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The One With The Holiday Armadillo

Season 7 Episode 10

adorable − прелестный to appreciate − быть признательным,
annoying – раздражающий ценить
anyway − в любом случае to be afraid of sth − бояться чего-то
armadillo − броненосец to be in a hurry − спешить
betrothed couple − помолвленная пара to belong to sb − принадлежать кому-то
cage − клетка to be mad at sb − злиться на кого-то
candles − свечи to borrow − одолжить
coins − монеты, мелочь to come up − приближаться
contest − конкурс, соревнование to dress up − наряжаться
disappointing − разочаровывающий to find out − узнавать
drums − барабаны to freak out − беситься, сходить с ума
even though − даже если, хотя to get married – пожениться
exhausted − уставший to give up − сдаваться
half an hour − полчаса to light − зажигать
instead of − вместо to move out − съезжать
Jewish − еврей to pay off − погашать долг,
joke − шутка расплачиваться
landlord − арендодатель to remind − напоминать
miracle − чудо to return − возвращать(ся)
mustache − усы to slip – подсунуть; поскользнуться
porcupine − дикобраз to tear down − сносить
presence − присутствие to throw − бросать
probably − скорее всего, вероятно to throw up – тошнить
reason − причина to wander − бродить, блуждать
reindeer − олень
reservation − бронирование Calm down! − Успокойся!
roommate − сосед по комнате Check it out! − Зацени!
skull − череп That's the deal. − Такая договоренность.
skylight − окно в крыше What happened? − Что случилось?
smooth − гладкий, плавный What's the matter? − В чем проблема?
southern − южный
stick − палка
to go − с собой
turtle − черепаха
unavailable − недоступный
unbearable − невыносимый
weird − странный




drums miracle cage reindeer candles

half an hour Christmas present coins


1 3

5 annoying
4 appreciate
7 borrow
9 13 15
8 joke



Across Down
2) very tired 1) an10 arrangement in which sth such as a table at
4) happening without problems a restaurant is kept for you
or difficulties 3) someone who you share a room with
6) very attractive, often 5) a short story with a funny ending
because of being small 7) making you disappointed
8) to understand how good 9) making you feel angry
sth or sb is 11) to use sth that belongs to someone else and
10) very strange give it back later
12) an animal with a covering 13) a competition
of long, sharp quills on its back 14) to make sb remember sth
15) two people who are married or having a
romantic relationship

1) О, Боже!
2) Это принадлежало моей маме.
3) Я только что узнал.
4) Я имею ввиду.
5) Около полчаса.
6) Ты знаешь, о чем я думал?
7) Угадай что!

- Hi, could we get two burritos 1) _________, please?

- I'm sorry. But not that sorry, 'cause you don't have to live with it.
We have a 2) _________ under the name Chandler Bing.
- Okay, we'll have a table for you in about 45 minutes.
- 45 minutes? We have tickets to the Musicman at 8:00.
- I'm sorry. Christmas is a very busy time, sir.
- Is this because of the burrito thing?
- You need to give him money.
- Give him money? It was a 3) _________!
- No, to get a table! Places like this are always shaking
you down. Everybody wants to be 4) _________ .
- Right, 5) _________ , O'Mally. I'll 6) _________ him some money.
- You've got to be 7) _________ about it.
- Hey, I can be 8) _________.
- Listen, we're a little bit 9) _________ , so, if you can get us a table a little
quicker, I'd 10) _________ it.
- Of course, sir.
- Okay.
- How did it go?
- Had the money in the wrong hand.
1) You/holiday/know/coming/is/up/what?

2) Santa/fly/can/that/has/reindeers!

3) Hanukkah/of/a/miracle/celebration/a/is.

4) Okay,/contest/not/a/it's.

5) Well, how/year/this/about, Santa/of/instead, we/Hanukkah/


6) Hey, bad/weren't/you, good/you've/very/been, Ben.

7) Santa's/me/at/mad.

8) Just/casual/keep/it!

9) How/know/about/so/do/much/this/you?

1) Check it out! a) Подожди минуту!

2) Here you go! b) Что случилось?
3) What are you talking about? c) Вот, держите!
4) Isn't this cool? d) Злить кого-то
5) To have fun. e) Разве это не круто?
6) Wait a minute! f) Веселиться.
7) What's the matter? g) Такая договоренность.
8) To make sb angry. h) О чем ты говоришь?
9) That's the deal! i) Зацени!

1) Hello, Sir. You're here to nurret those pants?
2) Well, uh, do you have a Santa-fotuit left?
3) Two days before Cimharsts? Sorry, man.
4) I pdiserom my son, and I really don't want
to pasnitodip him.

