply Delicious Catering, The Sokolowski Family,


June 23, 2011

SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

School groups are able to participate in a simulated mission to the moon at the Challenger Learning Center. They become scientists, engineers and astronauts as they experience the elements of both preparation and completion of the mission. The amazing hands-on interaction with state of the art technology gives youngsters the chance to stretch their minds and imaginations while developing problem-solving, teamwork and decisionmaking skills. When they come back down to earth, would-be space explorers can further investigate the galaxy in the Henry B. duPont III Planetarium. The planetarium features a domed ceiling and surround-sound for a completely absorbing and unique astronomical experience. When the room is darkened, an extraordinary projector transforms the dome and you are transported into an astonishing world of stars and planets. The projector can actually reproduce the night sky as seen from Earth from any time period,

whether it be thousands of years in the past or in the future. Now how cool is that? You can also touch a 50,000-year-old meteorite, build a Lego race car powered by solar energy, play a drum kit by remote control with optical sensors, learn about electricity, shoot hoops at a moving backboard, or check out special exhibits such as Guitar The instrument that Rocked the World, which was featured during the month of May... its all science! Mr. Winick said, The Discovery Museum is one of the finest science museums in the country, possibly because our workers still have access to their own childhood wonder. Were here to engage and excite our visitors, and share our passion for science, space and the world. Connecticuts Beardsley Zoo is at 1875 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport; beardsleyzoo. org; 203-394-6565. The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is at 4450 Park Avenue, Bridgeport; discoverymuseum.org; 203-372352.

Summer camp at the Discovery Museum is lled with adventure.

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June 23, 2011

Kids whip up fun in the kitchen

by Pamela Brown
the way and eat the results. The kitchens a great place for kids to be kids. They love rolling out dough and using cookie cutters. My kids love to taste different ingredients and add flavors to food, she said. Its important for kids to be exposed to more foods than McDonalds and chicken nuggets so they understand its easy to make healthy meals, and home-cooked food tastes better than quick, store-bought conveniences. The kitchen is also a kid-friendly educational zone. When kids can see, feel, and smell ingredients that make up their favorite dishes and then proceed to create them, they become involved in the process, said Silvia Bianco, chef/director of special events at Bank Street Tavern in New Milford. Cooking is all about creating something from various ingredients. Kids learn quickly how combining certain ingredients in specific ways creates a particu-


(middle school and older) Chef Silvia Bianco brings French toast to a whole new level. She says the challah bread makes it plump, the cream cheese adds a contrasting taste and the berries make it beautiful. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons cream cheese 4 slices challah bread, each 1/2 inch thick 3 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla Fresh strawberries or other seasonal berries 1/2 cup heavy cream, whipped, or whipped topping Fresh mint for garnish (optional) Maple syrup To make batter: Beat eggs, add milk and vanilla, then beat together. Spread cream cheese between two slices of bread. Dip in batter on both sides, then let it sit in the batter for a few seconds. In a 9-inch skillet or flat grill: Add butter or cooking spray to coat bottom. Add bread and cook on both sides, over medium heat, about 2 minutes per side or just until golden brown. Put on a microwave-safe plate and microwave for 30 seconds on high. This will insure the center of the bread is completely cooked. Top with berries, whipped cream and syrup, then serve. Note: For a lower-fat version, use low-fat cream cheese, low-fat milk and skip the whipped cream. Makes two or more servings.

Angus (left), age six, presides over a pot of Sang Chow Bow, a mixture of minced pork and lettuce leaves. Phoebe (right), age seven, prepares the limes. Tracy Inall photos

Kids and cooking make a dynamic combination. The kitchen is a perfect place for children its the heart of the home. Weve always encouraged our children to explore in the kitchen, said Sarah Bouissou of Bernards restaurant in Ridgefield. I grew up in a large family, and one day a week was make-your-own-dinner night. It was one of our favorite nights. Some meals were good, some not so good, but it made us comfortable in the kitchen, she said. Under a parents tutelage, children can learn how to cook. They can do almost anything if youre there to show them how, said Sarah. Her two college-age

daughters have been cooking since age five. Maybe seeing my husband and I so comfortable in the kitchen made it easier for them. If cooking is a chore for you, itll probably be a chore for them. Tracy Inall of Ridgefield started her three children with tasks such as stirring and pouring. Now they can read the recipes, get out ingredients, measure, crack eggs and grease pans, said Tracy, mother of Caitlin, 9, Phoebe, 7, and Angus, 6. They make all kinds of dishes and help prepare Saturday morning pancakes; Caitlin makes her school lunches. They make foods they love so they can sample along

