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1. Find the Russian equivalents of the following words and expressions:

1. to track and record one’s expenses / to keep 1. для отслеживания и учета своих расходов /
track of expenditures для отслеживания расходов
2. to be restrictive and limiting 2. быть ограничивающим и ограничивающим
3. to lose much of one’s spending freedom 3. потерять большую часть свободы тратить
4. to balance one’s checkbook 4. балансировать чековую книжку
5. to concentrate on some items 5. сконцентрироваться на некоторых
6. to put smb in control of / to get control of предметах
one’s finances / handle financial control 6. поставить кого-л. под контроль / получить
7. to decrease stress контроль над своими финансами /
8. a more leisurely life управлять финансовым контролем
9. to develop a savings / investment plan 7. уменьшить стресс
10. current financial situation / current spending 8. более спокойная жизнь
11. to reduce / cut / eliminate one’s 9. разработать план сбережений / инвестиций
expenditures / expenses 10. текущее финансовое положение / текущие
12. to establish short / long term goals расходы
13. to start with an easily attainable goal 11. сократить / сократить / устранить свои
14. to get more proficiency at smth (budgeting расходы / расходы
process) 12. установить краткосрочные / долгосрочные
15. to develop / maintain one’s budget цели
16. to track utility expenses; utilities 13. начать с легко достижимой цели
17. to have a running total 14. получить больше знаний в чем-л. (процесс
18. to develop an (exact) average составления бюджета)
19. to adjust one’s budget up or down 15. для разработки / поддержания своего
20. to determine which budget items are бюджета
necessities 16. отслеживать коммунальные расходы;
21. to cut / eliminate expenses коммунальные услуги
22. efficient purchasing tactics 17. иметь промежуточную сумму
23. to take inventory of items 18. разработать (точное) среднее
24. non-functioning items 19. чтобы увеличить или уменьшить свой
25. to cost money in repairs and upkeep / бюджет
maintenance 20. определить, какие статьи бюджета
26. junk являются необходимыми
27. to distinguish between wants and needs / to 21. сократить / исключить расходы
mistake wants for needs 22. эффективная тактика закупок
28. to sustain the family 23. провести инвентаризацию предметов
29. to enhance one’s life 24. нефункционирующие предметы
30. a financial disaster 25. тратить деньги на ремонт и содержание /
31. to avoid silly / extravagant / fancy purchases обслуживание
32. to lose much of appeal 26. мусор
33. to pay down one’s debt 27. различать желания и потребности /
34. to avoid adding / additional debt / adding to принимать желания за потребности
debt load 28. поддерживать семью
35. with a lower interest rate 29. чтобы улучшить свою жизнь
36. to have a lasting effect 30. финансовая катастрофа
37. a shortfall 31. чтобы избежать глупых / экстравагантных /
38. a vicious (endless) circle модных покупок
39. to bar one’s access to further credit 32. потерять большую часть
40. to apply for a mortgage or a car loan привлекательности
33. погасить долг 37. недостаток
34. чтобы избежать увеличения / увеличения 38. замкнутый (бесконечный) круг
долга / увеличения долговой нагрузки 39. запретить доступ к дальнейшим кредитам
35. с более низкой процентной ставкой 40. оформить ипотеку или автокредит
36. иметь длительный эффект

2. Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.

a) advantage – benefit – merit – asset
1. The recent economic development has brought a lot of benefit… to the region.
2. His excellent background remains one of his greatest merit… .
3. Mitchel’s height gives him a distinct advantage… over the other players.
4. They are still considering the advantage… of the new advertising tactics.
5. What asset… does membership in the EU give to a country?
6. There is little benefit… in being self-employed.
7. Communicative ability is an important advantage… in this job.

b) advantages and disadvantages – pros and cons – pluses and minuses

1. She thought of advantages and disadvantages … of being an only child.
2. At the meeting Mr. Prosser spoke about pros and cons … of the new marketing methods
employed by the company.
3. A good doctor ought to consider all pros and cons … of treatment he is going to
4. We weighed up the pluses and minuses … of taking a car loan and decided against it.

c) Credit – loan – mortgage

1. If you can’t afford to pay cash you can buy the furniture on Credit ….
2. Nick told me that the mortgage … on his apartment is worth $90,000.
3. The organization asked for a $2 million loan … to plant new trees in the rainforest.
4. The shop offers interest-free loan ….
5. She applied for a bank mortgage … because she didn’t want to depend on her father’s

d) economical − effective – efficient

1. The committee suggests efficient… methods to tackle the problem.
2. The Unipot does the work of several saucepans, which makes it very effective… .
3. I’m afraid the treatment doesn’t prove to be very efficient… .
4. Modern houses have a much more economical… heating system.

e) to add up – figure out – make – sum up – total

1. Including wine, the bill comes to $70, which together with the transport
expenses make… a total sum of $ 130.
2. The company was forced to pay fines make…-ing $ 200 thousand.
3. I spent all night trying to figure out… how much the wedding will cost me.
4. Five percent may not sound much but it’s a lot of money when you to add up… it all.
5. He added up the figures and it total… 8712.25.
6. So, I’ve figure out…, and I think I can afford a holiday in France this year.
7. They have debts that total… $100,000.

f) to assess – calculate – count – estimate – number

1. The company to assess… the value of the land at $7 million.
2. The damage caused by the flood has not been estimate… yet.
3. It’s too early to assess… the benefits of the new legislation.
4. They use a computer to count… the cost of wages as a percentage of the
company’s income.
5. I decided to take the bracelet to a jeweller to have its value number…
6. She calculate… the money left and went to the checkout.
7. In the capital, the unemployed now number… 12% of the workforce.