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the darien times special section
2 • darien answerbook February 17, 2011

Serving Darien with Uncompromising

Sales & Services for Over 55 Years
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Serving the Fairfield County Community and beyond since 1952 with full service quality
insurance programs for individuals, businesses and not for profit corporations.
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Ÿ Member of The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
Ÿ Member of The Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut Ÿ Member “Trusted Choice”
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6 • darien answerbook History February 17, 2011

When was the town founded and by whom? During the American Revolution, local Tories frequently
According to the Darien Historical Society, which has helped raided Middlesex Parish, and on July 22, 1781, they disrupted
in preparing this section of the Answer Book, the first residents services at the meetinghouse and captured 48 men, includ-
of this area were the Siwanoy Indians, a generally peaceful ing the minister, Dr. Moses Mather, and took them across the
people who lived by fishing, hunting, and tending their corn- Sound. Dr. Mather and 26 of his parishioners spent five months
fields. In 1640 they sold a piece of land, where the Rippowam in British prisons in New York City before they were able to
River met Long Island Sound, to New Haven Colony. Settled by return home.
28 families, it became part of Stamford. After the war, people turned their energies to opening a
The property’s eastern boundary was Pine Brook, today Turnpike Road (now the Post Road) in 1807, and establishing
called Goodwives River. In only a few years the settlement daily mail service. Schools and shops were built, and by 1820,
grew to 59 families, and they began to look for more land. They Middlesex Parish was turned loose from Stamford and renamed
struck a deal with Piamikin, chief of the Roatons, for a tract of Darien.
land between Pine Brook and Five Mile River, which includes Growth continued as the New Haven Railroad came through
the Tokeneke section of Darien. The price was four coats and in 1848, and commerce began to shift from the harbor to the
some tobacco. railroad station at the Post Road crossing. Until the advent of the
The first roads were cut in 1700 and the first school district railroad, Darien was a small, rural community of about 1,000
was set up in 1703 in Noroton. Small houses began to be built farmers, shoemakers, fishermen, and merchants engaged in
near Gorham’s Pond. In 1708 Richard Scofield and Thomas coastal trading. Ensuing years would see an increase in popula-
Youngs���were granted at the tion with the arrival of immigrants from Ireland and later from
a permit to erect a gristmill and dam �����
mouth of Pine Brook. It was known as Scofield’s Mill and later Italy.

Clock’s Mill and Landing, after Scofield conveyed the property In 1864 during the Civil War, the first home for disabled war
to his German son-in-law, John Klock. Captain George Gorham veterans and soldiers’ orphans in the United States was built at

bought the mill in 1740, and it remained in the Gorham fam- Noroton Heights, named after its founder, Benjamin Fitch of
ily for nearly 200 years. The area was still known as Clock’s Darien. The end of the war brought a building boom, and on
well into the 19th Century, when the name Ring’s End what had once been farmland sprouted homes for prosperous
began to appear in the land records. businessmen and local merchants. A number of well-to-do New
������������������� ������������������������
By 1737, this area was known as Middlesex Parish. That was Yorkers discovered Darien’s picturesque shoreline and built
year the Middlesex Ecclesiastical Society was established, summer homes in Tokeneke, Long Neck Point and Noroton. In
the ����������������������������������������
and by 1744 a meetinghouse was built. By 1772 the stagecoach 1897, the Stamford Street Railway inaugurated a trolley service
was making regular trips, every two weeks, along the country through Darien that lasted until 1933.
road, which was the main highway connecting New York and Darien was still a small town of a few thousand people in
Boston. Its path roughly corresponded to today’s Post Road.
�������������������������������������������������������� 1914, even though there were already a few hardy commuters
here who taxied by surrey from home to station.
�������������������������� After World War II, new streets and developments sprang up.
The town center grew steadily along with the population. By the
���������� mid-1950’s the Connecticut Turnpike came through the town.
General prosperity and growth continued until the population
�������������������� leveled off around 20,000 by 1970.

Where did the name come from?

The history of Darien’s name, adopted in 1820, is murky. The

town was originally to be called Bellville, after Thaddeus Bell,


an early founder. Members of the historical society think the

town was named after the Isthmus of Darien in Panama.
��������������������� What are some historic points of interest?
The Bates-Scofield House Museum at 45 Old Kings Highway
��� ������������������
�� ������������������ ����� North is owned by the Darien Historical Society, which over-
saw its restoration in 1964. The house, built around 1736, is a

������������������������� saltbox, featuring a massive central chimney, large fireplace

and beehive oven. It is filled with 18th and 19th Century fur-

nishings. An herb garden adjacent to the house is tended by the

���������������������������������� Darien Garden Club. There are tours of the house from 2 to 4 on
Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call 203-655-9233 for details.
�������������������������������������� Built in 1778 on Brookside Road by Deacon Joseph Mather,
������������������������������������� the Stephen Mather House is named for one of his descendants
who was instrumental in establishing the National Park Service
��������������������������������� in the early 1920’s. It has been home to members of the Mather
�������������������������������������������������� family ever since.
��������������������������� Also of interest are two cemeteries that date from the 18th
Century. In the Mather cemetery, which is near the Stephen
Mather house, are buried many members of the Mather fam-
ily. Many members of the Bates family are laid to rest in the
Bates Middlesex cemetery behind the Masonic lodge on the
Post Road.
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8 • darien answerbook History February 17, 2011

Is any place in Darien on the National Register of Bates-Scofield House. The society’s 280-page, illustrated pub-
Historic Places? lication The Story of Darien, Connecticut, by Kenneth M. Reiss
Yes. On the National Register of Historic Places are the Bates- (a former Darien Historical Society president), is available for
Scofield House Museum; Meadowlands, home of the Darien purchase at $75.
Community Association; and the Stephen Mather House.
Are there any historic districts in town?
What are the oldest houses in town? The only historic district in town is along Boston Post
The distinction of being the oldest surviving house in town is Road, which includes the Bates-Scofield House and the old
the Pond Weed House on Post Road, which dates from 1696. Congregational Church.
The Jonathan Bates House, which dates from 1705, is one of
several 18th-century houses throughout town. Does Darien have a town historian?
Yes. Marian M. Castell is town historian. One of her duties
What is the role of the Darien Historical Society? is to oversee the placement of plaques on homes of historic
The historical society collects and preserves materials of local significance. She is also involved in examining old homes
historical value. It also educates the community about its heri- slated for demolition, to determine whether or not they should
tage through its art and architecture, oral remembrances, and be preserved.
public programs.
The historical society has offices at the Bates-Scofield House Do any laws protect old houses?
Museum and can be reached Tuesday, 9 to 2; Wednesday and Since the early 1990s, Darien has had a demolition delay
Thursday, 9 to 4; and Friday, 9 to 2; at 203-655-9233. The ordinance. Before any structure more than 50 years old is
society maintains a Web site at historical.darien.org. E-mail: demolished, a legal notice must be published to that effect and
info@darienhistorical.org. a 90-day waiting period is imposed to give anyone who might
want to save either the building or its contents time to negotiate
Are there any town histories? with the owner. The law, ultimately, does not prevent anyone
The Darien Historical Society keeps town histories at the from tearing down an old building.

How big is Darien? from 2008.
According to town documents, Darien comprises approxi- Average list price was up 14.5% to $1,804,452 through
mately 23 square miles (almost 13 square miles of land and December 2010, and the average sale price was up 17.9% to
more than 10 square miles of water), with some 16.5 miles of $1,695, 793 in 2010 versus 2009.
shoreline along Long Island Sound. The town sits at an eleva- The number of homes listed was down 0.4% to 520 in
tion ranging from sea level to 250 feet above sea level. 2010 compared to 2009’s total and down 18.5% versus 2008.
Inventory is low in Darien.
How many people live here? For the week ending Jan. 26, the average listing price of a
Darien’s population in 2009 was 19,375, according to the Darien home was $2.73 million, up 0.6%; the median sale price
Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) 2010 Town was $1.2 million, up 37.2% from a year ago, according to real
Profile (the latest available report). That total was down from estate Web sites. There were 217 homes listed for sale, and 212
20,100 in 2008, and from 19,607 in 2000. The population is pro- sold and there were four foreclosures. The number of sales was
jected to decline to 18,172 by 2014. In 2009, there were 9,791 down by 30 or 5% from the year before.
females and 9,584 males. Midway through 2010, homes depreciated 6.1% over the past
12 months, according to Aol Real Estate (realestate.aol.com). A
What is the median age of people here? total of 85% of homes are owned, 11% rented and 3% vacant.
The median age in Darien is 41 years old. The largest percent- Average estimated value: $1,422,594, up 0.23%. Average sale
age of Darienites, 15.5% (a total of 6,183), fall within the ages price: $1,971,847.
of 25-49. Other age range data: newborn to 4, 1,749, 5%; ages As of early spring in 2010, there were 273 homes for sale in
5-17, 4,040, 10.5%; ages 18-24, 957, 2.5%; ages 50-64, 3,932, Darien, 142 sold houses and eight homes in one stage or another
10%; ages 65 and older, 2,514, 6.5%. of foreclosure. The average listing price by the end of March
was just over $2 million.
What is Darien’s racial makeup? A comeback in the real estate market had been happening in
According to the 2010 CERC Town Profile, Darien’s town, but slowly, according to Darien Realtors, as reported in
racial makeup is as follows: white, 18,130; Hispanic, 691; the Darien Times in early March 2010. Fairfield County house
Asian Pacific, 660; black, 250; other/multi-race, 327; Native sales shot up 60% in January and median price 30%, accord-
American, 8. ing to the Warren Group, a real estate data provider for New
What is the income level of a family here? After an active year in 2007, the real estate market nearly
The 2009 median household income in Darien was $187,581, ground to a halt in 2008. According to the Darien Board of
compared to $82,184 in Fairfield County and $68,055 in the Realtors Inc. (108 Old Kings Highway North/203-655-3700),
state. 187 single-family homes were sold in Darien in 2008, com-
pared to 342 homes sold in 2007. The average sale price was
What is the real estate picture in Darien? $1,558,477, compared to $1,856,598 in 2007. The median sale
House sales increased by 35.7% in 2010, compared to 2009, price was $1,.335 million, compared to $1.425 million the year
according to Al Filippone Associates (AFA Homes/afadarien. before.
com). Average sale price was up 17.9% from 2009 and 8.8% Houses have taken longer to sell, with the time on the market
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10 • darien answerbook Demographics February 17, 2011

in the recent economic downturn period having been the worse Of those, 8,643 were employed, with 546 unemployed, yielding
in 10 years, spending an average of 121 days on the market in an unemployment rate of 5.9%, up from 5.8% a year ago. This
2008, compared to 94 days in 2007, 83 in 2006, 70 in 2005, and compared to a state unemployment rate of 8.6% by the end of
60 days in 2004. 2010, up from 8.05% the year before.
In 2010, the average market time was 140 days, up by four
days from 2009 and 20 days from 2008, acccording to real How far is Darien from major cities?
estate Web sites. Darien is 36 miles from New York City; 64 miles from
There is not a big condo market in Darien; there were no Hartford, the capital of Connecticut; 119 miles from Providence;
condo sales in 2008, compared to 10 in 2007 and eight in 2006. and 155 miles from Boston.
The average sale price in 2007 was $701,375. The median sale Darien is approximately 32 miles southeast of the nuclear
price in 2007 was $677,000. In 2007, condos spent an average power plant in Buchanan, N.Y.
of 101 days on the market.
What weather statistics are available?
How many households are there in town? The weather in Darien ranges from an average high of 83
There are approximately 6,500 households in Darien, down degrees in July to an average low of 17 degrees in January.
from 6,660 in 2008. The record high is 103 degrees in July 1966. The record low is
minus 15 degrees in January 1968. Darien receives an average
What is the town’s ZIP code? of 46 inches of precipitation a year.
The ZIP code is 06820; the telephone area code is 203. Ten
digit dialing became mandatory in Connecticut mid-November What is the growing season?
2009. Darien is in Hardiness Zone 6, as defined by the U.S.
Department of Agriculture. The summer growing season is
What is the town’s labor force and what is the unem- generally defined by the last spring frost and the first fall frost.
ployment rate? Gardeners are usually safe to assume the last frost will occur by
Statistics from Connecticut’s Department of Labor showed Memorial Day, and they can expect the first hard frost no later
in December 2010, Darien had a work force of 9,189 people. than the first or second week of October.

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February 17, 2011 Town Government darien answerbook • 11

Where are town offices? affordable housing, as well as ongoing government changes
The Town Hall is at 2 Renshaw Road. Offices are open 8:30 and responsibilities.
to 4:30 weekdays. They are closed weekends and holidays. For
general information, call 203-656-7300. The town maintains a Who is the town administrative officer?
Web site at www.darienct.gov. The town administrative officer is Karl Kilduff. His office,
Room 202 in town hall, is open from 8:30 to 4:30. He may be
Who is the chief executive of the town? reached at 203-656-7333 or kkilduff@darienct.gov. His salary
The first selectman is David M. Campbell, a Republican is $144,210.
elected in 2009, who was born and raised in Darien. His
office, Room 202 in town hall, is open from 8:30 to 4:30. He How is the town viewed by local leaders?
may be reached at 203-656-7338 or dcampbell@darienct.gov. In a statement online at the town’s Web site (darienct.gov),
His salary is $80,000. the Board of Selectmen has described Darien as “a 21st cen-
Mr. Campbell is also chairman of the Board of Selectmen, tury residential community that has maintained the charm and
which includes Republicans Gerald A. Nielsen Jr. and Jayme character of a small New England town. Darien offers to its
J. Stevenson and Democrats David F. Bayne and Callie Anne residents an outstanding school system, two beautiful beaches,
Sullivan. The first selectman and the board members are elect- green park lands, playgrounds, a state-of-the-art library, several
ed for a two-year term each in odd-numbered years. shopping areas and a senior activities center. The town takes
An administrative officer appointed by the Board of tremendous pride in the number of volunteers who participate
Selectmen handles day-to-day operations. The board is respon- and support the town as elected officials, emergency respond-
sible for directing the administration, policy-making, and daily ers, as community leaders and members of the numerous town
affairs of the town. organizations.”
In its 2010 mission statement at darienct.gov., the board The president and CEO of the Darien Chamber of Commerce,
declared it “remains committed to preserving the character of Carol Wilder-Tamme, describes Darien, in the Chamber’s
our town, maintaining our position as a premier town in the Member Directory, as “a beautiful town on Long Island that
state of Connecticut, and providing a high level of service to offers history, culture, lush vegetation, excellent schools, active
Darien residents. During these financially challenging times churches, attractive beaches, social clubs, civic organizations
the Board of Selectmen will strive to do so without putting and a variety of philanthropic organizations. Darien has a won-
additional burden on taxpayers.” derful selection of restaurants, shops, galleries, performing arts
The selectmen, at the town’s Web site, offer a specific list venues, recreation and diverse businesses.”
of its priorities in areas of fiscal responsibility, the environ- First Selectman David M. Campbell, a Darien native, has
ment and open and community space, human services, down- declared that fellow residents of Darien “are its heart and soul.
town and business development, traffic and transportation and They are the driving force behind so many of the activities and


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12 • darien answerbook Town Government February 17, 2011

organizations that make Darien a sought after destination to What is the current tax rate in town?
live. It’s the residents who actively participate in the schools, The current Darien tax rate on both assessed property and
non-profit organizations and community organizations that pro- personal property is 11.74 mills, which represents a real tax of
tect our valued family lifestyle.” $11.74 on each $1,000 of assessed value. This is an increase of
3.25% over the previous year.
Is there a directory of town officials?
There is a list at the town’s Web site, darienct.gov. and the What is the grand list?
League of Women Voters of Darien Web site (lwv.darien.org) A New England term, the grand list is the town’s tax base
also has a list of elected officials, including Representative and represents all taxable property in town. It is compiled each
Town Meeting members, plus chairs of appointed boards and year on Oct. 1, but is not finalized until Jan. 30. The grand list
commissions. reflects a 70% assessed value of all taxable property. The new
A list of officials and major board members also appears in list was not yet available.
the Answerbook. The 2009 gross taxable grand list was $8.75 billion, an
increase of more than $54.8 million, or 0.6%. Real estate assess-
What is the Representative Town Meeting? ments: $8.4 billion, up about $30 million; business personal
At a traditional Town Meeting, all registered voters may property assessments: $150 million, up $28 million; and motor
attend and vote on issues. Darien switched to a Representative vehicle assessments: $201 million, down $3 million.
Town Meeting in 1951. The Representative Town Meeting, also The latest grand list follows a property revaluation conducted
known as an RTM, is comprised of a limit of 100 members who in the fall of 2008 and showed a 33% increase over the previous
represent six districts. They are elected to two-year terms, with- year when figures had been based on 2003 assessed values.
out party affiliation. Members serve without compensation.
As a legislative body, members of the RTM pass laws and Who is the tax collector?
ordinances and appropriate money. The RTM also approves col- Robert A. Locke is Darien’s tax collector, a Republican re-
lective bargaining contracts with town employees. elected in 2009. He was re-elected to a two-year term in 2007.
His office is in Room 104 of town hall. His phone number is
When does the RTM meet? 203-656-7314, and his e-mail is blocke@darienct.gov.
There are six regularly scheduled meetings. The Annual Property taxes are by far the single largest source of revenue
Town Meeting is the second Monday of November, followed for the town. The total was about $98 million in 2009-10.
four weeks later by the State of the Town Meeting. Additional
meetings are the fourth Monday of January, the third Monday Where and when do I pay my town taxes?
of March, the second Monday of May (annual budget meeting), Property and personal property taxes are due in two install-
and the fourth Monday of September. Special meetings may ments, July 1 and Jan. 1, and may be paid at the tax collector’s
also be called. office in town hall, or mailed to the address on the bill. Taxes
All meetings begin at 8 p.m., unless otherwise noted, in the may be paid within 30 days of the due date without penalty.
Town Hall Auditorium. Vehicle taxes are due in one installment on July 1 for vehicles
registered as of Oct. 1. Supplemental motor vehicle taxes are
Who may attend the meetings? due Jan. 1.
All meetings are open to the public. Darien residents may par-
ticipate in the meetings, but only members may make motions What do my taxes pay for?
or vote. Taxes support schools, police, road improvements, debt pay-
ments, and all other town services. A detailed accounting of how
Is the RTM’s word final? collected taxes are spent is in the annual town report.
The following actions by the RTM are subject to overrule by
referendum: passage of an ordinance, expenditure of $50,000 or What happens if I don’t pay my taxes on time?
more for any purpose, or the issuance of bonds. A referendum You will be charged a 1.5% interest each month on the install-
may be requested by a petition. ment balance. This works out to 18% annually. The tax collector
does not have the authority to waive interest due.
Who can become a member of the RTM?
Any registered voter in Darien is eligible to be elected to the Does the town ever foreclose on tax-debtor property?
RTM. Prospective candidates must get at least 25 voters in their Although the town has the right to foreclose, tax collector
district to sign a petition. Nomination petitions must be filed Robert Locke said the town tries to work with people finding it
with the town clerk between eight and 12 weeks before the elec- difficult to pay their taxes.
tion. Members may run for re-election. Half the membership is
elected each year. For complete rules, call the town clerk at 656- Who qualifies for a tax break?
7307. The full membership is available online at darienct.gov. Elderly residents may apply for tax relief through the asses-
Also check the Town Code there for RTM rules and regulations sor’s office from Feb. 1 through May 15, each year. To qualify
under chapter XIII. for the town program that offers a waiver of up to 95% of the
normal tax, applicants must be 65 or permanently and totally
What is the town budget? disabled. Their income cannot be more than $37,500 if single,
The total town budget for 2010-11 is $109.7 million, up $46,300 if married. Darien also has an option for taxpayers
2.7% or $2.9 million from the previous fiscal year. This year’s over age 65 to defer their taxes as long as their income is under
Board of Selectmen’s budget for town opeations is $38.2 mil- $59,500 for single persons and $66,300 for a married couple.
lion, up about $100,000. The Board of Education budget for There is also a state tax credit program. For details, call the
the public schools is $71.5 million, up 4.1% or $2.8 million. assessor’s office at 203-656-7310.
Capital expenditures approved totaled almost $7 million, down Veterans who have served 90 days during an active period of
$2 million. war, received an honorable discharge, and filed their discharge
February 17, 2011 Town Government darien answerbook • 13

papers (DD214) with the town clerk are eligible for a tax break Who is the town clerk and what does she do?
within income guidelines: single, $30,500; married, $37,300. Donna E. Rajczewski is Darien’s town clerk, a Republican
One-hundred-percent disabled veterans are eligible for addi- re-elected in 2009. Her office is in Room 101 in town hall. It
tional benefits. is open 8:30 to 4:30 weekdays. Her phone number is 203-656-
How are car taxes figured? The town clerk is responsible for maintaining numerous
Car taxes are levied at the same mill rate of 11.74 used for records and documents including: marriage licenses, birth
property taxes. The mill rate is applied to the current assessed records, burial and disinterment permits, cremation certificates,
value of the car. For example, if the assessed value of your car dog licenses, and copies or certified copies of land records and
is $1,000, you will pay $11.74 in personal property taxes for maps. She handles the filing of liquor permits and land records,
the year. and records deeds and survey maps. She is also responsible
for scheduling meetings and recording meetings of RTM and
I got a tax bill for a car I don’t own anymore. What RTM committees and various town boards and commissions.
should I do? Her office also handles absentee ballot voter registration (from
The Department of Motor Vehicles maintains vehicle owner- noon to 4:30).
ship records, which it forwards to the town assessor’s office. The town clerk is elected every two years. She may be e-
DMV will continue sending ownership reports to the town until mailed at drajczewski@darienct.gov.
a vehicle’s license plates are turned in. To remove a car from
the tax roll, return the plates to the DMV office on Main Avenue Can I look up old deeds in town hall?
in Norwalk and take the DMV return receipt to the assessor’s Deeds are open to the public and available for review at the
office. town clerk’s office.

What is the town’s bond rating? Are birth, marriage, and death records public?
The town’s bond rating is Aaa. The general public can look at marriage and death record
indexes and get copies. Certified copies of a birth certificate
What is the revaluation program? will be issued only to the person in question or, in the case of a
A revaluation involves appraising all real estate in town at minor, their parents. Be prepared to provide photo identification
current fair market value in order to equalize assessments. The and sign a release affirming you are who you say you are.
state requires each municipality to undergo a revaluation every
five years. Darien completed its latest revaluation in 2008. How do I get a marriage license?
Those assessments (70% of fair market value) will be reflected A license may be obtained from the town in which the bride
in tax bills in July 2009. or groom lives, or where the wedding will take place. Blood
tests are not required. The fee is $30 and the license is good for
Who determines how much my house is worth for tax- 65 days. Call the town clerk for details at 203-656-7307.
ing purposes?
The town assessor’s office is responsible for determining the What about same sex marriage or civil unions?
assessed value of each home. The assessor is Anthony Homicki, As of Nov. 12, 2008, same sex marriage became legal in
CCMA II. His office is in Room 102, town hall, 8:30 to 4:30, Connecticut. The requirements for entering a same sex mar-
203-656-7310. An outside firm is brought in to assist the asses- riage are the same for an opposite-sex marriage. Previously,
sor in performing the updating of all taxable and exempt values Connecticut recognized civil unions between two people of the
in the year of revaluation. General information about assess- same sex, which granted them the same benefits, rights and pro-
ments is available at the town’s Web site, with a link to the tections as are granted to spouses in a marriage. All civil unions
Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers site at caa.com. were converted into marriage on Oct. 1, 2010. For details, go to
Connecticut Public Health section at ct.gov.
How do I find the assessed value of my home?
You may call the assessor (203-656-7310) or the tax collec- Besides clergy, who can officiate at weddings?
tor (203-656-7314), or you may go to the assessor’s office and A justice of the peace may officiate at a wedding within the
look at the field card for your property. The field card lists the state, and federal judges may officiate at weddings anywhere.
particulars in figuring the valuation of your home. Copies of the To find a justice of the peace, call the town clerk’s office (203-
field card are available for a nominal charge. 656-7307). A list of 23 justices with their phone numbers and
addresses appears on the town’s Web site.
Is there anything I can do if I don’t agree with my
assessment? What is a notary public? Where can I find one?
Property owners who disagree with the assessment may A notary public is someone legally empowered to witness sig-
appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeal. This three-member natures, certify documents, and take depositions and affidavits.
board is elected for a three-year term in odd-numbered years. Every bank has one on staff. Some real estate agents are notary
The board meets in March to hear real estate and personal publics, as are some public officials. There are several at the
property appeals and September exclusively for motor vehicle Darien Library, and there is a notary service at The UPS Store
appeals. Visit the assessor’s office the month before to request in the Goodwives Shopping Plaza (203-655-6543). Some may
an appointment and get an application. Call 203-656-7310. charge a small fee to notarize a document.

Who is the town treasurer? Where can I apply for a passport?

Joan D. Hendrickson, a Republican re-elected in November You may obtain a new passport or renew an expired one by
2009, is the town treasurer. Her office is in Room 201 at town filling out an application. Applicants need two copies of a cur-
hall, 203-656-7336, jhendrickson@darienct.gov. rent passport-size photo.
To obtain a passport for the first time, a birth certificate with
14 • darien answerbook Town Government February 17, 2011

a raised seal is necessary. Applications must be signed before School; District 2, Town Hall; District 3, Holmes School;
the issuing agent. District 4, Hindley School; District 5, Darien High School;
The Darien Post Office at 30 Corbin Drive (203-655-2595) District 6, Darien Town Hall. Voters learn their polling place
processes passport applications, and can also take photos, if upon registration, or can find out online at the town’s Web site.
needed. The post office also offers a passport card, good for
land and sea crossings to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Who can vote by absentee ballot?
and Bermuda. It is not valid for air travel. Passport hours are Any registered voter who will be out of town during all vot-
Tuesday through Friday from 8 to 5 and Saturday from 8:30 to ing hours may cast an absentee ballot. Voters prevented from
noon. Appointments are required; call Peggy Andral at 203-655- getting to the polls due to illness, disability, or religious beliefs
2595. Throughout the year, the Darien Library and post office may also cast an absentee ballot.
host Passport Day at the library. For details, visit darienlibrary.
org or call Ms. Andral. How and where do I get an absentee ballot?
If you are traveling within two weeks, you may visit the pass- Applications for an absentee ballot are available from the
port agency at 50 Washington Street in Norwalk. Hours are 9 to town clerk’s office, the registrars of voters, or online at the town
4, but an appointment is required by calling 1-877-487-2778. Web site. Ballots will be mailed after applications are received.
This is where you may obtain visas for foreign travel. Students should get an absentee ballot application before they
To renew a passport, applicants will need to send the old go off to college.
passport along with the application. Renewal applications are
available online at travel.state.gov. Don’t wait to renew. You Can a non-resident vote here?
may have some trouble while traveling if your passport expires A non-resident who owns property in Darien may vote in a
in less than six months. For complete information, visit the U.S. referendum only, and only if he or she was included in the last
State Department site at state.gov. published grand list. You must have a tax liability of at least
What do the registrars of voters do?
The registrars keep up to date with current voting laws, Must I renew my voting privileges?
maintain the lists of qualified voters, keep the voting machines While you do not need to formally renew your voting
in working order, and register new voters. They are elected to privileges, you must participate in a voter canvass, conducted
two-year terms. each year by the registrars to ensure the accuracy of the Voter
Darien has two registrars of voters: Thomas R. Dunn, Registry List. Each voter will receive a form that they must
Democrat, 203-656-7319, and Donald Paul Smith, Republican, sign and return. Non-compliance will place you on the inactive
203-656-7301. Their office, in Room 106 in Town Hall, is open list. You can get off the inactive list by filling out a restoration
8:30 to 4:30. The general number is 203-656-7316. form. Remaining on the inactive list for four years will get you
taken off the voting list. Should this happen, you will have to
Who can register to vote? re-register.
To register, you must be 17 years old or older, be a U.S. citi- The registrars post the names of people who are considered
zen, and bona fide resident of Darien. You must be 18 to vote. inactive on the town’s Web site.
New residents may register as soon as they move to town.
There is no waiting period. Can I lose the right to vote?
Anyone convicted of a felony loses the right to vote. A person
How do I register to vote? may be reinstated as a voter after serving a sentence, completing
There are several ways to register. You may register in person parole, and/or paying a fine.
by visiting the registrars of voters’ office in town hall. If the
office is closed, you may go to the town clerk’s office from noon How does one join a political party? What’s the advan-
until 4:30. Bring a driver’s license or some form of identifica- tage?
tion. A special registration session is held on a Saturday two A person may choose to join a political party when they reg-
weeks prior to an election. ister to vote or any time after that. They may also remain unaf-
You may also register by mail. Applications are available filiated. A person who belongs to one political party may leave
at the registrars’ office, Darien Library, Department of Motor at any time to join another party. Membership in the new party
Vehicles, and other state agencies. A form is also available from becomes effective three months from the date of application.
the secretary of the state’s Web site (ct.gov) or the Darien regis- Only enrolled members of a political party may participate
trars’ site (darienct.gov). Click on Town Officials and follow the in caucuses, conventions, and primaries of that party. Nearly
links. It may be printed out and mailed to the registrars’ office. all elected officials and appointed office holders belong to a
A person temporarily living in another state, such as a college political party.
student, may register to vote by filling out a Connecticut voter
registration application and mailing it to the Darien registrars. A What are our political parties and enrollments?
voter registration session is always held yearly at Darien High Shortly before Election Day 2010, a total of 12,975 Darienites
School in the spring prior to graduation. were registered voters. Of that number there were 6,315
Anyone wishing to vote in a general election must register at Republicans; 2,487 Democrats; 4,158 unaffiliated; and 15
least seven days in advance. Mail-in applications must be post- belonged to minor parties such as the Concerned Citizen, Green
marked 14 days before an election. For primaries, the registra- and Libertarian parties.
tion deadline is five days prior.
What boards and commissions are appointed?
When and where do I vote? The following are all appointed: Advisory Commission
Regular elections take place every year on the Tuesday fol- on Information Technology, Affordable Housing Advisory
lowing the first Monday in November. Voting hours are 6 a.m. Commission, Area Nine Cable Council, Architectural Review
to 8 p.m. Darien has six polling places: District 1, Ox Ridge Board, Beautification Commission, Building Board of Appeals,
February 17, 2011 Town Government darien answerbook • 15

Business Development Committee, Coastal Waters Advisory nate parental rights, approve adoptions, act on a minor’s estate,
Commission, Charter Revision Commission, Commission approve guardians for handicapped people, and grant name
on Aging, Darien Housing Authority, Darien TV79 Advisory changes.
Board, Deer Management Committee, Environmental Protection The last soley Darien probate judge was John B. Rearden, Jr.
Commission, Five Mile River Commission, Flood Mitigation
Committee, High School Building Committee, Monuments and Who is in charge of Darien’s coastline?
Ceremonies Commission, Operations Planning Committee, Park The nine-member Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters
and Recreation Commission, Police Commission, Resource oversees all town projects affecting Darien’s five harbors and
Conservation Advisory Commission, Sewer Commission, Social 16.5 miles of coastline.
Service Commissioners, Tokeneke School Building Committee,
Town and Police Pension Committees, Youth Commission, and What does the harbor master do?
Zoning Board of Appeals. Harbor Master Tom Bell oversees Darien’s harbors and coves,
home to more than 300 light craft during the boating season,
How can I get involved in town government? not including the large numbers of visiting sailboats and power
If you are affiliated with a party, get in touch with your boats. His office also handles applications for mooring spaces in
town party chairman: Republicans, Harry Artinian, 203- Darien waters. Call 203-655-9536 or 203-253-9519. The wait-
656-0807; Democrats, John Davis, 203-356-1641 or e-mail: ing list is posted on the bulletin board at town hall and online at
johndavisrei@hotmail.com. The Republican Town Committee darienct.gov. Click on Town Services and then Harbor Master.
Web site: darienrtc.com. The Democratic Town Committee Web Mr. Bell succeeded longtime Harbor Master Bob Price last
site: dtc.darien.org. summer.