1) I'm the Holiday Armadillo! I'm a friend of Santa's and he sent me here
to wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!
2) Wow, come in, have a sit/seat. You must be exhausted coming all the
way from Texas.
3) I'm Santa's representative for all the northern/the southern states.
4) Because Armadillos also wondered/wandered in the desert/dessert?
5) You wanna wander in the hall/mall?
6) Years and years before/ago there were
these people called the Maccabees.
7) Well, I'm here to sea/see my old buddy Ben.
8) You called everyone and said you were
having trouble finding a Santa costume,
so I lent/borrowed one from a guy at work!
9) Thank you, but, but you gotta leave/live.
10) Fine, I give down/up. Santa, Santa can stay!

1) on your own a) gift
2) cosy b) miracle
3) to be frightened c) terrible
4) wonder d) to find out
5) awful e) awesome
6) talent f) huge
7) to search for sth g) alone
8) existence h) to be afraid
9) amazing i) presence
10) enormous j) to look for sth
11) to discover k) to tear down
12) to knock down l) comfortable

1) Oh, this is . Oh, they’ve made so many changes I

can’t even feel my grandmother’s anymore.
2) And remember how you always said you were the
landlord would and then it ?
3) It left! It’s one room!
4) Should we start a new place?
5) Y’know I’m sensing that my grandmother would not be
with that.
6) Pheebs is your grandmother maybe saying that you should
live here ?
7) You heard her too?! You have the !
8) …and the was that that little bit of oil that should’ve
just lasted just one day…
9) That’s right, and that’s why we celebrate Hanukkah today.
The end. - !

1) Why doesn’t Monica want to change her last name?

Her ex-boyfriend had the same last name.

Chandler’s last name is weird.
She doesn’t want to get married at all.

2) What pet did Rachel have when she was little?

A dog
A fish
A tarantula

3) What should Phoebe give Rachel?

The purple chair

The orange sofa
The brown armchair

4) Chandler and Monica are annoyed with Joey because

a) he’s playing the guitar noisily.

b) he screams when the drumsticks hit him.
c) he’s playing the piano all the time.

1) The skull belonged to Phoebe’s Mom.

2) Everybody knew Joey was in the flat.
3) The table will be ready in 35 minutes.
4) Ben thinks that Santa is mad at him.
5) Chandler suggests Monica to slip the man some money.
6) Phoebe is really happy to see Rachel playing the drums.
7) Rachel‘s tarantula died because it was old.
8) Joey is afraid of tarantulas.
9) The salesman thought Ross came to return the pants.
10) Joey was dressed as Superman .

1) What does the skull symbolize according to Phoebe?

2) What does Ross want to teach his son?

3) What great news does Phoebe have to tell Rachel?

4) What does Chandler have to do to get a table at the restaurant?

5) Who gave Joey the drums? Why?

6) What freaks Rachel out?

7) What is Hanukkah?

8) Why is Ross dressed as a Holliday Armadillo?

9) Why is Phoebe going to live alone?

10) What happens if Santa and Armadillo stay in the same room?

Task 2. Task 6.
Across 1) You know what holiday is coming up?
2) exhausted 2) Santa has reindeers that can fly!
4) smooth 3) Hanukkah is a celebration of a miracle.
6) adorable 4) Okay, it's not a contest.
8) appreciate 5) Well, how about this year, instead of Santa, we have
10) weird fun celebrating Hanukkah?
12) porcupine 6) Hey, you weren't bad, you've been very good, Ben.
7) Santa's mad at me.
Down 8) Just keep it casual!
1) reservation 9) How do you know so much about this?
3) roommate
5) joke Task 7.
7) disappointing
9) annoying
11) borrow 1-i 2-c 3-h 4-e 5-f 6-a 7-b 8-d 9-g
13) contest
14) remind
15) couple
Task 8.

1) return
2) outfit
Task 4. 3) Christmas
4) promised, disappoint
1) Oh, my god!
2) It belonged to my
mom. Task 9.
3) I just found out.
4) I mean. 1) Merry Christmas 6) ago
5) About a half an 2) seat 7) see
hour. 3) the southern 8) borrowed
6) You know what I 4) wandered, desert 9) leave
was thinking? 5) hall 10) up
7) Guess what!

Task 10.
Task 5.
1-g 2-l 3-h 4-b 5-c 6-a 7-j 8-i 9-e 10–f 11-d 12-k
1) to go
2) reservation
3) joke Task 11.
4) paid off
5) calm down 1) terrible, presence 5) comfortable
6) slip 2) afraid, find out, 6) alone
7) smooth tear ... down 7) gift
8) smooth 3) huge 8) miracle
9) in a hurry 4) looking for 9) Awesome
10) appreciate

Task 13.

1)T 2)F 3)F 4)T 5)F 6)F 7)F 8)T 9)T 10)T


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