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Mini Engraving Machine

Machine de gravure miniature

Mquina de gravao em miniatura
Mquina de grabado miniatura
Macchina per incidere miniatura

Please read it carefully before using.

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Lesen Sie es bitte sorgfltig, bevor Sie.

s'il vous plat lire attentivement avant d'utiliser.

Si prega di leggere con attenzione prima di utilizzare.

por favor, lea detenidamente antes de usar.

Important Safety Informations

* Please don't touch the laser when machine is working.

* The temperature will reach 500 by working, so please do not remove the module to

shoot eyes.

* The products have been certified by CE, work without danger and don't have radiation.

* The Machine is powered by 5V USB charger. Don't use other power.

* The glasses in the packing list is used for FOCUS LENTH CONTROL.

* Please stay away from flammable objects.

* Suggested working time:less than one hourevery time.

* When using the machine, please away from the children.

* Please place the machine on flat desktop.

* Power supplied by safe Li-polymer battery, no explosion risk of spontaneous


* Machine will dormancy automatic when no touching for a long time.


* , , .
* 500 , , , ,

, .

* CE,

* USB- 5V.


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* : .

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Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise Informationen

* Bitte verwenden Sie den Laser nicht berhren, wenn die Maschine arbeitet.

* Die Temperatur wird 500 durch Arbeiten, erreichen, so wenden Sie sich bitte den

Laser zu schieen Augen nicht entferne.

* Die Produkte wurden von CE, Arbeit ohne Gefahr zertifiziert und haben keine Strahlung.
* Die Maschine wird von 5V USB-Ladegert mit Strom versorgt. Andere Energie nicht


* Die Glser in der Packliste wird fr FOCUS LENTH Kontrolle verwendet.

* Bitte bleiben Sie weg von brennbaren Gegenstnden.

* Empfohlene Arbeitszeit: weniger als einer Stunde zu jeder Zeit.

* Wenn Sie das Gert verwenden, benutzen Sie bitte weg von den Kindern.

* Bitte legen Sie die Maschine auf ebenem Desktop.

* Energie durch sichere Li-Polymer-Akku, keine Explosionsgefahr der spontanen

Verbrennung zugefhrt .

* Maschine wird automatisch ausser Kraft gesetzt, wenn keine Berhrung fr eine lange



Informations de scurit importantes

* S'il vous plat ne pas toucher le laser lorsque la machine fonctionne.

* La temprature atteindra 500 en travaillant, s'il vous plat donc ne pas retirer le laser

pour tirer les yeux.

* Les produits ont t certifis par CE, travail sans danger et ne pas avoir un rayonnement.

* La machine est alimente par un chargeur USB 5V. Ne pas utiliser autre pouvoir.

* Les verres dans la liste d'emballage est utilis pour FOCUS Lenth CONTROL.

* S'il vous plat rester loin des objets inflammables.

* Temps de travail suggr: moins d'une heure chaque fois.

* Lors de l'utilisation de la machine, s'il vous plat l'cart des enfants.

* S'il vous plat placer la machine sur le bureau plat.

* Alimentation par batterie Li-polymre sr, pas de risque d'explosion de la combustion


* La machine dormance automatique lorsque aucun contact pendant une longue priode.


. *

* 500

. CE *

* USB. 5V .


* .

. : *

. *

. *

. *

Interfaceand Connect


How to use it

Before using a computer and the printer, you need to install printer driver which allow the
printer communicate with the computer. Furthermore, you need to install application software
on your computer so that you can start your printing. The same situation applies to the Laser
Engrave, you need to install thedriver which allow the Laser Engrave talk to the computer, and
you need to install the engraver software in order to control the Laser Engraver.

Engraver come with a 1GB microSD card, the files on the SD card including the driver,
engraver software and few JPG photos as shown in figure below. The dure usb series
software can operatein Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10,Mac,system. The Grbl series software
can operateinWin XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. The bluetooth series software can operateinWin
XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, IOS, Android.

Step 1: Driver.exe and Microsoft.NET.exe Setup

a.As mentioned above, the SD card consisting of the driver and Microsoft.NET.exe that
you can install in your computer.

b.Connect the Laser Engraver to computer via two USB data cable.
c. Open "Device Manager" from the Windows "System Properties", check to see whether
the driver is installed correctly.

Step 2: Adjust focal length

Before engraving, make sure adjust the focus of the laser lens corresponding to the
thickness of the material.

1. Wear the Focusing glasses

2. Adjuste focal length when the light point is the minimal point

The carving effect is mainly decided by the three factors:

a.Burning time (Affect the engraving depth )

b.Carving material ( Most of the organic material can be carved )

c.Adjusting focal lengh (different thickness of the object is different )

Step 3: Open the software and start engraving

When the img have send to the machine, it will connect the machine self-acting. you can
adjust the engraving area before start.

How to use app for DK-BL
a.APP for android

(Recommended) scan to download android app

From the tf card to install or scan the code installed

Turn on the cellphone Bluetooth function on before open the software
Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080
Blutooth version: 4.0 and above

how to use android app:

b.APP for ios(iphone,ipad,ipod touch)

how to use ios app:

note:If you can not connect, please restart the machine after power off, close the APP and restart
the APP.

cloud service: trusfer.com
a. Unable to connect ?
-- To ensure the success of the driver installation
--Data cable is connected to the computer
-- Make sure the computer's usb port is ok
-- Make sure the machine's usb port is ok
b. Carving half suddenly stopped, and self-acting?
--This is because of the computer's usb power is not enough, you can change a computer or use a
5v1a usb power.
c. Laser is broken?
--the laser tubehave a life, if the machine can't engrave, you can change it by a tool in the
the replaceable laser tube you can find it on http://www.trusfer.com/#Replaceable%20Parts
d. OEM
-- Welcome to join our business, our email is wuhonghe126@126.com



win XPwin7
win XPwin7
Supporting win XPwin7 win XPwin7 win8win10 ,
win8win10 ,
OS win8win10 , MAC win8win10 MAC,ios,andr
oid 4.0 above