Who is the town’s judge of probate? What does the Housing Authority do?
Early January brought an end to the era of single town judges The Darien Housing Authority, in conjunction with the
of probate, as the state law consolidating probate court districts Connecticut Department of Economic and Community
took effect. The Darien-New Canaan Probate Court debuted. Development, oversees the management of Darien’s two public
The office of probate judge, an elected position with a four- housing projects. The Allen-O’Neill Homes is a moderate rental
year term, is held by Judge Michael Murray, a Republican family housing project; Old Town Hall Houses is a low-income
elected in November 2010. His office, in Room 204 of Town project for senior citizens. The Housing Authority also admin-
Hall, is open 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday. The phone isters the waiting list for Clock Hill Homes on Leroy Avenue, a
number is 203-656-7342. Chief clerk is Alice Ann Fitzpatrick. moderate-income condominium development.
The judge establishes the validity of wills and administers The housing authority’s office is in Room B1 of town
the estates of people who die without wills. He can also termi- hall. For information, call 203-655-1078 or e-mail

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16 • darien answerbook Town Government February 17, 2011

darienhousingkm@yahoo.com. Hours are Monday through the town clerk’s office at town hall. Many are published in The
Friday from 9 to 4. Darien Times.

What is the Affordable Housing Advisory Commission? How do I know if a meeting is scheduled?
This commission advises the Board of Selectmen on develop- The Freedom of Information Act requires that all town
ing an affordable housing plan for the town. The nine members commission and board meetings be public. The schedule for
are charged with assessing housing needs, considering zoning a board’s regular meetings must be filed each year with the
issues, researching nonpofit and for-profit developers, and town clerk. Special meetings may be called up to 24 hours
developing a plan that includes targets and a budget. An afford- in advance. Emergency meetings may be held without notice;
able housing plan approved in August 2009 is on view at the however, the board must file its minutes — including the reason
town’s Web site. Last year Darien was granted a four-year mora- for the emergency — at the town clerk’s office within 72 hours
torium on meeting affordable housing law requirements. of the meeting. Meetings are posted in the town clerk’s office,
Town Hall. Meeting schedules can also be found at the town’s
What does the building department do? Web site.
The building department oversees all building activity in The Times publishes a list of upcoming meetings known at
Darien. It issues permits and makes inspections. From the build- press time.
ing department you can obtain surveys and plot plans, permits
issued by address, certificates of occupancy, certificates of Can a commission or board meet privately?
compliance, construction plans for permits issued after 1960, Generally, all meetings involving a quorum of commission
and a list of current construction. Permit fees and details are on or board members (three members of a five-person board, four
the town Web site, darienct.gov. of a six-member board) must be open to the public. However,
Charles A. Saverine is Darien’s building official. The depart- Connecticut statutes allow a commission to close a meeting to
ment’s office, in Room 212 of town hall, is open from 8:30 to the public if it is discussing personnel matters, litigation strategy
4:30. Inspectors are in the office from 8:30 to 10, 1 to 2, and or contract negotiations.
4 to 4:30 to answer questions and take calls. Inspections are To close a meeting and enter into “executive session,” the
conducted from 10 to noon and 2 to 4 on weekdays. Call 203- board must take a vote and the meeting’s closure must be sup-
656-7347, fax 203-656-7385. ported by two-thirds of those present and voting. The commis-
sion cannot take any action while in an executive session. It
What does the finance department do? must return to open session before voting on any items.
Darien’s finance department is responsible for accounts pay-
able, payroll, pension administration, benefit administration, What can I do if I think a commission held an illegal
and debt measurement. The department also works with the private meeting?
town treasurer on cash management and investing town funds. You may file a complaint with the state Freedom of Information
The department is headed by Kathleen Clarke Buch, the office (860-566-5682), 18-20 Trinity Street, Hartford, 06106.
finance director. As chief fiscal officer in Darien, the finance
director is responsible for accounting for all town funds as well What state House District are we in?
as maintaining the financial records and preparing financial Darien is in the 141st Assembly District (Darien and
reports. The department provides links to this data at the town’s Rowayton). Our state representative is Terrie Wood, a
Web site. Republican elected in November 2008 and re-elected last fall.
The department’s office, in Room 201 of Town Hall, is open She serves on the House appropriations, education and environ-
8:30 to 4:30. Ms. Clarke can be reached at 203-656-7334 or ment committees. She can be reached at 800-842-1423. Her
kbuch@darienct.gov. Web page is repterriewood.com.

What are the responsibilities of the planning and zon- What state Senate District are we in?
ing department? Darien is in two districts, the 25th and 27th.
The planning and zoning department serves the Planning Representing northern Darien in the 25th is Democrat Bob
and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Duff, re-elected in November 2010 to his fourth term. The
Environmental Protection Commission and the Architectural Democrat is an assistant majority leader. Write him at Legislative
Review Board. The office, in Room 211 at Town Hall, is open Office Building, Room 2400, Hartford, CT 06106-1591. Call
8:30 to 4:30. The phone number is 203-656-7351. 800-842-1420 or 203-840-1333. E-mail: Duff@senatedems.
The office is staffed by Jeremy Ginsberg, director; David ct.gov. Web page: senatedems.ct.gov/duff.html. Senator Duff
Keating, assistant director/zoning enforcement officer; Robert schedules local office hours in Darien. Watch The Darien Times
(Woody) Woodside, code compliance officer; Richard Jacobson, for details.
environmental protection officer; and Andrea M. Sangrey, man- Representing southern Darien (and Stamford) in the 27th
ager, Community Development Services. district was Democrat Andrew McDonald, but he has stepped
A zoning map of the town is on the town Web site, darienct. down to become general counsel to the new govenor, Dannel
gov. Click on Town Services. There are also links to zoning Malloy. A special election was to be held on Feb. 22, with
and subdivision regulations as well as application and permit Republican Bob Kolenberg, and Democrat Carlo Leone, both
forms. from Stamford, vying for this seat.

What are legal notices? Where can I read them? Who is our U.S. representative?
Legal notices are notifications concerning meetings and Darien is in the 4th Congressional District and is represented
actions of local commissions and boards. In addition, other by Jim Himes, a Democrat, re-elected last fall to his second
important town government information such as proposed bud- term. His local office is at 888 Washington Blvd., Stamford
gets, town ordinances and invitations to bid on projects or sell 06901-2927. Local phone numbers are 203-310-7711; fax 203-
the town services appear in legal notices. They may be found in 210-7703.
February 17, 2011 Town Government darien answerbook • 17

In Washington, he is at 214 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC provides extensive information about Connecticut and its gov-
20515; 202-225-5541, fax 202-225-9629; Web site: himes. ernment. It is available online at the secretary of the state’s Web
house.gov. site at sots.state.ct.us.

Who are Connecticut’s senators? Is there an Internet version of the State Register and
New Senator Richard Blumethal joins veteran Senator Manuel?
Joseph Lieberman in representing the state in the nation’s Yes, and the helpful thing about the Internet version at ct.gov/
capital. sots are the incorporation of links to other useful Web sites.
Senator Blumenthal, a Democrat, may be reached at 30 Lewis As mentioned, the manuel known as the “Blue Book” is the
Street, Suite 101, Hartford, CT 06103, 860-258-6940, or G55 kind of publication you might expect from the “official record
Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20510, 202-224- keeper” for the State of Connecticut — “a treasure house of
2823; blumenthal@.senate.gov/contact. Web site: blumethal. factual information. The Secretary of the State’s Office is justi-
senate.gov. fiably proud of this publication...” That office has been in the
Senator Lieberman, an Independent who caucuses with the information business for over 350 years and views the Internet
Democrats, may be reached at 706 Hart Senate Office Bldg., as an opportunity to enhance our ability to provide information
Washington, DC 20510, 202-224-4041. His Hartford office is about the state to the broadest possible audience.”
at One Constitution Plaza, 7th Floor, Hartford, CT 06103, 800- The book, first published in 1785, shares stories about the
225-5605, fax: 860-549-8478; Senator_Lieberman@Lieberman. state’s history and biographical information on officials serving
senate.gov. Web site: lieberman.senate.gov. He has announced in Hartford and Washington and records of the most current and
that he will not seek re-election in 2012. past elections results. There sections on state legislators and the
state judicial branch.
How can I contact the governor? Section VII is devoted to each of the 169 town, city and
Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat and former Stamford borough in the state with lots of data on their history, munici-
mayor, was elected to his first term last fall. He may be reached pal leaders and grand lists, taxes and more. Did you know
at State Capitol, 210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, 06106, 800-406- that Darien was the 122nd town established in the state? The
1527, 866-712-6998 or 860-566-4840. Web site: ct.gov/malloy. manuel confirms this, noting that Darien was incorporated in
May 1820.
Where can I find out more about the state?
The State Register & Manual, known as the Blue Book,

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18 • darien answerbook Town Officials February 17, 2011

Board of Selectmen
First Selectman David M. Campbell (R) 27 Shipway Road 203-655-7144
Selectman David F. Bayne (D) 5 Windsor Road 203-656-3311
Selectman Gerald A. Nielsen Jr. (R) 33 Rocation Road 203-655-6145
Selectman Jayme J. Stevenson (R) 65 St. Nicholas Road 203-656-1616
Selectman Callie Anne Sullivan (D) 118 Five Mile River Road 203-662-1133

Board of Education
Kimberly P. Westcott. ch (R) westcott@optonline.net 203-655-7447
Amy M. Bell (R) AMBell655@aol.com 203-656-9636
Elizabeth A. Hagerty-Ross (R) ehr1226@aol.com 203-656-4055
Susan T. Perticone (R) stperticone@optonline.net 203-656-3537
James M. Plutte (D) Plutte@optonline.net 203-662-9463
George A. Reilly (D) greilly@rucciburnham.com 203-655-3738
Clara C. Sartori (R) CCSandDJS@aolc.om 203-655-6506
Heather L. Shea (D) bhshea@optonline.net 203-656-0347
Morgan B. Whittier (R) Mbw3107@optonline.net 203-655-1877

Board of Finance
Elizabeth Smith Mao, ch (R) lizmao@gmail.com 203-656-2560
Martha A. Banks (D) Martha.banks.bof@gmail.com 203-655-8561
Lorene E. Bora (R) lbora@optonline.net 203-656-2090
Joseph C. Duwan (R) 116 Nearwater Lane 203-219-8406
Gwen M. Mogenson (D) hmogen@aol.com 203-656-1799
Murry K. Stegelmann, (R) DarienMurry@aol.com 203-324-4962
Jon E. Zagrodzky (R) jezagrodzky@gmail.com 203-662-0612

Planning & Zoning

Frederick B. Conze, ch (R) 24 Royle Road 203-655-4818
Susan R. Cameron (R) 42 Hoyt Street 203-325-8194
M. Reese Hutchison III (R) 70 Hecker Avenue 203-544-0672
Vickie Hanna Riccardo (D) 33 Red Rose Circle 203-662-0123
Joseph H. Spain (R) 126 Leroy Avenue 203-655-1264
Eric J. Voigt (D) 61 Middlesex Road 203-588-1078

Board of Assessment Appeals

Richard P. Dolcetti, ch (R) 4 Chester Road 203-969-7788
Kevin Patrick O’Connor (D) 2 Chester Road 203-325-2911
Christopher Squire Peters (R) 218 Old Kings Highway North 203-655-4745

Other officials
Administrative Officer Karl Kilduff kkilduff@darienct.gov 203-656-7333
Animal Control Officer Chip Stahl 25 Heckler Avenue 203-656-8686
Assessor Anthony Homicki ahomicki@darienct.gov 203-656-7310
Building Official Charles Saverine csaverine@darienct.gov 203-656-7347
Finance Director Kathleen Clarke Buch kbuch@darienct.gov 203-656-7334
Fire Marshal Robert Buch bbuch@darienct.gov 203-656-7345
Harbor Master Tom Bell darienharbor@darienct.gov 203-655-9240
Health Director David A. Knauf dknauf@darienct.gov 203-656-7320
Housing Authority Executive Director Kathryn Molgano darienhousingkm@yahoo.com 203-656-0866
Parks & Recreation Director Susan Swiatek sswiatek@darienct.gov 203-656-7325
Planning & Zoning Director Jeremy Ginsberg jginsberg@darienct.gov 203-656-7351
Police Chief Duane J. Lovello dlovello@darienct.gov 203-662-5311
Probate Court Judge Michael Murray (R) 2 Renshaw Road 203-656-7342
Public Works Director Robert Steeger rsteeger@darienct.gov 203-656-7346
Registrar of Voters Thomas Dunn (D) vregistrar@darienct.gov 203-656-7319
Registrar of Voters Donald Paul Smith (R) vregistrar@darienct.gov 203-656-7301
Senior Center Director Elizabeth Paris 203-655-1705
Social Services Director Olive Hauser ohauser@darienct.gov 203-656-7328
Supt. of Schools Dr, Steohen Falcone sfalcone@darienps.org 203-656-7412
Tax Collector Robert Locke blocke@darienct.gov 203-656-7314
Town Clerk Donna Rajczewski drajczewski@darienct.gov 203-656-7307
Town Treasurer Joan D. Hendrickson jhendrickson@darienct.gov 203-656-7336
Tree Warden Michael A. Cotta 203-866-8614
Youth Director Alicia Sillars asillars@darienct.gov 203-656-7326
Zoning Enforcement Officer David Keating dkeating@darienct.gov 203-656-7351
February 17, 2011 Schools darien answerbook • 19

What does the Board of Education do? 203-655-3981, fax: 203-656-3631. Dan Haron is principal. He
Darien’s Board of Education (whose members are listed may be reached at dharon@darienps.org. His phone extention
under Town Officials) proposes a budget to run the schools, is 2252.
oversees spending, sets policies and rules, hires the superin- Middlesex Middle School is at 204 Hollow Tree Ridge Road.
tendent, approves administrators, adopts books and courses, Telephone: 203-655-2518, fax: 203-655-1627. Debi Bocanfuso
negotiates staff contracts, and hears citizen appeals. is principal. She may be reached at dbocanfuso@darienps.org.
The board generally meets the second and fourth Tuesday of Hindley Elementary School is at 10 Nearwater Lane.
the month at 7:30 p.m. in the meeting room in the administra- Telephone: 203-655-1323, fax: 203-655-7024. Rita M. Ferri,
tion’s 2 Renshaw Road building, unless otherwise noted. The former assistant principal, is principal, having succeeded Dr.
board’s meeting schedule and agendas are posted on the district Anthony Timpanelli. She may be e-mailed at rferri@darienps.
Web site: darienps.org. org.
“Schools exist for children,” declares the Board of Education Holmes Elementary School is at 18 Hoyt Street. Telephone:
at the public schools’ Web site: darienps.org. “The Board of 203-353-4371, fax: 203-359-2533. Geraldine Petrizzi is princi-
Education strives to create and sustain a public school system pal. She may be e-mailed at gpetrizzi@darienps.org.
for our community capable of developing, to the upmost, the Ox Ridge Elementary School is at 395 Mansfield Avenue.
potential of all children entrusted to it.” Telephone: 203-655-2579, fax: 203-655-9012. John F. Rechi is
The board’s goals have included promoting instructional chal- principal. He may be e-mailed at jrechi@darienps.org.
lenge, maximizing learning of all students, conducting ongoing Royle Elementary School is at 133 Mansfield Avenue.
assessment of major programs and organizational initiatives Telephone: 203-655-0044, fax: 655-9920. Keith Margolus, a
that support the improvement of education, advancing learning former Ox Ridge assistant principal, took over as principal at
through technology, strengthening district management opera- Royle on July 1, suceeding Neal J. Gallub who retired after
tions, and maintaining school facilities. 36 years as a Connecticut educator; 15 with the Darien public
school system. E-mail: kmargolus@darienps.org.
Where is the school district office? Tokeneke Elementary School is at 7 Old Farm Road.
The Darien School District administrative offices are at 2 Telephone: 203-655-9666, fax: 203-655-7084. MaryLee Fisher
Renshaw Road, Darien. The offices are open from 8 to 4 each is principal. She may be e-mailed at mfisher@darienps.org.
day. The general phone number is 203-656-7400. Dr. Stephen
Falcone is the superintendent of schools. He may be reached at What are the enrollments in each school?
203-656-7412 or sfalcone@darienps.org. According to the official Oct. 1 enrollment report, enrollments
for the 2010-11 school year are: Darien High School (9th-12th
Where are Darien’s schools? grades), 1,335; Middlesex Middle School (6th-8th), 1,158; for
Darien High School is at 80 High School Lane. Telephone: elementary schools (prekindergarten-5th grade) Hindley, 572;

� � � � � � � � � � � �

� � �������������������������������

������������� ����������������������
��������� ������������ ������������ �������������������
20 • darien answerbook Schools February 17, 2011

Holmes, 440; Ox Ridge, 473; Royle, 419; and Tokeneke, 444. When are school holidays and vacations?
The total was 4,841 students, or 63 more students than in the Remaining on the school calendar for the 2010-11 year: Feb.
previous school year. 21, Presidents Day; Feb. 22-25, recess; April 15, a staff devel-
According to a Board of Education report, kindergarten opment day; April 18-22, recess, including Good Friday. The
enrollment was 378, or 26 fewer students than last year; elemen- last day of school year for students was planned to be June 10
tary school enrollment has reached a plateau of 2,348, middle but there have been five snow days this winter as the calendar
school enrollment has as well; and overall the enrollment entered the second week of February, and this means makeup
continues to increase at a slow pace. The largest classes in the days will be added.
district are first and seventh grades (420 and 398, respectively) The 2011-12 calendar starts with students returning for the
and the smallest is 11th grade (316). first day of the next school year on Aug. 29. Besides the usual
Historical data provided by the Board of Education on its Web holidays, vacation periods include Feb. 20-24 and April 16-20.
site shows a fluctuating enrollment over the last six decades. The school year is scheduled to end for students on June 11.
There were 2,825 students enrolled in the district in 1951 rising
steadily to 5,156 in 1967. Enrollment stayed over 5,000 from What standardized tests to students take and in what
1963 to 1974, dropping steadily to 2,643 in 1990 before begin- grades?
ning a steady ascent to the present. Second- and third-graders take the Otis Lennon School
Ability Test to determine eligibility for the district’s gifted pro-
How big are the classes in Darien schools? gram (Idea).
Guidelines for elementary class sizes are: K-1 20 to 22 stu- The Connecticut State Mastery Test is a state-mandated,
dents with a maximum of 23; 2-3, 21 to 24 students with a maxi- criteria-reference test. It is given to students in third through
mum of 25; 4-5, 22 to 25 students with a maximum of 26. eighth grade.
Eighth-graders take the math portion of the National
What are the hours of operation at each school? Assessment of Educational Progress as well as the writing por-
Hindley, Holmes, Royle and Tokeneke Elementary schools tion of the Educational Records Bureau Tests. Seventh-graders
are in session from 8:25 to 2:55; Ox Ridge Elementary is in also take the writing portion of the test.
session from 9 to 3:30. Class is in session at Middlesex Middle Ninth graders take a series of tests from the Educational
School from 7:55 to 2:22, and at Darien High School from 7:40 Records Bureau.
to 2:17. The Connecticut Academic Performance Test is a state-man-
Check the public schools’ Web site (darienps.org) for delayed dated test given to 10th graders.
opening and early dismissal times.
How did students perform on the Connecticut Mastery
The Connecticut Mastery Test was given in March 2008.
The percentage of students achieving proficiency level or above
are as follows:

bring home Third grade: math, 80.7%; reading, 78.7%; writing, 85.3%.
Fourth grade: math, 85%; reading, 88.3%; writing, 87.6%.
Fifth grade: math, 88.8%; reading, 89.6%; writing, 91%; sci-
the big top. ence: 89.1%.
Sixth grade: math, 93.8%; reading, 93.5%; writing, 90.6%.
Seventh grade: math, 89.6%; reading, 94%; writing, 90.9%.
�������������������������������������������� Eighth grade: math, 93.8%; reading, 92.1%; writing, 95.2%;
science: 87%.
��������������� More in-depth information, including comparisons to other
�������������� school districts, is available online at darienps.org. Click on
����������������� Board of Education and then “reports.”
�������������� What about the CAPT scores?
����������� Tenth graders took the Connecticut Academic Performance
������������������� Test in March 2010. The percentage of students scoring at or
above state goal is as follows: math 80.4%, science 75.7%,
���������������������� reading 78.5%, and writing 89%. The overall composite score
����������������������������������������� for the four tests was 333.7 out of a possible 400.
More in-depth information, including comparisons to other
districts, is available online at darienps.org. Click on Board of
Education and then “reports.”

What are the mean SAT scores for seniors?

The Class of 2010 at DHS achieved the following mean
scores on the SAT: 611 in math, 596 in writing and 573 in read-
������������������������������������ ing for a total of 1,780 out of a possible 2,400. The total mean
������������ score for 10 Fairfield County suburban towns was 1,747 (589
math, 586 writing, 572 reading).
�������������������������� More in-depth information, including comparisons to other
�������������������������������� districts, is available online at darienps.org. Click on Board of
Education and then “reports.”
February 17, 2011 Schools darien answerbook • 21

How many students take AP courses? How do I register a child for school?
Enrollment in AP courses at Darien High School continues to To attend kindergarten, children must be five years old by Jan.
increase. From 2001 to 2010, this increase surged over 150%. 1. Registration is at the elementary schools on designated days
In 2009-10, 530 students were enrolled, 517 in 2008-09, in in late January and early February. Parents who do not receive
2007-08, 376, and in 2007-08, 429. The most popular were a registration packet in the mail should call the secretary of the
Environmental Sciences, U.S. History, Calculus, Government/ school their child will attend. Parents must bring their child’s
Politics U.S., European History, Chemistry, English Literature/ birth certificate, immunization record, Social Security number,
Composition, and Statistics. and proof or residency (parent’s driver’s license, for example).
In the last round of AP exams, the percentage of Darien stu- For older children, call the school they will attend and speak
dents who earned scores of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) was to the secretary.
90%. The percentage of students who earned scores of 5 was There is also information on the school district Web site. Visit
45% — the highest percentage in Darien High School history. darienps.org and follow the links.

Any other academic honors of note? What information do schools need to register a trans-
The DHS Class of 2010 had 19 students recognized by the ferring student?
National Merit Scholarship program. One Darien student at Transfer students will need proof of residency, a birth certifi-
King Low Heywood Thomas was a National Merit Scholarship cate, immunization records, school transcripts, and a physical
winner. exam.
The DHS chapter of the National Honor Society had 44
members. What testing is given to preschool children?
The DHS math team reached the regionals for the second time The school district does not conduct routine testing of pre-
in four years and finished second in the state. school children. However, if a child is referred by a parent or
The DHS Class of 2009 had three finalists in the National nursery school, they will be tested by a member of the school
Merit Scholarship competition and 25 commended scholars. district’s special education department.
Two Darienites who are Greens Farms Academy students were
named National Merit finalists. One DHS student was named a What sports are offered at the high school?
semifinalist and 18 received the commended honor. During the school year, Darien fields 64 athletic teams in 32
sports, including 33 at the varsity level, 20 at the JV level, and
What percentage of students go on to college? 11 freshman teams. According to the district, more than 70% of
The latest percentage, 89, showed a slight dip. In 2008, 92% students participate in at least one sport each year.
of seniors had planned to go on to higher education and in 2007, Fall: Boys: football (F, JV, V), soccer (F, JV, V), cross country
it was 90%. (JV, V). Girls: cheerleading (V), field hockey (F, JV, V), soccer


Pediatric & Young Adult Medicine

106 Noroton Avenue

Darien, CT 06820
(203) 655-9741
Michael N. Suchenski, M.D.
George V. Tsimoyianis, M.D.
���������������� John M. Dubaz, M.D.
Surekha Shenoy, M.D.
������������������������������������������������ Dr. Tsimoyianis is certified in Adolescent & Young Adult
Medicine specializing in the care of patients ages 13-25 years.
����������������������������������������� Affiliated with Greenwich & Stamford Hospitals
Multiple insurance plans are accepted including
�������������������������������������������� Americhoice, please call our office for further details.
22 • darien answerbook Schools February 17, 2011

(F, JV, V), cross country (JV, V), volleyball (F, JV, V), swim- Tri-M; Tudor Singers; Ukelele Club; Ultimate Frisbee; Weekend
ming (V). Alternatives; Writing Center.
Winter: Boys: basketball (F, JV, V), indoor track (V), swim-
ming (V), wrestling (JV, V), ice hockey (JV, V). Girls: basket- Are there any after-school programs?
ball (F, JV, V), cheerleading (V), indoor track (V), ice hockey For the lower grades, after-school and vacation programs
(V), gymnastics (V). Coed: squash (V), skiing (V). are offered by the Darien Nature Center (203-655-7459) and
Spring: Boys: baseball (F, JV, V), track (V), tennis (JV, V), Darien YMCA (203-655-8228, ext. 331). The Y offers trans-
golf (JV, V), lacrosse (F, JV, V), volleyball (JV, V). Girls: soft- portation from the schools to the Y.
ball (F, JV, V), track V), tennis (JV, V), golf (JV, V), lacrosse (F,
JV, V). Coed: sailing (V). How can I learn if school is canceled or delayed?
The school colors are blue and white and the teams are known The school district says it will make every effort to decide by
as the Blue Wave. 5:30 a.m. if school is canceled or delayed. Parents may check
darienps.org, darientimes.com or listen to any of the follow-
What extracurricular activities are offered? ing radio stations for details: WEBE/108FM, STAR/99.9FM,
High school clubs and activities, which are subject to change WICC/600 AM, WLAD/800AM, WCBS/880AM, WDAQ/
based on student interest, include: A Capella, Art Club; Athletic 98.3FM, WGCH/1490AM, WNLK/1350AM, WEFX/95.9FM,
Training Program; Band; Blue Wave News/Video Production WSTC/1400AM, WKHL/96.7FM, and WTIC/1080/AM and
Club; Buddy System; BuildOn; China Cares Club; Community 96.5FM; Cablevision 12; WTNH/Channel 8; Channel 3; WVIT/
Council; Composers Club; Computer Club; Crew Club; Culture Channel 30; WNBC/Channel 4.
Club; Current (literary magazine); Dance Team; Dance, For e-mail notification, register at ctweather.com.
Dance, Revolution Club; Darianus (yearbook); Darien Animal If school is delayed, each school’s start time will be pushed
Welfare Group; Debate Team; Dodgeball Club; Environmental back 90 minutes. Early dismissal decisions are made by 9:30
Awareness Club; Film Club; Fishing Club; French Club; Free a.m.
Thinkers Club; Future Problem Solvers; Gay Straight Alliance;
Guitar Club; Invisible Children & Y.O.U.; JETS; Kids Giving What is the Ed Alert program?
Back; Latin Club; Math Team; Model U. N. Club; “Names” This is an emergency notification system that sends e-mails
Program; National Honor Society; NEIRAD (school newspa- and text messages to parents and staff about urgent informa-
per); Nutmeg Express; Orchestra; Photography Club; Quidditch tion within the schools such as emergency closings and delays,
Club; Robotics Club; Rugby; Sailing Club; Saint Luke’s police notification about suspicious activity in the community,
Lifeworks; Ski and Snowboarding Club; Spanish Club; Squash and other matters pertaining to immediate student welfare.
Club; Stage Crew; Student Life; Student Political Action This is an opt-in program, meaning you must sign up for it.
Committee; Technology Club; Teen PeaceWorks; Theatre 308; Visit online at darienps.org and click on Ed Alert.

���������������� ����������������������� ������������������� �������
����������� ������������������� ���������������������������
February 17, 2011 Schools darien answerbook • 23

What is the current school budget? What’s the Early Learning Program?
The 2010-11 budget totals $71.5 million, up $2.9 million or This program is described as “a reverse mainstream preschool
4.1% from the previous year. where children with special needs and children with typically
developing skills learn from each other in a nuturing environ-
How much does Darien spend per pupil? ment.” ELP, a part of the public school system since 1996,
Darien’s estimated per pupil expenditure is $14,760, accord- has classrooms at Hindley and Tokeneke elementary schools.
ing to the State Board of Education’s Bureau of Grants Registration for summer school can be done online via a link at
Management’s March 2010 report. Estimated per pupil the public schools’ Web site.
costs in area towns: Greenwich, $17,667; Weston, $17,060;
New Canaan, $16,605; Westport, $16,325; Wilton, $15,263; Is there a PTO?
Ridgefield, $13,147. Each of Darien’s schools has an active Parent-Teacher
Organization. Call the individual school to find out who the
What is the salary range for teachers? officers are.
Salaries for the last school year ranged from a low of $44,585 In addition, there is the Council of Darien School Parents,
(for a bachelor’s degree) to a high of $102,833 (doctorate’s which functions as an umbrella organization for all the school
degree) depending on education and years of experience. PTOs. Representatives from each PTO meet monthly to share
news from each school. Its purpose is to promote understanding
What is the salary range for a school principal? and communication among parents, the schools and the school
According to the administrators’ contract for 2009-10, princi- board. The organization meets the first Thursday morning each
pal salaries ranged from $161,055 to $178,038. month during the school year. Its old board/new board coffee is
usually set in the late spring in the Board of Education meeting
What is the superintendent’s salary? room at the town hall.
Dr. Stephen Falcone is superintendent of Darien schools. He
can be reached at 203-656-7412 or sfalcone@darienps.org. What is A Better Chance?
His salary remains at $167,763. He and other school adminis- A Better Chance, also known as ABC, is a national pro-
trators took a pay freeze for the past school year. gram that provides academically talented minority students
with access to good schools, both private and public, that they
What is special education? otherwise could not attend. Students live with resident directors
Special education offers services for physically handicapped in a house on Brookside Road while attending Darien High
and learning disabled students. School during the week. On two weekends each month, the
students spend time with host families. For information, visit
How can I tell if my child needs special education? abcdarien.com. The Web site includes information on Darien
Parents of children three to five years old who suspect their
child may have a disability should call the district and speak to
the preschool coordinator.
For children already in school, parents should call the
school guidance counselor to discuss whether their child may �������������������
need special education. Parents who disagree with a school’s ������������������������
determination may speak with Robin Lawler Pavia, director �������������������������
of special education and student services, at 203-656-7451 or
rpavia@darienps.org. �����������������
Are there other special education resources? ����������������������
SPED*NET is the Special Education Network of New

Canaan, an organization whose mission is to educate the pub- ������������

lic on special education and disability-related issues. It plans ����������
monthly forums for discussing special education and sec- ���������
tion 504 issues. It is an independent nonprofit organization.
Information is available on the Web site spednet.org.
The Connecticut Birth to Three System is a state program
that helps families meet the developmental and health-related
needs of their infants and toddlers who have delays or disabili- �������������������������

ties. For information, call the Child Development Infoline at

1-800-505-7000 or visit online at birth23.org.
Is there a program for gifted children? ���������������������
The IDEA (Interesting Dimensions Extend Abilities)
Program is offered to intellectually gifted children in first
through ninth grade. Elementary-level students meet for 90 min-
utes a week in small groups. Middle and high school students
participate as their class schedules permit. Students may be
referred to the program by school staff or teachers. A selection
committee reviews all nominations to identify students who fit ����������������������������
the program criteria. Check the schools’ Web site for link.
24 • darien answerbook Schools February 17, 2011

ABC alums.

