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The ABC of Ecology

Emblems of the ecological organizations

 Всемирный фонд дикой природы

(англ. World Wildlife Fund
• Спикер 1
— Здравствуйте, миссис Браун. Поздравляем с Днем Учителя! Примите наши
наилучшие пожелания.
— Большое спасибо, дети.

• Спикер 2
— Привет, Бренда, счастливого Дня святого Валентина!
— Спасибо, тебе тоже, Ник. Сегодня у нас вечеринка. Хочешь прийти?
— Оу, спасибо. Я бы с удовольствием, но сегодня я занят. Надеюсь, вы повеселитесь.
— Мы уверены.

• Спикер 3
— С Рождеством, Джон!
— С Рождеством, Салли! Пусть все твои мечты сбудутся!
— Тебе того же самого, брат. Посмотри, что у меня есть для тебя. Я надеюсь, тебе
• Спикер 4
— Я слышал, вы сейчас в университете. Мои поздравления!
— Благодарю вас, мистер Смит. Я собираюсь заниматься биологией в Лондонском
— Замечательно. Желаю вам удачи!

• Спикер 5
— С Пасхой, мама!
— И тебя с Пасхой, дорогая! Это прекрасный день, очень теплый в конце апреля. Ты
— Мы с Майком едем в Брайтон на день. Я позвоню тебе, когда вернемся.
— ОК. Хорошо тебе провести время!

• Спикер 6
— И теперь, каждому, я могу пожелать счастливого Нового года и удачи! Я надеюсь,
что новый год воплотит в жизнь все ваши мечты и желания.
— Взаимно, папа. С новым годом!
Present Perfect  Present Perfect Progressive
a worker

an astronaut
a photographer

a pilot
• 1 - e,
• 2 - c,
• 3 - g,
• 4 - b,
• 5 - f,
• 6 - d,
• 7 - a.
Keep the Beauty of Russia

New words:

Empty- пустой
An area- область
A Pine- сосна
A Fir- пихта, ель
An Otter - выдра
An elk- лось
A boar- дикий кабан
• 1) It stretches from the Pacific Ocean in Asia to the Baltic Sea in Europe, and from
Arctic to the Black Sea coast.

• 2) In Russia you can see rocky mountains, dry empty steppes, powerful rivers, wide
plains and grasslands, great forests and lands of endless winter.

• 3) The lands of endless winter are probably on the north of Russian Far East.

• 4) Because they want to safe the history. Also, it is important to keep some places
with beautiful and unique nature as they are, because of animals and other
creatures, plants, trees (they can disappear if you change something in their

• 5) The first national park, Losinyi Ostrov (Elk Isle) is 35 years old.
• 6) I can’t say that the place is a scientific centre, but scientists do work in the park and are
interested in the flora and fauna of this area.

• 7) Grown-ups and children, especially schoolchildren who come to the park in big groups visit
this park.

• 8) Most of the park’s territory is under forests, and the common trees are pines and firs. Also,
there are some unusual species of grasses and wild flowers such as different bluebells and
lilies-of-the-valley. As for the birds, the common are ducks, geese, and even gulls, but there
are also forest birds. The common animals are mice, squirrels, foxes, hares, otters, wild boars,
deer and elks.

• 9) The name to the park gave the animal elk. The elk is a large animal possessing an even
number of toes on each foot. The animal feeds on grasses, plants, leaves and bark. The males
have antlers, which start growing in the spring and are shed each winter.
(Парк назван в честь такого животного, как лось. Лось - крупное животное с четным
числом пальцев на каждой ноге. Животное питается травами, растениями, листьями и
корой. У самцов есть рога, которые начинают расти весной и отпадают каждую зиму)
• A: I think it would be great to have a park on the outskirts of the city. What do you think
about it?
• B: Well, it is a good idea, but, to my mind, it is better to have a park in the centre of the
city, because it would be probably more popular among people.
• A: Okay, the centre is also good. But who will be able to visit it?
• B: Adults, children, old people will be able to go there. All of them will be able to know
new facts about nature, it will be especially useful and educative for children.
• A: There will be a lot of plant species such as roses, tulips, lilies. Also, most of the park’s
territory will be covered with woods.
• B: As for the birds, there will be titmice[ˈtɪtmaus] синицы, magpies - сороки,
wagtails[ˈwæɡteɪl] трясогузки.
• A: Yes, that’s great. Common animals will be squirrels, foxes, mice and wild boars.
• B: Okay. How will we make our park popular?
• A: First, we can make some advertisement (рекламу) saying that the new park is
opening. Secondly, we will improve the park for everyone’s needs.
• B: You are right. If people love the park, they will tell others about it and will advise to
visit it.

