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Список предлогов и фразовых глаголов для подготовки к ЦТ


advice ON (ABOUT) – совет о

aim AT sth – стремиться к чему-либо, быть направленным на, быть
approach sth – приближаться к чему-либо, подходить к чему-либо
as a result – в результате
AT first – сначала
AT sea – в море (on a voyage)
AT the same time – вместе с этим, при этом
be in need of – нуждаться в чем-либо
BY post – по почте
swim IN the sea – плавать в море
care FOR sb/ sth– ухаживать за кем-либо/ чем-либо
check OUT – ознакомиться
choose FROM – на выбор
concentrate ON – концентрироваться на
contact sb – контактировать с кем-либо
contribute TO – вносить вклад
deal WITH – иметь дело с
do research – делать исследование
explain sth TO sb – объяснять что-либо кому-либо
keep IN touch with – поддерживать связь
FOR that reason – по этой причине
full OF – полный чего-либо
have IN common – иметь что-то общее, сходное
have IN mind – помнить, планировать, иметь в виду
IN addition TO – в добавление к, в дополнение к
IN conclusion – в заключение
IN contrast WITH – по сравнению с
IN fact – в сущности, по сути дела
instead OF – взамен, вместо
interact WITH – общаться с
link WITH – связывать с, связь с
look AFTER – заботиться, присматривать за чем-либо или кем-либо
lose touch WITH – утратить связь
next TO – рядом
ON balance – в итоге
ON Facebook – на Фейсбуке
ON offer – в наличии, в продаже
ON sunny days – в солнечные дни
ON the internet – в интернете
ON the other hand – с другой стороны
pour WITH rain – лить как из ведра
put pressure on sb – оказывать давление на
recover FROM sth – выздоравливать от чего-либо
rely ON sb/ sth – полагаться на кого-либо/ что-либо
result IN – привести к результату, заканчивать чем-либо
search FOR sb/ sth – искать кого-либо/ что-либо
seek fame – стремиться к славе
suffer FROM – страдать от
take place – случаться
trouble WITH – проблема с
write DOWN – записывать что-либо на бумаге
Предлоги и фразовые глаголы 2017

1. … addition to my telegram I am sending you this information.

2. As you approach … the town, you'll see the college on the left.
3. … first I thought he was shy, but then I discovered he was just not interested in other
4. You have to be firm, but … the same time you should try and be sympathetic.
5. I'll send the original to you … post.
6. The two cultures have a lot … common.
7. It was difficult to explain the problem … beginners.
8. Would you like to contribute … our collection?
9. The police are checking … his alibi.
10. She moved back home to care … her elderly parents.
11. Now I can walk to work instead … going by car.
12. Write … the address before you forget it.
13. Many companies are suffering … a shortage of skilled staff.
14. The cyclone has resulted … many thousands of deaths.
15. You can rely … me to keep your secret.
16. … the one hand they'd love to have kids, but … the other, they don't want to give up
their freedom.
For … for|On … on|At … at|In … in
17. I looked it up … the Internet.
18. Prizes worth more than £20 000 are … offer.
19. Teachers have a limited amount of time to interact … each child.
20. … balance, the company has had a successful year.
21. We sat next … each other.
22. I've lost touch … all my old friends.
23. Who's going to look … the children while you're away?
24. He was having trouble … his homework.
25. We searched hopefully … a good position.
26. It takes a while to recover … the operation.
27. You can see your own shadow … a sunny day.
28. He thought she loved him, but … fact she was just leading him on.
29. … conclusion, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed myself today.
30. A stranger cut in with unsolicited advice … how we could fix our relationship.
31. The course is aimed … those aged 16 or over.
32. He had … mind to see his old teacher.
33. Peter was lost … sea when his ship sank.
34. She's full … good ideas.
35. A regular newsletter keeps people … touch with local events.
36. He is easy [difficult] to deal … .
37. You can contact … me on this number.
38. Please be quiet, I'm trying to concentrate … my work.