������ What nursery schools are in town?
There are many nursery schools in town, with applications
seceip dnik-a-fo-eno���������������������������������
nam dna sand dnomanufacture
maid tuc eW one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry...
accepted in January for the following September. Most serve
vaS dna secirP elasel����������������������������������
ohW ylurTBuy ta tcDirect
eriD yatuBTruly Wholesale Prices andchildren Save! three to four years old, but some accept children as
eht dael ot euni������������������������������������������������
tnoc ew ,pihsAcclaimed
namstfarc efor
ocni ruo rof dcraftsmanship,
young as two years old. Nursery schools include:
we continue to lead the way in styling
noitnetta and
ocnu dna lliksskill
etamand noC .yruxul dna attention to detail areDarien
ig era liated ot ������������������������������������������������ Nature
given to every piece.Center’s preschool programs, 120 Brookside
Avenue, 203-655-7459, with morning and afternoon sessions
children attend one day a week.
Holly Pond School on the Darien YMCA campus, 2420 Post
����������������� Road, 203-655-8228, offers morning and afternoon programs
for members.
������������������ � First Congregational Church Nursery School, 14 Brookside
���������������������� Road, 203-655-3150/uccdarien.org, with morning programs.
����������������� Methodist Family Center Preschool, 345 Middlesex Road,
�������������������������������������� 203-655-7407, with morning and afternoon programs. E-mail:
mfcppreschool@aol.com. Web site: umcdarien.org.
Noroton Presbyterian Nursery School, 2011 Post Road,
203-655-3223, offers morning programs with an option for an
extended day as well as a transitional pre-K program for four-
and five-year-olds; preference is given to church members. Web
site: npns.org.
��������������������������������������������� Our Gang Nursery School, 26 East Lane, 203-655-3810,
with programs from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., including a regular
����������������������� kindergarten program.
������������������� ������������������� St. John Church of Darien Preschool, 1986 Post Road, 203-
656-0548, offers morning programs.
��������������� ������������������� St. Luke’s Parish School, 1864 Post Road, 203-655-4067,
offers morning and afternoon programs.
�������������������� St. Thomas More Happiness Preschool, 374 Middlesex
���������������� Road, 203-655-6053, offers morning and afternoon programs
four days a week, preference given to church members.
YWCA Darien/Norwalk Toddler Time, 49 Old Kings
Highway North, 203-655-2535, offers a drop off enrichment
������������������ � program for two-year-olds. Web site: ywcadariennorwalk.org.
��������������������� What private elementary or secondary schools are in
����������������� the area?
Pear Tree Point School (203-655-0030/ptpschool.org) 90
Pear Tree Point Road, is Darien’s only private school, serving
pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Open houses for prospec-
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������������������ � d n o msapphire
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p p a s t K 8 necklace
1 d et f a r c d n aH tive students and their parents are held in the fall.
set with lavogem
��������������� eulbquality
nroc ytilauqblue megoval
htiw tes Other private schools in the area include The Long Ridge
sapphires .stc0150cts.
.22 dntotal a thgweight
iew latoand t .st22.10cts.
c05 serihppas School (203-322-7693/longridgeschool.org) at 478 Erskine
total weight
ni thgiew latot Road in Stamford, for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade;
(A piece )sntooitcherish
areneg for
rof generations)
hsirehc ot eceip A( New Canaan Country School (203-972-0771/countryschool.
������������������������������������������������ net), 545 Ponus Ridge, serves beginners through ninth grade;
Connecticut Friends School (203-762-986/CTFriendsSchool.
aiD ,sdnaB yrasrevinnAAlso,
dnomsave aiDon ,sdDiamond
naB gniddWedding eW dnomBands, evas ,oslAAnniversary Bands,org),
aiD noDiamond Diamond317Stud
New Canaan Road in Wilton, serving kindergarten
through eighth grade; Our Lady of Fatima (203-762-8100/
Y.Z. Jewelry Mfg.
aiD htiw tes sgnirraE dnaDiamond
sgniR ,stePendants,
lecarB ,seNecklaces,
calkceN ,stnBracelets,
adneP dnoRings maiDand Earrings set with Diamonds, Emeralds,
nots esool fo noitceles egraL Rubies
.segnarand ecirSapphires
p lla ni serinihall ppaprice seibuR Large selection of looseolfrs.org),
S dnaranges. a Catholic school at 225 Danbury Road, Wilton for
stones, gem quality
etirovaf nwo ruoy ngised otsapphires,
dna seiburubies
r ,sdlarandemetanzanite,
,serihppasto design your own favorite pre-school through eighth grade; St. Luke’s (203-966-5612/
piece of jewelry.
stlukesct.org), 377 North Wilton Road, New Canaan, for fifth
dnomaiD tuoba noitacude etelpCome moc a visit
uoy eus, vigwelliwwill
ewgive,su tyou
isiv aemcomplete
oC through
education about Diamonds Gems.grades; and the King & Low-Heywood Thomas
���������������������������������������������������� School (203-322-3496/klht.org) at 1450 Newfield Avenue,
�������������������������������������������� Stamford, a day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th

431 Post Road
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompo
pmoC trShopping
optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134

Suite 18, Second
O neh(Above
(203) 222-1894
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.S fine quality diamonds and excellent service.
February 17, 2011 Schools darien answerbook • 25

Where can I take college courses nearby?

Norwalk Community College (203-857-7060) offers a
degree program. Offering graduate and undergraduate courses
are the University of Connecticut in Stamford (203-251-
...yrlewej fo swith
8400) and the University of Bridgeport (800-392-3582) eceip dnik-a����������������������������������������������
-fo-eno eWe
nam dna sand
maid tuc eW one-of-a-kind pieces
campuses in Stamford and Bridgeport. !evaS dna seci���������������������������������������������
rP elaselohW ylurTBuy
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eriD yat
uBTruly Wholesale Prices and Save
gnilyts ni yaw eht dael ot eunitnoc ew ,pihsAcclaimed
namstfarc efor
ocni ruo rof dcraftsmanship,
emialccA we continue to lead the
Is there an art school here or nearby? .eceip yreve ot nevig era liated o�����������������������������������������������������
t noitnetta and
ocnu dna lliksskill
noC .yruxul dna attention to detail are giv
The Visual Arts Studio at the Darien Arts Center (203- ������������������������������������������������
655-8683/arts.darien.org) at 2 Renshaw Road����offers
������ for�� ����� �������������������������������������������������������
children and adults in painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed �����������������������������������������
The Darien Community Association Inc., at 274 Middlesex �������������������������������������
Road, offers courses in drawing and painting. Call 203-655- �������������������������������������������
9050 or visit dariendca.org. ���������������������������������������������
Darien Continuing Education offers drawing, painting, and
pottery classes. Visit dariencontinuinged.com for the schedule. �������������������������������������������
Paint Studio at the YWCA Darien/Norwalk at 49 Old Kings ������������������������������������������
Highway (203-655-2535) offers classes for students ages four
through adults and seniors. Children’s camp takes place during
summers and school vacation weeks. Check ywcadariennor- ������������������������������
walk.org. �������������������������������
The Silvermine Guild School of Art (203-966-6668/silver-
mineart.org) in New Canaan offers many types of classes for
all ages.

Are there any dance schools?

Ballroom Magic at 25-13 Old Kings Highway (203-831-
9382/ballroommagic.net) offers classes in ballroom dancing
— swing, foxtrot, rumba, cha cha, mambo, waltz, etc. — for ����� ������� ��������
adults. There are also classes in ballroom dancing and etiquette
for children.
The Darien Dance Center offers more than 70 dance classes
and workshops for all ages, toddlers through adults. Choose
from modern, ballet, hip hop, jazz, or tap. Call director Bonnie
Gombos at 203-655-8683 or visit arts.darien.org.
Darien Continuing Education offers a number of dance
classes. Visit dariencontinuinged.com for the schedule. ������� ������ �������
The YWCA Darien/Norwalk, 49 Old Kings Highway North,
203-655-2535, is home to the Darien School of Dance (203-
912-4804; e-mail: dariendance@optimum.net) offering ballet ��������������������������������������������
classes beginning with mommy and me through adults with ������������������������������������������
ABT certified teacher, and Pender Keady Academy of Irish Handcrafted
dnom sapphire
aid dna anderihdiamond
ppas tK81necklace
Dance (Stamford, 203-316-8337; Web site: penderkeady.com) �����������������������������������������������
set with
nroc ytilauqblue megoval
htiw tes
holds its Darien classes at the YW as well. Visit ywcadarien- �������������������������������������������������
.22 dntotala thgweight
iew latoandt .st22.10cts.
c05 serihppas
norwalk.org to learn more. total weight
ni thgiew latot
The Walter Schalk School of Dance offers jazz, tap, ballet, (A piece
areneg for
rof generations)
hsirehc ot eceip A(
social ballroom dancing, Creative Tots, and Kinder Kids pro- ����������������������������������������������
grams in Darien. Call 203-762-7508 or visit walterschalk.com. ������������������
,sgnirraE dutS dnomaiD ,sdnaB yrasrevinnAAlso,
naB gniddWedding
eW dnomBands,
aiD noDiamond
evas ,oslAAnniversary Bands, Diam

Y.Z. Jewelry Mfg.

Is there a continuing education program? ,sdlaremE ,sdnomaiD htiw tes sgnirraE dnaDiamond sgniR ,stePendants,
lecarB ,seNecklaces,
calkceN ,stnBracelets,
adneP dnoRings
maiDand Earrings set with Diam
Darien Continuing Education (203-656-7467) ytilaoffers
uq meg ,cours-
senots esool fo noitceles egraL Rubies
p lla ni serinihall
S dnaranges.
seibuR Large selection of loose stone
es in adult education, arts, business, computers,
ewej fo ecfitness,
eip etirovaf nwo ruoy ngised otsapphires,
dna seiburubies
r ,sdlarand
,serihppasto design your own favorite p
education, finance, health, home and garden, music and photog-
raphy. Senior citizens 62 and older receive a 10% .smediscount
G dna sdnoon maiD tuoba noitacude etelpCome
moc a visit
uoy eus,
,su tyou
isiv aemcomplete
oC education about Diamonds
tuition. Access the catalog online at darienps.org or dariencon- ����������������������������������������������������
tinuinged.com. ��������������������������������������������
Dr. Ed Gomez is director of summer school and Continuing
Ed. Call 203-656-7466 or e-mail: egomez@darienps.org.
431 Post Road
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompo
pmoC trShopping
optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134

Suite 18, Second
O neh(Above
(203) 222-1894
oC evoCohen
bA( rooOptical)
lF dnoceS ,81 etiuS
2 ro 4981-222 )302(
.ecivres tnellecxe dna sdnomaid ytilauq enif htiS.Z.
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.S fine quality diamonds and exc
26 • darien answerbook Public Services February 17, 2011

Where is the library and when is it open? rowed for 21 days. Express books may be borrowed for seven
The Darien Library (203-655-1234 or 203-669-5239) at days. The library also circulates Express DVDs for one night.
1441 Boston Post Road, is open Mondays through Thursdays All other DVDs may be checked out for seven days. Most mate-
from 9 to 9, Fridays from 9 to 6, Saturdays from 9 to 5, and rials may be renewed at the library, by phone, through the online
Sundays from 1 to 5. The library is closed on major holidays. catalog or by e-mailing circ@darienlibrary.org.
The library maintains an extensive Web site at darienlibrary.
org. The library director is Louise Berry, who may be reached What special services does the library offer?
at lberry@darienlibrary.org. The library offers an array of special services that runs the
gamut from cultural programs for the entire community to indi-
How may I get a library card? vidual tutoring sessions on research techniques and technology.
At the library, Darien residents will be issued a card immedi- Upcoming library events, new services, and new materials are
ately. You may also apply for a card online at darienlibrary.org. previewed in “Connections,” the library’s monthly eNewslet-
Your library card is accepted for borrowing materials at any of ter, which consists of several relevant and informative blogs
Connecticut’s 163 libraries, including Darien Library. that are updated frequently. Audio podcasts and video webcasts
from some of the library’s programs can also be found on the
What holdings does the library offer? Web site.
Darien Library has more than 155,000 books and 6,600 books- • IM Reference allows patrons to use instant messaging to
on-CD and downloadable audio books. The library subscribes to ask a reference question in a live online chat session using
more than 340 newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. There AIM, Yahoo!, or MSN. Contact IM Reference at Darien
are 64 PCs and 10 circulating laptops available for member use. Library on AIM or Yahoo! at DeweyDarien, or on MSN at
There are 13,500 DVDs, including many classic films and an deweydarien@hotmail.com.
extensive foreign film collection, downloadable and pre-loaded • Text Reference allows patrons to text reference questions
audio books, MP3 players, wireless network cards, digital cam- from a mobile phone to 203-665-8398.
eras, GPS devices, USB drives, video camcorders, and Kill A • The Technology Education Series offers classes for adults
Watt meters (that measure the energy consumption of electrical on popular software packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel,
appliances) that may be checked out. and Photoshop Elements.
Hennen's American Public Library Rating ranks Darien • The Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) Office Center on
Library as one of the top 10 public libraries in the country for the library's lower level offers high-capacity photocopying,
its size. laminating, banner printing, and photo printing.
• The library has a Bloomberg Terminal, which is located
How long can I keep a library book? in the Cheswick Finance Library on the second floor. The
Most items, including adult and children’s books, may be bor- Bloomberg Professional service is the interactive, financial
information network that is the core business for Bloomberg, a
leading information service for global financial markets.
� ������������� ��������� • The library has seven staff members who serve as notary
�� ������������� ��������� ���������� publics and are available to notarize documents for library
patrons free of charge.
���������� ��� ������������������
• By appointment, the library’s technology staff and/or the
������� �� ������ �������� reference librarians are available for one-on-one sessions for
research assistance using the library’s online resources and Web
������� �������������� site, setting up e-mail accounts, finding information online, or
� ������ ���� other specialized informational technology needs.
� ����������� • An Enhanced-Vision Workstation is available at the
library. Equipped to meet a wide range of vision impairments,
the workstation consists of a Dell Optiplex 760 computer, a 24-
� ������������� inch monitor, a Topaz magnifier with hand and foot controls,
� ��������� stereo speakers and a portable scanner.
� ����� • Throughout the year, Darien Library hosts author events,
� �������� �������� ������� ������ film screenings every Friday night, Wednesday matinees,
including a four-week independent film series and a seven-
� ��������� ���������� week foreign film series, an annual One Book, One Community
� ��������� town-wide reading program, Monday at Seven (a program
� ���������� ���������� for job seekers and networkers), spring and fall book discus-
� ������������ ���������� sion series, an adult summer reading program, storytelling for
� �������� ��� ����� ����������
adults, a short story discussion series, a One Page Poetry Circle,
an annual Shakespeare lecture, an annual poetry program, an
� ������ ��������� annual master gardener program, art exhibits and receptions,
� ��������� special individual programs and lectures, booktalking at the
� ���������� Darien Senior Center, and community outreach.
• The library also offers an annual holiday concert.

What are the library’s special activities for children

and teens?
The Darien Library offers storytimes for children who are
����� ��� � �������
newly born and up to six years old. Special music and move-

��������� �������� ���� �������� ���� ����� ���� ment classes are also available for toddlers. Elementary students
February 17, 2011 Public Services darien answerbook • 27

are welcome to attend book, craft, and interactive programs for

seven-, eight- and nine-year-olds, as well as book discussion
groups, technology classes, and gaming programs for nine to 12
����������� ��������������
������������ �����
��� ���������������
year olds. Special programs for all ages are offered throughout
the year and have included performances such as storytellers,
puppet shows, musicians, movies, and science exploration.
The Children’s Library includes a technology center for
children and is the first public library in the country to have a
Microsoft Surface tabletop computer. The Children’s Library
also hosts special programs for parents. ��������������������������������
Children’s programs include registered storytimes and pro- ���������������������������������
grams, drop-in programs, a summer reading program, partici- ������������������������������������
pation in activities related to the One Book, One Community
town-wide read, a R.E.A.D. program (which partners therapy
dogs with kids to encourage reading and improve literacy skills), ���������������������������������������
Stories on the Spectrum (customized storytime for families with ������������������������������
children on the autistic spectrum), Dragon Club (a Chinese lan-
guage and culture program), book clubs (children play with and
learn how to use creative Mac programs to make videos, music, �������������������������������
slideshows and more), We’ve Got Game (a weekly gaming pro- ��������������������������������������
gram featuring gaming gadgets like Ninetendo DS, Wii, laptops, �������������������������������������������������
and traditional board games), and a Kids Advisory Board.
The Children’s Library staff provides reader advisory and �������������������������������������������
reference services to children, their families, and educators. Ask ���������������������������������������
staff to help pick books for all occasions and tastes. Visits to all ����������������������������
five elementary schools, the middle school, and Pear Tree Point
School take place each year to discuss new books. Each sum- �����������
mer, over 800 students sign up to participate in the Read-to-Me,
Summer Reading Club, and Teen Summer Reading Programs. ������������������������������
The Teen Lounge is located on the library’s lower level ����������������
and provides teens with popular fiction and non-fiction books, ������������������������������������
magazines, and audiobooks. The space also contains teen-only �������������������������
computers and a flat-panel television for film screenings and
playing video games.
Teen Services programs include author visits, participation �������������������������������
in the One Book, One Community town-wide read, scavenger
hunts, crafts, teen book clubs, Study Sesh (a drop-in program
for homework help), a resume workshop, Chess Teen Titans, �����������������������������������
weekly movies, gallery parties, a graphic novel workshop, �������������������������������������
study nights, a summer reading program, podcasts, a writ-
ers group, videogames and videogame tournaments, an Oral ���������������������������������
History Project (a video project where teens interview longtime
members of the community to record their stories and memo-
ries), a trivia contest, Juniors Helping Seniors (teens helping
adults learn computer skills), and college prep lectures. Various �������
volunteer opportunities are available to teens, including helping
with technology programs and joining the Teen Advisory Board �������������������������������������
(TAB). Staff visit Middlesex Middle School to talk about books �������������������������������������������
and teen programs to students and teachers.
Are there employment opportunities for high school �����������������
students at the library?
The shelver position at the library is for students who are
at least 14 years of age. The library hires shelvers to work
either in the Children’s Room and Teen Room or in the Main
Reading Room. Shelvers sort books alphabetically or numeri-
cally. Once books are sorted, they are shelved in the correct
section. Students receive paid training in job duties specific to
the department in which they work. Hours vary between three
and 10 hours per week.

What art is displayed at the library? ��������������������

The library exhibits artwork in its Art Gallery on the lower
level. Exhibits are the province of the Art Committee of the ����������������������������������������������������������
Darien Library. For information on the submission process, call �������������������������������������������
28 • darien answerbook Public Services February 17, 2011

Does the library use volunteers? tions without calling first.

The library welcomes volunteers. One of the library’s more
popular volunteer programs is Adopt-A-Shelf, in which volun- What is the Darien Community Matters Blog?
teers agree to organize shelves in an area of their choice at least The Darien Library/Community Matters! is an online, non-
once a month. For information on this or other opportunities, partisan forum for discussion of issues of interest to Darien’s
call the information desk at 203-669-5236. citizens. Citizens may use the blog to communicate with each
other about local happenings. Visit the blog at darienlibrary.
Is the library a municipal organization? org/communitymatters.
The library receives tax money from the town for person- Participating is simple. To comment on one of the topics,
nel and operating costs. The library is an association library, a click the comment button, fill out the form, and click “post.”
501(c)(3) organization, and donations to the Annual Campaign
fund all books, software, other materials, and programs. For Does the town have a social worker?
information on making a donation to the Annual Campaign, call Olive Hauser (203-656-7328) is the town’s social services
203-669-5230 or e-mail friends@darienlibrary.org. director. Her office can assist people with information on hous-
ing, home care and nursing home placement, financial aid for
Does anyone accept used books? home heating, the loan of convalescent equipment, and rides to
Darien Book Aid is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that doctors and the senior center.
attempts to build a foundation of peace, understanding and Ms. Hauser is also the municipal agent for the elderly. In
friendship through the free distribution of books donated to addition to their office in town hall, staff members are available
them. They send books all over the world to Peace Corps vol- once a week at the senior center and senior housing. She can be
unteers, teachers, libraries, schools, prisons, and hospitals. The e-mailed at jmorrison@darienct.gov.
most-requested books are children’s books, classics, English
dictionaries, English readers and grammar books, how-to and Is there affordable housing?
craft books, health, science and math, agriculture and ecology The Allen-O’Neill Homes is a moderate rental family
books, encyclopedias on CD-ROM, and paperback editions of housing project that includes 41 homes and 12 apartments on
recent novels. Clean, non-highlighted text books not older than Noroton Avenue. Clock Hill Homes on LeRoy Avenue is a
10 years and National Geographics from the last five years are moderate-income condominium development. Old Town Hall
also welcome. Houses is for elderly residents (see the Senior Citizens section).
Hours are Tuesday 2 to 4, Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 to The Housing Authority (203-655-0866) owns and manages the
noon, Wednesday 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Saturday 10 to noon. For Allen-O’Neill Homes and Old Town Hall Houses and manages
information, call 203-655-2777 or e-mail bhginc@gmail.com. the waiting list for Clock Hill Homes.
The group’s Web site is dba.darien.org. Don’t make any dona- In addition, Avalon Darien has 45 or so income-restricted
one- and two-bedroom rental apartments on Hollow Tree Ridge
Road as part of its larger complex. Call 203-655-6800 for infor-

What is Person-to-Person?
Person-to-Person (203-655-0048/p2pdarien.org) offers
emergency services to low-income families in the greater
Stamford area in the form of food, clothing, furniture, and
financial assistance (loans or grants for rent, utilities or security
deposits) as well as eviction mediation. Person-to-Person wel-
comes cash donations and in-kind giving. Donations of seasonal
clothing in good condition are welcome. Bring items on hangers
or in small bags. Items always needed include car seats, baby
and children’s clothing, large-sized clothing, linens, blankets,
towels, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, non-perishable food,
silverware, and small appliances.
Donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 9 to 4,
Thursdays until 6, and most Saturdays during the school year
from 9 to noon. Person-to-Person is at St. Luke’s Parish, 1864
������������������������ Post Road. The group’s Web site is p2pdarien.org.
���� Where are burial plots available?
�������������������� There are two cemeteries in town. Spring Grove (203-655-
���������������������������������������� 0682) is on Hecker Avenue. St. John’s Catholic Cemetery
(203-655-0455) is on Camp Avenue.
��������������������������������������� Families may arrange for burial plots either through a funeral
��������������� director or by calling the cemetery office directly.
There are many cemeteries in neighboring towns.
New Moms Group
Asthma Support Group • Food Allergy Group What funeral homes serve Darien?
Lawrence Funeral Home (203-655-6127/lawrencefuneral-
home.com) at 2119 Post Road is Darien’s only funeral home.
February 17, 2011 Public Services darien answerbook • 29

What is the Community Fund of Darien? nonprofit, family service agency, which has been serving the
The Community Fund of Darien works with more than 30 community since 1942. It offers a wide range of comprehensive
area agencies to help people in need in Darien, Norwalk, and services, including individual, family and addiction counsel-
Stamford all year long by providing funding, organizational ing; international and domestic adoption; support services
guidance, and volunteer support. for seniors through HomeCare Plus; family support services;
The Community Fund of Darien also has a Human Services youth development and mentoring; and community education
Planning Council, which brings together social service profes- programs. For information, call 203-855-8765 or visit family-
sionals and town leaders to assess needs, evaluate services, and andchildrensagency.org.
identify and pursue solutions. Current initiatives include: CARE
Darien, Aging in Place in Darien, and Creating Connections: A What services does the Red Cross provide?
Directory of Mental Health and Support Services. The Darien office of the American Red Cross, Darien/
The office is at 701 Post Road. Executive Director Kiki Stamford chapter, is at 39 LeRoy Avenue. It is staffed Monday
Karpen may be reached at 203-655-8775 or kiki.karpen@com through Thursday from 8:30 to 4:30 and Friday from 8:30 to 3,
munityfunddarien.org. The Web site is communityfunddarien. but available for Armed Forces Services communications and
org. disaster emergencies 24 hours a day.
The local Red Cross provides relief to victims of disasters and
What is Infoline 211? help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
Infoline 211 is a free community service that is a public/ The organization also offers CPR and first aid courses; health
private partnership between the state and Connecticut United courses such as Managing Stress, Back Injury Prevention, and
Ways. It is a single source for information about community Your Heart Matters; disaster preparedness; works with youth
services, referrals to human services, and crisis intervention, in the Red Cross Action Team; responds to single-family fires;
accessible by dialing 211 from anywhere in Connecticut 24/7. runs blood drives; teaches a teen babysitting program and
Multilingual call specialists and TDD access is available. has a corps of volunteers who drive senior citizens to medi-
Specialists help callers with such issues as substance abuse, cal appointments. For information, call 203-655-2586 or visit
gambling, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and financial ctredcross.org.
problems. It also offers information on health care, unemploy-
ment, child care options, housing, and volunteer opportunities. What is Family Centers?
A searchable database is on the Web site at infoline.org or 211. Family Centers (203-655-0547/familycenters.org) is a pri-
org. vate, nonprofit organization offering education and human
services to children, adults and families in Fairfield County. Its
What is Family & Children’s Agency? services focus on early childhood education, families in crisis,
Family & Children’s Agency, Inc. in Norwalk is a private, healthy aging for senior citizens, workplace resources, and help-
30 • darien answerbook Public Services February 17, 2011

ing low-income people and those with long-term mental illness Seniors and those with moderate incomes can get free help
live independently. with their taxes through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
There is an office at 590 Post Road in Darien. Program, offered Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays during
tax season at the New Canaan Public Library, 151 Main Street.
What is the Center for Hope? Simple federal or state returns only. Appointments are required;
The Center for Hope offers individual counseling and sup- call 203-594-5003.
port groups for adults and children facing life-threatening ill-
nesses and bereavement. It also offers community education Is there a food bank?
programs and programs for caregivers. The Center for Hope, a The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Inc. is lower
division of Family Centers, is at 590 Post Road in Darien. For Fairfield County’s primary hunger-relief organization. It pro-
information, call 203-655-4693 or visit centerforhope.org. vides food to about 100 non-profit agencies and programs that
serve low income people in the six-town area through bags of
What is the Beautification Commission? groceries and congregate meals. These include soup kitchens,
As its name suggests, the Darien Beautification Commission food pantries, child care programs, homeless shelters, senior
is charged with finding ways to maintain and improve the centers, domestic violence safe houses, and rehabilitation pro-
overall physical appearance of Darien. The commission meets grams.
monthly to review current projects and plan new ones. Projects During 2009, the Food Bank supplied 1,631,072 pounds of
under the commission’s purview have included 30 islands along food to 177,908 individuals. The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield
town roadways, 24 planters along the Post Road, Adopt-A-Spot, County, Inc. originated in 1984 as an agency of the Council of
and daffodil plantings. Churches and Synagogues. In January 2003, the Food Bank
became an independent entity with its own board of directors.
Is there a community calendar of events? The Food Bank is a Connecticut non-profit corporation that is
The Darien Times publishes upcoming events each week exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the
in the Around Times Town column and posts them online at Internal Revenue Code.
DarienTimes.com as well. Events are also posted on the town’s The Food Bank’s mission is to provide nutritious food to non-
Web site (darienct.gov), at darien.org and the library’s Web site, profit organizations that feed the hungry in Darien, Greenwich,
too. New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, and Wilton while seeking
to raise awareness of,and promote action to combat, hunger in
Where can I get help with my income taxes? those communities. Visit foodbanklfc.org for details on making
The Internal Revenue Service can help. For general infor- donations, volunteering and more.
mation, call 800-829-1040.

Property Issues
What kind of work requires a building permit? Zoning office.
Most construction work requires a permit from the building Other helpful documents for sale include: Inland Wetland
department. This includes internal and external remodeling, and Watercourses Regulations ($4) and Inland Wetlands and
enlarging, additions, changing the size of windows or adding Watercourses Map ($5). You may also purchase the 2006 Town
bay windows, pools, new roofs, erecting a shed, enclosing a Plan of Development ($40), Subdivision Regulations ($6), and
porch, erecting a large tent, installing a gas or wood-burning a black-and-white zoning map ($5).
stove or fireplace, and new construction. What you need to get
a permit is detailed on the town Web site. Call 203-656-7347 for Do I need a permit for a fence on my property?
specific information. No permits are necessary; however, the maximum allowable
height is four feet in front, six feet on the sides and back of the
Do I need an appointment to discuss plans for my property. It does not matter which way the “good side” faces,
property? but it is recommended that it be faced “good side out.” Although
Building inspectors are in the office to answer questions and there are no required setbacks, it is recommended any fence be
take calls Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 10, 1 to 2, and placed six to 12 inches inside your property. There are specific
again from 4 to 4:30. Call 203-656-7347. regulations for corner properties. Eight-foot privacy fences are
Requests for inspections may be made via e-mail to Lisa allowed for special situations.
Mason at lmason@darienct.gov. For information, visit the If you are within 50 feet of wetlands, you must submit an
Building Department Web page at darienct.gov. application to the Environmental Protection Commission.
The Zoning Enforcement Officer has office hours by appoint-
ment only on most days from 9 to 9:45 and 1 to 1:45. Call How soon before a public hearing do I need to notify
203-656-7351. my neighbors of my application?
If you have submitted a formal application to the Planning
May I purchase a copy of the Darien zoning regulations? and Zoning Commission or the Zoning Board of Appeals,
Planning and Zoning has a copious set of regulations that you must notify all owners of property within 100 feet. These
cover every regulated issue. It can be very helpful for any notices must be sent by certified mail 10 to 20 days prior to the
renovation or construction project you may be thinking of from public hearing.
adding a porch, bay windows, swimming pool, fence, barn, etc.
It can be downloaded from the office Web page at darienct.gov How long does it take to get a zoning permit
or you may purchase a copy for $10. A color copy of the zon- reviewed?
ing map is $25. You may purchase either in the Planning and The state allows the town 30 days, although the department
February 17, 2011 Property Issues darien answerbook • 31

tries to work in as timely a manner as possible. The length of The Darien Health Department offers a Home Buyer’s Guide
time depends primarily on how many applications are submitted. for septic systems on its Web page at darienct.gov.