DPI: 350dpi 350dpi 350dpi 350dpi

Wavelength: 405nm 405nm 405nm 405nm

Jpg\BMP\PNG Jpg/G-Code Jpg\BMP\PNG Jpg

Image Size: 512x512 pixels 512x512 pixels 512x512 550x550

38x38mm 38x38mm 38x38mm 42x42mm

Input: Dual USB(5V 1A) Dual USB One USB One USB


note: Because the serial chip manufacturers R & D maturity reasons, theoretically 10.9 and
later versions of the system are supported, but there will be a very small number of unsupported
phenomenon, serial chip manufacturers engineers are also constantly solve this problem, and in
the Later will release new drivers in the official website, the mac version of the driver and the
program is only for electronic enthusiasts to study the use of ordinary users try to choose
windows platform operation.


: , "".

: USB- ,


: , ,

: 3:00 : ..

1 (

); 2 (

); 3 ( ,

: ,
" ", .


Gebrauchsanweisung :
Erster Schritt: tf-Karte in den Computer ein, installieren Sie die "Treiber".

Schritt zwei: USB-Kabel verbunden sind, werden in eine Skulptur eingefgt

wird automatisch die Computer USB-Schnittstelle erkennen.

Der dritte Schritt: fixieren den geschnitzt, ein gutes Auge tragen, und dann die

Brennweite einstellen.

Hinweis: Schnitzen Effekt Werke von 3:00 entscheiden: .. Brennsoftware 1

Zeiteinstellung (Einfluss auf die Gravurtiefe ), 2 geschnitzte materielle

Gegenstnde (die meisten von dem organischen Material geschnitzt werden

kann, versuchen glatte Oberflche zu gewhrleisten), 3 Fokuseinstellung

(feinere Einstellung, desto hher ist die Przision)

Schritt vier: ffnen Sie die Software wird die Sprachleiste auf "Ihre Sprache",

in der obigen Abbildung gesetzt Schritte geschnitzt.


Mode d'emploi:
Premire tape: carte tf dans votre ordinateur, installer le driver.

Deuxime tape: le cble USB connect, sont insrs dans une sculpture

dtecte automatiquement l'interface USB de l'ordinateur.

La troisime tape: fixer l'objet sculpt, porter un bon il, puis ajuster la

longueur focale.
Remarque: la sculpture des uvres d'effet de 3:00 dcider: .. logiciel de

gravure 1 rglage de l'heure (influencer la profondeur de gravure); 2 sculpt

des objets matriels (la plupart de la matire organique peut tre sculpt,

essayer d'assurer que la surface lisse); 3 Rglage de la mise (rglage plus fin,

)plus la prcision

Quatrime tape: Ouvrez le logiciel, la barre de langue est rgle sur "langue",

situ dans la figure ci-dessus sculpt tapes.


: TF

". "



: 1 : .. 3:00

) ( 2

) (

) ( 3

" "


Instrues de uso:
Primeiro passo: TF carto em seu computador, instale o "condutor".

Passo dois: cabo USB conectado, so inseridos em uma escultura ir detectar

automaticamente a interface USB do computador.

O terceiro passo: fixar o objeto esculpido, usar um bom olho, e ento ajustar o

comprimento focal.

Nota: esculpir obras de efeito por 3:00 decidir: .. software de gravao de um

ajuste de tempo (influenciar a profundidade de gravao); 2 esculpida objetos

materiais (a maioria do material orgnico pode ser esculpido, tentar garantir

superfcie lisa); 3 Ajuste de foco (ajustamento mais fino, mais elevada a


Passo quatro: Abra o software, a barra de idiomas definido como "o idioma",

definida na figura acima esculpida etapas.


Instrucciones de uso:
Primer paso: tarjeta del TF en su ordenador, instale el "conductor".

Paso dos: cable USB conectado, se insertan en una escultura detectar

automticamente la interfaz USB del ordenador.

El tercer paso: fijar el objeto tallado, llevar un buen ojo, y luego ajustar la

longitud focal.
Nota: Talla funciona el efecto de las 3:00 decidir: .. software de grabacin de 1

tiempo de fraguado (influir en la profundidad de grabado); 2 tallado objetos

materiales (la mayor parte de la materia orgnica puede ser tallada, tratar de

asegurar que la superficie lisa); 3 Ajuste de foco (ajuste ms fino, mayor ser

la precisin)

Cuarto paso: abrir el software, la barra de idioma se establece en "su idioma",

ubicado en la figura anterior escalones tallados.


Istruzioni per l'uso:

Primo passo: carta di TF nel computer, installare il "driver."

Fase due: cavo USB collegato, sono inseriti in una scultura in grado di rilevare

automaticamente l'interfaccia USB del computer.

Il terzo passo: fissare l'oggetto scolpito, indossare un buon occhio, e quindi

regolare la lunghezza focale.

Nota: intaglio opere effetto da 03:00 a decidere: .. software di masterizzazione

1 impostazione dell'ora (influenzare la profondit di incisione); 2 scolpito

oggetti materiali (la maggior parte del materiale organico pu essere intagliato,

cercare di garantire superficie liscia); 3 Messa a fuoco (regolazione pi fine,

maggiore la precisione)

Fase quattro: aprire il software, la barra della lingua impostata su "la lingua",

impostare nella figura sopra gradini scavati.

----------------------------Shenzhen Zhi Xin Jie Technology Co., Ltd.All rights reserved


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2. 5V1A(

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