a) I’ve known my best friend for three years.

b) I’ve had my backpack for four months.
c) I’ve wanted to sing all my life.
d) I have been a pupil since 2010.
e) I’ve always loved my parents.
I’ve always wanted to visit London. Finally, my dream became
true, I’m here. First, I went to Trafalgar Square, then I visited the
Tower of London and different museums such as the British
Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. I took some very
colourful pictures, met nice people and enjoyed my time.
I have had this coat for years already. I bought it in the
shopping mall near my house. Now it is shabby[ˈʃæbɪ]
(потертый) and has a couple of holes. I have worn it every
I have always love the idea of going to Australia. Most of
all I’ve wanted to see famous Sidney Opera House. Soon my
dream will become true, I’m finally flying to Australia!
I have been here only a day. I visited most of the museums
of Red Square and I’m going to visit St Basil’s Cathedral soon.
I took a couple of pictures and I’ve already got an
unforgettable experience.
1) has been, has been working;
2) has been, has been speaking;
3) has been, has been waiting;
4) has been, has been painting.
Person(человек, личность), necessary(необходимо),
movement(движение), number(номер, количество) study(учить,
изучать), environment(окружающая среда), damage(наносить
вред), recycle(переработка), factory (завод), survive(выживать),
habitat (среда обитания), pollution(загрязнение), enjoyment(,
nature(природа), responsible(ответственный) member (член),
protection (защита).
1) It is 2 p.m. now and Jane is playing the piano. How long has she
been playing the piano? She has been doing it for half an hour,
since she came home.

2) How long have you had this flat? I think we have had it for 5
years and a half. We have been living here since Bob finished

3) Jack has always wanted to visit Russia. Now he is in Moscow. He

has been here since last Sunday. He has been doing the capital of
Russia for several days already.
Computers have greatly influenced the world of science.
Компьютеры сильно повлияли на мир науки.

It is only natural to love your motherland.

Естественно любить свою родину.
1) John spends a lot of time studying geography.
2) Max is not happy living at home.
3) At the university students get important information about
4) Mr Wilson has a lot of cars in his garage.
5) Mr Green has a lot of influence on his students.
6) There were a large/great number of people on the list whose
names I didn’t know.
ecology (экология), group (группа), isolation(изоляция), organism
(организм), energy (энергия), natural(естественный), person
(личность), ecologist (эколог), information(информация), modern
What global environmental problems do
you know?
The Greenhouse effect
A. The greenhouse effect only leads to disastrous
B. Without the greenhouse effect the climate on the
earth would be much colder.

A – False; B – True; C – False; D – True.

C. Because of global warming there is now an increased
risk of drought and famine in parts of Africa and Asia.

D. If there is a rise in temperature of one or two

degrees, the sea level will rise by about two
millimeters a year.
Water and Air Pollutions
Match the words from the left column with the
words from the right column
a) to produce 1) unstable

b) extinct 2) hotness or warmth

c) changeable 3) to bring about
d) a habitat 4) a heating glass building for growing young plants

e) to cure 5) no longer in existence

f) to endanger 6) a seashore

g) to destroy 7) easily broken

h) heat 8) a place where someone or something is usually found

i) environment 9) to treat medically
j) to pollute 10) to ruin
a – 3; b – 5; c – 1; d – 8; e – 9; f – 11; g – 10; h – 2; i – 12;
k) a greenhouse 11) to put in danger
j – 13; k – 4; l – 7; m – 6; n - 14
      1 E
   2 N        
    3  V      
      4  I  
     5 R      
     6 O      
 7 N
    8  M    
 9 E      
    10  N        
11 T    
      1 D E S T R O Y
   2 P L A N T        
    3  C O V E R      
      4  L I T T E R  
     5 T H R O W      
     6 S P O I L      
 7 G R E E N H O U S E
    8  D A M A G E    
 9 P R O T E C T      
    10  H U N T        
11 P O L L U T I O N    
Ecology of my native planet

Ecology of my native country
Our Ecological Organization
Our name: Rainbow
and motto:
Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the place you can,
At all the time you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.

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