What requirements are there for swimming pools? Whom do I call if my neighbor’s septic system is leak-
Swimming pools and pool houses are among the most popular ing onto my property?
additions to homes in Darien. A pool must meet setback and Call the health department at 203-656-7320.
coverage requirements, and if it is within 50 feet of a wetland
or watercourse it must be approved by the Environmental How do I clean up a compact fluorescent light bulb?
Protection Commission. Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain small amounts of
In addition, health, zoning, and building permits will be mercury and when they break, mercury vapor is released into
required. the air. For this reason, pregnant women and young children
should stay out of a room where such a light bulb has broken
Is it possible I live in a flood zone? until several days after it has been cleaned up, according to the
Because Darien is right along the coastline with a number Connecticut Department of Public Health. In fact, everyone
of rivers flowing through it, there are a number of flood zones should leave the room for at least 15 minutes right after the bulb
throughout town. Most susceptible to flooding are the areas has broken to lower exposure. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to
along the coast, the river corridors, and the low-lying areas pick up broken glass and debris. A fact sheet on how to perform
through which streams and brooks flow. such a cleanup is available under Featured Links at ct.gov/dph.
The town participates in a FEMA (Federal Emergency
Management Agency) program that stipulates construction Is there municipal garbage collection?
regulations to minimize flood damage to buildings and property. No. Residents must contract with a private carter for garbage
As a result, all property owners in Darien are eligible to buy collection. There are many that serve Darien.
private flood insurance at a subsidized rate.
Past storms have caused significant flooding in town and to Can I take care of my garbage myself?
that end, Darien created a Flood Mitigation Committee in 2007 The town maintains a Refuse Disposal Area, also known as
to draw up a comprehensive flood prevention strategy. “the dump,” at 126 Ledge Road. It is open Monday through
Saturday from 7 to 2:45. The site is closed on major holidays.
How do I know if I live in a flood zone? A yearly sticker is required to use the dump. The fee is $110
A comprehensive map created by FEMA hangs in the Planning for residents without garbage collection, $34 for residents with
and Zoning office (203-656-7351) at Town Hall. Property own- garbage collection, $55 for those in the tax abatement program,
ers are welcome to come in and look at the map and determine if and $50 for seniors over 65 without garbage collection. Seniors
they are in a flood-prone area. Planning and Zoning staff are not over 65 with garbage collection get one free dump sticker, addi-
allowed to give that information over the phone since it is up to
each individual to make that determination for themselves.

Will the town check my well to see if the water is safe �����������������
to drink?
No, that is the responsibility of the homeowner. The town ������ ���
recommends using the lab at the Stamford Health Department �����������������������������������������
(203-977-4399) or a private lab. �����������������������������������
If you have a private well that is subject to flooding during ���������������������������������������
heavy and/or prolonged rainstorms, you may need to disinfect ������������������������������������
your well during such events. The town’s health department can ����������������������������������������
advise you how to do this. Check online at darienct.gov. � ����������������������� ����������
�������������� ��
Is it likely my well water contains fluoride?
Fluoride, which is tasteless and odorless, occurs naturally ����������������������������
in groundwater. While small amounts are beneficial to dental
health, too much fluoride can adversely affect teeth and bone ������������������������������������������
development. According to the national Academy of Sciences, ���������������������������������
fluoride over 4 milligrams per liter in drinking water is too high, �������������������������������������
and in fact should be 1ppm or less. Fluoride concentrations in ���������������������������������������
Connecticut water tend to be low, but no extensive surveys have ������������������������������������
been done and it is possible there are pockets of high fluoride ��������������������������������������
concentrations. If you are concerned, have your water tested. A ��������������������������������������
fact sheet on this issue is on the health department’s Web page ���������������������������������������
at darienct.gov. ���������������������������������
How do I take care of my septic system? ��������������������������������������
You must call a private septic system pumping company. They ��������
will advise you how often to have your septic tank pumped.
The Norwalk River Watershed Initiative offers a simple,
non-technical brochure for homeowners called Septic Care &
Maintenance for the Homeowner. It is available free online at ���������������������
conservect.org/southwest.htm. Click on the septic care link and ��������������
then click on the link for the downloadable format.
32 • darien answerbook Property Issues February 17, 2011

tional stickers are $34. Stickers are valid July 1 to June 30. For Loose leaves or bags containing lawn clippings, brush or
details, call 203-656-7346 or 203-656-7300. other materials will not be collected. For information, call 203-
The dump accepts most household waste and construction 656-7346.
debris. The following items may not be dropped off: hazardous The public works department also picks up Christmas trees in
waste, liquids, paints (empty latex paint cans are OK), asbes- January. Watch The Times for details.
tos, pathological or medical waste, cylinders, barrels, sealed
containers, propane tanks, or items larger than six inches in What is spring cleanup?
diameter or four feet long. Each spring the town picks up household debris placed along
Refrigeration equipment (anything with Freon in it) may be public roads. Specific weeks, usually in March, are set aside.
disposed of for a $15 fee. Payment in the form of exact cash or Watch The Times for information, or call the public works
check will be accepted at the scale house. For more information, department (203-656-7346).
call the Darien Department of Public Works at 203-656-7346.
Am I allowed to burn anything on my property?
What items do I recycle and where do I take them? No. The town does not allow the burning of leaves, brush, or
There is a recycling center at the refuse disposal area. Recycle anything else on a person’s property.
newspapers, mixed papers (magazines, office paper, mail), cor-
rugated cardboard, glass or metal food and beverage containers, What do I need to know about my fuel oil tank?
#1 and #2 plastics, and scrap metal. Place all recyclable items Due to the heavy clay content of soil in Darien, leaking tanks
on the tables in front of the large bins. are fairly common. The fire marshal’s office suggests you con-
There is a waste oil recycling tank near the scale house. The sider replacing your tank if it is more than 15 years old. If it is
tank is open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8 to a 275-gallon tank, no matter how old it is you should remove it
10 a.m. Only waste motor oil is accepted. Car batteries may because they were never approved for in-ground use.
be recycled and household batteries can be disposed of at the If oil leaks from your tank, it will likely enter wells, brooks,
recycling center. streams, and/or building foundations and you will have a big
environmental mess that can wind up being very costly.
Where can I get rid of hazardous waste? To replace your home tank, you will need a permit and
Darien participates in a regional household hazardous inspection from the building department. New tanks can be
waste collection program with neighboring towns, including installed indoors or above ground. New installations will not be
Greenwich, Norwalk and Westport. Darien residents may bring approved until the old tank is removed or properly abandoned
their hazardous waste to any scheduled drop-off day for free. and accepted by the fire marshal. You will need a permit from
The next local Household Hazardous Waste Day collection his office to do this.
is on Saturday, June 4, from 9 to 1 at Noroton Heights Railroad
Station. This collection is for residents with such waste only and Do I need a permit to sand blast or power wash my
not for commercial haulers. For a list of what to bring and what home?
not to bring, check the Transfer Station Web page at the town’s Because it is dangerous to expose anyone, especially children,
Web site or call 203-656-7346. to dust created by the disturbance of lead-based paint, all con-
Also, surrounding towns hold household hazardous waste tractors and property owners must get a permit from the health
collection days for residents. For details, check the public department before doing any sand blasting, power sanding
works’ Web page at darienct.gov. or power washing of buildings or other structures. Of special
For more information on disposing of hazardous waste, call concern are buildings built before 1978. In addition, you must
the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection at submit a Lead Safe removal plan to the health department for
203-566-8843. review and approval. For details, call 203-656-7320.

Is there a place to get rid of my old computer? Who is responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of
Darien has begun a limited computer recycling program at snow?
the transfer station. You must have a valid “dump” sticker or Homeowners and business owners whose property abuts a
commercial permit. Persons disposing of acceptable electronics public sidewalk are required to clear the sidewalk of snow and
waste will not be charged. Accepted are computers, monitors, ice.
keyboards, mice, printers, external disc drives and computer
cables. Check the town’s Web site, under Transfer Station, for Where can I find information on “green” building?
items that are not accepted. Try the Connecticut Green Building Council (ctgbc.org),
a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council in Rocky Hill
Is there a source of free compost or wood chips? that was formed in 2001; The Center for Green Building in
Leaf compost and wood chips are available at the dump for Bridgeport (centerforgreenbuilding.com); Go Green Building-
residents to take. There are piles of both just beyond the scale Connecticut in Orange (gogreenct.com).
house. More information about green building practices can be found
at the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Web site,
Does the town pick up leaves? ct.gov/dep, which has a special portal devoted to the subject.
From November through early December, the department of There are fact sheets on making your home and landscape
public works collects leaves packed in biodegradable paper “green”, and improving indoor environmental quality and tips
bags from every public street. The leaves are then shipped to a on proper management and disposal of waste and materials like
composting facility. treated lumber.
February 17, 2011 darien answerbook • 33



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�������������������� ����������������
����������� ���������������������
������������������ ����������������
�������������������� �������������������
������������������� �����������������������
������������������� ����������������
�������������� ����������
������������������ ���������������������
�������������� ������������������

34 • darien answerbook Emergency Services February 17, 2011

What kinds of calls should be made to 911? Rick Weatherstone. The Web site is darienfire.org.
Only emergency calls should be made to 911, such as to The Noroton Fire Department has been putting out fires
report a fire, medical crisis, or police emergency like a home since 1896. The firehouse is at 1873 Boston Post Road. For rou-
intruder or other life-threatening situation. tine calls, the number is 203-655-0653. The fire chief is Michael
People should not call for road conditions or routine service Vitti. The Web site is norotonfd.org.
such as barking dogs. Direct routine police calls to 203-662- At 106 years old, Darien’s third and youngest fire department
5300, routine fire calls to the appropriate fire department listed is Noroton Heights Fire Department, 209 Noroton Avenue,
below. covering the Noroton Heights district. The routine phone num-
ber is 203-655-1033; the fax number is 203-662-0682. The fire
Who answers the 911 line? chief is Alan Hyatt. The Web site is nhfd.us.
All 911 calls are answered at the Darien Police Department,
including calls made from your car or the highway. A mobile How many calls do the fire departments answer
911 system enables dispatchers to track a cell phone caller’s In recent years, Darien Fire Department has answered about
location anywhere in the state. 520 calls per year; Noroton Heights Fire Department has had
about 500 calls; and Noroton Fire Department has responded to
Where is the nearest emergency room? about 300 calls.
The nearest emergency rooms are at Stamford Hospital
(203-325-7777), 30 Shelburne Road, and Norwalk Hospital How many firefighters are there?
(203-852-2160) on Maple Street. The Darien Fire Department has about 50 active members, 40
associate members, and two house members. Most of the mem-
What ambulance service is available in town? bers have served at least 15 years as active members.
Darien is served by Darien EMS-Post 53, headquartered on The Noroton Fire Department has about 140 members, of
Ledge Road. The post is manned by 75 state-certified EMTs, which 35 to 40 are active members. Noroton Heights has about
including both adult advisers and young adults. With three 150 active and veteran members.
ambulances, it is on call 24 hours a day, every day. For routine
matters, call 203-655-8980. How can I become a volunteer firefighter?
All three fire departments welcome new volunteers. The
Who responds to a medical crisis? minimum age for membership ranges from 16 to 18 depending
The Darien Police and Darien EMS-Post 53’s fly car and on the department. All members must live or work in town.
ambulance all respond to medical emergencies. Additionally, Volunteer firefighters must attend specific training programs
the volunteer fire departments in Darien respond to all motor and attend fire drills. For complete information, call one of the
vehicle accidents and whenever rescue extrication equipment fire departments or stop by the fire house for an application or
is required. visit their Web sites.
Police officers receive emergency medical training includ-
ing CPR and the use of automated external defibrillators. For Whom do I call if I am displaced from my house due to
40 years, Darien EMS rescue personnel have provided basic a fire?
and advanced life support including defibrillation, intravenous The American Red Cross Darien/Stamford Chapter helps
therapy, and the application of anti-shock garments. When an those who are displaced from their homes due to fires or other
emergency call requires a paramedic, one is dispatched from disasters. The American Red Cross provides food, shelter and
Stamford EMS to augment Darien’s crew. A paramedic can financial assistance for immediate disaster-caused needs. Call
provide advanced cardiac life support, intravenous drug therapy, 203-363-1041. Web site: dsredcross.org.
medication for breathing problems and diabetic reactions, exter-
nal pacemakers and advanced trauma care. Will I be billed for a false alarm?
Yes. Homeowners and business owners will be fined $100 for
How much does an ambulance call cost me? each and every false fire alarm. The ordinance applies to “any
Darien EMS does not charge for its services. When Stamford device for the purpose of detecting fires and emergencies and
EMS responds, patients will receive a bill for paramedic ser- transmits a signal to a monitoring company that relays infor-
vice. mation to the Darien Emergency Communications Center,
or produces a signal to which the police or fire departments
How can I help the ambulance corps? are expected to respond.” Excluded are devices such as smoke
Darien EMS is funded entirely by donations and relies on the alarms, which are designed to alert only people on the prem-
generosity of the community. It runs two fund-raisers a year: ises.
a food fair at Tilley Pond Park following the Memorial Day Automatic telephone dialing alarm systems that send mes-
parade, and an art show at its headquarters in the fall. Donations sages directly to the Darien Emergency Communications Center
may be sent to: Darien EMS, Box 2066, Darien, CT 06820. are prohibited. Use of such a system will result in a $100 fine.
Also, visit post53.info for more details.
The post also welcomes new members, both student and Do I need to register my automatic alarm?
adult. For information, call 203-655-8980. Yes. Forms are available in the fire marshal’s office, and
online at darienct.gov/firemarshal. There is no charge to reg-
How many fire departments protect the town? ister, but there is a $100 fine if your system activates without
Darien is served by three volunteer fire departments: Darien, being registered.
Noroton and Noroton Heights.
The Darien Fire Department is headquartered at 848 Boston Who is Darien’s fire marshal?
Post Road. For routine matters, call 203-655-1216, or fax 203- Robert Buch (203-656-7345) is Darien’s fire marshal. His
655-6152. Founded in 1895, the department protects the eastern office is in Town Hall.
portion of Darien, covering about 45% of the town. The chief is The fire marshal works closely with Darien’s three fire
February 17, 2011 darien answerbook • 35

n Darien Points of Interest

1. Weed Beach 23. Noroton Heights 43. Stephen Mather House
2. Noroton Yacht Club Shopping Center 44. St. Paul’s Church
3. Pear Tree Point Beach 24. VFW 45. Ox Ridge School
4. Boat Ramp 25. Noroton Heights 46. Country Club of Darien
5. Pear Tree Point School Fire Department 47. Cherry Lawn Park
6. Darien YMCA 26. McGuane Park 48. Darien Nature Center
7. First Church of 27. Stony Brook Park 49. Royle School
Christ Scientist 28. The “Dump” 50. Tilley Park
8. Hindley School 29. Andrew Shaw 51. Darien Fire Department
9. Noroton Presbyterian Boy Scout Cabin 52. First Congregational Church
Church 30. The Senior Center 53. The Darien Historical Society
10. St. John Church 31. Darien Community 54. YWCA Darien/Norwalk
11. St. Luke’s Church Association Meadowlands 55. Darien Ice Rink
12. Noroton Fire Department 32. Middlesex Middle School 56. Sellecks Woods
13. Town Hall 33. Woodland Park 57. Goodwives Shopping Plaza
14. Mather Fields 34. Holmes School 58. Darien Railroad Station
15. Baker Park 35. Middlesex Club 59. Calvary Baptist Church
16. Piedmont Park 36. Darien High School 60. Red Cross
17. Spring Grove Cemetery 37. United Methodist 61. Darien Library
18. Police Station Church of Darien 62. Darien Post Office
19. Post 53 38. St. Thomas More Church 63. New Life Christian
20. The Depot 39. Wee Burn Country Club Fellowship
21. Noroton Heights 40. St. John Cemetery 64. Tokeneke School
Train Station 41. Woodway Country Club 65. Convent of St. Birgitta
22. Noroton Heights Post Office 42. Talmadge Hill Church 66. Tokeneke Club

������������������������������������������������������ ������
�������������������������� ��
36 • darien answerbook February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011 darien answerbook • 37

38 • darien answerbook Emergency Services February 17, 2011

departments. His office is also responsible for reviewing plans What happens when a townwide emergency occurs?
for all new construction, except for one- and two-family homes, Darien maintains an Office of Emergency Management
and making construction and annual inspections. His duties at the town hall (203-656-7345). Deputy Fire Marshal Marc
also include fire investigation; permits for blasting and flam- McEwan (mmcewan@darienct.gov) is the town’s emergency
mable liquid tanks; certification of hazardous material transport management director. The Emergency Message Line is 203-
vehicles; certification of nursery schools, day care centers, and 656-7493.
convalescent homes; certification of all liquor permit premises; The town subscribes to a Reverse 911 system that enables
and fire prevention education programs. town leaders to initiate a mass calling to the community with
information and steps they should take in case of an emergency.
Where is the police department? The system can target a small geographic area for local emer-
Darien Police Department headquarters are at 25 Hecker gencies, or the entire town for larger disasters. The database
Avenue. The non-emergency number is 203-662-5300. For the includes only listed phone numbers available from a commer-
records division, call 203-662-5320; for the detective division, cial source. However, residents and businesses that use unlisted
call 203-662-5330. The chief of police is Duane J. Lovello, phone numbers, cell phones, or VOIP (voice over Internet pro-
who may be e-mailed at dlovello@darienct.gov. The Web site tocol) service may be included by registering online at darienct.
is darienpolice.org. gov or by visiting the fire marshal’s office in town hall. The
system can also notify pagers, fax machines, e-mail addresses,
What are the town’s crime statistics? and TTY/TDD devices for the hearing impaired.
Darien has very low violent and property crime rates, with The town has published a comprehensive preparedness guide
no murders, manslaughter or rapes reported in many years. The offering information and tips on how to cope with all kinds of
crime rate of 69 incidents per 100,000 people was well below emergencies from weather disasters to fire, earthquake, building
the state crime rate. collapse, chemical spills, carbon monoxide, terrorism, radiation
Darien averaged about three robberies per year from 2000- exposure, disease outbreaks, a flu pandemic, and power out-
2009. There were four robberies reported in 2009, same as in ages. It is available online at darienct.gov/oem.
2008. Aggravated assault reports averaged almost eight per year Local emergency information will be broadcast on radio
over the same period, with 10 in 2009 and three in 2008. stations WNLK/1350AM, WSTC/1400AM, WEFX/95.9FM,
Additionally from 2000-2009, burglaries reported in Darien WKHL/96.7FM; on television stations WTNH/TV8, WFSB/
averaged 30 per year (17 in 2009, down from 37 in 2008); TV3, News 12, and Darien Channel 79.
larceny and theft reports averaged 147 incidents (111 in 2009, The Darien Emergency Management Committee is keep-
down from 164 in 2008); and motor vehicle thefts averaged 9.5 ing a list of individuals with special needs who require assis-
(2 in 2009, down from six in 2008, 13 in 2007). tance during an emergency. To be placed on the list, call 203-
The police department issued 1,031 tickets to drivers using 656-7328.
cellphones while driving, up from 724 in 2008. The police’s
Click It or Ticket program gave out 873 tickets to drivers failing How can I reach a family member in the military dur-
to use seat belts in 2009, up from 656 in 2008. DUI arrests in ing an emergency?
2009: 67, down from 95 in 2009. The American Red Cross provides emergency communica-
tion for members of the military when family emergencies arise.
How many guns were registered in town? Call Ronnie Tella at 203-363-1041 or e-mail rtella@dsredcross.
There were 152 guns registered with the Darien Police in org.
How can I find out about roads closing to traffic?
How big is the department? Darien has a Web site for road closures: municipalclosures.
The department has about 51 officers, supported by civilian com/darien; also: darientimes.com, and twitter.com/darien-
employees, special officers, school crossing guards and traffic times.
agents. The department also includes a highly trained emer-
gency response team and dive team. A hurricane is coming. How should I prepare?
Police patrol in marked and unmarked vehicles, on motor- Connecticut Light and Power offers the following tips: Check
cycle, on foot, and on bicycles. Police also patrol the water in medications that need refrigeration. You may want to keep a
a twin-engine boat. All police cars and the boat have automatic small cooler handy for that purpose. Have a supply of canned,
external defibrillators. All patrol officers are trained at the MRT non-perishable food and drinking water that will last a couple
or EMT level. of days. Get extra ice and put it in plastic bags. This will help
There is also an Emergency Response Team that is specially maintain the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer.
trained to deal with critical incidents such as high-risk search Set aside water. Fill the bathtub with water for toilets; a
and arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, bucket in the bowl is all that’s needed for flushing. You can
sniper activity, riot and crowd control, terrorist activities, and buy bottled water for drinking. Be prepared to cook outside, but
dignitary protection. don’t bring grills into the house.
Stock up on batteries for a battery-powered radio and flash-
I need to be fingerprinted for an application. Will the lights, and have extra wood for fireplaces or wood stoves. Fill
police do it for me? your car’s gas tank.
Yes. The detective bureau offers this service to Darien resi- Stay away from downed power lines.
dents Monday through Friday from 8 to 4, by appointment only. You should avoid talking on the phone or watching TV during
Call 203-662-5330. The police do no supply fingerprint cards; a lightning storm. Consider unplugging expensive items such as
they must be obtained from your employer. computers, televisions and refrigerators to avoid power surge
damage, which can occur even if they are plugged into surge
February 17, 2011 Health darien answerbook • 39

How can I find a good doctor for my family? pers; dietitians; companions; peer counselors; homemakers;
Stamford Health System’s Web site (stamhealth.org) pro- medical social workers; a pre-hospice team; case managers; and
vides a complete list of physicians affiliated with The Stamford caregivers providing respite services.
Hospital, available under the heading Find A Physician. Health Visiting Nurse also provides Assisted Living at Home for
Call at 1-877-233-9355 offers referrals and health information those who want help maintaining their independence at home.
services. Services include help with cleaning, dressing, shopping, bathing
You may also call Norwalk Hospital’s Physician Referral and companionship. In addition, Nursing & Home Care pro-
Service at 866-642-9355 or go online to norwalkhosp.org and vides wellness programs, such as health screenings, immuniza-
click on “Physician Directory.” tion programs and health education programs.
For more information, call 203-762-8958 or 1-800-898-
Do any doctors take walk-in patients? HOME or visit visitingnurse.net.
The Darien Immediate Medical Care Center (203-656- Visiting Nurse Services of Connecticut offers skilled nurs-
3900) is at 484 Post Road. It is open from 9 to 5 on weekdays, ing; occupational, physical, and speech therapy; medical social
and 9:30 to 2:30 on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. work and home health aides as well as many specialty services.
The Tully Health Center (203-276-2222) at 32 Strawberry Call 203-838-8621 or visit vnsct.com.
Hill Court in Stamford, is open for non-life-threatening illness Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Southwestern Connecticut
and injury from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 (VNHC), also offers home health services including skilled
a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. nursing; physical, speech, and occupational therapies; a medi-
cal social worker; home health aides; and baby, child care, and
What does the health department do? homemaking assistance. Call 203-276-3000. Web site: vnhcsw.
The Darien Department of Health office is in Room 109 of org.
Town Hall. Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30. The phone number is More services can be found online at medicare.gov by click-
203-656-7320. ing on Home Health Compare.
The department is dedicated to promoting physical and
mental health, preventing disease and injury, guarding against Can I get help with household tasks while I’m recuper-
health threats, improving the environment, and enforcing the ating from an illness?
Connecticut Health Code and all local health ordinances. The Many of the visiting nurse associations listed above offer
department also handles requests for shellfishing permits, mea- aides to assist with household chores. Family & Children’s
sures bacterial levels at the town’s two beaches, and maintains Agency offers homemakers and a home chore service. Call
a beach hotline to let residents know if the beaches are open or 203-855-8765.
closed. (See Recreation section.)
The department’s Web page at darienct.gov (click on Town Are there any programs for caregivers?
Services & Departments) offers a vast list of information on a The Darien/Stamford Chapter of the American Red
variety of health issues from eating fish caught in Connecticut Cross (112 Prospect Street, Stamford; 203-363-1041; e-mail:
to tick management, radon gas measurements, and disinfecting stamfordinfo@dsredcross.org; Web site: dsredcross.org) offers
a private well. a Family Caregiving Course, which focuses on helping those
who care for a loved one. Topics include: assisting with per-
Who are the town’s health officers? sonal care, positioning and helping your loved one move, gen-
David A. Knauf is the director of health. The office adminis- eral caregiving skills, home safety, caring for a loved one with
trator is Elaine Kilbourn (ekilbourn@darienct.gov). Barrington Alzheimer’s or dementia, among others. The course does not
Bogle is the sanitarian. Dr. Caleb Moore is medical adviser. appear on the regular schedule but is offered by request.
Both Waveny Care Center and The Village at Waveny Care
Does Darien have a nursing home? Center offer respite stays to give caregivers the necessary time
Notre Dame Convalescent Home, 76 West Rock Road in they need to rejuvenate, travel, etc. Waveny will help assess the
Norwalk, is a non-profit church-related facility with 60 beds. level of care (skilled nursing or assisted living) you need. Call
Call 847-5893. 203-594-5200 or visit waveny.org.
Waveny Care Center, 3 Farm Road, New Canaan, is a non- The Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program is oper-
profit facility offering short- or long-term skilled nursing care ated in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association Chapters
and rehabilitation therapy. There is also a special long-term, of Connecticut and the Connecticut Area Agencies on Aging.
skilled nursing care unit for people with Alzheimer’s and other Eligible families may apply for daytime or overnight respite
forms of dementia. For information, call 203-594-5200 or visit care services. Call the Area Agencies on Aging at 1-800-994-
waveny.org. 9422.
There are a number of other nursing homes in Stamford and
Norwalk. For a list and quality-related information, visit online Are there any support groups for caregivers?
at medicare.gov. The Center for Hope in Darien offers a support group for
people caring for patients with Alzheimer’s or other forms of
Who offers home care? dementia. Call 203-655-4693.
Right at Home, home care agency at 745 Post Road (2nd Catholic Family Services offers a caregivers support group.
floor), Darien (203-202-9488; Web site: homecarerah.com). Call 203-323-1105.
Right at Home is licensed, bonded and insured, and is available Friendly Connections has a phone group for caregivers on
24/7 for your convenience, owner Kaisy Pan noted. It offers Mondays at 11. Call Rebecca Kestenbaum at 203-661-8841 for
hourly care, live-ins and many services ranging from compan- details.
ionship/homemaking, to physical assistance and hygiene.
Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County, formerly Who provides hospice services?
Nursing & Home Care, offers skilled nurses; home health aides; Hospice is a community-based program that focuses on pain
physical, occupational and speech therapists; live-in help; shop- relief, symptom control and comfort for terminally ill patients,
40 • darien answerbook February 17, 2011


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������������������������������� ����
����������������������������������� �����������������������
���������������������������������� ��������������

��������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������
��������� ���������������������������������������������������������������

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������������������ ����������������������
��������������� �������������������
February 17, 2011 Health darien answerbook • 41

allowing them to be cared for where they are most comfortable,

usually at home. There are several services to choose from. ����������
Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County helps indi-
viduals and their families cope with terminal illnesses in the
comfort and privacy of their own homes. Services include
managing pain and symptoms to provide comfort; helping with �����������������������������
personal care such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation;
arranging for medical equipment and nutritional guidance;
respite support for caregivers; counseling and companionship;
spiritual guidance and grief support services. Call 762-8958 or
1-800-898-HOME or visit visitingnurse.net.
Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Southwestern Connecticut ������������������������
(VNHC) is available at home, in an assisted-living facility, or ������������������������
at the Richard L. Rosenthal Hospice Residence, at the Bennett
Medical Center on the Stamford Hospital campus. For more ������������ ���������������������

information, call Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care at 276- �����������������������

������������������ ���������������������

4000. ��������

Waveny Care Center offers hospice care. Call 203-594-5200 �������������������������������������������������������

or visit waveny.org.
VNS of Connecticut’s Hospice at Home is focused on
improving the patient’s quality of life and addresses the physi-
cal, social, psychological and spiritual needs of patient and fam-

ily. Call 203-838-8621 or visit vnsct.com.

How can I become a hospice volunteer?

Volunteers are an integral part of a hospice program. Volunteers
may choose to work with patients and families, or may help in ����������������
many other ways.
Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County offers volun- ��������������������������������������
teer training courses at least twice each year. Call 203-847-7646
for details. ����������������������
Visiting Nurse Service of Connecticut offers training pro- ��������������������
grams at its Norwalk office. Call 203-838-8621. ����������������������������
Does anyone offer wellness programs? ������������������
The YWCA of Darien/Norwalk (203-655-2535; Web site: ���������������������� ������������
ywcadariennorwalk.org) offers a variety of programs over the
year including mammography screenings and bone density ���������������������������������������������

Are there CPR classes in town?

Each year the Darien/Stamford Red Cross trains hundreds
of people in CPR and first aid. For a schedule of classes, call
203-663-1041 or visit dsredcross.org. The group’s state site is ������������������������������������������������������������
CPR classes are also offered occasionally at the YWCA of �����������������������������������
Darien/Norwalk, 49 Old Kings Highway North. For details,
call 203-655-2535 or visit ywcadariennorwalk.org.
CPR classes may be offered periodically around town at �������������������������
locations like the senior center. Check The Darien Times for �������������������������
The EMS Institute at The Stamford Hospital offers a
variety of courses in CPR and first aid for the general public ����������������������������������
and healthcare professionals. For more information, refer to
stamfordhospital.org and click on “about” and “education” or �������������������������������������������
call 203-325-7068.

Does anyone help the handicapped?

The town’s Social Services office can direct people to many �������������������
resources. Call 203-656-7328.

Is there rehabilitation for the disabled community?