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June 23, 2011

SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

lar result. Change an ingredient or handle it differently diced versus minced, fold versus whip and you get a different cookie. The results are slightly different even if everyone follows the same recipe. Make cooking a shared family activity. Cooking brings people together. When Bernard (father) was cooking, the girls would help him prepare or set the table. Most of our family experiences are either in the kitchen preparing a meal or at the table, said Sarah. Silvia agrees. Its a natural way of staying connected to those you love; then theres all the great food you get to eat, Silvia said. Cooking is a family affair for Maureen Newlove of New Canaan and her sons, Clark, 14, and Christian, 12. Requesting their help in getting things out of the pantry or suggestions as to what to have, they get in on the action start-to-finish, said Maureen. On weekends, Clarks a short-order cook. He happily stands over the stove and feels satisfaction doing something for the family his way of showing us how much he cares. He loves helping with holiday meals and menus when we entertain. Cooking at a young age made Clark feel independent and self-sufficient. It wound up a way of making him respect and appreciate food and mealtime more. Its a must for them to learn to cook decent, wellbalanced meals for themselves and their future friends and family. The food doesnt have to be perfect. Theyre not neat chefs. The fun we have eating good food makes me realize spending time teaching them to appreciate the kitchen and all it can be has brought us together and given us a lot of joy. Through cooking, children learn a life skill, spend family time together and create different foods, while making wonderful memories. Thats a perfect recipe!

During the summer, its restaurant serves a gourmet lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sharpe Hill continued from page 3

to accompany a leg of lamb. We finished with dessert wines, and the general consensus was that the Select Late Harvest and Pontefract (translation, broken bridge) were the most flavorful. The former made from botrytised Vignoles grapes carries an impressive 19% alcohol. This high-alcohol content calls for restraint in drinking, but restraint is difficult when drinking such a delicacy. Pontefract is a Port-style dessert wine, marvelous with simple desserts fruit compote or pound cake, perhaps. Sharpe Hills restaurant was not open, but our hosts recommended The Harvest, a nearby restaurant where we ate well. They have a fine cellar and proudly display their awards from the Wine Spectator magazine for their excellent wine list. We drank a bottle of Ballet of Angels. It superbly complemented the good food. Should you decide to visit Sharpe Hills, save extra time to also try the wines at nearby Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock. You take exit 93 from I-395 for Sharpe Hill, but exit 97 for Taylor Brooke. Here Linda and Richard Auger produce red, white, dessert and fruit wines. Take a picnic lunch there and enjoy the scenery and fine wines any Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Phone in advance, 860- 974-1263. Feeling really adventurous? Call 860-9620600 and sign up for a hot air balloon ride with Brighter Skies Balloon Co. Flights leave early in the morning, but you will be treated to a Champagne breakfast upon landing. Whos to complain!

California and European wines are made from the vinifera grape, which, with proper care, will flourish in Connecticut. Hybrid grapes are also popular here, such as grapes crossed with vinifera, plus hardy native grapes that withstand our cold winters. When Leif Ericsson traveled to America 500 years before Columbus, he gave this new country the name of Vinland, due to the profusion of grape vines. The Connecticut wineries produce prizewinning wines as well as support the local economies. If you are interested in going green or becoming a locavore, heres an opportunity to aid and nd enjoyment in this worthwhile sphere. The Connecticut Wine Trail (ctwinetrail. com) has a listing of wineries, tasting events and festivals, directions and hours of operation.

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Merritt Pkwy exit 38, North on Rte. 123 for 8 miles.

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(last admission 4:30 pm)

9 AM - 5 PM

PANCAKE BREAKFAST ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT 9-11AM (adults $6, children $4)

xit 6, East on Rte. 35 for 9.5 miles, right on Rte. 123 towards Vista. on Rte. 123 for 8 miles. Merritt Pkwy exit 38, North Merritt Rte. exit 38, North on Merritt Pkwy exit 38, North onPkwy 123 for 8 miles. Rte. 123 for 8 miles.

8 Shady Lane (10590) Route 123 123 8 Shady Lane (10590) at at Route 684 exit 6, East on Rte. 68435 for 9.5 miles,for 9.5 miles, Rte. 1Rte. 1 Rte. exit 6, East on Rte. 35 right on right on