The Rehab Center works with children and adults to
restore mobility and function depleted by serious injuries and
neurological disorders. The Rehab Center also offers the Skill
Source Program, a vocational program that provides training
42 • darien answerbook Health February 17, 2011

and employment opportunities to qualified individuals with 656-7328); and the first Tuesday of each month, 11:30 to 1:30,
disabilities. at town hall.
The Rehab Center (203-325-1544) is at 26 Palmer’s Hill
Road in Stamford. What type of counseling is available?
Stamford Hospital’s Human Motion Institute offers reha- Darien Social Services (203-656-7328) offers counseling for
bilitation services to improve the functional abilities of those families and individuals of all ages.
who have suffered an illness or injury. Call 203-276-1000. Family Centers Inc. (203-655-0547/familycenters.org) at 17
Old Kings Highway South offers individual, family, and group
Is there a pharmacy in town and when is it open? counseling as well as services for elderly people and young
Grieb’s Pharmacy (203-655-1000), 1021 Post Road, is parents.
open every day. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Family & Children’s Agency (203-855-8765/familyandchil-
Friday, 8 to 6 on Saturday, and 9:30 to 3 on Sunday. Area-wide drensagency.org) offers family counseling.
delivery is available. Jewish Family Service (203-921-4161/ctjfs.org) offers fam-
The pharmacy at CVS, 964 Post Road (203-655-6335), is ily life education services that help strengthen individuals and
open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. families and help them deal with life’s challenges.
to 6 p.m. on the weekends. The store closes at 9 on the week- The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, 975
ends. Post Road (203-662-9380/childguidancect.org) is a nonprofit
Walgreen’s, 138 Heights Road (203-655-8904), is open from mental health resource for area children and families, receiving
8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 to 6 on Saturday, referrals from schools, courts, human service agencies, and pri-
and 9 to 6 on Sunday. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. vate physicians. Self-referrals are also encouraged. The center
every day. has a clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, social work-
For 24-hour service there are Walgreen’s (pharmacy: 203- ers, and marriage and family therapists. Prevention services
845-0457, store: 203-845-0436) at 55 Westport Avenue in are also provided through public education and consultation
Norwalk; and CVS (pharmacy: 203-847-2351, store: 203-847- programs.
6057) 327 Main Avenue, Norwalk and 593 Newfield Avenue, The center also offers an Emergency Mobile Crisis Service,
Stamford (203-967-4600). providing immediate mental health assessments and stabiliza-
tion services for children and adolescents experiencing serious
Is there a clearinghouse of health services? psychiatric symptoms or severe reactions to a recent traumatic
Darien Social Services (203-656-7328) offers information event. The service is available 24/7. Call 203-323-9797 or 888-
and referrals for services available in the community. 825-6777.
Infoline of Southwest Connecticut offers information and Catholic Charities (203-323-1105/bridgeportdiocese.com),
referrals on adult day care, nutrition, home care, respite care, offers mental health counseling services for adolescents, adults,
health services, mental health, social services, legal services, and the elderly. Other counseling services include adoption and
transportation, financial services, and other topics. Call 211 or pregnancy.
203-324-6703 or visit 211.org online. Stamford Hospital’s Outpatient Behavioral Health
The Connecticut Self-Help Network is a statewide clear- Services can be reached at 203-325-7560.
inghouse for all support groups across the state. Its Self-Help
Directory lists more than 1,450 local and statewide groups deal- Who offers substance abuse counseling?
ing with abuse, addictions, bereavement, disabilities, health, Liberation Programs (203-655-8973/liberationprograms.
mental health, parenting, and many other stressful life situ- org) offers comprehensive substance abuse prevention and treat-
ations. It also has contact information for more than 1,000 ment options that address the needs of youth, adults, and seniors
national networks. The directory can be previewed online at at risk for abusing or currently abusing alcohol or drugs. Family
theconsultationcenter.org. For information, call 203-624-6982 and Youth Options, offered through Liberations Programs’
or e-mail elaine.horn@yale.edu. Prevention Program, offers telephone consultations, assessment
and intervention, individual and family counseling, drug testing,
Who organizes blood drives? peer mentor groups, group therapy and parenting help, anger
The Darien/Stamford Chapter of the American Red Cross management, and relapse prevention. The Darien office is at 2
collects blood on a regular basis. A person must be 17 or older Renshaw Road.
and at least 110 pounds to donate blood. Many questions will Family Centers Inc. (203-655-0547) and Family & Children’s
be asked in order to assure the donated blood will be safe. The Agency (203-855-8765) offer substance abuse counseling.
entire process takes about an hour, including questions, dona- The Higher Ground Ministry, for those affected by addic-
tion, rest time, and snacks afterward. tion, meets Tuesday evenings, 7:30, in Memorial Hall at the
Call 203-363-1041 or visit dsredcross.org for the schedule. Calvary Baptist Church, 988 Post Road. Call 203-655-0318.

Is there a flu clinic in town in the fall? What are the closest drug treatment centers?
The town offers flu clinics for adults with Visiting Nurse & Liberation Programs (see above) offers treatment services,
Hospice of Fairfield County, formerly Nursing & Home Care, in including detoxification and residential programs.
October and November. For dates, check The Darien Times or Silver Hill Hospital on Valley Road in New Canaan (800-
call the health department’s flu hotline at 203-656-7823. Clinic 899-4455) has extensive programs for drug and alcohol abuse.
dates are also listed on the town’s Web site, darienct.gov. You may also call Norwalk Hospital Addiction and
Rehabilitation (203-852-2520).
Are there any blood pressure screenings?
Visiting Nurse offers free blood pressure screenings the sec- What support groups are available?
ond Monday of each month from 10 to 11, at the Darien Senior There are many support groups offered through Stamford
Center (655-7105); the third Tuesday of each month from 2 to Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, the Center for Hope (see Public
3, in the Community Room at Old Town Hall Housing (203- Services), the YWCA, the American Cancer Society, Friendly
February 17, 2011 Health darien answerbook • 43

Connections, and other agencies. The YWCA of Darien/Norwalk offers Overeaters

The Darien Department of Social Services offers informa- Anonymous, a confidential 12-step support program. Call 203-
tion and referral to support services in the community. Call 655-2535. Web site: ywcadariennorwalk.org.
203-656-7328. You may also call Infoline at 211 or go online The Wilkins Center for Eating Disorders (203-531-1909/
to 211.org. wilkinscenter.com) in Greenwich offers outpatient care.
The Renfrew Center of Southern Connecticut, 436 Danbury
Where can I find information about cancer prevention, Road in Wilton (203-834-5020/renfrew.com) offers an intensive
screening, diagnosis, treatment, and support services? outpatient program for young people and adults with eating
The American Cancer Society’s 24-hour cancer information disorders. The center also offers nutritional counseling and sup-
line, 1-800-ACS-2345 and Web site cancer.org, can help anyone port groups for individuals (adults and adolescents), families,
understand a cancer diagnosis and decide how to overcome it. and couples.
The American Cancer Society provides free rides to and from
cancer treatment, one-on-one personal support for breast cancer What type of help is available for the mentally ill?
patients, and free wigs and beauty classes to help women with The Community Fund of Darien’s Human Services Planning
the side effects of treatment. Volunteers are always needed for Council has produced Creating Connections: A Directory of
these programs. Call 1-800-889-3340 and press 3 to volunteer Mental Health and Support Services. For information, call
or for more information about these programs. 203-655-8775.
The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill has a Stamford-
Does anyone focus on autism? Greenwich affiliate at 730 Summer Street, Stamford. Call 203-
Friends of Autistic People, based in Greenwich, advocates 388-1603.
appropriate services for the entire spectrum of an autistic adult’s For information about supervised apartments or for consulta-
life. It offers parent support groups, education, and advocacy. tions, call the Mental Health Association of Connecticut’s
Call Brita Darany at 203-661-8510 or go online to autisticadu- Supported Living Community (860-797-8621 or 860-798-
lts.com. 2527). The association has a list of support groups throughout
the state; call 800-842-1501.
Does anyone help those with spinal cord injuries? The Dubois Center, 780 Summer Street, Stamford, is a state-
The Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation is comprised of owned outpatient mental health and addiction services center
community volunteers who want to help people with severe serving adults with severe behavioral health disorders. Call
spinal cord injuries. The Darien-based group’s focus is to assist 203-388-1600.
people living in Connecticut with non-reimbursable medical Laurel House, 1616 Washington Boulevard in Stamford, is
expenses. For information, call 888-265-5859 or visit ohhf.org. a community association for people with mental illness helping
them integrate into the general community. Call 203-324-1816
What is the ITP Foundation? or visit online at laurelhouse.net.
The ITP Foundation of Darien is dedicated to battling the The Care Network, a group of three area health care agen-
bleeding disorder immune thrombocytopenic purpura, also cies, offers treatment, counseling and help in finding com-
known as ITP. It is a blood disorder that affects the immune munity resources; call 800-898-HOME. Other sources of help
system and can occur in children and adults. For information, include Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan (203-966-3651)
visit online at itpfoundation.org or call 203-655-6954. and Hall Brooke Behavioral Health Center in Westport (203-
What help is available for victims of domestic violence
or sexual abuse? What is radon gas?
The Domestic Violence Crisis Center (203-853-0418/dvcct. Radon gas is a decay product of radioactive uranium that
org) offers crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, and edu- cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. In open air it is harmlessly
cation to help people break free from emotional, physical, or dispersed, however well water passing through soil with high
sexually abusive situations. The center also maintains a 12-bed levels of the gas may be a significant source of radon in a
shelter. The hotline number is 1-888-774-2900. home. High levels of radon occur in Connecticut, particularly
The Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center (203-348- in Fairfield County. Exposure to radon increases your risk of
9346), offers free crisis counseling for victims of sexual assault developing lung cancer. According to the U.S. E.P.A., radon
and other support services. The center also runs a number of causes more cancer deaths than any other single air pollutant
support groups. The 24-hour confidential hotline number is 329- except tobacco smoke.
2929. The Web site is sacec-ct.org. The simplest way to find out if your home has high levels of
Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut (CGC) radon is through a carbon filter test. Because radon is known to
at 972 Post Road (203-662-9380/childguidancect.org) coordi- occur in Darien, the health department has radon-testing kits for
nates the Lower Fairfield County Child Sexual Abuse Response free distribution to local residents. Drop by the health depart-
Team (SART), an interagency collaboration integrating criminal ment and pick one up. For more information, call 203-656-
investigations, child protection and comprehensive services 7320. Kits are also available commercially or may be purchased
for child sexual abuse victims and non-offending parents. The by calling the Radon Hotline — 1-800-SOS-RADON — oper-
center also offers 24-hour outreach and mental health services ated by the National Safety Council.
to children exposed to domestic violence or other traumatic
events. Should I worry about Lyme disease?
Lyme disease, spread by ticks, is prevalent. Take precautions
Where can I get help for an eating disorder? when going in the woods and fields. Use insect repellent, dress
Silver Hill Hospital (800-899-4455) in New Canaan and in light-colored clothing, roll pant cuffs into socks, wear long
Hall-Brooke Behavioral Health Services (203-277-1251) in sleeves and a hat. Inspect pets. Go to darienct.gov, click on town
Westport offer treatment programs for anorexia nervosa, buli- services, then health department for more information..
mia, and other eating disorders.
44 • darien answerbook Senior Citizens February 17, 2011

Who serves the town’s senior population? What other transportation is available?
The Department of Social Services, in Room 109 at town Gallivant is a wheelchair-accessible passenger van that pro-
hall, is open from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. The vides scheduled door-to-door transportation around the area for
telephone number is 203-656-7328, fax 203-656-7407. In the the needs and enjoyment of Darien senior citizens and physi-
office are Olive Hauser, director (ohauser@darienct.gov); Inta cally handicapped residents of all ages. The van makes trips to
V. Adams (iadams@darienct.gov), assistant director; and Elaine the Senior Center, 60-Plus Club, and other Darien programs,
Kilbourn, office administrator and a notary public (darienct. meetings, and recreational facilities. It will also take riders
gov). to medical appointments. Group trips to local shopping areas
The Commission on Aging is concerned with the needs of are scheduled weekly. Depending on its schedule, the van can
Darien’s seniors with regard to health, recreation, transporta- sometimes offer group trips to Stamford, Norwalk and New
tion, and economics. Ollive Hauser is the municipal agent on Canaan for shopping and recreational activities. Occasionally
aging, and serves as liaison with the Commission on Aging and the van provides groups with evening or weekend transportation
other resources and programs serving the elderly. to special local events.
Gallivant service is available from 9 to 4 Monday through
Is there a senior center? Friday. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance
The Darien Senior Activities Center (203-656-7455/ by calling 203-655-2227, Monday through Friday between 8
dsac.darien.org) is at 30 Edgerton Street. The center is open a.m. and 1 p.m. A donation of $2 per round trip is requested.
Monday through Friday from 9 to 3. The center’s executive Easy Access serves disabled riders (who must be ADA
director is Elizabeth Paris. certified) with curb-to-curb service within Norwalk, Darien,
The center offers lunch at noon Monday through Friday. Stamford, and Greenwich. Service is available three-fourths of
The cost is $4 and reservations are required by 11:15. The cen- a mile from the Post Road in Greenwich and Darien and to the
ter offers a number of programs including exercise, arts and Riverview mall in Norwalk. It is run by Norwalk Transit. For
crafts, art workshops, bridge and pinochle, computer classes, information, call 203-299-5180 (voice) or 203-299-5183 (TDD)
dance class, discussion groups, quilting, Italian conversation, or visit online at norwalktransit.com.
and writing workshops. There are also Bingo, movies, musical
entertainment, and a caregivers support group. Does the town have Meals on Wheels?
Blood pressure screenings are taken the first Wednesday of Meals on Wheels of Stamford/Darien is a volunteer, non-
each month at 10, October through May. profit agency that provides nutritionally balanced meals to
members of the community who need this service in order to
Is there a flu clinic for seniors? live independently in their own homes. Each day, volunteers
The town offers flu and pneumonia immunizations with deliver one hot and one cold meal to clients. Fees are charged
Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Fairfield County, formerly on a sliding scale. For information on taking advantage of this
Nursing & Home Care, in October and November. For details, service or to volunteer, call 203-323-3294.
call 203-656-7323. Senior Nutrition provides meals for seniors unable to pre-
pare their own food. A referral by a hospital, doctor, or social
What clubs or social groups are for the elderly? services agency is required. Call 203-324-6175 or 203-323-
The 60 Plus Club is a social group that meets every Thursday, 1105.
September through June, 12:30 to 3, at the Darien Community
Association, 274 Middlesex Road. Special outings and pro- Are there any services that check up on homebound
grams include spring and fall bus trips and traditional holiday seniors?
parties. Men and women 60 years old or older are eligible to The Friendly Visitors Program provides volunteer visi-
join the group. Association membership is not required. For tors to older Darien residents in need of companionship. For
information, call the DCA at 203-655-9050. information, call Inta V. Adams at 203-656-7321 or e-mail
The Darien Senior Men’s Association also meets at DCA’s iadams@ci.darien.ct.us.
Meadowlands, each Wednesday from 10 to noon, September Carrier Alert is a program coordinated with the post office
through mid-June. Each week there is a program and there are to assure the safety of seniors living alone. Call the department
special events throughout the year. Activities include bowling, of social services at 203-656-7328.
bridge, chess, computer, golf, investments, songsters, tennis/ LifeLine is a 24-hour, emergency response system. Call 203-
paddle, Ping-Pong. Membership is open to men in the Darien 853-3116 or visit familyandchildrensagency.org.
area 55 or over. The Friendly Connection Friendly Caller Program makes
The Friendly Connections Book Club is a telephone discus- daily calls to the elderly and homebound. Call 203-656-1128 or
sion group for seniors. Call 203-656-1128. visit familycenters.org.
The Darien-New Canaan AARP chapter is very active,
offering a number of social events. The group meets at the What is the Yellow Dot program?
Darien Senior Center. Guests are welcome. For information, This is a program in which senior citizens receive a yellow
call Ron Heinbaugh at 203-655-0538. dot sticker to affix to their car window. They also receive a
yellow folder to put in the glove compartment. In the folder
How can seniors get to their doctor appointments? should be current medical information and contact numbers to
The Darien/Stamford Chapter of the American Red Cross help EMS workers assist elderly accident victims. The same
(203-655-2586/dsredcross.org) offers free rides to seniors who information can be kept in a separate folder at home. For details,
are unable to provide their own transportation to medical call 203-656-7328.
appointments in Darien and surrounding communities. The
office needs 48 business hours notice. Seniors must be ambula- Where can I get a wheelchair or other medical equip-
tory. There is also a shopping service for the homebound. ment?
The Loan Closet, coordinated by the department of social
services (203-656-7328) provides free, short-term loan of con-
February 17, 2011 Senior Citizens darien answerbook • 45

valescent equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, Waveny Care Center. For details, call 203-966-1272 or visit
canes, and shower chairs. waveny.org.
Grieb’s Pharmacy rents and sells wheelchairs, walkers, and A complete list of senior housing available in a 14-town
crutches. Call 203-655-1000. region of southwestern Connecticut is available from the Area
Agency on Aging (203-333-9288/swcaa.org) in Bridgeport.
Is there day care for the elderly? A state agency offers rent rebates to eligible elderly and dis-
The Adult Day Program at Waveny Care Center, 3 Farm abled tenants. Call 203-656-7328.
Road in New Canaan, is dedicated to improving the quality of
life for disabled or frail older adults who are still living at home, Is there assisted living housing?
but who may require personal assistance throughout the day Atria Darien, 50 Ledge Road, (formerly Sterling Glen) offers
and/or more social interaction. If offers flexible hours and days. a variety of housing choices from independent living to assisted
Call 203-594-5200 or visit waveny.org. living. Call 888-640-1090 or visit atriaseniorliving.com.
Patchworks Adult Day Services (203-276-4993) is a pro- The Village at Waveny Care Center, 3 Farm Road, New
gram of Stamford Hospital at 26 Palmers Hill Road, Stamford. Canaan, is an assisted living residence with 52 apartments for
It provides individualized services for adults with physical, people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory
social, cognitive or emotional limitations, including memory loss. All meals, social, recreational, and spiritual activities
loss. Transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided Monday are included. Call 203-594-5200 for more information or visit
through Saturday. waveny.org.
Elderhouse in Norwalk also serves Darien and provides meals Edgehill Continuing Care Retirement Community in
and transportation. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from Stamford offers independent and assisted living as well as nurs-
8 to 5; Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 7; and Saturday from 9 ing care. Call 203-323-2323.
to 3. Call 203-847-1998, e-mail denise@elderhouseadc.com or
go online to elderhouseADC.com. Does anyone specialize in senior healthcare?
In Stamford, there are also Almost Family (203-969-0101) Waveny Care Center’s Brown Geriatric Evaluation Center
and St. Camillus Health Center (203-325-0200). offers assessment services to review an individual’s cognitive,
psychological, social, medical, functional, and caregiver sta-
Is there special housing for the elderly? tus. Waveny’s Geriatric Care Management team helps family
Old Town Hall Housing, 719 Post Road, includes 30 units of members and friends find solutions to maintain an older adult
low-income housing available to seniors. For information, call at their maximum level of independent function while having
the Darien Housing Authority at 203-655-0866. them remain safely in their home for as long as possible. For
New Canaan Inn is a retirement community for independent information, call 203-594-5200 or visit waveny.org.
living at 73 Oenoke Ridge in New Canaan. It is an affiliate of Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Dorothy Adler Geriatric

�� � � � ���������������
46 • darien answerbook Senior Citizens February 17, 2011

Assessment Center (203-688-6361/ynhh.org) evaluates patients To take advantage of these services and to receive a Senior
with age-related problems that affect daily functioning. The hos- Resource Directory, call Aging in Place Coordinator Alyssa
pital also has a geriatric psychiatry unit. Call 203-688-7201. Israel at 203-202-2912 or e-mail AIPcoordinator@community
The Center for Healthy Aging at Greenwich Hospital (203- funddarien.org.
863-4374/greenhosp.org) offers a comprehensive aging assess- Family & Children’s Aid Homemaker/Companion pro-
ment and other services. The hospital also has an Acute Care for gram is available to assist the elderly in everyday tasks so they
the Elderly (ACE) Unit for older patients who need specialized can remain independent in their own homes. Mature workers
attention during inpatient visits. help with chores such as meal preparation, housework, grocery
Stamford Health Center (203-967-6140/stamhealth.org) offers shopping, companionship, laundry, etc. For information, call
a Geriatric Assessment Program. 203-748-5689.
There is also Norwalk Hospital’s Geriatrics Consultation Family & Children’s Agency Home Care Plus (203-855-
Service (203-852-3112/norwalkhosp.org). 8765) offers a variety of services for a fee.
Jewish Family Services (203-921-4161/ctjfs.org) offers
Does anyone help with insurance forms? home companions and other services that enable seniors to
The Norwalk Hospital Volunteer Medicare Information remain safe, healthy, and independent in their own homes as
Service offers help to anyone interested in Medicare or supple- long as possible.
mental insurance assistance. Call 203-852-3325 (or 3326) and
leave a name, telephone number and the best time for a volun- Is there a list of senior services?
teer to return the call. The Department of Social Services can give you a list of
local, state and regional services. Copies are available at the
Is there a program to help seniors stay in their homes? senior center, social services, and the library.
Aging in Place in Darien is a free program for seniors spon- Also check the Senior Go to Guide at seniorgotoguide.com
sored by The Community Fund of Darien. It is a collaborative and at the home page, click on Darien where there is a direc-
program of local agencies, organizations, churches and town tory of local resources for seniors and their families.
services. The program helps Darien residents age 60-plus live
independently, comfortably and with dignity in their own homes Where can I report elder abuse?
as long as possible. Aging in Place in Darien offers free referral Assuming it is not an emergency situation that would require
to local programs and vetted service providers such as handy- calling 911, you may call the municipal agent for the elderly
men, electricians, caregiver agencies, grocery shoppers, trans- (203-656-7328) or Protective Services for the Elderly (1-888-
portation, and other services; a free Senior Resource Directory 385-4225 or out of state, 1-800-203-1234; for after hours, call
of local, regional and state services available to seniors; and a Infoline at 211), which will check reports of neglect, abuse,
free Out and About newsletter that highlights senior programs exploitation, or abandonment.
and services, health tips and ideas for living at home safely.

What houses of worship are in town? The Rev. David Anderson, rector;
Calvary Baptist Church, 988 Post Road, (203-655-0318/ St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 471 Mansfield Avenue,
calvarybaptist.darien.org); (203-655-8773/stpaulsdarien.org);
The Rev. Mark Orr, interim associate pastor; The Rev. Christopher P. Leighton, rector;
Darien United Methodist Church, 345 Middlesex Road, St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 374 Middlesex Road,
(203-655-1469/umcdarien.org); (203-655-3303/stmdarienct.org);
The Rev. James Robert Hoffman, pastor; The Rev. J. Barry Furey, pastor;
Encounter Church, 988 Post Road, (203-969-5307/ Talmadge Hill Community Church, 80 Hollow Tree
encounterchurch.info); Ridge Road, (203-966-2314/thcchurch.org);
Landon Reeser is lead pastor; The Rev. Michael Zeman, minister.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, 2331 Post Road, (203-
655-3407/christiansciencect.org/darien); What churches and temples are nearby?
Julie Littell is clerk; Those in Rowayton, New Canaan, and Stamford include:
First Congregational Church (United Church of Christ), Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 834
14 Brookside Road, (203-655-0491/uccdarien.org); Stillwater Road, Stamford, (203-323-1485/lds.org);
The Rev. Dr. Donald Longbottom, senior minister; Fellowship for Jewish Learning, 572 Roxbury Road.
The Neighborhood Church meets in members’ homes in Stamford, (203-325-4605);
Darien and Stamford (203-322-5735/theneighborhoodchurchct. Rowayton United Methodist, 5 Pennoyer Street,
org). Rowayton, (203-838-0049/rowaytonumc.org);
New Life Christian Fellowship, 65 Tokeneke Road, (203- St. John’s Lutheran Church, 884 Newfield Avenue,
655-7194/nlcf.ws); Stamford, (203-322-0066/stjohnelca.org);
Noroton Presbyterian Church, 2011 Post Road, (203-655- St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, 5 Oenoke Ridge Road,
1451/norotonchurch.org); New Canaan, (203-966-3913/stmichaelslutheran.org);
The Rev. Samuel A. Schreiner III, senior pastor; Trinity Lutheran Church, 265 Seaside Avenue, Stamford
St. John R.C. Church, 1986 Post Road, (203-655-1145/ (203-325-1143);
stjohndarien.com); Temple Sinai, 458 Lakeside Drive, Stamford, (203-322-
The Rev. Msg. Frank C. McGrath, pastor; 1649/templesinaistamford.org);
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 1864 Post Road, (203-655- Union Memorial Church, 58 Church Street, Stamford,
1456/saintlukesdarien.org); (324-6715/unionmemorialchurch.com);
February 17, 2011 Religion darien answerbook • 47

Unitarian Universalist, 20 Forest Street, Stamford, (203- Calvary Baptist Church has gatherings on Wednesdays for
348-0708/uusis.org); a time of prayer and Bible study. A children’s Bible story may
United Church of Rowayton, 210 Rowayton Avenue, be heard at 203-655-3292.
Rowayton, (203-866-1415/ucrowayton.org); First Church of Christ, Scientist holds Wednesday meetings
Zion Lutheran Church, 132 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, at 8 p.m. that include Scriptural readings and testimonies of
(203-327-7751/zionlutheran-stamford.org). healing. A free public reading room at 1904 Post Road is open
weekdays from 10 to 3, and from 10 to 1 on Saturdays.
What are Stephen Ministers? St. Thomas More Church offers Bible study most Tuesday
They are trained church members who volunteer to act as mornings at 9:30 in the Rectory Annex. Call Maryann Knag at
a support and mentor to those facing personal challenges. For 203-213-4809 or e-mail mmknag@aol.com. She also conducts
information, call the First Congregational Church, Noroton Bible study groups at St. John’s Church.
Presbyterian Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, or St.
Thomas More Catholic Church. Are there any youth programs?
Darien United Methodist Church has programs for mid-
What is the Higher Ground Ministry? dle school students.
This is a Christ-centered ministry sponsored by local church- New Life Christian Fellowship has a Soul Focus Youth
es that offers support to anyone affected by addiction, either Night on Fridays at 8:30 for seventh grade through college.
their own or that of a friend or family member. Meetings are on St. Paul’s Episcopal holds two Yoot Groups on the first
Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in memorial hall. For more information, and third Friday evenings from 7 to 9 for junior and senior
call the Calvary Baptist Church at 203-655-0318, visit online at high school students.
highergroundministry.org or call Lucetta and Ted D’Eramo at St. Luke’s Episcopal has youth groups for middle and high
203-888-9974. school.
Noroton Presbyterian offers a number of programs for
Are there any Bible study programs? students and young adults.
The Neighborhood Church, a non-denominational church Young Life and WyldLife, Christian outreach programs for
which meets in members’ homes in Darien and Stamford, offers high school and middle school students, maintain a presence
Bible study at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. through Young Life Darien/Rowayton, 19 Vitti Street, New
Noroton Presbyterian offers a variety of Bible study pro- Canaan. Call 203-470-0986 or visit darien.younglife.org.
grams. ministry activities and small groups for adults and fun
activitiesd for youth.




48 • darien answerbook Children & Teens February 17, 2011

Who is the town’s youth director? offers individual and family counseling, peer leadership groups,
Alicia Sillars is Darien’s youth director. She may be reached and community outreach.
at 203-656-7326 or asillars@darienct.gov. Kids in Crisis offers preventive services and immediate inter-
vention for children in crisis. It is a United Way agency, licensed
What does the Youth Commission do? by the Department of Children and Families, that provides both
The Youth Commission (203-656-7326) is made up of crisis counseling and a short-term residential shelter for children
seven appointed adults, a full-time youth director, and a Youth of all ages. Support and counseling is available free, 24 hours a
Advisory Committee, with at least eight high school students. day, seven days a week. For information, call 203-327-KIDS or
The commission produces a monthly calendar of children’s visit kidsincrisis.org.
programs and activities — What’s Up for Kids — which is dis- The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, 972
tributed through elementary schools and the Darien Library, and Post Road (203-662-9380/childguidancect.org) is a nonprofit
is sent to local media. The commission also sponsors a number outpatient mental health center for children and teens who suf-
of activities for young people. fer psychological, behavioral, developmental, social, or fam-
ily problems. The clinic is open weekdays with evening hours
How do I find a day care facility for my child? available.
Infoline at 211 maintains current listings of all state-licensed The center also offers an Emergency Mobile Crisis Service,
facilities in Connecticut. Childcare counselors will help parents providing immediate mental health assessments and stabiliza-
assess the quality of different programs. Both the phone call and tion services for children and adolescents experiencing serious
service are free. psychiatric symptoms or severe reactions to a recent traumatic
event. The service is available 24/7. Call 203-323-9797 or 888-
Is there a daycare/baby-sitting program? 825-6777.
Tot Drop is a licensed daycare/flexible baby-sitting ser- The Den for Grieving Kids is a grief support group offered
vice offered through Noroton Presbyterian Church. Children through Family Center Services. Call 203-655-4693 or visit
between the ages of six months and four years can register for online at familycenters.org.
the program. For information, call 203-655-1451, ext. 15.
First Congregational Church (203-655-0491) offers child care Where can I find manners (etiquette) classes for my
services. children?
Sitting Service (203-655-9783) offers baby-sitting (and pet- The Cotillion of Darien has, for over 17 years, offered fourth,
sitting). fifth and sixth graders more than just ballroom dancing. A social
dance curriculum combined with an emphasis on good manners,
What is the legal drinking age? good deeds and social etiquette work together to provide young
In Connecticut, it is illegal for anyone under 21 to possess people with dance skills as well as the social skills necessary to
alcohol anywhere in the state, including on private property. It feel poised and confident. For more information, call Robin and
is also illegal for anyone to knowingly allow minors to possess Ed Poska at 203-831-9382 or e-mail: cotillionclasses@aol.com.
alcohol. Web site: cotillionclasses.com.

What is TOPS? Does anyone offer college counseling?

An acronym for Teen Options, TOPS offers drug-free and Beyond the guidance counselors at Darien High School,
alcohol-free social activities for Darien’s middle school stu- Jewish Family Service (921-4161/ctjfs.org) offers consulting
dents. There are organized, chaperoned events for sixth, sev- services including understanding the college admission process,
enth and eighth graders. Registration forms are in the Youth college selection, and what college life is all about.
Commission office in town hall or online at darienct.gov. For
information, call 203-656-7326 or go to the town Web site. Is there a children’s theater group?
The DAC Kids’ Theatre at the Darien Arts Center (203-
What is there for teenagers to do in town? 655-8683/arts.darien.org) offers improvisation, theater games,
The Depot (203-655-0812), at the Noroton Heights train sta- scene studies, and short skits. Mini-plays are rehearsed and
tion, is a drug-free and alcohol-free community center for high performed at the end of each semester. The DAC says its goal is
school students. It is open Monday for Study Night from 6 to 9, to provide “a voice for each student and tools that can be used
Tuesday through Thursday from 2:30 to 9, Friday and Saturday for a lifetime.”
from 7 to 11:30. The Depot has a large dance floor; full kitchen;
recreation room with TV, VCR, Ping-Pong, and pool; and out- Is there a summer camp?
door basketball courts. There are events planned throughout the The Youth Commission runs a summer camp for children
year. For details, visit dariendepot.org. entering first through sixth grade, with sessions at different
locations in town. For details, call 203-656-7326.
Is there a Safe Rides Program? The Darien Nature Center offers summer programs for
The American Red Cross runs a Safe Rides program, which children three to five, and six to 10, with an emphasis on nature
offers free and confidential rides for high school students Friday and science. For information, call 203-655-7459/dariennature-
and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. during the school center.org.
year. Call 203-655-6551. The Darien YMCA at 2420 Post Road offers summer
camping programs for pre-school through school age children.
Who helps troubled teenagers? Activities include swimming, sailing and canoeing, arts and
Family and Youth Options (203-655-8973/liberationpro- crafts, music and drama, sports, games, gymnastics, and group
grams.org), 2 Renshaw Road, is a counseling program that activities. There is also a swim and sail camp for special needs
is part of Liberation Programs Inc. Its goal is to help young children. Although Y membership is not required, members
people, pre-teen to 18, and their families who are having dif- get priority registration. For details, call 203-655-8228 or visit
ficulty coping with the challenges of adolescence. The program online at darien-ymca.org.
February 17, 2011 Children & Teens darien answerbook • 49

Methodist Family Center Preschool (203-655-7407) offers Darien Little League is open to boys and girls 8 to 11
a summer camp program. years old. Registration takes place in mid-winter. Darien Youth
The Darien Historical Society runs a summer camp. Call Softball is open to boys and girls 8 to 14 years old. There are
203-655-9233. also Tee Ball, first grade and second grade programs for both
Blue Wave Baseball offers three summer camps for children Little League and softball. For details, visit dybs.org.
entering first through ninth grade. Visit dybs.org and click on The Challenger Division of Darien Little League is for
Documents. physically disabled children. Call Charlie Santos-Buch at 203-
The YWCA of Darien/Norwalk offers a summer fun pro- 656-3610 or e-mail buch@ubscapital.com, or Mary Zeko at
gram for children in June and July. Call 203-655-2535 to learn 203-655-1511 or momz2@optonline.net.
more. The Web site is ywcadariennorwalk.org. The Darien Babe Ruth League is for children 13 to 15. E-
mail Doug Webster at Jazznrnr@aol.com.
Who offers children’s sports? Future Stars Academy offers a baseball/softball program
Darien Parks and Recreation offers many youth programs through the recreation department. Call 203-656-7325.
including: Future Stars Basketball program for boys and girls, .The Fairfield County Football League offers tackle and
instructional soccer programs for children of all ages, golf les- flag programs for boys and girls in Darien. For information, call
sons, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, paddle tennis lessons, visit online at fairfieldcountyfootball.org
baseball, horsemanship clinics and camps, and Future Stars Darien Youth Lacrosse has programs for boys and girls,
Cheerleading. Call 203-656-7325 or check the brochures for from beginner to seasoned players. There are spring games
classes, programs and camps. and summer camps. Call Tom Seiler at 203-656-3421, e-mail
The Darien YMCA (203-655-8228/darien-ymca.org) has a teseiler@gmail.com, or visit online at dylax.com.
house basketball league for children in third to eighth grade, The Darien Youth Hockey Association (dyha.com) program
emphasizing developmental skills. There is also a fourth-grade is for boys and girls at the Darien Ice Rink. The season runs
developmental program, a travel league for fifth through eighth from October through mid-March. There are clinics and travel
grades, and a high school league. There are also programs for team tryouts in September. Call Jason Pniewski at 203-815-
younger children. There is an extensive gymnastics program, 8715 or e-mail jasonpniewski@ynhh.org.
including competitive teams, as well as field hockey for chil- All Star Ice Cubs Hockey offers a 10-week clinic for three-
dren in third through eighth grade, and tennis for youngsters to five-year-olds. Call 203-655-7574 or pick up a brochure at
three to nine years old. The YMCA also offers indoor and out- the Darien Ice Rink.
door soccer programs for children in kindergarten through fifth Darien Hockey Camp, for players 5 to 18 years old, takes
grade. A youth sailing program offers beginner lessons to seven- place in July and August. Call the ice rink at 203-655-8251.
to 12-year-olds. The Piranha Swim Team is the Darien YMCA’s Darien Hockey School offers camps for all abilities and age
competitive swimming program for children and teens. groups. Call Jamie at Blue Line Sports at 203-656-0324.



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50 • darien answerbook Children & Teens February 17, 2011

The Darien Soccer Association offers programs for eight- to Are there any youth volunteer programs?
14-year-olds. Call Doug Rischmann at 203-232-1587 or visit The Darien-Stamford Chapter of the American Red Cross
dariensoccer.org. welcomes young people to join its Youth Corps. Its mission is
The Darien Junior Sailing Team offers programs for nov- to contribute to the community through volunteer work, and to
ice to advanced-level junior sailors at Weed Beach including promote emergency preparedness in both the youth and adults of
instruction in Optimist sailboats for sailors 8-14 and Club 420s the community. For information, call 203-363-1041. Conneticut
for high school age sailors. Red Cross Chapter: 1-877-287-3327/ctredcross.org.
In addition to the Optimist and Club 420 sailing programs, The Kids in Crisis Youth Corps are high school volunteers
the sailing team has formalized its racing program to include who meet monthly at the Depot in Darien to plan and participate
full-season regatta squads in both classes. These specialized in monthly activities for the youngest residents in the Kids in
seven-week programs will build on the advanced racing tech- Crisis temporary shelters (newborn to age 12). Members of the
niques and strategies in a concentrated competitive environ- Youth Corps may further support the agency’s mission by vol-
ment. Experienced instructors will engage local yacht clubs in unteering for special events; organizing fund-raisers, clothing,
scrimmages in preparation for JSA sanctioned regattas on Long food and toy drives; raising awareness about Kids in Crisis, and
Island Sound. more. Call Kristen Tomasiewicz at 203-327-KIDS or ktomasie
Registration forms are online at sail.darien.org. A limited num- wicz@kidsincrisis.org.
ber of Optimists are available for rent during each session. Refer
to the team Web site or flyers for detailed information on sched- Does anyone offer a baby-sitting course?
ules, levels, fees and forms. For information, call Lynn Sullivan, The Red Cross offers a baby-sitting course for boys and
registrar, at 203-656-1096 or e-mail dariensailing@gmail.com. girls 11 to 15. Emphasized are responsibilities of a baby-sit-
ter, child developmental stages, child care, activities for young
Are there any job opportunities for teenagers? children, accident prevention, and basic first aid. For a sched-
Through the Parks and Recreation Department, there are ule, call 203-363-1041, 203-655-2586 or go online to dsred-
seasonal positions available including lifeguards, paddle court cross.org or ctredcross.org.
attendants, swim instructors, sailing instructors, maintenance
staff, and program staff. Call 203-656-7325. Is there a resource of services for children?
The Darien Youth Commission sponsors the JOBS office The Darien Blue Book is a community resource guide with
at Darien High School during the school year and Youth information on education, healthcare, family support services,
Options (203-655-8973) during the summer. The office oper- children’s programs, and things to do. It was produced by the
ates like a job bank, matching people looking for help — in Children’s Council and sponsored by the Youth Commission
retail, as a mother’s helper, doing yard work, etc. — with young and Darien Board of Realtors. Copies may be purchased at
people looking for work. For information, call 203-655-3113. the YWCA, YMCA, Youth Commission office, and Barrett
Additionally, the Youth Commission hires older teenagers as Bookstore.
camp counselors during vacation activity programs and sum- In addition, Infoline 211, Darien Social Services, and the
mer camp. Darien Youth Commission offer information.

What local parks are there? What do they offer? park’s multi-purpose softball/soccer field is frequently used by
There are 12 park facilities encompassing 205 acres in town the men’s and co-ed softball leagues. Hiking trails skirt the park,
that offer passive and active recreational opportunities. The offering a walk past a variety of flowers and trees.
town also enjoys 30 acres of shoreline beaches on Long Island Cherry Lawn Park on Brookside Road is Darien’s most used
Sound. park. It has playing fields, a playground, pond, picnic area, and
Open all four seasons, the 22-acre Weed Beach off Nearwater the Cherry Lawn Garden. It is also the home of the Darien
Lane offer views of Long Island Sound. The park includes a Nature Center.
bathing area, picnic areas, six tennis courts, five paddle tennis Other parks in town are: Town Hall & Holahan Fields,
courts, children’s play areas, a bathhouse, a windsurfing area, behind town hall; Tilley Pond Park, with a pond and gazebo,
and a concession stand. The Darien Junior Sailing Program Lakeside and West Avenue; Stony Brook Park, with open
operates at Weed Beach. Summer programs include sailing and green space at Ledge Road; and Frate Park, a triangle at the
windsurfing lessons. end of Leroy Avenue and Middlesex Road.
Pear Tree Point Beach is off Pear Tree Point Road at the Selleck’s Woods and Woodland Park are two nature pre-
mouth of the Goodwives River. There is a bathing area, handi- serves with walking trails. Enter Selleck’s Woods on Parklands
capped accessible picnic area with picnic tables and grills, a Drive or through Littlebrook Road. There are entrances to
gazebo overlooking Long Island Sound, a bathhouse, conces- Woodland Park on Middlesex Road and West Avenue
sion stand, boat launch ramp, and two beaches.
The Darien Boat Club makes Pear Tree Point Beach its home. Do I need a permit to use the parks?
Anyone interested in a boat slip may write to Commodore of the The Parks and Recreation spring and summer brochure
Darien Club, P.O. Box 121, Darien, CT 06820. includes applications for a beach/park permit and boat launch.
The four-acre McGuane Park is off Noroton Avenue, near Permits are issued per vehicle and are available to Darien
the Noroton-Heights Firehouse. The park is handicapped acces- residents and taxpayers only. They must be displayed from
sible. The park’s ballfields are heavily used by Darien Little Memorial Day through Labor Day, or whenever the gatehouse
League. is staffed. Resident permits cost $35, and senior citizen resi-
Families with young children enjoy Baker Park on Noroton dents receive one free permit per family. The cost for summer
Avenue, with its playscape and play areas. There is a large residents is $100; $65 for non-resident taxpayers. A daily beach
grassy area for picnics or an impromptu game of Frisbee. The pass is $40.
February 17, 2011 Recreation darien answerbook • 51

A boat launching permit is $45 per boat. A daily boat launch offers gardeners of all levels the opportunity to cultivate and
permit is $65. harvest organic herbs, flowers and vegetables from spring
through autumn. Membership applications are available at
Who is in charge of Darien’s parks? Darien Town Hall and the Parks and Recreation Department.
Susan Swiatek (203-656-7325) is director of Parks and The application deadline is early March. Call Sonia Smith at
Recreation. The office is in Room 110 at town hall. 203-656-1767 for details.
Darien also has a Parks and Recreation Commission that
meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., in Room Where can I go swimming here?
119 of Town Hall. Swimming is available at Weed Beach and Pear Tree Point
Beach. Resident stickers are required (see above). The health
Can I reserve a picnic area for a family party? department maintains a beach hotline at 203-656-7323. During
A special permit is required to reserve a section of the picnic swimming season, the health department collects water samples
area. Call Parks and Recreation at 203-656-7325 for details. weekly from each of the beaches and updates the hotline with
Special permits are also available for Darien companies. information as to whether they are open for swimming.
The Parks and Recreation Department offers American Red
Is there a summer concert program? Cross swimming lessons for children of all levels of ability.
Weed Beach is the site of a family concert series put on by
the Parks and Recreation Department. Call 203-656-7325. The Are there any swim teams in town?
Youth Commission also puts on a series of concerts for young The Piranha Swim Team is the Darien YMCA’s competitive
people at the park. Call (203-656-7326) for details. swimming program for children and teens. For information,
call 203-655-8228, ext. 397 or e-mail Coach Henk Janson at
What kinds of town recreation programs are there? piranha@darien-ymca.org. The team Web site is piranhaswim-
Parks and Recreation offers programs for preschoolers through ming.org.
senior citizens. Adult programs include tennis lessons, paddle While not a swim team, the YMCA’s Masters Swim
tennis lessons, golf lessons, basketball, volleyball, aerobics, and Program offers experienced adult swimmers 19 and over the
safe boating. (For youth programs, see below.) opportunity to practice competitive swimming techniques.
Programs are described in seasonal brochures mailed to all The group has reserved pool time for lap swimming under the
residents and on the Web at darienct.gov/parkrec. For informa- guidance of a coach. For details, call Jason Cochran at 203-
tion, call 203-656-7325. 655-8228, ext. 306, e-mail jcochran@darien-ymca.org, or visit
Is there a community garden?
Cherry Lawn Community Gardens, in Cherry Lawn Park,

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������������ ������
������������ ��������
����������� ������������������
������������������� �����������
��������� �����������������
������ ������������
��������������������������� ��������������
�������������������� ������������������������������
52 • darien answerbook Recreation February 17, 2011

Where can I learn safe boating? Threads & Treads in Greenwich sponsors a number of
The Darien Sail & Power Squadron is dedicated to the edu- cycling-related events including the Threads & Treads Tour de
cation of boaters and offers a safe boating course twice a year. Greenwich in September. Visit online at threadsandtreads.com
It is oriented to both sail and power boating. Graduates receive or call 203-661-0142 for details.
a diploma that meets the requirements for the Safe Boating
Certificate, necessary to operate any recreational vessel in state Is there a helmet law for bicyclists?
waters. For information: 203-656-1129 or dps.darien.org or e- Children age 15 and under must wear a helmet when bicy-
mail dsps@optonline.net. cling in Connecticut.
Darien Parks and Recreation also offers safe boating
courses. Call 203-656-7325 for details. Are there any scenic cycling routes?
The Connecticut Department of Transportation offers
Is there a boat club? maps of multi-use trails throughout the state as well as a state-
The Noroton Yacht Club in Darien Harbor promotes family wide bicycle map. You may download portions of the multi-use
participation in sailboat racing and recreational sailing. There trails map from ct.gov/dot or you may purchase the 132-page
is also a junior sailing program. Call 203-655-7686 or visit Pathways through Connecticut for $9.95 online.
norotonyc.org. The Connecticut Bicycle Map is available free from the state
The Darien Boat Club, at 135 Pear Tree Point Road, is open transportation department.
to member residents of Darien. The club offers slips for 260
boats, social events and a club house for private parties. For Where can I go ice skating?
information, call 203-655-1927 or visit darienboatclub.org. The Darien Ice Rink (203-655-8251/darienicerink.com) at
55 Old King Highway North, has public sessions as well as
Where can I keep a boat? skating school, skating parties, and hockey camp.
There are mooring spaces for 292 sail and power craft During the winter, you may ice skate at Cherry Lawn and
throughout Darien Harbor, Noroton Bay, Zeigler’s Cove and Tilley Pond Park if conditions allow. The ice depth is tested
Scott’s Cove. The harbor master (203-852-8842) handles all regularly and posted. Check with the police at 203-662-5300 or
mooring applications. There are also dock spaces at the Noroton Parks and Recreation at 203-656-7325.
Yacht Club and Darien Boat Club for members.
There is a public launch site for motorized boats at Pear Tree Is there an adult hockey league?
Point Beach. Lightwater craft may be launched at Weed Beach. The Darien Winter Club is a private senior men’s ice hockey
Both a boat launching sticker and beach sticker are required. club for ages 30 and over. There is also an over-50 team. For
information, e-mail Larry Smith at ljsmith2@sbcglobal.net or
Is there an adult softball program? visit online at darienwinterclub.org.
For information on the adult co-ed softball league, e-mail
Shawn Cordes shawn.cordes@gmail.com. Are there any public golf courses?
There are no public courses in Darien. In Norwalk, the Oak
Where can I play tennis? Hills Golf Course (203-853-8400) is at 165 Fillow Street.
There are six tennis courts and five paddle tennis courts at Adults may take golf lessons through Parks and Recreation.
Weed Beach Park, off Nearwater Lane. Tennis courts are also
at Cherry Lawn Park. There are youth and adult tennis lesson What private clubs are here?
programs in the spring and summer. Country clubs include the Country Club of Darien (203-
Individuals and non-profits can reserve courts for a fee in 655-9726/ccdarien.org), Wee Burn (203-656-1724/public.wee-
blocks of time for play. Daily reservations are not accepted, burn.org), and Woodway Country Club (203-322-1661/wood-
however courts not reserved by block will be available on a way.org).
first-come, first-served basis. Call 203-655-7325. There are also Tokeneke Beach Club (203-655-1481),
Noroton Yacht Club (203-655-7686/norotonyc.org), Darien
Where can I go hiking or jogging? Boat Club (203-655-1927/darienboatclub.org), Middlesex
The trails at Selleck’s Woods and Woodland Park are suit- Pool and Tennis Club (203-325-3557), and the Ox Ridge
able for either pursuit. Hunt Club (203-655-2559/oxridge.com).

Is there a running club here? Are there any health clubs in town?
The Waveny Running Club welcomes fitness runners at The Darien YMCA, 2420 Post Road, offers a number of
the intermediate level and advanced competitors. There is a fitness opportunities including swimming, aerobics, spinning,
weekly workout at Waveny Park from September to mid-June cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, and personal
on Tuesday mornings at 9:20. Meet at Waveny Lodge near the fitness programs. For information, call 203-655-8228 or visit
paddle courts. For information, visit wavenyrunningclub.com or darien-ymca.org.
e-mail runwaveny@yahoo.com. There is also Pedal & Pump (203-655-2600/pedalandpump.
The Lightfoot Running Club in Norwalk runs various com), 51 Tokeneke Road, with cardio and strength training
races each year from three-mile courses to half-marathons. equipment, and personal training services. A cycle shop is next
For details, e-mail Don Capone at dcapone972@aol.com. The door.
club’s Web site is lightfootrunners.com. Equinox Fitness (203-655-2300/equinoxfitness.com) at 72
Heights Road offers spinning, pilates, yoga, group fitness, per-
Are there any bicycling clubs in the area? sonal training, nutrition, a spa, and massage.
Sound Cyclists runs group rides throughout Fairfield County The YWCA of Darien/Norwalk, 49 Old Kings Highway
year round. There are social events, a newsletter, and members North, offers a regular series of fitness classes. Call 203-655-
are entitled to discounts at more than a dozen area bicycle 2535 or visit ywcadariennorwalk.org for details.
shops. For information, visit soundcyclists.com. Fitness Together (203-656-2626/prsonaltrainersinfairfield-
February 17, 2011 Recreation darien answerbook • 53

county.com) at 242 West Avenue offers personalized fitness bass, white perch, yellow perch, walleye, brown bullhead, chan-
training for men and women over age 15. nel catfish, whitefish are typical inland species. In Long Island
Sound, there are Atlantic bonito, Atlantic mackerel, black sea
What is the Darien Nature Center? bass, blackfish, bluefish, cunner, hickory shad, little tunny, oys-
The Darien Nature Center, in Cherry Lawn Park, is a pri- ter toadfish, sandbar shark, cup, sheepshead porgy, striped bass,
vate, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness flounder, weakfish, and skate.
and appreciation of the natural world. There are offerings for Check the Connecticut Angler’s Guide for descriptions of
families and children of all ages including: seasonal exhibits, these fish. Free copies of the guide may be found in the town
live animals, a children’s nature library, children’s nature trail, clerk’s office in town hall.
and spring-fed pond. The center is open 9 to 4 weekdays, and 9
to 1 on Saturday. Admission is free. Donations for animal care Is the fish safe to eat?
are appreciated. For information: 203-655-7459 or dariennatu- Most types of fish caught locally may have small amounts of
recenter.org. mercury in them. Therefore, women who are pregnant, nursing,
planning to be pregnant, and children under six should not eat
Where can I go fishing in town? more than one meal a month of fish caught in Connecticut rivers
Fishing is available in all public ponds, lakes and rivers, and lakes. The lone exception is trout, which is safe to eat.
unless otherwise posted. You need a license. A sport fishing The Darien Health Department offers A Guide to Safe
license is not required downstream from the stone dam north Eating of Fish in Connecticut. Visit darienct.gov.
of Goodwives River Road on the Goodwives River, or on the
Tokeneke Brook, downstream from Old Farm Road. When does fishing season start?
Area lakes and ponds include Blanchard Pond and Silvermine You may fish year-round in Long Island Sound but for most
Pond in New Canaan (part of the Silvermine River), Mill Pond inland locations, the season begins the third Saturday in April
(Five Mile River) in New Canaan, and Millers Pond (Norwalk and continues through November.
River) and Pierrepont Pond (Naraneka Lake) in Ridgefield.
Trout streams include the Norwalk River and Silvermine Where do I get a fishing license?
Brook. Inland fishing licenses are $20 (free to seniors and the dis-
For privately owned ponds and lakes, permission from the abled) and are required for anyone 16 and older. They are avail-
owner must be obtained. able at the town clerk’s office and many tackle shops. Fishing
licenses are not needed in the marine district unless you are
What kinds of fish can you catch here? taking lobsters or menhaden. For details, check the Connecticut
Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, largemouth Angler’s Guide, available free at the town clerk’s office or
bass, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, northern pike, striped online at dep.state.ct.us.
54 • darien answerbook Recreation February 17, 2011

What do I need to get a hunting license? May I bring a hunter on my land?

A firearms hunting license costs $14, $3 for a junior (age 12 Darien landowners may invite hunters to inspect their land
to 15) firearms hunting license. A small-game and deer archery so see whether hunting is suitable. There are no restrictions on
license is $30, $13 for juniors. Licenses may be purchased at the size of the property, but hunters prefer sites with wooded
town hall in the town clerk’s office. Permits for hunting specific cover for their high tree stands. Firearms may not be used within
animals are extra. 500 feet of any dwelling. Pick up the complete Connecticut
No hunting licenses will be issued without proof of a resident Hunting Guide and list of licensed bow hunters at the Darien
license within the last five years or a certificate indicating suc- Town Clerk’s office at town hall, or call 203-655-7371.
cessful completion of a Connecticut Conservation Education/ Your hunter must show you his current CT hunting license
Firearms course. Bowhunters must show proof of comple- and carry it while hunting.
tion of the CE/FS bowhunting course. For details, consult the
Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, call DEP at 860-424- What are the hunting seasons here?
3011, or visit the Web site at dep.state.ct.us/burnatr. Depending on the game, hunting seasons begin and end at dif-
ferent times. Check the latest state Hunting and Trapping Guide,
Who teaches firearms safety courses? available in the town clerk’s office, for details, or go online to
Check with the town clerk, local firearms dealers, or call ct.gov/dep.
the state’s Conservation Education Firearms Safety office in Bowhunting deer season on state land in bowhunting only
Burlington at 860-675-8130. areas is from Sept. 15 to Dec. 31. On private property the sea-
son is Sept. 15-Jan. 31. Check the above Web site for shotgun
Where can I go hunting in town? dates.
The season for hunting deer by licensed hunters runs from The spring turkey season is May 2-26 on state or private land.
Sept. 15 to Jan. 31 with Sundays excluded. Virtually all hunt- Fall turkey bowhunting on state and private land runs from Sept.
ing here is restricted to archery, and no hunting on public land 15 to Nov. 13 and Dec. 19-31. Fall turkey firearms season is
is allowed except by special invitation during annual organized Oct. 6-31 on state and private land.
deer culls.
The spring turkey season is May 6-30 on state or private Where can a person legally practice shooting?
land. Fall turkey bowhunting on state land runs from Sept. 15 There’s Shooting Sports Limited Indoor Range (203-847-
to Nov. 17 and Dec. 23-31 The season for private land is Sept. 2767) on New Canaan Avenue (Route 123) in Norwalk, and the
15 to Jan. 31. Ramapoo Rifle and Revolver Club (203-438-2095/ramapoo.
com) on South Street in Ridgefield.

Clubs & Organizations

I want to do some volunteer service. Where do I find elected by Darien Republicans. The committee members nomi-
out what’s available? nate candidates for elected and appointed office in town. There
There are many organizations and community groups in are meetings, special events, and social occasions throughout
Darien that rely on volunteers. Among them are the Darien News the year. For information, e-mail darienrtc@ibm.net. The Web
Channel 79 (David Dever, 203-323-7786), Friendly Visitor site is darienrtc.com. The chairman is Harry Artinian (203-656-
Program (203-656-7321), Darien Arts Center (203-655- 0807).
8683/arts.darien.org), the American Red Cross (203-655-2586, The Democratic Town Committee supports Democratic
1-877287-3327/dsredcross.org), Darien Library (203-655- candidates in state and national elections and takes positions
1234/darienlibrary.org), Person-to-Person (203-655-0048/p2p. on local issues. The committee recommends candidates for
darien.org), Darien Senior Center (203-656-7455/dsac.darien. open positions on town boards and commissions to the Board
org), Meals on Wheels (203-323-3294), Darien EMS-Post 53 of Selectmen. The committee also holds a fund-raising lobster
(203-655-8989/post53.org), Darien Fire Department (203- bake each June. Voters who register as Democrats will auto-
655-1216/darienfire.org), Noroton Fire Department (203-655- matically be contacted by the committee. Prospective members
0653/norotonfd.org), and Noroton Heights Fire Department may also call John Davis, chairman, at 203-356-1641 or Mimi
(203-655-1033/nhfd.us). Griffith at 203-655-7940. The Web site is dtc.darien.org.
The Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County
(ucanhelp.org), with offices in Darien and Stamford, can help What is the Darien Community Association?
match people willing to volunteer with organizations that need The Darien Community Association, 274 Middlesex Road,
them. Call 203-348-7714. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to philanthropic, cultural,
recreational, and educational activities. Members participate
How can I get involved in the Republican or in programs, lectures, trips, and other events. The association
Democratic party here? makes grants to social service agencies and gives scholarships
The Republican Club of Darien is a social and educational to students in need.
organization that provides a forum to discuss issues of concern, For information, call 203-655-9050 or visit online at dariend-
encourages greater participation among Darien Republicans ca.org.
in town affairs and the Republican Party, and encourages
Republican voter registration. The Republican Club is indepen- Is there a Lions Club?
dent of the Republican Town Committee. For information, visit The Darien Lions Club (darienctlions.org) meets the second
online at republicanclub.darien.org or e-mail republicanclubofd and fourth Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m., at the Piedmont
arien@hotmail.com. Club, 152 Hecker Avenue, Darien. (In November and December
The Republican Town Committee consists of 21 members the meetings are the first and third Thursday.) The club, estab-
lished in 1949, is a diverse group of men and women that
February 17, 2011 Clubs & Organizations darien answerbook • 55

awards student scholarships and supports many charities, hav-

ing raised and donated “more than $3 million to critical projects ���������������������������������
in town, the state and the world,” according to the club’s Web
site. The Lions have raised money to find a cure for macular
degeneration in addition to supporting organizations close to
home including Darien EMS-Post 53 and the 60-Plus Club.
New Web site:darienctlionsclub.org.

What does the Kiwanis Club do?

Among its good works, the Kiwanis Club of Darien supports
the Kiwanis Pediatrics Institute, a service for critically injured
children. The club also offers scholarships and assists youth
groups, the Red Cross Blood Program, and Gallivant. The club
������������� ���������
meets Tuesdays at 12:15 at the Country Club of Darien. Visit
darienkiwanis.org or call Paul Larson at 203-846-0722.

How do I join the Rotary Club? ����������������������

Membership in the Rotary Club of Darien is by invitation.
The club supports the Darien Beautification Commission, Little ������������������������������������
League, youth hockey teams, and the Junior Achievement
Program at Darien High School; and awards scholarships to �����������������������������
high school students. The club meets every Friday at 12:15
at the Darien Library. For information, call Clay Colbath at ��������������
203-341-3500, e-mail ccolbath@sourcegrp.com, or visit rotary.
darien.org. �����������������������
Is there a fraternal organization?
Darien’s Masonic Club is Ivanhoe Lodge No. 107 Ancient WINEPORT OF DARIEN
Free and Accepted Masons. The Darien Masonic Club is a ����������������������������
501(c) charitable organization is open to membership from all
men 21 or over. The group meets twice a month (except July ��������������������������������������������
and August) at the Masonic Temple at 354 Post Road. Call 203-

What is the Piedmont Club?

The Piedmont Club, 152 Hecker Avenue, is a social club for
those of Italian descent and through marriage. For information,
call 203-655-7884.

Is there a women’s club?

The DCA Women’s Group meets for lunch and to hear a
speaker the first and third Tuesday of every month at the Darien
Community Association. For information, call 203-655-9050.

Is there a chapter of the Daughters of the American

Darien has the Good Wives River Chapter of the DAR.
Meetings take place the first Monday of the month., October
through May. The chapter holds a silent auction each year to
benefit DAR-maintained schools in Appalachia and Native
American schools in the Southwest. The chapter regent is Karen
Polett. For membership information, call Winifred Lom at 203-

What is the Junior League?

The Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk, 748 Post Road,
is a nonprofit organization of women committed to promoting
voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improv-
ing communities through the effective action and leadership of
trained volunteers. The group’s purpose is exclusively educa-
tional and charitable. Call the league’s office at 203-655-4662
or visit online at jlsn.org.

What is the American Association of University

With chapters in New Canaan and Greenwich, the American
56 • darien answerbook Clubs & Organizations February 17, 2011

Association of University Women is the largest and oldest on another 26. For information, call executive director Shirley
national organization working for education and economic Nichols at 203-655-4148 or e-mail shirleynichols@darienlandt
equity for women. It provides money for study and research to rust.org.
women, seeks to remove economic and cultural barriers faced
by women, and broadens the horizons of women and the com- Are there any environmental groups?
munity. Locally, there are programs to promote education. For The Darien Environmental Group educates people about
New Canaan membership information, call Barbara Davies at ways they can change their consumer and lifestyle habits to
203-966-2923. For Greenwich, call Sue Scannel at 203-966- benefit the environment. For information, visit darienenviron-
7957. mentalgroup.org or e-mail DEG06820@optonline.net

What does the League of Women Voters do? Is there a gardening club?
The league is a nonpartisan organization that helps each citi- The Darien Community Association sponsors The Garden
zen have a voice in government. The league publishes informa- Club. Programs include lectures, panel discussions, trips, hands-
tion about local government, distributes nonpartisan information on design sessions, and bench shows. All Garden Club members
on candidates and issues at election time, assists with voter reg- must first be members of the Darien Community Association.
istration, and sponsors candidates’ forums. Membership is open For information, call 203-655-9050.
to men and women of voting age. Check online at lwv.darien. The Garden Club of Darien is part of the Garden Clubs
org or write the league at P.O. Box 103, Darien CT 06820 or of America. For information, call Joan Barksdale at 203-655-
Is there a men’s club? Cherry Lawn Community Gardens at Cherry Lawn Park
The Senior Men’s Association of Darien is dedicated to offers gardeners of all levels the opportunity to cultivate and
good fellowship, education, recreation and community service. harvest organic herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Membership
Its membership is open to men in the Darien area aged 55 or is available through Darien Parks and Recreation. For details,
over. Meetings are every Wednesday, September through mid- visit online at garden.darien.org or call Sonia Smith at 203-656-
June, at Meadowlands. Call 203-655-9050 for information or 1767.
visit online at dariendca.org and click on Groups. YWCA Darien/Nowalk offers gardening classes in the
spring; taught by Darien landscaper Sara McCool. Web site:
Is there a group for parents? ywcadariennorwalk.org. Phone: 203-655-2535.
YWCA Parent Awareness hosts speakers, panel discussions
and experts in the field of chikd rearing. Topics cover children What veterans organizations are in town?
in preschool through high school. All programs are free and are The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6933 (203-655-8552) is
held in the public schools. Visit ywcadariennorwalk.org. at 205 Noroton Avenue, Noroton Heights. There is also a ladies
Mom’s Morning In is an activity program for parents/care- auxiliary.
givers and preschool children. The group meets Fridays at 10 at
the Darien Community Association. Call 203-655-9050 or visit Can anyone help me look up my family history?
dariendca.org or call 203-655-2535. The Middlesex Genealogical Society provides guidance to
people researching their family history. The society has also
What is the Darien Land Trust? established a genealogy section at the Darien Library. There
The primary goal of the Darien Land Trust (darienlandtrust. are meetings and talks throughout the year. For details, visit the
org) is to preserve and protect open space in town. Currently, Web site at mgs.darien.org or write to the society at P.O. Box
the land trust owns 163 acres, with conservation easements 1111, Darien CT 06820.