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CordShows.com CordShows.com


SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

June 23, 2011

Online with Blue Star Bazaar

by Lois Alcosser
Some little girls still want to be ballerinas, but Megan LeBant Abrahamsens story of her life as an entrepreneur is much more 21st Century. She is the CEO, CFO, president and buyer of her fast-growing online retail business, Blue Star Bazaar, which sells unusual accessories, toys, jewelry, home furnishings and fashion items. What I look for has to be attractive, original and beautifully made, the kind of gifts you dont nd anywhere else. Megan grew up in a creative atmosphere. Her father, an IBM marketing executive, built his childrens clubhouse and made stained glass lamps. Her mother sewed their Halloween costumes, and loved to cook. Her brother is the chef/owner of Schoolhouse Restaurant in Wilton. With an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Megan realized that starting ones own business requires multi-layered knowledge and professional help. There are companies whose business is developing other businesses. I put in my own images and descriptions and they manage the online aspects: credit cards, delivery times all the functions of online selling making the whole process of online shopping efcient and simple. I learned how to connect with social media like Facebook and see how online advertising works. The idea is to have lots of online trafc, Megan says. What happened to me is something thats happening to many women. I had some wonderful jobs, including very relevant business experience, but marriage and two young sons put my career on hold. But I knew I needed a creative outproducers, talented people who produce exceptional products. I have childrens T-shirts, appliqud by hand, babys bibs that are actually elegant as well as practical. Ive just added wonderful-looking beach bags and towels. I write an online newsletter to let people know whats happening. Where does the name Blue Star Bazaar come from? I wanted a name that was visual. Ive always loved star shapes and bazaar not only rhymes but sounds like a place with lots of different, exciting products. I am the employer and the only employee right now. I do free gift wrapping, and I ship everything from home except large items that get shipped from the manufacturer. Theres a at rate of $7 for orders under $50 and no charge over $50. Ill even drop off an item at someones home or have it here to be picked up by the customer. When shipments arrive, Im as delighted as if they were all for me. Right now, I have mens needlepoint belts with themes like golng, our-sack towels with funny sayings, little girls sunhats with a vintage look, baby blankets of recycled material and designer fabrics, outdoor explorer kits and box kite kits, one-of-a-kind necklaces, and soon Ill have little girls backto-school dresses.

Megan LeBant searches for items that are original, eye-catching and beautifully made.

let, a chance to use my education and work experience to do something that would be mine, in addition to being a wife and mom. Megan has thought a lot about this. Mens careers are linear. They usually work their way up to a desired position, but womens lives are different. Women have to carve out their own occupational path. We often

have to take a bold step, suddenly, and then focus on succeeding while still fulll- Does she supply her brother, Tim, with ing family responsibilities. So a business products for his Schoolhouse Restaurant? that operates from home is ideal. We maintain the integrity of our own customers; we do share ideas. But on ValBefore Blue Star Bazaar, Megan had a trial entines Day, I supplied his staff with gifts run selling hand-painted childrens furni- because they were all too busy to shop! ture. But that was just one product. She wanted a much more exciting inventory. For a colorful view of Megans handpicked I love searching for items made by small items, see thebluestarbazaar.com.

Learn what its like to grow up as a dinosaur in a life-size robotic exhibit.

Exits 14n or 15s off I-95 in Norwalk, CT

June 23, 2011

SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

Pirates continued from page 1

where superior fish-tossing skills might send a lass to the bottom of the sea (err, water tank). Visitors can take their own watery voyage courtesy of Davy Jones Locker, a multi-sensory ride, and explore Dr. Grymms museum of oddities, featuring sea mysteries, including a real-life captured mermaid. Kids can take part in the Pieces of Eight treasure hunt, wiggle their way through a huge pirate shipwreck and learn to speak, act and mix it up like a pirate. They can also get a temporary tattoo from a professional artist. A blacksmith will handcraft tools of the pirate trade, such as grappling hooks and boarding axes, while a cooper applies his woodworking skills to producing custommade peg legs. In all, more than 40 pirates and buccaneers will be on site. Pirates of the Hudson showcases the merchant history of Philipsburg Manor originally the seat of a 52,000acre commercial empire through the lens of a hearty pirate festival. As merchants heavily involved in the trans-Atlantic trade, the Philipse family had extensive dealings with pirates and privateers, said Thom Thacker, site director of Philipsburg Manor. This event is a fun way to celebrate that history and make those connections for visitors in a festival atmosphere. Draft brews from event sponsor Captain

Kids can take part in the Pieces of Eight treasure hunt.

Bryan Haeele photo

Lawrence Brewing Company of Pleasantville will be available, as well as a multitude of pirate-themed culinary creations from Tastefully Yours of Briarcliff Manor. The Thieves Market gives visitors the opportunity to bag exclusive Pirates of the Hudson booty, including T-shirts, mugs, placemats, postcards and magnets, as well as classic pirate accessories, such as eye patches, hooks, masks and bandannas.

Kraken Alley will feature artists working in various media to illustrate the mythological sea beast which gives the alley its name. Event admission is by advance-timed ticket, and all experiences are continuous throughout the afternoon. Tickets are available on the hour beginning at 3 p.m., July 2 to 4. The last admission is at 6 p.m. Ticket prices are $16 for adults and $12 for children under 18. Members of Historic

Hudson Valley receive a $5 discount per ticket. Pirates of the Hudson is held rain or shine. Proceeds benefit Historic Hudson Valley, the Tarrytown-based non-profit educational organization that owns and operates Philipsburg Manor. Philipsburg Manor is at 381 North Broadway (Route 9) in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. For information and tickets: 914-631-8200, hudsonvalley.org.

Pool Decks Patios and Walkways Stone Walls and Masonry Work Landscape Image Design

203-313-3791 www.designinconcrete.com

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Dunk Tanks!
Moon Bounces Only

Tents Tables Chairs

Beat The Heat!


SummerScapes Hersam Acorn Newspapers

June 23, 2011