Is there a movie theater in town? Town Hall on Renshaw Road.
The United Artists Darien Playhouse (203-655-7655) is at Programs take place Monday through Saturday. The office is
1077 Boston Post Road. There are also theaters in New Canaan, open from 10 to 4 weekdays. Detailed catalogs are available.
Norwalk, and Stamford. Call 203-655-8683 or visit arts.darien.org.
Several Web sites (Fandango, Movietimes, Moviefone) these
days post movie listings, times and information on tickets and Is there an amateur theatrical company?
directions. The Darien Players, based at the Darien Arts Center, presents
four major plays each year. On occasion, original plays by local
Are there any film programs? writers are introduced at the Darien Arts Center’s Weatherstone
The Darien Library offers a Friday Night Film Series and Studio through the Actors/Playwrights Workshops.
a Wednesday matinee series. There are also films for children The Players welcomes those interested, with or without expe-
during school breaks. For details, call 203-655-1234 or visit rience, to participate in the many on-stage and off-stage roles
online at darienlibrary.org. available. For information, call the arts center at 203-655-8683
The Darien Senior Center shows a variety of movies each or Ron Heinbauch at 203-655-0538. You may visit online at
week. Call 203-656-7455. arts.darien.org. Click on Entertainment.

What is the Darien Arts Center? Is there a theater group?

The Darien Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedi- The Darien Community Association’s Theater Group
cated to furthering education and entertainment through music, attends Broadway show matinees three times a year. The group
dance, theater, and the visual arts. The center offers classes, travels to New York City on luxury buses, stopping at the
performances, and special events at its complex at the rear of Metropolitan Museum and Rockefeller Center before lunch and
February 17, 2011 Entertainment darien answerbook • 57

the theater. For information, visit dariendca.org and click on information, call Alice Schweitzer at 203-655-7275.
Groups, or call 203-655-9050 or Poppy Holmes at 203-866-8759. The Fairfield County Chorale rehearses Monday evenings
at 7:30, in the concert hall at Norwalk City Hall. Auditions are
Where can I take music lessons? in early September and after any rehearsal; call 203-254-1333 .
The Darien Music Center (203-655-8683/arts.darien.org), 2 Visit online at fairfieldcountychorale.org.
Renshsaw Road, offers one-on-one instruction in classical and The Stamford Chorale rehearses every Tuesday, 7:15
contemporary guitar, piano, saxophone, flute, clarinet, voice p.m., at Atria Stamford. Auditions are not required. E-mail
and violin. Group workshops are also offered. thestamfordchorale@yahoo.com or visit online at stamfordcho-
Piano and guitar lessons for ages 6 and up are available rale.com.
through Darien Parks and Recreation. Call 203-656-7325. There are many other singing groups in the area. Check The
Giuliano’s Music Center, 351 Boston Post Road, (203-656- Darien Times’ Arts and Leisure’s Trying Out section for audi-
2155/gmusiccenter.com) offers lessons for all instruments and tion or membership notices.
voice, for all ages. There is a summer program for children.
Are there any local orchestras?
Is there a local singing group? Although there are none in Darien, four orchestras are
The Choraliers is a show chorus sponsored by the Darien nearby: Greenwich Symphony Orchestra (203-869-2664/
Arts Center. The repertoire, performed under professional direc- greenwichsym.org), Stamford Symphony Orchestra (203-
tion, includes American standards, show tunes, jazz ballads, and 325-1407/stamfordsymphony.org), Norwalk Symphony (203-
pop songs. Shows are presented cabaret style. For information 847-8844/norwalksymphony.org), and Ridgefield Symphony
on joining the group, call the arts center at 203-655-8683 or e- Orchestra (203-438-3889/ridgefieldsymphony.org). There is
mail ctchoraliers@darienarts.org. also the Norwalk Youth Symphony Orchestra (203-866-
The Blue Notes is a women’s singing group under the Darien 4100/norwalkyouthsymphony.org). Concert details appear in
Community Association umbrella. The group sings in four-part The Times’ Arts and Leisure section.
harmony with instrumental accompaniment. Call 203-655-
9050. For information about auditioning, call Beth Schwartz at Where can I go to hear jazz?
203-966-7326 or e-mail blue.notes.darien@gmail.com. Check out the Arts & Leisure section’s “After Dark” listing in
The Park Street Singers is a women’s choral group. Rehearsals The Darien Times for coffeehouses, concerts, benefits and galas
are held every Monday afternoon at the Congregational Church happening at local and area restaurants, bars, college campuses,
in New Canaan, October to December, and then again January nightclubs, etc.
to June. Two programs are prepared each year, a spring-fall
program and a holiday program, which are performed at nurs- Where can I go to hear folk music?
ing homes, senior centers, etc. No auditions are required. For The Good Folk Coffeehouse is nearby at Rowayton United




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58 • darien answerbook Entertainment February 17, 2011

Methodist Church, 5 Pennoyer Street. For information on saltbox, circa 1736, owned by the Darien Historical Society. It
monthly performances, visit goodfolkcoffeehouse.com or call is currently under construction and expected to reopen in mid-
203-864-4450. April.
The house was built around a massive central chimney, large
Where can I go for cabaret-style entertainment? fireplace, and beehive oven. It features 18th and 19th-cen-
Each season, the Darien Arts Center produces several caba- tury regional furniture. The new construction has joined the
ret evenings at its Weatherstone Studio behind Town Hall. The original barn to the house with a connecting building. Tours are
events, which feature talent from here and other areas, include offered.
popular music, dancing, and comedy shows. For details, call The house also contains a resource library, art galleries, and
203-655-8683 or visit arts.darien.org. gift shop. Outside, the Darien Garden Club maintains an 18th-
Many other clubs are listed in the Arts and Leisure section of century style herb garden.
The Darien Times each week. The house is at 45 Old Kings Highway North. For informa-
tion, call 203-655-9233, or visit historical.darien.org.
Where can I go dancing?
The Cranbury Country Dancers participate in contras and Where can I get a guide to interesting places to go?
English country dancing on the first and third Friday of the The Darien Times publishes a guide called 100 Things to Do,
month (except July and August), at the Cranbury Community which lists activities and places to visit within about an hour
Chapel in Norwalk. All dances are taught and partners are not from Darien. Call 203-438-6544 or 203-656-4230 for informa-
necessary. For details, call 203-226-6681 or 203-373-9320. tion about getting a copy.
Round Hill Country Dances is mostly New England contra Visitors or those new to the area may call the Fairfield
dances with live music and a caller. No experience or partner County Convention & Visitor Bureau in Norwalk for tourism
necessary; the basics are taught. Dances are generally held the information or special events. Call 203-853-7770 or visit online
second Saturday of each month except August at the Round at visitfairfieldcountyct.com.
Hill Community House, 397 Round Hill Road. Admission
is $10. For information, call 914-238-7911, e-mail Barry. Are there special events in town?
Olmezer@broadridge.com, or visit online at roundhill.net. There are many including the Darien Antiques Show in
The Palms in Stamford (203-961-9770/palmsnightclub.com) March (203-655-0491); Chamber of Commerce’s Annual
offers salsa lessons and dancing on Fridays, and rumba dancing Golf Outing in May (203-655-3600); Darien’s Memorial Day
on Saturdays. Parade (203-655-4156); the Beach Party & Family Fun Day
Robin Poska’s Ballroom Magic (203-831-9382/ballroom- (203-655-3600), Darien Art Show (203-655-8683), and Darien
magic.net) offers dance parties the first and third Saturdays at Historical Society’s Antiques & Garden Elements in June
the Round Hill Community House in Greenwich. All ballroom (203-655-9233); Push-n-Pull Parade July 4, sponsored by the
dances are done, a half-hour lesson is included, singles and YWCA Darien/Norwalk (203-655-2535); the July Sidewalk
couples welcome. Sale Days (203-655-3600); and the annual Christmas Tree
You can also check The Times’ Arts & Leisure section for Lighting the Sunday after Thanksgiving (203-655-3600).
new listings. For other events, check The Times or its Web site, darien-
times.com, or the Darien Community Calendar maintained at
Are there any art or antiques shows in town? darien.org and darienct.gov.
The annual Darien Antiques Show, sponsored by the First
Congregational Church of Darien, is held each February or Can I rent a hall for a party or reception?
March. For information, check online at darienantiqueshow.org Meadowlands, The Darien Community Association House,
or call 203-655-0491. which is on the National Register of Historic Places, may be
A fixture for more than 50 years, the Darien Art Show takes rented for group meetings, receptions, parties and weddings.
place the first week in June at the Weatherstone Studio behind Encompassing almost eight acres, Meadowlands includes a bird
town hall. It opens with a gala reception the first Friday evening. sanctuary and formal garden. For information, call the rental
The show features watercolors, oils, mixed media, photography office at 203-655-1054.
and sculpture with prizes from local merchants. Artists of any
age are invited to enter. Call 203-655-8683. Is there a planetarium nearby?
The Darien Historical Society presents Antiques & Garden The Discovery Museum (203-372-3521) at 4450 Park
Elements in early June at Tilley Pond Park. Call 203-655- Avenue, Bridgeport, has a planetarium show that changes sea-
9233. sonally, with presentations on most afternoons. The museum
There is a Spring Children’s Art Exhibit presented each also has science and art exhibits.
May at the Darien Library. The observatory at the Stamford Museum and Nature
You can often find art on exhibit at Town Hall or the Darien Center on Scofieldtown Road is open Friday nights. Visit stam-
Library throughout the year. fordmuseum.org for best moon viewing nights. The planetarium
in the museum offers shows on Sundays. Call 203-322-1646 for
Are there any art galleries? information.
Noroton Gallery at Noroton Gallery (203-655-9687/noroton-
gallery.com), 1977 Post Road, Darien, presents contemporary What does the Maritime Aquarium offer?
and international artists. The Maritime Aquarium on North Water Street in South
The Geary Gallery (203-655-6633/gearygallery.com), 576 Norwalk has a variety of aquatic exhibits from harbor seals
Boston Post Road, is a showcase for representational art. to sharks. Permanent exhibits feature a habitat for river otters
and a “pet a live shark” display. Next door to the aquarium is
Are there any museums in town? an IMAX theater. For information, call 203-852-0700 or visit
The Bates-Scofield House is a restored classic New England maritimeaquarium.org.
February 17, 2011 Food & Shopping darien answerbook • 59

Where can I go out to eat? Rory’s Restaurant, 203-655-9453/rorys.net;

Darien has restaurants of all sorts, including: Scena Wine Bar Restaurant, 203-662-3226/scenawinebar.
Backstreet Restaurant, 203-655-9944/backstreetrestaurant. com;
com; Sugar Bowl, 203-655-1259;
Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant, 203-655-4299/bertuccis.com Tengda Asian Bistro, 203-656-1688/tengdaasianbistro.
Beijing, 203-662-0688; com;
Burgers, Shakes & Fries, 203-202-9403/burgersshakesn- Ten Twenty Post Oyster Bar-Bistro, 203-655-1020/tent-
fries.com; wentypost.com;
Coromandel Cuisine of India, 203-662-1213/coromandel- The Melting Pot, 203-656-4774/meltingpot.com;
cuisine.com; Wild Ginger, 203-656-2225.
Cosi, 203-655-0335/getcosi.com;
Chipolte Mexican Grill, 203-656-2600; Where can I get a pizza?
Chuck’s Steak House, 203-655-2254/chucksdarien.com; You may get a pizza at Heights Pizza, 330 Heights Road
Darien Diner, 203-655-3181; (203-656-3200); Post Corner Pizza, 847 Post Road (203-655-
Duchess Family Restaurant, 203-655-3312; 7721); Four Brothers Pizza, 25 Old Kings Highway North/
Friendly’s, 203-655-8467/friendlys.com; Goodwives Shopping Plaza, (203-662-9373); Papa Joe’s, 1973
Fuji of Japan Restaurant, 203-655-4995/fujiofjapan.com; Post Road (203-655-1330); Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizza,
Giovanni’s II, 203-325-9979/giovanis.com; 54 Post Road (203-655-4299), and Pizza, Pasta & Brew, 23
The Goose American Bistro & Bar, 203-656-2600/thegoose- Tokeneke Road (203-655-5151); Planet Pizza (203-662-9400)
darien.com; at 882 Post Road.
Harper’s Restaurant & Bar, 203-202-9338/harpersdarien.
com; How about deli food?
Jake’s Place, 203-655-2305; Darien has several different types of delicatessens, including:
Little Thai Kitchen, 203-662-0038/littlethaikitchen.com; A Taste of Italy, 72 Tokeneke Road (203-655-8546); Michael
Matsuri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar, 203-655-4999/mat- Joseph’s,1405 Post Road (203-656-9616/michael-josephs.
suricuisine.com; com); Uncle’s Deli, 1041 Post Road (203-655-9701); White
Olé Molé, 203-202-7051/olemole.net; Bridge Deli, 286 Tokeneke Road (203-655-9533); Vavala’s
Panera Bread, 203-656-1530/panerabread.com Deli Pizza & Catering (203-655-4370); Upper Crust Bakery
Papa Joe’s Ristorante Italiano, 203-655-1330/papajoes-
Pizza, Pasta & Brew, 203-655-5151;
Planet Pizza, 203-662-9400/planetpizza.com;


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60 • darien answerbook Food & Shopping February 17, 2011

& Cafe, 980 Post Road (203-655-7566); and Subway, 879 Post Where can I get fresh fish?
Road (203-656-1034). The Fisherman’s Net is at 11 Old Kings Highway North
(203-655-0561), Darien Seafood Market is at 1941 Post Road
Where can I get baked goods? (203-655-9124) and at the supermarkets, too.
For fresh bagels, there’s Brueggers Bagel Bakery, 800 Post
Road (203-662-8010) and the UCBC (Upper Crust Bakery & Is there a health food store in town?
Cafe), 980 Post Road (203-655-7566/ucbcdarien.com). Fresh Schoolhouse Nutrition is at 21 Tokeneke Road, (203-656-
donuts are at Darien Doughnut (203-656-2805) 364 Heights 8482).
Road, and Dunkin’ Donuts, 967 Post Road (203-656-3208).
Fresh baked goods are also at Good Food Good Things, 865 Is there a newsstand in town?
Post Road (203-656-1920), Panera, 1063 Post Road (203-656- The Darien News Store is at 19 Tokeneke Road (203-655-
1530) and the town’s three supermarkets (see below). 4853), Darien Station Variety is at 873 Post Road, (203-655-
0483), and Puritan Stationery is at 1985 Post Road (203-656-
Are there any caterers in town? 6666).
Good Food Good Things, 865 Post Road (203-656-1920);
Michael Joseph’s, 1405 Post Road (203-656-9616/michael- Is there a bookstore in town?
josephs.com); Patricia Blake Catering, 7 Tokeneke Road There is Barrett Bookstore, 314 Heights Road (203-655-
(203-655-1221/patriciablake.com) and Jordan Caterers, 1480 2712/barrettbookstore.com). Gilann Books offers sales and
Post Road (203-655-8600/jordancaterers.com) offer catering appraisals of used and rare books by appointment (203-655-
services. Many delis and a dozen or so restaurants also offer 4532/gilannbooks.com).
catering services.
Does the town have a sidewalk sale?
Are there any banquet facilities in town? The Darien Chamber of Commerce sponsors a sidewalk
Water’s Edge, 2748 (203-325-9979/watersedgedarien.com) sale each year, usually the first or second weekend in July.
offers waterfront meeting and banquet rooms and suites for par- Thursday is preview day in the stores, and then the sale gets
ties as large as 300. underway on Friday and Saturday. There is entertainment and
The Darien Community Association’s Meadowlands, which the chamber raffles gift certificates. Many merchants have par-
is on the National Register of Historic Places, may be rent- ticipated in the Chamber’s Indoor Sidewalk Sales event in early
ed for group meetings, receptions, parties and weddings. February. For information, call 203-655-3600.
Encompassing almost eight acres, it includes a bird sanctuary
and formal garden. For information, call the rental office at 203- What is the Darien Gift Certificate?
655-1054 or visit online at dca.darien.org. The Darien Gift Certificate is a program to encourage shop-
ping at local businesses in Darien. Gift certificates are available
What coffee shops are here? in varying amounts and may be used at participating chamber
The Sugar Bowl is at 1033 Boston Post Road (203-655- members. They may be purchased at the chamber office (203-
1259), and Starbucks is at 815 Post Road (203-656-6943). 655-3600) or at one of the following banks: Darien Bank and
Also, Expresso Neat at 20 Grove Street (203-202-7215/expres- Trust, Fairfield County Bank, Darien Rowayton Bank, Patriot
soneat.com), Darien Doughnuts and Dunkin Donuts. National Bank, Peoples Bank, and Webster Bank. For details,
visit online at DarienChamberOnline.com and click on Gift
What about ice cream? Certificate.
There’s Baskin-Robbins at 25 Old Kings Highway North
(203-655-8833), Gofer Ice Cream, 1014 Post Road (203-662- Where can I get a haircut?
1190); Friendly’s at 275 Post Road (203-655-8467) and Tasti Many places, including: A Head of Time Hair Designs,
D-Lite, 380 Heights Road, Darien (203-656-0100). 408 Boston Post Road (203-655-4638); Elegance Salon of
Beauty, 1958 Post Road (203-655-5171); Frederic & Co.,
Are there any food markets in town? 1060 Post Road (203-656-6695); John Thomas Hair Studio,
There’s Palmer’s Market, 264 Heights Road (203-655- 874 Post Road (203-656-3048); Lanphier Day Spa, 25 Old
2077/palmersmarket.com) in Noroton Heights; Stop & Shop, Kings Highway North (203-656-4444/lanphierdayspa.com);
148 Heights Road (203-655-8755); Shaw’s in the Goodwives Making Waves Hair Salon, 37 Tokeneke Road (203-655-
Shopping Plaza (203-656-2259/shaws.com) Trader Joe’s at 2418); Peartree’s Salon of Beauty, 1950 Post Road (203-655-
436 Post Road (203-656-1414/traderjoes.com) and Whole 7444); and Salon Louis, 1979 Post Road (203-655-3903); TLC
Foods Market, which opened last spring at 150 Ledge Road Hair Designs, 26 Heights Road (203-656-2093).
Where can I get something dry cleaned?
Do any grocery stores deliver? There’s Belle Cleaners, 22 Heights Road (203-655-8279);
Delivery is available through Peapod when you shop online Butler’s Laundromat & Cleaners, 11 Old Kings Highway
at stopandshop.com or peapod.com. North (203-655-6590 ); Darien Cleaners & Drapery Service,
351 Post Road (203-655-3901); Darien Cleaners & Laundry,
Where can I buy fresh produce? 1086 Post Road (203-655-2920); Darien Fabricare Cleaners,
In addition to the above-listed food markets, the Darien 312 Heights Road (203-655-3381); Darien Tailors & Cleaners,
Farmers’ Market takes place on Wednesdays, 11 to 6, from 31 Tokeneke Road (203-655-9086); Fred & Dolly’s Cleaning
May through December, in the parking lot behind the Darien Station, 977 Post Road (203-662-0227); Imperial Cleaners &
Fire Department. For other farmers’ markets, check ctfarmfresh. Launderers, 25 Old Kings Highway North (203-655-9311);
org. JEM Lee Cleaners & Chinese Hand Laundry, 10 West
Avenue (203-655-2785); Linden Cleaners & Launderers,
22 Heights Road (203-655-1333); Sanda’s Dry Cleaners,
February 17, 2011 Food & Shopping darien answerbook • 61

166 Heights Road (203-656-3539); and Spotless Cleaners, 9 Where can I rent party supplies?
Tokeneke Road (203-655-5128). There are Darien Party Rentals at 365 Post Road (203-655-
3931); and the Rainbow Shoppe, 836 Post Road (203-655-
Where can I rent or buy a tuxedo? 7200).
For a tuxedo, try Edward Tunick, 340 Heights Road (203-
655-1688). Where can I buy toys or children’s clothes?
For toys, there’s the Learning Express in the Goodwives
Who offers laundry service? Shopping Center (203-656-8697/darien.learningexpress-toys.
Darien Cleaners & Laundry, 1086 Post Road (203-655- com); Darien Toy Box, 1064 Post Road (203-202-2992/dari-
2920); and Jem Lee Cleaners & Chinese Hand Laundry, 10 entoybox.com).
West Avenue (203-655-2785). Selling clothes for children are the Darien Sport Shop,
1127 Post Road (203-655-2575/dariensport.com); The Rugged
Are there any laundromats in town? Bear, Goodwives Shopping Plaza (203-655-0664/ruggedbear-
There are coin-operated machines at Butler’s Laundromat online.com); and WishList, 1101 Post Road (203-655-0050/
& Cleaners, 11 Old Kings Highway North (203-655-6590). shopwishlist.com).

Is there a car wash in town? Is there a thrift shop in town?

Darien Car Clinic is at 93 Post Road (203-655-6430). The Darien Community Association Thrift Shop (203-
Splash The Hand Wash of Darien (203-655-8778/splashcar- 655-4552) is at 996 Post Road, where it has stood since
washes.com) is at 251 Post Road 1946. (The shop originally opened on West Avenue during
the Depression.) The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday
Are there any garden shops? from 10 to 4. Donations may be brought in during store hours.
The Gardener’s Center & Florist at 1396 Post Road (203- Clothing in season and furniture (pickup of small items may be
655-2549/gardenerscenter.com); Nielsen’s Florist and Garden arranged) are accepted. Everything must be in good condition.
Shop (203-655-2541/nielsensflorist.com) at 1405 Post Road Proceeds support the association’s philanthropic activities and
and Flowers & Flowers at 876 Post Road (203-662-9666/flow- scholarship program. Tax-deduction slips are available. To vol-
ersandflowers.net). unteer, call 203-655-9050.



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62 • darien answerbook Business February 17, 2011

What does the Chamber of Commerce do? Patriot National Bank, 800 Post Road, 203-202-7450, pnb-
The Chamber of Commerce, at 10 Corbin Drive is a non- directonline.com.
profit business financed by membership dues with the purpose People’s Bank, 72 Edgerton Street, 203-655-9748, peoples.
of serving the town of Darien. It is committed to taking a lead- com and 25 Old Kings Highway North, 203-655-7617, peoples.
ership role in supporting the business community and quality com.
of life here. TD Bank, 55 Boston Post Road, 203-662-8000, tdbank.com.
The chamber acts as a liaison between the business com- Wachovia, 950 Post Road, 203-655-7220, wachovia.com and
munity and local, state, and federal governments. It notifies 310 Heights Road, 203-655-3455, wachovia.com.
members of legislation that will directly affect business in Webster Bank, 1101 Post Road, 203-656-4070, webster-
Darien. It offers educational and networking opportunities to bank.com.
help businesses grow, and it creates a regional awareness of
the business community. It also promotes the town to prospec- Where can I get copies made and things printed?
tive residents. For copies, you can go to Executive Printing Inc., 1082
The chamber sponsors or coordinates two scholarship Post Road, (203-655-4691) or The UPS Store, Goodwives
awards, July SideWalk Sales & Family Fun Days, Darien Goes Shopping Plaza (203-655-6543/theupsstore.com).
Green, Fall Wine Tasting & Auction, the traditional Christmas Local printers include D’Iorio Printing Service, 10 Center
tree lighting celebration and other events throughout the year. Street (203-656-0557); and Executive Printing Inc., 1082
The office may be reached at 203-655-3600 or e- Post Road (203-655-4691).
mail DarienChamber@optonline.net. The Web site is For announcements or invitations, try Innovative
DarienChamberOnline.com. Invitations of Darien, 178 Heights Road (203-655-7332).

Who protects consumers? Where is the post office and when is it open?
The local Better Business Bureau is in Wallingford. For Darien has two post offices. The Darien Post Office, at 30
information, call 203-269-2700. You may file a complaint Corbin Drive (800-275-8777) is open from 8 to 5:30 Monday
online at connecticut.bbb.org or call for information. through Friday, and 8 to 12:30 on Saturday.
Consumers may also file a complaint about a business by The Noroton Heights Post Office, at 368 Heights Road
calling the state Department of Consumer Protection hotline (203-655-0631) is open from 8:30 to 4:30 (closed from 11 to
at 800-842-2649 or visiting state.ct.us/dep. Written complaints noon), Monday through Friday. It is closed on Saturday.
may be mailed to 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford 06106. The UPS Store has a 24-hour mailbox service. Call 203-
Is there a professional group?
The Darien Professionals Network holds monthly meet- Where can I buy stamps besides at a post office?
ings to provide career development information for executives You can buy stamps at The UPS Store, Goodwives
from all industries and job functions who are underemployed, Shopping Plaza (203-655-6543), and CVS (203-655-2865) 964
employed and seeking to stay networked, employed but will- Post Road.
ing and able to help those who need career guidance, and in a
job transition. Information: info@darienprofessionals.com or Where can I rent meeting space?
darienprofessionals.com. The Darien Community Association’s Meadowlands,
which is on the National Register of Historic Places, may be
What are the top 10 taxpayers in town? rented for group meetings, receptions, parties and weddings.
The top 10 taxpayers and their assessments (2008 grand list) Encompassing almost eight acres, it includes a bird sanctuary
are: 1. Connecticut, Light, And Power — $57,430,880; 2 .The and formal garden. For information, call the rental office at
Wee Burn Country Club, Inc. — $48,402,600; 3. The Country 203-655-1054 or visit online at dca.darien.org.
Club of Darien, Inc. — $46,730,840; 4. Darien Financing LLC, Office Suites of Darien, 30 Old Kings Highway South,
FKA Avalonbay — $36,191,260; 5. Woodway Country Club provides executive offices fully furnished with phone and
— $25,616,900; 6. Rivoire, Est Helen M. et al — $22,249,220; Internet service by the day, week, month, or year. Along with
7. Zotos International, Inc. — $21,202,980; 8. U B Darien, Inc. conference rooms and a meeting room with theater seating
— $19,906,740; 9. 9 Old Kings Highway, LLC — $17,352,860; and videoconferencing services, there is a full-service business
10. Parklands Office Park, LLC — $15,457,820 center with secretarial service, PowerPoint, copy machines,
binding, mailing, etc. Call 203-655-2603.
What banks are there in town?
Bank of America, 1120 Post Road, 800-432-1000, banko- Who welcomes newcomers?
famerica.com. New Neighbors brings local information to new residents
Bank of America, 7 Sedgewick Avenue, 800-432-1000, to help make getting settled easier and includes information
bankofamerica.com. on the YWCA Newcomers Club, and other organizations as
Chase, 454 Post Road, 203-655-8344, chase.com. well as brochures and samples from local retailers. Call Susan
Chase, 165 Noroton Avenue, 203-662-0828, chase.com. Cator at 203-655-8429, newneighbors@optimum.net, or Linda
Citibank, 40 Heights Road, 800-627-3999, citibank.com. Smith at 203-655-4450, lnewneighbors@aol.com.
Darien Bank & Trust, 777 Post Road, 203-656-0699, The Town Greeter brings civic and local information to
ccbankonline.com. new residents, including brochures and discount offers for
Darien Rowayton Bank, 1001 Post Road, 203-656-3500, local retailers. For information, call Barbara Dahill at 203-966-
drbankonline.com. 4359.
Fairfield County Bank, 714 Post Road, 203-656-2265, fair- The YWCA Newcomers Club offers social activities, rec-
fieldcountysavings.com. reational programs, and special events for women new to the
First County Bank, 1006 Post Road, 203-655-3944, first- community. Call 203-655-2535 or e-mail Newcomers@YWC
countybank.com. Adariennorwalk.org.
February 17, 2011 Utilities darien answerbook • 63

Where does our water come from? would require a permit from the building department, obtained
While most Darien households have private wells, about one- by the homeowner’s plumber at the homeowner’s expense. The
third of the town is served by Aquarion (800-732-9678), with final hookup from the main line under the street to the house is
offices in Greenwich. The Web site is aquarion.com. at the homeowner’s expense.
Connecting to the sewer system is at the homeowner’s dis-
What is an average water company bill? cretion. Houses are not required to be hooked up unless there
Residential customers are charged $3.37 for the first 100 is a problem with the septic system.
cubic feet (748 gallons) of water and $3.29 per 100 cubic feet
after that. There is also a service charge based on the size of the What cable television service is available?
meter. The most common rates range between $33 and $45 per Cablevision of Connecticut (203-847-6666), 28 Cross Street,
quarter. Norwalk, serves Darien and offers a variety of packages. The
Web site is cablevision.com.0
How much does sewer service cost?
The costs are based on water consumption. The department of Can I get propane gas delivered to my home?
public works receives consumption information from the water There are a number of suppliers, including The Rural Gas
company. It then takes the two lowest quarters, multiplies by Company (203-261-3641/ruralgas.com); Petro Fuels (800-
two, and then by the rate of $4 for every 100 cubic feet con- 645-4328/petrohp.com); and Hocon (1-800-801-3835/hocon-
sumed. The bill covers a year in advance based on the previous services.com).
year’s usage.
If someone has a private well for water but is on the sewer Where can I get fuel oil locally?
system, they are charged the average of residential users. A In town, there are Sound Energy (203-661-6010), Dominick
meter can be installed on the well at the homeowner’s request Fuel Inc. (203-655-8255/dominickfuel.com), Darien Fuel Co.
and then the bill would be adjusted and based on the meter read- (203-655-3045), and Herbert Fuel (203-655-9744). There
ing. Homeowners with a question about their bill are encour- are also Servco Oil (203-762-7994/servcooil.com) in Wilton;
aged to call the sewer commission at 203-656-7331. Abnormal Rowayton Fuel & Oil Co. (203-866-9616) in Norwalk; and L.
charges can indicate a water break. H. Gault (203-227-5181/gaultinc.com) in Westport.

How much would it cost me to hook up to the Who handles trees leaning on power lines?
town’s sewer system? Call the public works department at 203-656-7346 and
A sewer permit is $150, and is obtained from the sewer com- Conneticut Light & Power at 800-285-2000. CL&P has “Storm
mission, which has its office at the Department of Public Works Center” information on its Web site, cl-p.com.
in town hall. If there is work to be done inside the home, that

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64 • darien answerbook Pets & Animals February 17, 2011

Where do I get a dog license? What should I do before boarding my pet?

The town clerk’s office (203-656-7307) in the Darien Town Check with the kennel to see what vaccinations are required.
Hall, 2 Renshaw Road. All dogs must be licensed by the time Most require dogs to be immunized against rabies, distemper,
they are six months old. and bordatella. Cats generally require vaccinations against
A valid rabies certificate is required. The cost is $19 for non- FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia.
spayed or non-neutered dogs, and $8 if your dog’s been spayed
or neutered. Dogs must by licensed by July 1, and by state law, Where can I adopt a dog or cat?
there is a $1 penalty imposed for each month past July the dog The dog pounds in towns like Norwalk or Stamford are good
is unlicensed. places to start. There’s also Strays and Others (203-966-
Cats aren’t required to be licensed, but cats must be immu- 6556/straysandothers.petfinder.com) in New Canaan, the no-
nized against rabies. kill Animals in Distress cat shelter (203-762-2006) next door
to Wilton Town Hall on Danbury Road, Pet Animal Welfare
My dog is lost. Where can I get help? Society (203-750-9572/pawsct.org) in Norwalk, the Connecticut
Call the dog warden, Chip Stahl, at 203-655-8686. If the Humane Society (203-227-4137), Save Our Strays (203-255-
dog’s been missing more than 24 hours it’s a good idea to call 0514) in Westport. Many animal rescue groups also list adopt-
the animal control officers in neighboring towns. able animals on petfinder.com.

What should I do if a loose dog is on my property, What about horses?

chasing my kids or cats? All horses must live in stables or barns. For more complete
Call the dog warden at 203-656-8686. information about setbacks, etc., call planning and zoning at
What is the law regarding roaming dogs?
State law prohibits dogs from roaming on someone else’s Where can I get riding lessons or board a horse?
private property or on any portion of a public highway when The Ox Ridge Hunt Club is at 512 Middlesex Road. Call 203-
not attended by an owner and 100% under the owner’s control. 655-2559 or visit oxridge.com for information.
Allowing your dog to roam could get you a $92 fine
It is illegal to allow a dog to soil another person’s property What is Friends of Animals?
and this can net the dog owner a $75 nuisance fine. Friends of Animals is a nonprofit, international animal
Dogs are allowed at most town parks, such as Woodlands advocacy organization based in Darien. It works to cultivate a
Park, Sellecks Woods, Tilley Pond Park, and Cherry Lawn Park. respectful view of animals, free-living and domestic. For infor-
They are not allowed at any time at either Weed Beach or Pear mation, visit friendsofanimals.org or call 203-656-1522.
Tree Point Beach
The state considers cats to be feral by nature, and because of What is the town doing to control deer herds?
that, local and state animal control officers don’t pick them up. The Darien Deer Management Committee collects scien-
tific data and develops ways to reduce the over-abundant deer
Does anyone offer dog obedience classes? population. Concerns involve tick-borne diseases, deer-vehicle
Ox Ridge Obedience Training offers a number of classes collisions, plus damage to woodlands and landscapes through
from spring through fall, outdoors, at the First Presbyterian over-foraging. To curtail the spread of Lyme disease the com-
Church in New Canaan. For details, call Jane McLane at 203- mittee reports the deer density must be reduced. For more infor-
966-3851.All for the Dog, 74 Hoyt Street, offers dog obedience mation , visit darienct.gov. Darien is a member of a Fairfield
training. Call 203-327-3157. County group that deals with the health, safety, and ecological
issues relating to the county deer population. For information,
Are there animal hospitals in town? visit deeralliance.com.
There is the VCA Darien Animal Hospital, 1302 Post Road,
Darien (203-655-1449/vcadarien.com) provides full medical, There appears to be an abandoned fawn in my yard.
surgical and dental services, boarding and more. Park Animal What should I do?
Hospital, 168 Noroton Avenue, Darien (203-655-7795/parkani- Definitely do not touch it or move it as your scent will scare
malhospital.com) is a full service hospital in town. It also has a off the mother, who may be hiding nearby. Nearly all “aban-
Norwalk location (17 Park Street/203-849-7733). doned” fawns are truly not abandoned. Deer will leave their
fawns for periods of time. Often, deer give birth in the middle
Where can I take my pet in an emergency? of the night and leave the fawn during the day, particularly
Park Animal Hospital (see above) offers a 24-hour emer- if people are around. The fawn’s camouflage helps protect it
gency service. from predators. If there is a dead doe nearby the fawn may be
Veterinary Referral and Emergency Clinic (203-854- orphaned. Call DEP at 860-424-3011.
9960), 134 West Cedar Street, Norwalk, is open 24 hours.
If your pet has eaten something poisonous and you can’t Are there any wildlife rehabilitators nearby?
reach your own veterinarian right away, you can call the Yes. Wildlife in Crisis (203-544-9913) helps rehabilitate
ASPCA Poison Control Hotline at 888-426-4435. It is staffed orphaned, sick and injured wildlife. The organization is always
24 hours, but there is a $60 consultation charge.. looking for volunteers and donations. The mailing address is
P.O. Box 1246, Weston 06883.
Where can I board my dog? In Ridgefield is Back to the Wild Rehabilitation Inc. (203-
You can board your dog at Park Animal Hospital or VCA 438-0618/backtothewildrehab.com).
Darien Animal Hospital (203-656-1449). Also, check online at wildlifeorphanage.org, which has
Or, if you’d rather Fifi stay home while you’re away, The information on common wild animals and their habits. The
Sitting Service, 1031 Post Road, offers pet sitting services in Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association can be
your home. Call 203-655-9783 or visit thesittingservice.com. reached at 203-389-4411.
February 17, 2011 Transportation darien answerbook • 65

How many cars and trucks are registered in town? Highway Department (203-389-3020).
There are nearly 17,800 passenger vehicles registered in
Darien, according to the assessor’s office. The assessor works What are the typical speed limits in town?
closely with the Department of Motor Vehicles annually estab- The speed limit is 35 miles per hour on the Post Road and 25
lishing the average retail value using the NADA price guide as miles per hour on most other roads in town.
recommended by the state office of Policy and Management and
the Connecticut Assessors Association. The DMV establishes What’s the fine for speeding here?
values for most vehicles giving special attention to the 17-digit All fines for motor vehicle infractions and violations are set
vehicle identification number. In situations where the VIN num- by the state and published in a booklet available in most public
ber isn’t easily identified, the assessor identifies and prices each libraries, police departments, and DMV offices. It is also avail-
car, truck or trailer using a variety of price guides and sets final able online at jud.ct.gov/Publications/Infractions/infractions.
assessments at 70% of value for each Oct. 1. Vehicles that are pdf.
sold or replaced are assessed on a monthly pro-rated basis and Speeding tickets for cars going over 55 miles per hour range
are annually reconciled on what is called the supplement Motor from $123 for going one to nine mph over the posted limit to
Vehicle list. $211 for 23 mph and over the posted limit. Fines are higher for
construction, utility, and school zones. Traveling unreasonably
How many miles of roads are there in Darien? fast pertains to cars going under 56 mph. The fines in this brack-
There are nearly 82 miles of town roads and 11 miles of state et range from $103 for one to nine mph over the posted limit
roads in Darien. to $191 for 23 or more mph over the limit, again with greater
penalties for construction, utility and school zones.
How can I find out about road closures?
You can check for road closures in town by logging onto What’s the fine for passing a school bus?
municipalclosures.com/darien. You can also sign up for Passing a standing school bus will cost you a hefty $460, and
Darien Times news alerts by going to DarienTimes.com. that’s for a first offense.

Who maintains and plows our roads? Where are the train stations?
Darien’s Department of Public Works (203-656-7346) The Darien Train Station is on West Avenue; the Noroton
is responsible for building and maintaining the town’s roads, Heights station is on Noroton Avenue. Both serve the New
streets, bridges, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and other related Haven Line of Metro-North. The nearest handicap-accessible
components. Under the direction of Robert Steeger, the depart- stations are in Stamford and South Norwalk. Travel time for the
ment includes 30 full-time and five part-time employees. train into Grand Central Terminal is about an hour from Darien,
State roads are maintained by District 3 of the Connecticut a few minutes less from Noroton Heights. The fare for travel

������������������������ Methodist Family Center Preschool
�������� Growth Through Nurturing
66 • darien answerbook Transportation February 17, 2011

to Grand Central Terminal with tickets bought at the station is are free in the Koons’ Lot, also known as the West Avenue lot.
the same for either station: one-way peak, $12.25; one-way off-
peak, $9.25; senior one-way, $6. Fares are significantly higher How does the parking voucher system work?
if bought on the train. A monthly commutation ticket is $264. Parking vouchers are for use in designated spaces at the com-
You may also purchase tickets online at mta.info. muter parking lots and both train stations. They are sold for
The Darien ticket office is open Monday through Friday from $3 each or in books of 10 for $30. They may be purchased at
6:10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (it’s closed from 11 to 11:20). At Noroton either train station until 9, Darien Produce at 27 Tokeneke Road,
Heights, there is no staffed ticket office. There is a concession Station Variety at 873 Post Road, or Leary’s Liquor Cabinet at
stand. There are two ticket machines at each station. 186 Heights Road. If you need more information, call the town
Train schedules are available at the stations, by calling 800- hall receptionist at 203-656-7330.
638-7646 or online at mta.info.
Amtrak trains can be boarded at Westport, Norwalk, or Where can I park overnight?
Stamford. For information, call 800-872-7245 or go online to Parking for up to five days at a time is allowed at the train
amtrak.com. stations. If using vouchers, you would need to display a voucher
for each day.
Where can I park in town?
There are approximately 1,680 permit, metered, and voucher How do I get a handicap parking permit?
parking spaces available at municipal lots throughout town, and Apply at the DMV in Stamford or Norwalk. Proof of disabil-
at the Darien and Noroton Heights train stations. ity with form B-225 is required. Call 800-842-8222 for informa-
tion, or the Department of Social Services at 203-656-7328.
How do I get a permit to park at the train station?
Even though the town sells more permits than there are park- Where is the closest motor vehicle department?
ing spaces, there is still a long waiting list for both train stations. The closest full-service office is in Norwalk at 540 Main
When a spot becomes available, the next person on the list Avenue. The office is open from 8 to 4:30 on Tuesday,
moves up. The cost is $315. There are 775 permit and voucher Wednesday and Friday; 8 to 7 on Thursday; and 8 to 12:30
spaces at the Noroton Heights station and 544 spaces available on Saturday. There is also a satellite office at the Stamford
for the Darien station (including municipal lots on Leroy and Government Center, 888 Washington Boulevard, Stamford,
Grove). For information, call 203-656-7330. open from 8 to 4:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday;
and 8 to 7 on Thursday. Limited services include license and
Is there free municipal parking? registration renewals, replacement of photo licenses and lost
There is free parking in the train station parking lots on week- plates, name changes, non-driver identification cards, driver test
ends and holidays, as well as in town municipal lots. Weekends appointment applications, and handicap parking permits.


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February 17, 2011 Media darien answerbook • 67

What newspapers cover the town? The Times’ Web site.

The Darien Times, a Hersam Acorn Newspapers weekly DarienTimes.com also includes such features as “Improve
founded in 1993, and The Darien News-Review, also a weekly, Darien,” where residents can report potholes, broken traf-
report news of the town in print and online. fic lights and other road problems. There are also “Article
Reprints” and “Photo Store” sections.
How can I get an announcement in the papers?
The Darien Times (203-656-4230/DarienTimes.com) wel- Where can I search the Internet for free?
comes letters to the editor, business, community, school, social, The Darien Library offers computer stations with Internet
religious groups’ news and the like. E-mail your submissions access.
to editor@darientimes.com, call us or drop by our office at 10
Corbin Drive, Darien. Include daytime contact information. How can I find local Web sites?
Send sports news to sports@darientimes.com. The Times has There is a listing of local Web sites right here in the
a free guide on doing publicity releases at DarienTimes.com. Darien Answerbook. The Darien Community Information
Circulation information: 203-894-3309 or 800-372-2790. Network (darien.org) offers links to many community groups.
For the News-Review, call 203-655-7476. A sampling of other interesting information sites and blogs:
AllAboutDarien.com; AFADarien.com (real estate guide);
How do I get an ad in the Times? TheGoldCoastStandard.com.
For a classified advertising, call 1-800-372-2790 (e-
mail: classified@hersamacorn.com). For display advertis- What radio stations carry news of Darien?
ing, call Elizabeth Cote (203-966-9541, ext. 106, for real Both WNLK (1350 AM) and WEFX (95.9 FM) in Norwalk
estate advertising) and Lauren Spicehandler (203-966-9541, and KOOL (96.7FM) in Stamford cover some Darien news,
ext. 114), account executives. Ms. Cote’s e-mail address is sports, weather and personalities.
ecote@hersamacorn.com and Ms. Spicehandler’s is lspicehand
ler@hersamacorn.com. Are there any local television news programs?
Channel 12 on Cablevision (849-1321) is based in Norwalk
How can I voice my opinion about what appears in the and covers Darien news.
newspaper? Darien News Channel TV 79 is the town’s government
The editorial staff of The Darien Times invites readers and access channel provided by Cablevision. Two areas of town
others to drop by its weekly editorial meeting every Thursday hall — Room 206 and the auditorium — have been wired for
morning, 10 to 11, at the Sugar Bowl. Each week the staff cri- the live telecast of certain meetings. Meetings — Board of
tiques the paper and discusses stories for the upcoming week. Selectmen, Board of Education, Board of Finance, Planning
Visitors may simply listen or voice their opinion. and Zoning, etc. — are also aired on a tape delay. The station is
run by an all-volunteer crew and receives no taxpayer money.
Can I read The Darien Times online? There is a guideline book for submissions. Call David Dever
Those looking for the latest Darien news can find it on The at 203-323-7786 or Jim Cameron at 203-655-0138 or e-mail
Darien Times’ recently revamped online site, DarienTimes. channel79@darienct.gov. For the schedule, tune in Channel 79
com; those looking for stories from previous issues can find or visit online at darienct.gov/tv79. For a free program guide,
them in the same place. e-mail channel79@darienct.gov.
For the latest, up-to-the-minute news, sign up for Breaking Blue Wave TV Educational Access Channel 78 is based at
News from The Darien Times. Visit DarienTimes.com and click Darien High School. The station airs programming related to the
on Sign Up for Breaking News in the upper left-hand corner. Darien public schools. Most of it is high school-related since
Readers may also follow hometown news coverage by signing the video production courses are there, but the station is happy
up on Twitter/DarienTimes and Facebook/DarienTimes, and to air concerts and assemblies from the middle and elemen-
now our news reports and Web site is accessible from mobile tary schools as well. A video bulletin board carries high school
smart phones. events and announcements.
Page one stories, and the top sports stories from the current
week’s issue of The Darien Times are available on the paper’s Do any specialty publications cover our area?
home page and remain accessible at no charge for several Fairfield County Weekly (203-382-9666/fairfieldweekly.
weeks. The entire content of the newspaper is added to the com) covers activities, arts and point of view news in the state
archive within about two weeks after publication. and is free.
The Times’ archives are searchable by going to darientimes. Connecticut Magazine (860-524-1020/connecticutmag.com)
com and clicking on “Print Archives” at the bottom of the is a monthly that covers the state.
page. Users may then search for information going back as far Connecticut Parent (203-483-1700/ctparent.com), published
as June 2003. Just enter a keyword or phrase, choose a time monthly, is available at libraries, schools, YMCA’s, child care
frame (or search all available years), and click “search.” centers, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other family-oriented
The first few paragraphs of all articles that match the search retail locations.
criteria entered are available for previewing. To access the entire Fairfield County Business Journal (914-694-3600/fairfield-
article, several pricing options are available. Pictures from The countybusiness.com), published weekly, contains business news
Times are not available through the archive, but may be ordered of the county.
by calling 203-656-4230, or e-mailing editor@darientimes. New Canaan-Darien Magazine (203-222-0600/ncdmag.
com. com) is a bimonthly magazine with news and features of the area.
All obituaries going back to September 2005, an up-to-date The Official Connecticut State Vacation Guide (including
calendar, useful Web links, and the Darien Answerbook, as a special section on Fairfield County) is an interactive online
well as access to the Hersam Acorn classifieds, real estate list- guide available at the state tourism bureau Web site, ctvisit.
ings, and the top stories from the Arts & Leisure section and com. You can also go to visitfairfieldcounty. com or call 860-
special monthly supplements are also available at no charge on 567-4506.
68 • darien answerbook Reader’s Index February 17, 2011

100 Things to Do, 58 Caregivers, 30, 39, 41 Darien Masonic Club, Book Club, 39, 42, 42, 43, 48
211, 29 Carrier Alert, 44 55 43, 44 License, dog, 64
60 Plus Club, 44 Cars, 65 Darien Nature Center, Friendly Visitors, 44 License, driver’s, 65, 66
AARP, 44 Catholic Family 53 Fuel oil, 63 License, fishing, 53
ABC program, 23 Services, 39 Darien Players, 56 Funeral homes, 28 License, hunting, 54
Activities, school, 22 Caterers, 48 Darien Post Office, 14, Garbage collection, 31 License, marriage, 13
Affordable Housing Cats, 64 62 Garden shops, 61 LifeLine, 44
Advisory Cell phones, 34, 38 Darien Professionals Gardening clubs, 56 Lions Club, 54
Commission, 14, 16 Cemeteries, 6, 28 Network, 62 Genealogy, 56 Magazines, 67
After-school programs, Center for Hope, 30, 39 Darien Sail & Power Gifted students, 20, 23 Marriages, 13
22 Chamber of Commerce, Squadron, 52 Golf, 22, 44, 49, 51, Masons, 55
Aging in Place in 58, 60, 62 Darien Senior Center, 52, 58 McGuane Park, 50
Darien, 29 Cherry Lawn Garden, 26, 42, 43, 44, 54, 56 Governor, 17 Meals on Wheels, 44
Alarm registration, 34 50, 64 Darien Senior Men’s Hair salons, 60 Medical equipment, 28,
Ambulance service, 34 Cherry Lawn Park, 50, Association, 56 Hall rentals, 62 41, 44
American Association 64 Daughters of the Hazardous waste, 32 Medicare, 46
of University Women, Child Guidance Center, American Revolution, Health department, 31, Meeting spaces, 62
55 42, 43, 48 56 32, 39, 42, 43, 51 Men’s club, 54, 55, 56
American Cancer Children’s services, 48 Day care, adult, 45 Health food, 60 Mental illness, 30, 43
Society, 42, 43 Chore service, 39 Day care, children, 48 Health services, 39, 42, Middlesex Parish, 6
American Red Cross, Churches, 46 Delis, 59 43 Military communica-
39, 42, 44, 50, 54 Clubs, health, 52 Democrats, 14, 15, 54 Healthcare, senior, 45 tions, 38
Animal hospitals, 64 Clubs, private, 54, 55 Depot, The, 48, 50 Higher Ground Movies, 44, 56
Animal shelters, 64 Coastal Waters Advisory DMV, 65 Ministry, 47 Museums, 58
Antiques shows, 58 Commission, 15 Doctors, 39 Hiking, 50, 52 Music lessons, 57
AP courses, 21 Coffee shops, 60 Dogs, 64 Historian, town, 8 National Register of
Aquarion, 63 Colleges, 14, 21, 25 Domestic violence, 29, Historic districts, 8 Historic Places, 8, 58,
Area code, 10 Commission on Aging, 43 Historic points of inter- 60, 62
Art galleries, 58 44 Drinking age, legal, 48 est, 6 Newspapers, 67
Assisted living, 39 Community Fund of Dry cleaners, 60 Historical society, 6, 8, Newsstands, 60
Autism, 43 Darien, 29 Dump, town, 31 48, 58 Noroton Yacht Club, 53
Baby-sitting, 48, 50 Compost, 32 Eating disorders, 43 Histories, town, 8 Norwalk Hospital, 34,
Baked goods, 60 Concerts, summer, 51 Ed Alert, 22 Hockey, ice, 22, 49, 52 39, 42, 46
Baker Park, 50 Congress, U.S., 16 Elder abuse, 46 Hockey, field, 21 Notary public, 13
Banks, 62 Connecticut Academic Emergency Message Home care, 28, 39 Nursing homes, 28, 39
Baseball, 22, 49 Performance Test, 20 Line, 38 Home companion ser- Office of Emergency
Bates-Scofield House, Connecticut Mastery Emergency rooms, 34 vices, 46 Management, 38
6, 8, 58 Test, 20 Emergency, townwide, Homebound seniors, 44 Officials, town, 18
Beaches, 11, 39, 50, 51 Connecticut Turnpike, 6 38 Horses, 64 Oil tanks, 32
Beautification Consumer protection, 62 Emissions, 65 Hospice, 39, 39 Orchestras, 57
Commission, 14, 30, Continuing education, Etiquette classes, 48 Houses of worship, 46 Paramedics, 34
55 25 False alarms, 34 Houses, old, 6, 8 Parents’ groups, 57
Better Business Bureau, Cotillion of Darien, 48 Family & Children’s Housing Authority, 15, Parking, 66
62 Counseling, 28, 30, 41, Agency, 29, 39, 42, 45 Parking, handicap, 66
Bible study, 47 42, 43, 48 46 Housing sales, 8 Parks and Recreation
Bicycling, 52 Counseling, teens, 44, Family and Youth Housing, affordable, 11, Dept., 49, 50, 51, 52
Blood drives, 29 48 Options, 42, 48 14, 28 Parks, 50
Blood pressure, 42 CPR classes, 29, 41 Family Centers, 29, 42 Housing, senior, 28, 45 Passports, 13
Board of Education, 12, Crime statistics, 38 Farmer’s market, 60 Hurricanes, prepara- Pear Tree Point Beach,
18, 19, 67 Dancing, 48, 58 Faxes, 62 tions, 39 50, 51, 64
Board of Selectmen, 11, Darien Arts Center, 25, FEMA, 31 Ice cream shops, 60 Permit, beach, 50
12, 18, 67 56 Fences, 30 Income, household, 8 Permit, building, 30
Boating, 51, 52 Darien Boat Club, 50, Finance Department, 16 Infoline, 23, 29, 42, Permit, zoning, 30
Bond rating, town, 13 52 Fingerprints, 38 43, 46 Person-to-Person, 28
Books, used, 28 Darien Book Aid, 28 Fire departments, 34, 54 Jazz, 57 Pet adoptions, 64
Bookstores, 60 Darien Community Fire marshal, 34 Jewish Family Service, Pharmacies, 42
Budget, school, 12 Association, 44, 54, Firefighters, 34 42, 46, 48 Picnic areas, 50
Budget, town, 12 55 First aid, 29, 41, 50 Jobs, seeking, 26 Piedmont Club, 55
Building Department, Darien Community First selectman, 11 Jobs, student, 27 Pizza, 58
16, 63 Matters, 28 Fish, fresh, 60 Jogging, 52 Planning and Zoning
Building inspectors, 30 Darien EMS, 34, 54 Fishing, 53 Junior League, 55 Department, 16
Burning, leaf, 32 Darien Environmental Flood zone, 31 Justice of the peace, 13 Police, 34
Buses, 56 Group, 56 Flu clinics, 42, 44 Kennels, 64 Political parties, 14
Cabaret performances, Darien Gift Certificate, Food markets, 60 Kids in Crisis, 48 Population, 8
57 60 Football, 21, 49 Kiwanis Club, 55 Postal service, 62
Cable television, 63, 67 Darien Land Trust, 56 Frate Park, 50 Lacrosse, 22, 49 Power outages, 38
Calendar of events, 30 Darien Library, 13, 14, Freedom of Information, League of Women Probate, 15
Camps, summer, 49 26, 56, 58, 67 16 Voters, 17, 56 Propane gas, 32, 63
Car washes, 61 Darien Little League, 49 Friendly Connections Liberation Programs, Public works, 32, 65
February 17, 2011 Reader’s Index darien answerbook • 69

Radio stations, 38, 67 School enrollments, Social worker, 28 Temples, 46 34, 44, 50
Radon, 43 19, 20 Softball, 21, 49, 50, 52 Tennis, 22, 50, 51, 52 Voter enrollments, 14
Recycling, 32 School registration, 21 Special education, 23 Theater company, adult, Water, well, 31, 63
Refuse Disposal Area, Schools, art, 25 Special events, 44, 50, 56 Weed Beach, 50, 51, 52
31 Schools, dance, 25 56, 58 Theater groups, kids, 48 Welcoming services, 62
Registrars of voters, Schools, nursery, 24 Speed limits, 65 Thrift shops, 61 Wellness programs, 39,
14, 18 Schools, public, 19 Spinal cord injuries, 43 Tilley Pond Park, 34, 41
Rehabilitation, physical, Selleck’s Woods, 50 Sports, children’s, 49 50, 52 Wood chips, 32
39, 39, 41 Senate, state, 16 Spring cleanup, 32 TOPS, 48 Woodland Park, 50, 52
Representative Town Senate, U.S., 17 Stamford Hospital, 34, Town Administrative WyldLife, 47
Meeting, 12 Senior citizen activi- 39, 41, 42, 45 Officer, 11 Yellow Dot program, 44
Republicans, 14, 15, 54 ties, 44 Stephen Mather House, Town clerk, 12, 13 YMCA, 48, 49, 50,
Restaurants, 60 Septic systems, 63 6 Town offices, 11 Young Life, 47
Revaluation, 12, 13 Sewer service, 63 Stephen Ministers, 47 Toy stores, 61 Youth Commission, 14,
Riding, recreational, 64 Sexual abuse, 43 Stony Brook Park, 50 Transportation, senior 50, 51
Roads, 65 Sidewalk sales, 58, 62 Substance abuse, 29, 42 citizens, 44 Youth director, 18, 48
Rotary Club, 55 Singing groups, 57 Support groups, 42, 43 Treasurer, town, 13 Youth programs, reli-
Running clubs, 52 Siwanoy Indians, 6 Swimming, 48, 49, 51, Tuxedoes, 61 gious, 47
Safe Rides, 48 Skating, ice, 52 52 Unemployment rate, 10 YWCA, 49, 50, 52, 56,
Sailing, 48, 49 Soccer, 21, 49, 50 Tax rate, 12 Veterans groups, 56 58, 62
SAT scores, 20 Social services depart- Tax relief programs, 12 Visiting nurses, 39, 39, Zoning regulations, 30
School calendar, 20 ment, 18, 28, 41, 42, Taxes, property, 12 41, 42, 44
School cancellations, 22 43, 44, 50 Television, local, 67 Volunteers, 27, 28, 29,

Darien Web Sites

A Better Chance.abcdarien.com Darien Times: darientimes.com
American Red Cross: dsredcross.org, ctredcross.org Darien United Methodist Church: umcdarien.org
Calvary Baptist Church of Darien: calvarybaptist.darien.org Darien Winter Club: darienwinterclub.org
Center for Hope: centerforhope.org Darien YMCA: darien-ymca.org
Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut: Darien Youth Baseball & Softball: dybs.org
childguidancect.org Darien Youth Hockey Association: dyha.com
Children’s Council of Darien: ccd.darien.org Darien Youth Lacrosse Association: dylax.com
Community Fund of Darien: communityfunddarien.org Democratic Town Committee: dtc.darien.org
Darien Advocates for Education of the Gifted: daeg.org Depot, The: dariendepot.org
Darien Antiques Show: darienantiquesshow.org Fairfield County Football League: fairfieldcountyfootball.org
Darien Arts Center: arts.darien.org Family Centers: familycenters.org
Darien Boat Club: darienboatclub.org First Church of Christ, Scientist: christiansciencect.org/darien
Darien Book Aid: dba.darien.org First Congregational Church of Darien: uccdarien.org
Darien Community Association: dca.darien.org Friendly Connections: familycenters.org
Darien Community Information Network: darien.org ITP Foundation of Darien: itpfoundation.org
Darien Continuing Education: dariencontinuinged.com Kiwanis Club of Darien: darienkiwanis.org
Darien EMS Post 53: post53.org League of Women Voters of Darien: lwv.darien.org
Darien Environmental Group: darienenvironmentalgroup.org Middlesex Club: middlesexclub.org
Darien Fathers’ Forum: fathersforum.darien.org Middlesex Genealogical Society: mgs.darien.org
Darien Fire Department: darienfire.org New Life Christian Fellowship: nlcf.ws
Darien High School Girls Swim Team: girlswim.darien.org Noroton Presbyterian Church: norotonchurch.org
Darien Historical Society: historical.darien.org Noroton Fire Department: norotonfd.org
Darien Junior Sailing Team: sail.darien.org Noroton Heights Fire Department: nhfd.us
Darien Land Trust: darienlandtrust.org Noroton Yacht Club: norotonyc.org
Darien Library: darienlibrary.org Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation: ohhf.org
Darien Lions Club: darienctlions.org Pear Tree Point School: ptpschool.org
Darien Little League: dybs.org Person-to-Person: p2p.darien.org
Darien Nature Center: dariennaturecenter.org Republican Club of Darien: republicanclub.darien.org
Darien Players: players.darien.org Republican Town Committee: darienrtc.com
Darien Post 6933 Veterans of Foreign Wars: Rotary Club of Darien: rotary.darien.org
angelfire.com/ct3/darienvfw Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church: saintlukesdarien.org
Darien Power Squadron: dps.darien.org Saint John R.C. Church: stjohndarien.org
Darien Professionals Networking Group: Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church: stpaulsdarien.org
darienprofessionals.com Saint Thomas More Church: stmdarienct.org
Darien Public Schools: darienps.org Senior Men’s Association: sma.darien.org
Darien Republican Town Committee: darienrtc.com Talmadge Hill Community Church: thcchurch.org
Darien Sail & Power Squadron: dps.darien.org Town of Darien: darienct.gov
Darien Senior Activities Center: dsac.darien.org YMCA Piranha Swim Team: piranhaswimming.org
Darien Soccer Association: dariensoccer.org Young Life of Darien/Rowayton: darien.younglife.org
Darien Technology & Community Foundation: YWCA of Darien-Norwalk: ywcadariennorwalk.org
70 • darien answerbook February 17, 2011



darien answerbook.11
ABC A Man with a Van . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
d a r i e n a n s we r b ook
i n d e x o f
a d ve r t i s e r s

Life Solutions Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

Abercrombie, Burns, McKiernan & Company LinguaKids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
Insurance, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Methodist Family Center Preschool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
All Star Paving & Sealing, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 New Canaan Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
Atria Darien . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 New England Building & Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
Ballroom Magic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 New Ridge Builders . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
BBM Home Improvement. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Northeast Generator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Bob’s Unfinished Furniture/Gun Exchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Ox Ridge Hunt Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Carolton Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Palladino Septic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
Castelli, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Palmer’s Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71
Colombo Domestics, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Park Animal Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Darien Board of Realtors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Pease Septic Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Darien Chamber of Commerce. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pennington Roofing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
Darien Farmers’ Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Richard Jones Landscaping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Darien Pediatrics Associates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Schilke Enterprises Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Darien Rowayton Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Seasons Too . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49
Edward Tunick, Men’s Clothier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Shepherds Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
Elaine Falkenberg/William Raveis Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Stewart’s Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Flair Fitness Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Susan Kane Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
Fredric & Company of Darien. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Taylor Rental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Fuji of Japan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Tibbetts Real Estate/Darien. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
The Gardener’s Center and Florist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Uncle’s Deli. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
Geary Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Vanech Residential Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
Goldenberry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Wild Birds Unlimited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Grieb’s Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 WinePort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
H & L Chevrolet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
The Healthy Child. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Y.Z. Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24,25
Infinity Fitness in Darien. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Yankee Doodle Stove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Lawrence Funeral Home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 YWCA Darien/Norwalk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Leary’s Liquor Cabinet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
February 17, 2011 darien answerbook • 71

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72 • darien answerbook February 17, 2011

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